Longform Essay – Why Did the Founders of Radical, Second-Wave Feminism Hate Men?

Betty Friedan

Betty Friedan (1921-2006) – Mother of Radical, Second-Wave Feminism

I have alluded to the dysfunctional upbringings of the women, who founded radical, second-wave feminism in the late 1960s and early 1970s, as the principle reason why they hated men. Today, I’ll explain further.

Gloria Steinem, 80, - Social and Political Activist, Journalist and Originator of Radical, Second-Wave Feminism

Gloria Steinem, 80, – Social and Political Activist, Journalist and Originator of Radical, Second-Wave Feminism

I believe that these feminist’s backgrounds were the reason why these troublesome women accused men of being “male chauvinist pigs.”

That their unbalanced upbringings were the primary explanation behind their assertions that men “dominated” women. And, that it was the reason why these difficult women viewed men as a threat to their “freedom”, their intellect and their sexual “liberty.”

feminist rally 6Pro-Choice MarchAfter years of research, I have come to the conclusion that their seemingly universal disdain for men was spawn, solely, by their own personal experiences as children, and young adults.

feminist rally 4I have been very suspicious of their allegations about the “oppressive” nature of men for decades, starting when I was in college, during the birth of radical feminism. A time when 94% of American households were Christian.

My skepticism was raised mainly because, never in my young life, had I ever met, or experienced, the “domineering” and “patriarchal” men these women claimed were trying to keep women “chained” to their homes.

And, I found it amazing that this premise was being espoused, as though a God-given truth, through nearly every avenue of communication in our country – print, television but primarily academia.

Pro-Choice MarchAt the time, my experience with men was based on my Christian upbringing, where fathers spent their lives lovingly protecting, and providing, for their families.

How odd, I thought, that so many women were suddenly claiming that this was not the case. Little did I realize that for these vocal, strident women, my experience was glaringly different from theirs.

family waving from carMy father, like the remainder of the men I knew, spent 30 years, rising at 6 am, commuting 1 1/2 hours to work in New York City, only to reverse the commute and return to our hometown at 7 pm each day.

It was a grueling existence but he never complained because he was a Christian “family man” who loved his wife and children and this was what was expected of him.

1970s Feminist Rally Poster - "Don't Cook Dinner, Starve a Rat" and "End Human Sacrifice, Don't Get Married."

1970s Feminist Rally Poster – “Don’t Cook Dinner, Starve a Rat” and “End Human Sacrifice, Don’t Get Married.”

Of course, there were contentious occasions during my teenage years but I always knew that my father loved my mother, me and my siblings, very much.

And, I certainly never felt that he was, in any way, trying to limit my life or restrict my existence. All he wanted for me, and for my brothers, was that we became good Christians, and independent adults, who could contribute positively to our community and to our own families. And to this end, he led by example.

In fact, all of my uncles, my father’s married male friends and nearly every father in our town, community and neighborhood embraced those same priorities for their children.

consciousness raising

Feminist “Consciousness Raising” (brainwashing) Session

With 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 children, no one was trying to hold their children back.

In fact, the fathers wanted just the reverse. They wanted the kids out of the house, and out on their own, as soon as it was feasibly possible.

The fathers, brothers, sons, nephews and uncles I knew (who were neighbors, teachers, businessmen, cops, shop owners), were good, church-going men who loved their wives and children and kept a constant vigil, in order to keep them safe from evil, both within their homes and without. Yet, this was not what these virulent feminists claimed.

"I am Woman, hear me roar!"

“I am Woman, hear me roar!”

It was not until recently that I was able to find the answer as to why they had such a radically different view of men than I did. Weren’t we women all the same?

Well, the answer was in many ways, yes, but in one critical area the answer was a resounding, NO! These women were not raised in Christian households. They were, instead, raised in non-Christian households, which I was to discover, was defined by profoundly different dynamics.

college feministsEven forty-five years later, I still have not experienced the evil men, that the newest crop of troubled feminists claim are continuing to “oppress” women.

For me, and I’m sure for millions of other women, they simply do not exist! And so, I continued to search for the reasons why the founders of feminism were SO convinced they did exist.

feminist rally 3Oddly, the childhood experiences, of so many of the original founders of feminism, seemed to be shrouded in secrecy.

