Longform Essay – Are Our Universities Truly Institutions of Higher Learning or Are They Simply Dens of Iniquity?

Yale logoAnyone who has gone away to college themselves, or had a child go away to college during the last 50 years, knows that college life has changed drastically in recent years, and not for the better.

Campus Sit-In.

Campus Sit-In.

Most of the monumental changes, that we are still coping with today, occurred during the societal chaos of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

This was when the dignified, Christian “men of letters” were trampled to death by non-Christian, radical hellions who maliciously invaded their bastions of higher learning.

Lunatic firebrands, like Abbie Hoffman, who were bent on destroying academia, for no other reason, than that they could.

Harvard logo

Ironically, Veritas means Truth

Today, their destructive liberal legacy remains intact on most college campus’. As opposed to their illustrious Christian beginnings, most universities have become hotbeds of non-Christian, radical thinking.

And, they are continuing to make a concerted effort to indoctrinate our Christian kids with the same crap, leaving America, and especially its young Christian men, leaderless, rudderless and adrift.

PrincetonThe prestigious hallmarks of a traditional, classic, Christian, college education, as defined by an apolitical curriculum and high Christian standards of behavior, have all but disappeared.

Disappeared, only to be replaced with solidly leftist, purely political, anti-Christian, anti-American propaganda machines. Political propaganda machines that are hell-bent on removing Jesus from the public arena, and as such, are totally devoid of respect for, not only God, but for our Christian faith, our Christian country, our Christian families and our Christian kids.

As a result, we are now struggling to remain afloat as a nation. Floundering around with formerly Christian universities that no longer reflect the high standards of behavior, and the academic discipline, once demanded from their students.  

Anti-Christian logoInstead, the country is being assailed by virulently anti-Christian universities, that now stand in defiance of Christianity.

And, as such, they literally stand for nothing of value, and least of all, the truth as defined by God. The truth, which in their former life as Christian universities, they held in such high regard.

(This lack of Christian discipline within academia has left our students, not at the TOP of the pack globally, but floundering around in the middle. In science, 16 other industrialized countries did better than our students did on standardized testing, and in math, 23 country’s children performed better than ours.)

As a result of these university’s Boards of Trustee’s decisions to show total disdain and intolerance for Christianity on their campus’, we are now smothered with anti-Christian fervor throughout the country, led by university administrations that provide both misguided, and secularized, “guidance” for their students. All of which has resulted in the loss of the critical, building blocks of human dignity, based on the tenets of Christianity.

Princeton University - New Jersey

Princeton University – New Jersey

At best, these once hallowed halls of higher learning are simply hollowed halls of hypocrisy. Despite their claims to the contrary, there is a lot more to a good education than just the three R’s. And, a well-rounded education is not solely provided for in a classroom.

In order for a culture to benefit from an individual’s education, it MUST include the education of the entire student.

An excellent education must elevate the entire human being to betterment, not just his mind. And this includes the education of his psyche, his temperament, his body and his soul. Without all of those considerations being addressed, the student is not truly being educated. In fact, he is being cheated!

Columbia Univ.Today, a classic college education, based on the tenets of Christianity, including human dignity, personal responsibility, higher truths, acquired maturity, leadership training, moral tenacity, personal integrity, academic excellence, honesty and hard work, no longer exists.

The Godless students that these “universities” produce are ill-informed oddballs and are of no use to America’s future as a great country because they are unethical, immoral and compromised individuals.

G. K. Chesterton

G. K. Chesterton (1974-1936) – English Writer, Lay Theologian, Orator, Poet and Journalist

They reflect G. K. Chesterton’s view that people who do not believe in God will believe in anything, including all forms of depleted, debauched and depraved behavior. None of which advances the country, the culture, or more importantly, the individual.

With the removal of Jesus, and His standards of behavior, from our universities over the last 50 years, these vanquished institutions are left with the petty and meaningless “inspiration” for advancement based on the campus radicals,”I’m OK, you’re OK” philosophy (or hypocrisy). At best, it has resulted in nothing but lowered expectations and broad-based mediocrity.

In other words, without a higher calling, as defined by the self-regulating, personal standards of behavior displayed by students who abide by the restraints, and constraints, engendered by their belief in the teachings of Christ – “anything goes!”

Predictably, when God was deliberately removed from the campus’, by the non-Christian radical students and academics, the void was soon filled with anti-Christian and anti-American BS.

