Good Guys – Blogger Matt Walsh Says Kids Don’t Need Gun Control, They Need Their Fathers

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The irrational denigration of Christian patriarchy (fatherhood), during radical, second-wave feminism’s 50-year-old onslaught of Christian men, has left children without the love, the guidance, the financial security and the protection of their fathers. This is a national disgrace.

This horrific betrayal was accomplished by bamboozling millions of female baby boomers, during the late 1960s and early 1970s, to believe that “independence” from “male chauvinist pigs”, through feminism’s irrational support for divorce, abortion, single motherhood and illegitimacy, would bring them to paradise.


Patriarchy 2This insidious form of brainwashing has proven instead to be a disaster for those very same women, and by association, for their children, and grandchildren, as well.

And the reason..? The wicked female founders of radical, second-wave feminism specifically designed a anti-Christian agenda which was in direct opposition to every tenet of Christianity. The most important of which was the destruction of children, as opposed to Christianity, which places children at the top of Christian’s priority list. 

These obnoxious female originators of second-wave feminism were non-Christians, raised in dysfunctional families dominated by irascible men, who lacked the inspiration, and sanity, provided by the Holy Family’s example.

Matt Walsh, 27, - Christian blogger (40 million hits), writer, speaker, married, father of twins.

Matt Walsh, 27, – Christian blogger (40 million hits), writer, speaker, married, father of twins.

Matt Walsh is an excellent Christian blogger and he is a full time contributor to Glenn Beck’s website, The Blaze. 

Matt addresses the dire need for our culture to return to reality when it comes to the hysteria surrounding the most recent mass shooting in Oregon.

Our Kids Don’t Need Gun Control, They Need Fathers

BY Matt Walsh Oct. 5, 2015

I’ve noticed that the answers in life are often simple but rarely easy. For instance, if I want to lose 10 pounds, the simplest but hardest solution is to eat less and jog more. The most complicated but easiest solution is to consult with doctors and take pills and complain about my thyroid and eventually give up and start a “fat acceptance” group. A lot of people these days choose the latter. It’s time consuming and it won’t accomplish much, but at least it can be done from the couch.

We tend to see this mindset manifest itself in dramatic fashion following any sort of national tragedy. We search desperately for answers, and the people tasked with providing them generally come up with a lot of complex laws and policies and political proposals, but nothing that even comes close to addressing the actual problem.

That’s what happened yet again this past week, after Chris Harper-Mercer walked into a community college in Oregon andslaughtered nine people. Immediately, the usual suspects manned their usual battle stations and started spouting their usual talking points about “gun control” and “mental health” and so on. Obama gave a speech mere hours after the attack and called for greater restrictions on the Second Amendment. Many others joined in his chorus.

Of course, the problem with this answer is that it isn’t an answer. Even if we could completely remove the pesky issue of constitutional liberties from the equation, even if it were possible to cure violence by getting rid of one particular type of weapon, even if we ignore the fact that the deadliest school attack in historyhappened 90 years ago and was carried out not with guns but with explosives, and even if we look past thestudies showing that gun control laws are counterproductive, gun control would still be basically impossible.

Obama likes to say there are enough guns in this country to arm every man, woman, and child — not exactly accurate, but close enough — so what does he plan to do? Confiscate 300 million firearms? With what army? Literally, he would need the Army to do that. And since many law-abiding gun owners are current and former military, one wonders how that would play out.

Well, I already know. It wouldn’t. It’s not going to happen. It’s an expensive, convoluted, extravagant, impractical, unconstitutional, disastrous, ridiculous, impossible solution. But it’s easy. Not easy to do, easy to talk about. Easy in the abstract. Easy to use as a scapegoat. It’s easier for us as a society to place the blame on the tool a murderer uses instead of focusing on why he chose to be a murderer in the first place. And if we do discuss why, it’s easiest to simply and generically conclude that he’s “crazy” or “nuts.” A crazy nut with a gun, that’s all. More pills! Fewer guns! That’s the ticket! We find great comfort in this — pawning the solution off to politicians and drug companies — because it saves us from assuming any sort of responsibility ourselves.

