Longform Essay – Men, Why Are You Afraid To Express Your Christian Faith in Public AND in Private?

baby boomer population chart 1970The 38 million men of the baby boom generation were the first substantial group of young men to be intimidated, by outside forces, away from expressing their Christian faith in public.

Ironically, as very young men they were aided and abetted in this unprecedented retreat from religious expression by the Catholic Church!

This reversal of Christian men’s religious fervor was an unintended consequence of Vatican II’s (1962-1965) call for a renewal of ecumenicalism.

The dictionary defines “ecumenical” as follows, Concerned with establishing or promoting unity among churches or religions.” 

This newly reinvigorated effort, on the part of the bishops of the Catholic Church, encouraged the acceptance, rather than the historical rejection, of the misguided theology of other religions, both Christian and non-Christian.

These formerly “heretical” religions were suddenly no longer considered purveyors of heresy and blasphemy but were instead considered victims of Catholicism’s “intolerance.” Intolerance for which the Church actually began to apologize.

The adoption of this “mea culpa” attitude by the Catholic Church not only destroyed its indisputable world preeminence, as the “One True Church”, but it called into question the very basis upon which the Church’s dogma and authority were established.

The Greatest GenerationThe Greatest Generation

Now….the fathers (The Greatest Generation) of the baby boomers did not take this matriarchal “bleeding-heart” drama seriously because they were raised in the traditional patriarchal Catholic Church.

As a result, not only were their Christian core values, community structure, interpersonal relationships and societal parameters already in place, but their personal behavior, as purveyors of traditional Christian values, literally defined America.

Their strong, Christian male leadership, world view was not only reinforced by the Church but was also reinforced by an American populace which was, at the time, 94% Christian. This singular commonality assured that everyone played by the same rules, and by the 1950s, this universal commitment to the tenets of Christianity had resulted in the most prosperous, powerful and peaceful country in the history of the world – the United States of America.

Catholics Praying the AngelusCatholics Praying the Angelus

So, despite the changes imposed by Vatican II, these older men remained very strong moral and ethical leaders, but more importantly, they remained strong spiritual leaders as well. Christian leaders of their families, and their communities, both privately and publicly, just as had all of their Christian forefathers

For instance, my “Greatest Generation” father, who was born in 1922, not only attended weekly Mass with his family in the suburbs on Sunday but also attended daily Mass on his lunch hour in NYC, where he worked for 30 years.

Dad also said his prayers, on his knees, every night before going to bed. My mother said this was so important to him that there were times, despite his exhaustion, that he would kneel next to the bed to pray, only to fall asleep, with his head on the bed.

Sadly, these displays of religious fervor, by the men of the Greatest Generation, were not transferred to their sons because the fathers did not understand the “progressive” threat Vatican II posed to their faith, their children, and by association, to their Christian communities. 

But, beyond the fact that the baby boomer’s Christian fathers failed to foresee the impending anti-Christian storm, brewing on the horizon, there were two more reasons why these young men were intimidated away from expressing their Christian faith both at home, and in public.

One was the overwhelming push for personal, both male and female, “independence”, which was promulgated by the “Do your own thing”, secular, non-Christian media, during the societal chaos of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

And the other, was the unprecedented lauding of radical, second-wave feminism’s priorities, as opposed to the priorities of young Christian men. This one-sided effort to “advance” women, through the ideology of “career” oriented feminism, as opposed to the traditional Christian female core values surrounding family obligations, would eventually prove to be at the expense of the young men’s priorities, which were instead, based on the patriarchal tenets of Christianity.

Despite the high expectations of these young men and women, neither form of “independence” would prove to enhance these young people’s future happiness, health or prosperity, as it instead, drove a stake through the Christian hearts, and souls, of both sexes. 

Interestingly, the concept of “independence” for the young women, had a much different downside than it did for the young men of the baby boomer generation.

“Independence” for the young women pursuing a feminist lifestyle resulted in unprecedented “independence” from family life. Since the men were never expected to be the glue that held the heart of the family together, this change in priority, away from family and towards “career”, saw the family structure begin to collapse for lack of its essential building block – Christian female support and commitment. The “family unit” saw an immediate redefinition as these “liberated” feminists began “shacking up” with their lovers rather than marrying first.