Mere drivel, as defined by pointless, meaningless and lame, “issues of importance”, such as “individualism”, “free love”, “equality”, “multiculturalism”. “diversity”, “progressivism”, “liberalism”, “pornography”, “amnesty”, “anti-war”, “environmentalism”, “counterculturalism”, “Earth First”, “Free Speech (for liberals only)”, “sexual liberation” and PETA.

Greenpeace, Ms. Magazine and Karma replaced faith in God’s guidance and His divine plan for humanity and the planet He created.

“Self-expression”, in all of its twisted forms, became the new religion – “anything goes!”

College party 1950s classroomPre-1960, university educations were considered a privilege. It was an honor to be chosen to attend one of our illustrious academic institutions of higher learning.

The young men and women who attended our universities were the best our country had to offer, morally, ethically and academically.

The students were nearly all Christian and brought with them the high standards of behavior that were expected by the Christian men who ran the universities, by their parents and by the Christian community but especially by their God. They knew that they were there to work diligently towards their degrees, not squander the time allotted to them.

college party 1950s menThese young scholars were the academically gifted, high-minded and responsible young people upon whom our country’s future depended and they behaved accordingly. They did not want to disappoint anyone, especially themselves.

They were also the individuals upon whom America depended to advance the 200-year-old legacy of higher education in America. They were to become leaders in their chosen fields and build on the unprecedented successes of their Christian forebearers through their life-long, and trustworthy, commitments in the fields of business, politics, science, law, military, arts, engineering, organized religion and academia.

college party 1950s classroom 2These were young Christians who loved their God and wanted to follow in the footsteps of those who had successfully gone before them.

These were young Americans who wanted their parents, community and country to be proud of them and their achievements.

These were young people who were proud to contribute their God-given talents to something much bigger than themselves. Something worthy of their commitment and dedication. Something proven to be good, true and inspiring. Something to which they could devote the very best of themselves, just as dozens of generations of young Americans had done before them. Something called Christian America.American flag

As a result of generations of young, Christian men’s personal aspirations for goodness and greatness, America, by the 1950s, had truly become a “shining city on the hill.”

America was the most powerful agent for good in the history of the world, and it only came to fruition because our Christian universities had always produced the most illustrious, honorable, trustworthy, well-educated, talented and dedicated young men in the world.

And, then the radical, non-Christians arrived on campus in the 1960s and destroyed the time-honored legacy of a classic Christian education for young men. An education, which had produced so many illustrious American leaders.


Campus Sit-in

Today, thanks solely to the ongoing, radical influence of these non-Christian interlopers, and their handlers (who deliberately ransacked our prestigious universities) we are producing nothing but garbage at our colleges!

No longer do the high standards of behavior prevail at our universities and this is also as a result of the “sexual revolution” promulgated by the non-Christian founders of radical, second-wave feminism, such as Gloria Steinem.

But, more specifically, it was caused by radical feminism’s “sexual liberation” of millions of naive Christian, female, baby boomers who were flooding our universities in the 1960s and 1970s. They were easy prey for the vocal activists.

college baby boomersMost of these young Christian women were the first females in their families to attend college and as millions of these females suddenly flooded the once, all-male, universities, all hell broke out.

This was mainly because young university men always wanted to impress their male elders, educators and mentors.

Young women? Well, that was an entirely different matter. They just wanted to impress the men.

Suddenly for the young men, with the arrival of thousands of available young women on campus, their college education took second place behind impressing the women as well. They too were ripe pickings for the activists.

At college, the natural draw between men and women was no longer confined to the limiting restrictions placed on the young people at home by their Christian parents, clergy, community and neighbors.

college baby boomers 2Suddenly, away from home and “on their own”, all bets were off. Let the party begin! And party, they did!

“Sexual liberation”, and the recent introduction of the anti-Christian, “pill”, and contraceptives, only added fuel to the fire.

Going away to college no longer harbored the coming of adulthood, it began to instead, perpetuate a chronic state of adolescence.

college baby boomers 3As the public attacks on their Christian educational institutions continued, the distinguished Christian male administrators of these fine universities, finally threw up their hands in disgust, as the deluge of outrageous, non-Christian behavior from the radical activists, anarchists and feminists, swamped their campus’.