This dynamic was morbidly illustrated by the shooter’s own father, Ian Mercer, over the weekend. In an interview on CNN, he launched into an unprompted diatribe about gun control laws. His son shot and killed nine people and the first thing he apparently thought to blame was lax gun regulation. It was disturbing and difficult to watch him as he desperately reached for the closest available rationalization. He’s wrong, but I feel for him. He didn’t send his son to execute a classroom full of innocent people. He didn’t want this to happen. He isn’t the murderer. And although his son is the villain in this scenario, he is still a father dealing with the loss of a child. I can’t imagine the utter and complete emotional desolation he must be experiencing. To make matters worse, in the midst of his overwhelming sadness, guilt, anger and grief, he’s been asked to offer a diagnosis of his killer son on national TV. He retreated to gun control talking points because he didn’t want to face the real questions. And I suppose we shouldn’t blame him for not wanting to face them with a camera and a microphone shoved in his grill.

Still, I can’t help but note that Ian Mercer was interviewed from the home he didn’t share with his son. The shooter came from a divorced family. He lived with his mother. Same was true of Dylann Roof, who also slaughtered nine people. Same was true of Adam Lanza, who massacred 20 children a couple years ago. All came from broken homes. None was close with his father.

In all of these cases, the media and Obama — and this time even the perpetrator’s father — diligently counted how many guns the killers had in their homes but failed to notice how many parents they had in their homes. That seems like quite a detail to overlook. Before we wonder if a guy’s access to guns turned him into a murderer, you’d think we’d pause to reflect on whether his lack of access to his own father might have played a role.

These mass killings happen with relative frequency, and they are usually not perpetrated by men who grew up in strong families with both biological parents present. Divorce and fatherlessness are the two elements that tie most of these cases together. No other factor — gun laws, politics, racism, etc. — comes close. Dylann Roof was a white guy killing black people, Vester Flanagan was a black guy killing white people. Their races were different, yet the one line that cut right through both of them was divorce. Even in cases where the killer’s parents are still married, a closer inspection will often reveal a home filled with instability and chaos.

Indeed, it’s not just the high publicity tragedies that seem to always involve broken homes. The statistics across the board are staggering and conclusive:  90 percent of homeless kids are from fatherless homes; 63 percent of kids who commit suicide are from fatherless homes; 71 percent of high school dropouts are from fatherless homes. Children from fatherless homes are at a much greater risk of developing drug addictions and are four times as likely to be poor. Out of all the youths in prison, a full 85 percent are from fatherless homes. In the inner city where violence and drug abuse are rampant, four out of every five children are growing up without their biological fathers.

You name the societal ill or problematic group — from violent boys to promiscuous girls to everything in between — and right there in the middle you’ll find broken homes, unstable families and absent fathers.

So why aren’t we talking about this?

This latest brutal outburst prompted hundreds of articles about guns, but so far as I saw, precisely one article about families. Obama got up in front of the nation within hours of the attack and had a lot to say about laws and politics and those dirty Republicans, but not a word — not one single word — about the epidemic of divorce and fatherlessness. We’re all running around trying to figure out why kids turn into murderers, drug users, prostitutes and thugs, but it’s as if we’ve signed some kind of confidentiality agreement preventing us from ever suggesting that perhaps these issues can be mitigated by parents getting married, staying married and raising their children together.

It’s not like this is even a debatable issue. Studies have proven time and time and time again that childrensuffer greatly when their families break apart. If I can be forgiven the indulgence of plagiarizing myself, I go back to a point I made in an article about the perils of gay adoption:

The psychological benefits of having a dad and mom in the home are clear and incontrovertible. Forty years of research into the subject demonstrates the inescapable and self-evident reality that childrenneed fathers and mothers.

Dr. Kyle Pruett, a professor of child psychiatry at Yale, says that babies can tell the difference between a male and a female by eight weeks of age:

This diversity, in itself, provides children with a broader, richer experience of contrasting relational interactions. … Whether they realize it or not, children are learning at earliest age, by sheer experience, that men and women are different and have different ways of dealing with life, other adults and children.

It’s obvious that mothers and fathers play differently, communicate differently, prepare the children for life differently, take risks differently, and look at the world differently. These are not just assumptions, but cold, hard, indisputable scientific facts, backed by years of research and millenniums of human experience. Over  350 studies from over a dozen nations confirm the importance of a household with both parents present.

When looking at any indicator, from general happiness to professional success to educational achievement, the essential need for a child to have the input of a mother and a father is demonstrable and unmistakable.