Now, as far as the young men’s “independence” was concerned, it did not deny them their families as much as it denied them the historical companionship and support of their male peers. Male contemporaries, who, like their fathers and forefathers, enjoyed each other’s company in Christ. Men who banded together to work for the honor and glory of God. Christian men, of European descent, who built our illustrious Western Civilization through their unifying formations of male led clubs, churches, teams, unions, companies, assemblies, navies, bands, congregations, factories, departments, squads, choirs, armies, posses, organizations, brigades, associations, affiliations, partnerships, classes, political parties, militias, conglomerates, troops, etc., in order to support each other in their joint efforts to advance their Christian civilization.

But, more importantly, this new premise of male “independence” negated these young men’s ability to show a united front when their beliefs, standards, ideals or faith were threatened. Unfortunately, rather than become “joiners”, like their fathers and forefathers, this generation of young men remained isolated and “independent” from one another!

And worse yet, many viewed their male contemporaries as a threat to their new-found “autonomy”, unwittingly leaving themselves floundering around on their own without the traditional support, camaraderie and encouragement that Christian men had always provided to each other.

The loss of this crucial male support system had a profoundly negative effect on the ability of these young men to preserve, propagate or protect their faith. In fact, it had a negative effect on their ability to accomplish anything of value for the common good.

Anti-Christian logoAs mentioned earlier, an additional reason why the young male baby boomers were not able to advance their faith, was the rise of radical, second-wave feminism.

Unfortunately, at the very same time that these young men were being systematically denied their male religious mentors and personal compatriots, radical, second-wave feminism was vigorously working to deny them their Christian wives, and the mothers of their future children, too.

In this effort, the radical, non-Christian feminist leaders strove to substitute their twisted ideology for the tenets of these young women’s Christian faith. And it is here that the young Christian male baby boomers finally lost the battle for their faith. Without their women’s commitment to the tenets of Christianity, there was no further purpose in pursuing it.

So, not only were these young Christian men’s faith weakened by Vatican II, and by their father’s failure to recognise the threat that the secular, non-Christian media posed to their son’s faith, but, to make matters worse, the vast majority of their female contemporaries did in fact, replace the tenets of their Christian faith with the ideology of radical feminism leaving the young men totally betrayed, abandoned and isolated in their efforts to sustain their Christian faith in both public and private.

And, it would be shown, that soon after the implementation of Vatican II’s “progressive” edicts, the Protestant churches would suffer the same “change of heart”. But, their destruction would be more complete because, unlike the Catholic Church, they immediately capitulated to the unprecedented demands of the radical, second-wave feminists who were seeking to deny men their rightful place as the spiritual leaders within their churches, families and communities.

This capitulation was complete when, in 1974, three retired Episcopal bishops, Daniel Corrigan, Robert L. DeWitt, and Edward R. Welles, totally renounced the teachings of the Bible and “ordained” the first female “priests”at the Philadelphia Episcopal Church of the Advocate, in direct violation of their own church’s law. The resultant group of female religious anarchists are referred to as the Philadelphia 11.

As Mary Ann Mueller, special correspondent for VOL (Virtueonline.com) writes, “They defied the teaching of Scripture; spurned Christian history; snubbed the Canons of The Episcopal Church; ignored the dictates of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer; rejected the wisdom of General Convention, and offended the sensibilities of most Episcopalians in the pews.”

Interestingly, Bishop Welles “ordained” his daughter, Katrina Welles Swanson, as one of the Philadelphia 11, which is another excellent example as to why the Catholic Church has never allowed priests to marry. Bishop Welles beliefs were twisted by his love for his radical feminist daughter and her demands.

Sadly, under the spreading influence of these radical, second-wave feminist “priests”, and the irrational, radical feminists who followed them, everything within these 600-year-old Protestant churches began to unravel as these women pulled their churches farther and farther away from the truth within the Bible. 

As a result, the Protestant churches began a precipitous decline in the tenets of their faith, as they began to “embrace” everything, while at the same time, standing for nothing, thus unwittingly advancing the evil surrounding abortion, divorce, premarital sex, homelessness, drug use, contraception, and finally, homosexuality, as excusable.

In the ensuing decades, the stalwarts of American Protestantism – Episcopal, Presbyterian, Lutheran and Methodist – were destroyed from within, as many of their remaining male members fled the heretical melee, forming dozens and dozens of splinter churches.