There appeared to be a covenant, of sorts, among those early founders in which they all agreed to avoid discussing their upbringings in public.

But, as I continued to dig, there were a few hints that came to light. There were stories about Betty Friedan’s contentious marriage and her profound disappointment with motherhood. And there were comments from Gloria Steinem about her abandonment by her obese father, and the resultant need for her, as a 7-year-old, to care for her ailing mother. There were more glimmers of the truth, in Phyllis Chesler’s book about her rebellious life and her marriage to an “enemy” of her family.

feminist rallyAnd, yes, there were articles written by non-Christian women about the sexual frenzy they were subjected to at summer camp and the encouragement in this “adventure” by their sexually repressed mothers.

But, these were just the symptoms, and I wanted the cause. What I wanted was the fountainhead, the well-spring, of their hatred of men, and by association, family. What was it like to be raised in a non-Christian household in the 1950s and 1960s? What, specifically, were their personal experiences as children, that produced this distorted view of family men? 

What I wanted, was a first-hand account of their childhood experiences, from a female member of their family.

It has only been within recent years, that I have had the time, or the inclination, to look for the source of this “imaginary” bogey man. A man who was seemingly created out of thin air, by the founders of radical, second-wave feminism.

feminist equalityAfter forty-five years of living with their blatant lies, I still wanted to know why non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminists continued to bring false witness against men. Why they still claimed that men (fathers and husbands) were deliberately destroying women’s lives by failing to allow them to become “all that they could be”, when I have yet to see ANY evidence, to confirm their outrageous allegations.

To this end, I have been on the alert, for anything that would explain these obviously troubled women’s oddball views of men (fathers and husbands) and their irrational, decades long, desire to re-educate America’s females to reflect their twisted view of men, especially among young, college-age women.

I have now read, and researched, enough to know that my suspicions were correct. These women did not come from the same loving family environment that I did. Their cultural upbringings were, in many cases, diametrically opposed to mine, as a Christian. But, where was the evidence?

jupiterWell, I finally found what I was looking for. And, by comparison, the original non-Christian feminists were raised on a totally different PLANET than I was. A planet where family relationships were heartless, loveless and often strained to the breaking point. Where fathers ruled the roost as cruel dictators. Where affection was rarely, if ever, expressed among family members. Where decades passed without contact among angry siblings. Where conversations were one-sided, sarcastic and contentious. Where family life was profoundly dysfunctional and defined by sharp hurtful words and in many cases, blatant hatred.

My long search was finally over when I discovered an old book, which includes many insider views of life as a young, non-Christian female in the 1950s and 1960s, but one essay stood out vividly.

It was written by Roberta Gootblatt in 1969. It best relates what it was like to be raised in a non-Christian household and it is her first-hand account.

Hate youGootblatt’s scathing essay about her family life is truly shocking. But, it best explains why the non-Christian founders of radical, second-wave feminism were so hate-filled, difficult and arrogant, especially on the topic of men and family life.

These women were products of their difficult home lives where men ruled supreme, women were nothing more than doormats and children were raised without love.

Ms. Gootblatt’s essay is titled, “Me, Myself and the Middle-class Jew.” It is from a book titled, “Voices from Women’s Liberation”, which was published in 1971.

Voices from Women's Liberation book coverThe book is no longer in print and, at times, I wonder if the current crop of radical feminists had most of the copies burned, as the essays, and their authors, are boldly irrational in their thinking and blatantly short-sighted and narrow-minded about the, supposed, “justifications” for their out-and-out hatred of men and family life. It is a very bizarre, and disturbing, read.

In retrospect, the essays showed this original band of disgruntled females, to be just this side of psychotic and most were certified sociopaths. A great foundation upon which to build an ideology!

The book includes many of the unguarded, unvarnished and unsubstantiated opinions of dozens of the original adherents of radical, second-wave feminism. They were writing “from the hip”, well before some became politically astute ideologues.

They were “expressing themselves” well before their dubious, debatable and controversial opinions were cast in stone, as truth, by radical, second-wave feminism. And well before their irrational hatred for men, and family life, was hidden behind the political smoke screen defined as “equality.” And as a result, the book illuminates A LOT of the reasons we are trying to “survive feminism”, and its untruthful step child – political correctness – to this very day.