Fathers and mothers both play an integral role in the spiritual and emotional formation of a child. Take one or both away, and there’s a chance the child becomes emotionally and spiritually deformed. It’s a very simple formula. There’s no disputing it — just ignoring it — and I think we choose to ignore it for a few reasons.

For one thing, the left-wing cultural narrative requires us to deny the distinction between men and women, which means denying the distinction between mothers and fathers. According to progressivism, the nuclear, biological family is but one type of arrangement, one variant equal in every way to families with one mom or two moms or three dads or whatever, and none can be judged more ideal than the others.

Even though progressives obsess over organic milk and free-range chickens, they pretend that the natural, organic family — the family as it was meant to be — is in no way superior to the modified versions. But to connect violence to broken homes is to admit that (shock!) kids benefit from having mom and dad in the same house. Progressivism can make no such admission, so it continues blaming bad things on inanimate objects, rather than fatherlessness and divorce.

But for another thing, beyond ideology, I think we ignore the family’s role in all of this because it hits, literally, too close to home. Some single mothers bizarrely see a discussion about fatherhood as an attack on them, and some men, especially divorced men, see the hand wringing over fatherlessness as an affront against them. Both groups make it impossible to have this conversation.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are equally hesitant to speak categorically in favor of the nuclear family. We know it’s challenging and difficult to be a parent and a spouse. It takes a lot out of us. It requires so much of our time and our love and our money and our selves. There’s pressure. There’s stress. Sometimes, God forbid, we have to put other people above our own personal enjoyment. If we acknowledge that our kids need us, that they depend on our presence, that they require our full-time love and support, then we’ve backed ourselves into a corner. If the going gets tough, we have to stick around. If we feel unhappy one day, we have to gut it out and work through it. If we need a break from all this parenting and spousing stuff, we can’t just leave. We minimize the importance of families to provide ourselves with an escape hatch, should we need it. We know that families are work, families are sacrifice, families are not designed solely to bring us pleasure and amusement every second of the day, and so we’re terrified of professing our undying loyalty to it. These are scary propositions — all this duty and responsibility stuff. We’d rather not dwell on it. Let’s get back to talking about gun laws and mental health, we think. That’s a much more comfortable debate. Much more removed from our daily lives. It requires much less of us. Actually, it requires absolutely nothing — which is ideal.

I don’t think all of our problems in society can be solved through stable families, but I do think that, if we want to address them, we should begin with the simple but hard things: staying married, raising our kids, being examples, instilling faith and values, teaching them how to be good people, etc. It’s not foolproof, but it’s a start.

We just have to be willing to do the work.

I couldn’t agree with him more.


10 thoughts on “Good Guys – Blogger Matt Walsh Says Kids Don’t Need Gun Control, They Need Their Fathers