Note: Just today, the Anglican Church of England has again suspended the Episcopal Church of America for its deviation from church law. As Greg Garrison writes, “The Anglican Communion, the worldwide group which includes the U.S. Episcopal Church, has suspended the American branch of the church from voting at church meetings for three years because of its approval of gay marriage.”

The amazing thing about this entire mess is that, ironically, when Vatican II suddenly reversed its centuries old disdain for the heresy dispersed by other faiths, under the premise of unity – rather than advance the concept of ecumenicalism, the Church’s “mea culpa” attitude resulted instead in a dramatic eruption of non-Christian acrimony towards the Church, which the very young male baby boomers were unprepared to offset.

Ecumenicalism literally backfired on the Church and the resultant bitter blowback against Christianity was devastating. This backlash was undertaken primarily by influential non-Christians embedded in the TV industry, which was at the time, in its infancy and seeking controversy to increase its viewership. It was also dispensed by the non-Christians, who were lying in wait within the movie industry, and the legal profession, as well.

Jesus and lost sheepJesus Saving the Lost Sheep

These insidious efforts were undertaken by notoriousobnoxious and difficult non-Christians who took the Church’s self-inflicted, sign of weakness, and its abandonment of the Church’s ecclesiastical determination to save the “lost sheep of the world”, as an opportunity to instead, seek revenge for centuries-old, and totally fictitious, affronts.

This vast left-wing conspiracy against Christians affected the maturing male baby boomers more than anyone ever expected.

These very young men would watch as Vatican II’s sudden, and preposterous, acceptance of the “sinful behavior” prescribed by other religions, left Catholics, who comprised the largest percentage of Christians in America at the time (with the children of Irish and Italians immigrants leading the pack) apologizing for their faith rather than proudly, and demonstrably, defending and expressing it.

Their untenable position was made much worse by the lack of a suitable rebuttal, against these unfounded accusations, from the Catholic Church itself or from their unsuspecting fathers. This total abandonment of religious evangelization on the part of the Catholic Church proved to be too powerful a force for these very young, subordinate Christian males to overcome.

The anti-Christian public vitriol, which began more than 50 years ago, continues unchecked to this very day, while the Catholic Church continues to roll over and play dead under Pope Francis’ mixed messages.

As a result, the Catholic Church’s leadership role, as the primary purveyor of goodness in the world, has been totally undermined, leading to crisis after crisis within the Church itself. Sadly, what was once the most powerful influence for good on earth, is today simply a pitiful and decrepit ghost of its former glorious self.

And the most horrific outcome, of what began with good “ecumenical” intentions on the part of the Catholic Church, would prove to be the loss of an entire generation of Catholic male spiritual leaders, as the Church spent their time nurturing heretics rather than their own young men. 

In 2008, 49,631 parishes in the world had no resident priest pastor.[1] Between 1970 and 2012, the total number of priests declined from 419,728 to 414,313, and this, despite the fact that the world population in 1970 was 3.7 billion and today it is 7.3 billion. The shortage is SO acute in America that the United States is now considered a missionary country by the Church.

So, it would be shown that this misguided venture on the part of the Vatican II would prove to be a disaster for young male baby boomers on many fronts. Not only did the Church lose its way in the maelstrom, but so did 38 million young Christian men. Young men who had the misfortune to reach maturity just as their Church was “advancing” its very first, self-inflicted, public retreat from its own God-given dogma.

Upon reflection, you may ask, “Well, who can blame these young men for asking themselves if their faith was worthy of their devotion, when all of the adults around them said it wasn’t?”

baby boomer menWell, at the time, many of these young men asked themselves that very same question, as well as many other pertinent questions, such as, “How can I publicly support a faith that wouldn’t defend itself?” “How can I continue to align myself with a faith that is intentionally in retreat, and chronically apologizing for its past “intolerance?” But more importantly, “How can I remain part of a religion that is deliberately committing public suicide? Where is the future in that?”

Most of these young men saw no future in this drama. But, unfortunately, even if they had, they were swimming against the tide. So, due to their lack of maturity, their associated lack of influence within the Church and their isolating “independence” from one another, they were unable to stand tall and protest against the non-Christians who were attacking their faith. In their frustration, they ironically, joined the non-Christian campus anarchists who were trying to destroy our courageous Christian military, and chose to, instead, protest the war in Vietnam. Duh!

So, it is no surprise that without the public support, guidance, reinforcement, mentorship, leadership or encouragement from their distracted Churches and unsympathetic fathers, that the Christian male baby boomers were simply cast adrift.

