Marvelous Men Vol. #2 Essay 14

complaining women

Bitching AGAIN.

Is she bitching, again, about some “bastard” she knows? Well, it’s time to tell this radical feminist to chill out, shut up and calm down because she’s in no position to complain. In fact, she should, instead, be grateful for the men in her life, not resent them.

Homeless Harry

Homeless Harry

There is an old adage about men that says that they would probably still be living in caves, if it were not for women.

In theory, this still holds true today. But we are very lucky that our female ancestors inspired Christian men to do incredible things, including the creation of Western Civilization, because the bitchy, feminist females on earth today only inspire men to fury.

Despite what the radical, second-wave feminists assert, Christian men’s contributions to civilization cannot be overlooked! The amazing standard of living we all enjoy today, is a direct result of their hard work and benevolence. 

But unfortunately, since non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminism raised its ugly head in the late 1960s, and early 1970s, men’s contributions to mankind, as compared to women’s, have been object of ridicule, rather than of respect.


What makes this an even larger disgrace is that, despite the fact that Christian men have bequeathed to humanity, nearly every important invention, and institution, in existence today, their personal needs remain meager.

Even wealthy men, who can afford to buy themselves any luxury good on earth, inevitably have limited (other than transportation) needs – a good cigar, a glass of port and the love of a good woman.

This is because they have been designed by God to, above all else, protect and provide for their mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters first and foremost. So, nearly all of their remaining possessions are generally acquired for the health, safety and pleasure of the women they love.

Making wishes come true!

Making wishes come true!

Merry Christmas Dear.

Men’s scant needs come to the fore, every Christmas. How often do you find yourself stumped, while trying to find something to buy for the men in your life? Unless the man has an obvious hobby, it comes down to socks, belts, ties, sweaters or shirts. Men have few needs when it comes to creature comforts. Unlike women, they can get along on very little. As proof, just check his side of the closet, as compared to yours.

So, the next time you encounter a man-hating, hard-core, radical, second-wave feminist, who’s once again, griping about some supposed injustice done to her by some “bastard”, tell her to stop yakking and look around the room in which she is seated. 

Everything she sees, in every direction she looks, was at one time, or another, invented by a man seeking to better the lives of the women he loved. Whether its lighting, furniture, roofing materials, flooring, heating, vacuum, air-conditioning, windows, doors, washing machine, clothing, eyeglasses, housing, shoes, ceramic tile, clothing, silk

Take a look around!

Take a look around!


flowers, paintings, dishes, dishwasher, cabinetry, countertop, etc., etc., etc. Nearly every single object that today’s radical feminist females take for granted, was developed by a man inspired by a woman.

So, again, don’t just sit there silently, tell the crank to stop bitching and instead be grateful for what’s been created by generations of  “bastards”, on her behalf.



Why do we seem to be surrounded by obnoxious bitches today? The answer? Women of today have been brainwashed by non-Christian, radical, second-wave, feminists, who hate Christian men, to be ungrateful wenches.

Thank God there were admirable, beautiful, lovable and affectionate Christian women in the past who inspired our forefathers to greatness, because we are certainly short on inspirational women today! Which is why civilization seems to be slipping away from us.


Venus de Milo

Venus de Milo

Today’s “enlightened” women irrationally believe that they live in a “princess” vacuum, disconnected from the remainder of humanity, when in reality their lives, and those of all of the women who came before them, are held together by men.

Most of these men toil in total anonymity, unseen by the vast majority of the millions of women they uncomplainingly serve. But, more importantly, most of these men labor for the financial security of the women they love.

He toils for your comfort.

He toils for your comfort.

“Liberated” women’s little bubble-world would burst in a nanosecond if all of the “Good Guys” decided to stay home from work for a month. 

Everything would immediately come to a screeching halt. No trains. No lights. No food. No heat. No mail. No cars. No water. No clothes. No roads. No security. No garbage pick-up. No construction. No airplane flights. No military. No NOTHING!

Don't talk to me!

Don’t talk to me!

But rather than take notice of the Good Guys daily, and unfaltering, efforts to better women’s lives, most of today’s “liberated” feminist females are too preoccupied with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s latest spat to even connect-the-dots!

They have substituted the ideology of radical feminism for the tenets of their Christian faith. And by adopting this bitchy, “feminist lifestyle” women have unwittingly destroyed their ability to be grateful, and appreciative, for all that Christian men heroically, patiently and quietly, do for them. 

Most of these airheads don’t even appreciate the simple fact that the Good Guys will continue to show up for work tomorrow, whether or not the women are grateful for their efforts because that’s what good Christian men are directed, by their Creator, to do.

And, despite what lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminists claim, this deep-seeded Christian male instinct, to protect and provide for others, is just as alive today, as it was in the gallant, sword-wielding, honor-bound, chivalrous world of 17th century.

Thank the Good Lord for sending us Christian men. Men who will not only fill the void within the civilized world they have created, but will actually risk their lives, if need be, in order to fix it, lift it, repair it, invent it, save it, create it, build it, run it or rescue it.


The truth is that Christian men haven’t changed one bit, whereas today’s “liberated” feminist females have changed dramatically, and for the worse. 

It’s time to reverse course!

It’s The Women, Not the Men to be continued…


6 thoughts on “Marvelous Men Vol. #2 Essay 14

  1. Love this. I just commented on the quibble following your post on the Tait massacre. If Andrea has seen and taken my suggestion to investigate further, herein lies a great example. KQ agrees that Men have, throughout history needed the inspiration of woman to achieve, followed by some simple undeniable truths. This is what I had to see and know prior to replying.
    Keep ’em coming my friend!
    Love, Sal

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  2. I have replied on your blog before, as sometimes you really nail it so well. I have shared that both my wife and I were divorced before we married. We both get that what we did was sin, and have repented. We can’t change that, but we can certainly changed the future. We know that God put us together for His reasons; I am learning how to be a leader of my family and she is learning to follow what the Bible teaches her as well.

    But, people look at a couple trying to do that as if we are nuts. My own mother called me a “caveman” lol. The idea of submission was as foreign to her as if I was speaking Chinese. On the flip side, the idea that a man could love her the way Jesus taught husbands to was also about as foreign as Chinese.


    • I wouldn’t worry about what your mother or anyone else thinks about you and your wife’s decision to follow God’s plan, when it comes to the roles of husbands and wives. Your mother has probably unwittingly substituted the tenants of radical feminism for her Christian faith. This usually makes for unhappy women. And incredibly they usually regurgitate those same tenets of radical feminismi despite the fact that they are living proof that feminism makes for opinionated and unhappy women. Your joy may be unconsciously aggravating your friends and mother because they were not faithful enough to discover it in their own relationships. Simply put, you are right and they are wrong. And your lives will be calmer, happier and more productive because of your decision. As far as your previous marrages, can you seek annulments, or another alrernative, through your church?


      • There would be no grounds to say those marriages were not valid. My divorce was sin..out and out. Heck, I didnt even know God cared about marriage at the time. We probably diverge somewhat as I know the Catholic church would consider new marriages invalid with out the old one being erased. The Baptist outlook is not exactly that. Sadly, that outlook has often been to not call divorce what it is, and that is the fact that God hates it. But, that is another story and subject. We would just say that right or wrong, this marriage is now as consecrated in God’s eyes and all we can do is move forward, understanding that what happened was wrong. It’s quite complicated, isn’t it? And I don’t worry about my mother, in fact, I hope and pray daily she will actually come to true faith, as I am pretty sure she is quite lost. Thanks for responding.


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