The front page of the The Daily PrincetonianThe obnoxious, disrespectful and outlandish behavior, displayed by the shameless, guiltless, rude, non-Christian thugs, who ran rough-shod over our most prestigious universities, was shocking, and unprecedented, in Christian America.

These irrational misfits failed to respond sensibly to any of the traditional modes of discipline or policing. They cared nothing for their reputations, nothing for their peers, nothing for their educations, nothing for the universities, nothing for the traditions, nothing for the administrators, nothing for the police and it would be proved, nothing for themselves.

Abby Hoffman 2

Abbie Hoffman would soon be diagnosed with manic depression . He committed suicide in 1989

These were warped, twisted agitators, who hated Christian men, and by association, their institutions. Hate that was generated by some imaginary affront to their “individualism”.

This irrational sense of entitlement overpowered any sense of decency they may have possessed. And as such, they simply became obsessed lunatics.

University of Berkeley Riots

University of Berkeley Riots

Unfortunately, down with them, went the largest portion of America’s population in history – the 74 million Christian baby boomers.

And, as debauched and depleted individuals, the baby boomers, have proven themselves to be unworthy of the illustrious country to which they were bequeathed.

Their grandparents and parents must be spinning in their graves as they watch their heirs squander away over 200 years of Christian magnificence as defined by America.

MADISON POLICEBy the time this huge group of young baby boomers graduated from college, the universities were left in shambles.

Decorum, human dignity, respect for others, common courtesy, high standards of behavior, personal responsibility and higher education were gone.

And to make matters worse, the thugs, who raped the universities, soon took over the academic halls of the universities as well when, in an effort to reconcile with them, many were given “professorships” within new departments of “education” created within the universities. The lunatics were truly running the asylums as the defeated Christian administrators left by the back door.

We are now, 50 years out from those “revolutionary” days of campus sit-ins, riots and protests. And what do we have to show for all of the brouhaha? Absolutely NOTHING! Today, college is just an expensive joke!

Getting an education is speculative but, you can sure party-hardy!

There is NO effort whatsoever to curtail the raging hormones of the 18 to 21-year-old students through good standards of behavior. God forbid the adults should try to protect the kids from themselves. That would be too “domineering”, too Christian.

There is absolutely NO effort to control the drinking on campus and sex in dorms. God forbid the adults should demand better behavior from the kids. That would be too “patriarchal”, too Christian.

There is NO effort to improve the behavior of the college kids by insisting on common courtesy, common decency and common sense. God forbid the adults should expect more from the kids. That would be too “oppressive”, too Christian!

There isn’t even an effort to get the young people to dress, or behave, like mature adults anymore. Today, college kids still dress like they did when they were four-years-old! God forbid the grown-ups should encourage the kids to at least look like adults prepared to enter the working world. That would be too “controlling”, too Christian.

But of course, what am I thinking! Those priorities were all based on Christian standards and, today, the universities are run by non-Christians, and they don’t have any standards!

College party 2

Our future leaders?

So, no wonder college has become nothing more than an expensive way to spend four more years being an idiot teenager, while wallowing around in the dens of iniquity, created by the lunatics 50 years ago.

I am sick of the lowered expectations that have been settled on our children!

I want HIGHER standards of behavior, education, review, thinking, beauty, decency, quality, reasoning, teaching, right from wrong, excellence, integrity, justice, learning, living, official conduct, and operation.

I want our kids to be encouraged to aspire to greatness, not “egalitarianism” or “equality” or “diversity.” Those are just trappings of mediocrity and will destroy the potential of our brightest and best, our all-round good Christian kids, and by association, our country.

Crown of thorns

Christ died for our Sins. The very least we can do is bring our kids to Him.

Our kids can do better than what’s being asked of them. But, this will only happen if our influential Christian men are willing strap on their guns and go to war for them.

This will only happen when successful Christian men, like University of Illinois alumni Richard S. Hill or Hobby Lobby’s CEO David Green, fully embrace the courage of their Christian convictions and lead the way!

I pray that the successful Christian men, who are alumni of our greatest universities, will take over the Board of Trustees and begin to reverse this destructive, and disastrous, trend before it’s too late!

Dartmouth is now considered the most conservative of the Ivy League universities. But, that wasn’t always the case. If the Christian male alumni of Dartmouth can do it, so can you!

It’s time to get out there and FIGHT BACK!!!


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