They took solace where they could find it, aligning themselves with varied Pied Pipers (including sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll). Along the way, they simply abandoned their faith by the millions, alongside their “intolerant” churches and their oblivious Christian fathers.

Sadly, as these young men matured, not only did they abandon the public and private religiosity of their fathers and forefathers, but by association, they extracted these powerful forces for good from Christian America as well.

Their refusal to defend their faith, their country and their civilization, in the face of the oncoming onslaught, not only denied them the spiritual strength they needed to succeed but denied America the spiritual strength necessary to prevail. For this, Americans, especially women and children, have suffered irreparable damage, spiritually, emotionally, physically and economically.

In the end, while sailing rudderless into the 1960s and 1970s hurricane of non-Christian societal chaos, these vulnerable young men simply abandoned their Christian ship along the way, and unwittingly replaced it with the harsh realities of relativism, feminism and humanism.

The 10 CommandmentsThe 10 Commandments

Incredibly, while in a daze of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, “I’m OK, you’re OK” would eventually replace the 10 Commandments for these young men, and by association, for America.

We are all victims of this terrible loss of Christian male leadership. Leadership which was the male baby boomer’s heritage. Leadership which was bequeathed directly from God to these young men. Leadership that was denied to these young men by the men who were their mentors. A loss which is now evidenced by the wide-spread prevalence and acceptance of evil behavior within secular America.

As a result of this unparalleled rejection of religious fervor, most of these (now old) baby boomer males have not only spent their lives denying their faith in public but many have also concealed what remains of their Christian faith from their own family, and especially from their children.

Rather than being the spiritual leaders of their families, they have been intimidated into total silence, for fear of offending a non-Christian with their Christian faith! And this, despite the fact that America still remains 75% Christian, even after nearly 50 years of never-ending, anti-Christian assaults.

In retrospect, when we baby boomers compare our legacy, to that of our parent’s Greatest Generation, we cannot deny the abject degeneration of America’s morals, ethics and goodness during our lifetime. We must ask ourselves, “What have we done to perpetuate and advance this blessed Christian “shining city on the hill?” The answer is a resounding, “NOTHING!”

It is clear that when the male baby boomers failed to take up the mantle of their Christian forefathers, and chose instead to abandon their Christian heritage as righteous leaders of men, they unwittingly threw, the hard-won, Christian Western Civilization out the window too.

This preposterous predicament would be laughable if it had not proven to be so disastrous! Without strong Christian men at the helm of our military, organized religion, academia, business, politics, judiciary, communities and families – chaos, confusion, crime and contentiousness reigns supreme.

child cryingIs it too late for our mature male baby boomers to retake America for Christ?

I don’t believe it is, because despite their serious personal sins, in their hearts these men know that they cannot afford to deny their children, and their grandchildren, the blessed land of their childhood. If they do, not only will they be accountable, upon their death, to God for their grievous sins of omission, but to let this decline continue unchecked smacks of abject selfishness and continued cowardness! 

In my view, this lifelong rejection of Christianity by the male baby boomers is one of the most profound acts of betrayal I have yet to witness. Granted, the cards were stacked against them as young men who were just starting out, but as grown, influential men, these wimpy guys have continued, for decades, to deny their Christian faith, on a daily basis. AND, in deference to people who hate Christians, thereby becoming co-conspirators with the non-Christian efforts to destroy the tenets of Christianity in America, and by association, throughout the world.

Thousands of muslim men prayingThousands of muslim men PRAYING. Where are those same huge groups of praying Christian men? And you wonder why we are losing this ideological war. This is WHY!

Shamefully, not only have the male baby boomers failed to propagate the faith, they have actually encouraged other faiths, through their silence, to usurp Christianity’s position of universal prominence, allowing all forms of painful, debilitating and harmful evil to rise in its place.

Unlike their Christian forefathers, the men of the baby boomer generation have literally rejected their God-given responsibility to embrace their Christian faith, at all levels of their lives.

The decline of American cities; the corruption of our government; the corporate greed; the rise in criminal activity; the increase in divorces; the abandonment and abuse of children; the spread of sexually transmitted diseases; the destruction of the family; the acceptance of adultery; the rampant use of drugs; the huge expansion of government dependency; the legalization of abortion, gambling and same-sex marriage have all occurred on the baby boomer’s watch!