    It is very sad that so many people are killed in needless events. But, to just blame the guns will never properly address the real issue involved.
    Blaming guns is taking the easy way out, because they are an inanimate objects that do nothing unless someone picks one up and uses it in an improper manner.
    The real issues are many and complex. First and foremost, we must address the PEOPLE that use guns/bats/knives/clubs or whatever weapon is available. The hardest question is WHY did a person goes off the deep end & goes on a killing rampage! We tend to ignore that, and not do anything until someone goes nuts on us. The first issue we MUST address is the glorification of violence in society now, be it TV, movies, video games, abortion, or anything else. We NEED to stop that, because it DOES have an effect on people, whether we want to admit it or not!
    Look at abortion- I know that will get some howls of protest, but it is still cold blooded murder of an innocent human being! We have proven facts that show life begins at conception. You might disagree, but you are WRONG!!! We are taught that if we get a girl pregnant, and it is inconvenient to keep the baby, no problem, just kill it! Society has no value on life, we first get that from this lie we teach in school called evolution! Kids are taught that we are just a “random, cosmic accident, with no reason or purpose / meaning. They also lack any respect for the Law and authority today. So then why do you get so upset when a kid acts out on what he is taught (brainwashed) all his life? Life has no meaning, right evolutionists? You got the 10 Commandments removed from schools, using the LIE of “separation of church and state”, because if the kids read them they just might follow them…..
    And we (wrongfully think) are so “intelligent” that we do not need God anymore, so let’s remove all traces of God from the public square, or anywhere else…You might think that I am just a religious wacko, but before you dismiss everything I said I challenge you to THINK about it, because it is true, and it makes a LOT of sense! Another people issue that is a hard one to address is the mental health issue. The ACLU, in their ignorant stupidity has made it so hard to diagnose & treat the issue, in their misguided case for the “rights” of the mentally ill people, that they can now roam the streets unaided, because we can’t offend them, or even say they are mentally ill, we must use some soft, flowery euphemism to hide the sickness, so they won’t be embarrassed by society. I could go on & on, but this post is long beyond the attention span of most of society today as it is! That reminds me of another problem that NEEDS to be addressed, but won’t be, because it is easier to blame guns…The way society is now so much in the short attention span mode, everyone is taught INSTANT GRATIFICATION, that we no longer have the patience or desire to work and save to achieve anything, we have to have it NOW!!! Remember being in a McDonald’s or some other place and they say we will have to wait 2 minutes for the food to cook??? Really, 2 minutes, and we get all huffy about it?? When a society no longer has the patience to wait for anything, that IS a contributing factor that needs to be addressed!
    And finally, back to the guns issue…You like to blame guns, because they are being wrongfully used to kill so many people, but that is just a Progressive/Socialist “feel good” solution that will accomplish the opposite effect they are trying to accomplish. It never gets any mentions that more than triple the amount of people that are SAVED from a violent crime by the presence of guns than are killed in a crime. The justice system is way too lenient on criminals that use guns in a crime, no thanks to the ACLU again, and other misfit, evil organizations like them that give the criminals more rights than the crime victims!!! When someone is guilty, and we all know it, like the shooters today, why does it take so long to punish them? Kids have no respect for their parents or elders, or the law now, since we have eliminated any consequences for misbehavior, we can’t spank them, or anything else that might hurt their “self-esteem”, so they run wild, with no fear of anything or anyone!!! Again, that is from removing GOD from the public square, the kids don’t fear GOD and do not care that they (AS WE ALL WILL) will stand before God one day, and give an account of our lives…I know, it’s that GOD thing again, that we are so far foolishly above anything to do with Him!!!
    And if you STILL want to blame the guns, well far more people are killed by doctors and Big Medicine every year than are killed by guns!!! Also more are killed by drunk drivers.
    Where is your outrage over those issues that each kill double the number every year that guns do??? So, if you have read all of this, thank you, and I hope you really THINK about it before you dismiss me, and what I have said! Going after the guns will do NOTHING!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good post! You are speaking the unvarnished truth, which radical, second-wave feminism has brainwashed millions of women to ignore. The only effective treatment for women who suffer from this fatal disease of the mind, spirit and body is for them to reject the ideology of feminism and adopt the tenets of Christianity in its place. If this is done by the millions of influential baby boomer women infected with the radical ideology of feminism, nearly all of the problems you mentioned would go away overnight, as these women would release our good, Christian men from the shackles feminism has placed on them. This would allow the men to once again, vigorously vanquish evil on their own effective terms based on the truth, not women’s fictitious, and placating, terms grounded in cowardly fear and the physical inability to deal with evil on its terms.


  2. NtBravo! I agree 1000%! I like Matt Walsh’s blog, it is one of my favorite blogs.
    (Like yours is, KQ) I agree with almost everything Matt writs about.
    I have an article that I wrote after a school shooting that I will share with you. It is a bit long, but very relevant. I think anyway.


    • Thank you. Radical feminism began the push towards fatherlessness fifty years ago when they first irrationally told young female baby boomers that Christian men were “male chauvinist pigs.” How anyone could associate the goodness of chivalry with pigs always stumped me. But the non-Christian founders, who’d never been blessed with the experience of Christian male chivalry, did and sadly millions of young female baby boomers foolishly bought it. So today, our children and grandchildren are living without their vitally important fathers because of our stupidity. Hopefully, the Millenials, like Matt Walsh, are finally going to rectify our profound errors in judgement.


    • The only reason that I can think of that fatherlessness is ignored, as a critical explanation for crime, homelessness and suicide of young men, is that influential, radical feminists are still writing the public narrative, which abhors Christian men and their priorities, just as they have for the past 50 years. There is no other logical explanation as to why this irrational betrayal of our young people continues to this very day.

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