Vatican IIAnd why? Simply because, as young adults, the 38 million male baby boomers, who were members of the largest generation of children ever born in the United States of America, were betrayed by their churches, starting with the Catholic Church.

These young men were systematically neutralized as spiritual leaders and we are all suffering the consequences of their being forced to become impotent bystanders in life.

If America is to remain the most powerful instrument for good in the world, this must STOP, as we are running out of the young, good, honest, trust-worthy, reliable, responsible, hard-working Christian men upon whom Christian Western Civilization was built and depends.

We desperately need brave, honorable, publicly Christian, men who take their God-given responsibilities to protect and provide seriously. Admirable men upon whom their families, community and country can depend to keep order, in both good times and bad. Respectable and trustworthy men who are accountable to their Lord and Savior for all of their actions. Faith-filled men who can only be produced when they are encouraged by older Christian MEN, to proudly and bravely adhere to the tenets of Christianity, and to visibly pass those precious instructions down to their children, most especially to their sons, as well.

Without the reawakening of these, now older, Christian male baby boomers, and their visible support for young, vocal, Christian men, like blogger Matt Walsh, (men who are NOT afraid to express their faith in public), America, as we know it, will cease to exist. And the world will return to an era defined by religious persecution and abject barbarism.

We are already seeing a glimpse of our grandchildren’s future, in the barbarous slaughter and beheadings of Christians in the Middle East. If American Christian men continue to refuse to fight for their faith this is the nightmare our grandchildren will suffer too!!!

Today, just fifty years after Vatican II, our country has become a paper tiger, unable to define, or defeat, evil at home or around the world. And the reason? America has lost its sense of Christian purpose because millions of the young men of the baby boomer generation were crushed by blind neglect, peer pressure and the societal assault waged upon the tenets of their Christian faith by non-Christians.

St. Michael

Without Christian men who are emboldened with the confidence, courage and personal determination instilled through their belief in the Commandments of God the Father, the Holy Bible, the teachings of Jesus Christ and His patriarchal Church on earth, we are left defenseless against the never-ending assault of Satan and the evil men he infests and inspires.

History has shown that no other religion, philosophy, faith, belief system or institution is capable of producing more exemplary men than Christianity. Men who, not only strive to defeat evil in all of its reprehensible forms, but good, brave, honest, unselfish patriarchal men who strive to protect and provide for their families, their communities and their countries, even to their own deaths.

America’s Christian heritage is unique in the history of the world. Unlike the single-faith Christian European countries, America was established on the principle that all denominations of Christianity were acceptable within its borders.

This lack of contention among the varied forms of Christianity not only relieved America of the chronic, expensive and deadly need for war with its “heretical” neighbors, as was the case in medieval Europe, but it unleashed the Protestant work ethic as never before. And, as a result, men’s public gratitude to God for this unrivaled religious freedom, and prosperity, became the mainstay of American Christian living.

Yes, Christian men had always knelt in prayer in their homes, but in America, all Christians also proudly knelt in public prayer at their churches, businesses, cemeteries, squares, factories, stores, battlefields, schools and corn fields.

Today, without the Christian leadership of millions of righteous, male baby boomers, this is sadly no longer the case. Pitifully, public prayer by large groups of Christian American men, is nearly obsolete.

cowardThis baby boomer generation of older men has, through their life-long religious cowardness, allowed our great American Christian heritage to be depleted to the point of public, and private, extinction.

And for this, they should all be profoundly ashamed and repentant.

kneeling in prayer Tim TebowPrayerful Tim Tebow. JOIN him!


It’s NOT too late!

It’s time to make AMENDS!

It’s time to unify as Christian SOLDIERS!

It’s time to FIGHT BACK!



7 thoughts on “Longform Essay – Men, Why Are You Afraid To Express Your Christian Faith in Public AND in Private?

    • Yes. It’s very bad if it’s irrationally, and obsessively, pursued, by the largest church on earth and, at the expense of the tenets of its own religion, like the Catholic Church did in the 1960s and 1970s in USA. In a multireligious country evangelization is preferable to ecumenalism because there is not a predominant faith. As a result, no one religion can act with magnanimous ecumenalism.


    • Indonesia were predominantly muslim but several provinces were non muslim in culture. So their influence (including Christians) also exists.


  1. Jesus said If you deny Him before men He will deny you to The Father!
    Matthew 10:32-33…
    32 “Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven.
    33 But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.

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