Gootblatt’s diatribe is one of more than 100 essays included in the book. But I think you will agree that reading just this one, will be more than enough for one day, whether it evokes shock, sympathy or sadness.

Ms. Gootblatt’s essay follows:

“I dedicate my story to my daughter Robin, and to all the new Jewish women of the future.” Roberta Gootblatt November 1969.

“It is not hard to ascertain what its like to be rich, or poor, in the capitalist society. In this respect, you’ve either got it, or you don’t but, no matter who you are, you are far from heaven, and much closer to hell, if you are caught in  the middle-class. And, indeed, if you are a woman – forget it! You are nothing, anyway you may look at it. Rich, poor, or in the middle, you’ve had it, even before you are born.

Yes, it’s a long hard road for any woman in the class society. But, let me tell you, the most deeply, and viciously, destroyed woman in this society is none other than the middle class Jewish woman.

If you are amazed at this fact, yes, FACT, let me tell you about 23 years of my life, as I have lived them among the Jewish middle class. And, when you finish reading my story, perhaps if you are a Jewish woman, with a drop of humanity left within you, you may realize what a battle we have. And, so, if you are born a female, and Jewish at that, and are raised within the middle-class – this may well be your story too….

One thing I can be thankful for is that I was born. And, that is all! I was the first daughter to a lower middle-class Jewish male who was a butcher. My mother, in the same hell, an office worker. My parents, brother, sister, and I, lived in an ugly building in the East Bronx.

As in all middle-class families, my mother and father worked so that the kids would have what they needed, and the children followed in momma and papa’s footsteps. The Jewish kids usually came home with good marks from school. This is about par, for an average middle-class Jewish family.

Looking deeper within this class of people, I ask, “What is the Jewish middle-class woman like?” Outwardly, she is just like everyone else. Inwardly, she is not so average. She was born under the Star of David and here is where is all begins.

As the old Jewish saying goes, I was the “Chosen One.” I was the female member of the family picked for the scapegoat. For 15 years, I took all the shit the family could dish out. Why? Because if I didn’t I would have been thoroughly rejected, and as a child that was just a little too much to bear. So, I worshiped my father, for the Jewish male is god, and since mother had been in the same boat as I when she was a child, mother just wasn’t there. Oh, yes, she worked and cleaned and cooked, but her inner destruction was completed and so she could not comprehend what was being done to me.

The joys of being a child were unknown to me. I wanted only to please god (dear old dad), so I, too, cleaned and cooked and became momala (little mother). You see, a good middle-class girl’s ultimate goal is to be a good cook, and a terrific housewife.

During my so-called childhood there were many times when the loneliness and inner emptiness got so bad that I knew within my imprisoned self that some day I would understand why life seemed so meaningless. Peace and love were unknown within the Jewish middle-class. For the tension was beyond control. Everyone existed; life had no true meaning.

At 15 years I had had it! Luckily, I came down with the classical school phobia – and my fight for life had begun.

When I entered therapy, I knew damn well that what was ahead of me was no game. I was either going to completely destroy myself, or I was going to be reborn. You see I was a hopeless case; at least that’s what the society and my family thought. But, within myself I knew I had to make it. Someone within that damn murderous Jewish neurotic cycle had to break out and lead the way to the birth of the New Jewish Woman. And, perhaps even pave the way toward a new life for all Jews.

I struggled within myself and got back to school. Then I stopped taking shit from everyone. I told my friends that they were going to accept me for who I am or buzz-off. (They buzzed off!) I told all my Jewish relatives to go to hell! And then, I told father to go fuck himself. I refused consciously and subconsciously to be his scapegoat. The family didn’t like this, they just couldn’t understand. How could any Jewish good girl not respect her father !? Where would this poor child be without god!? They actually thought I was mad! I was free, and their distorted minds saw my freedom as disrespect and hate!!

So, I picked myself up and moved out. Yep, the little nebbish Jew from the Bronx, at 18 years old went out into the world and left the dead Jewish family. My struggle for freedom continued on. A little while after my rebellious departure, father died! You see, he had lost his scapegoat, so he turned all his anger onto himself. It was him or me, and I had to live!!

I obtained for myself a “good” job as a secretary (for most middle class Jewish girls college is supposedly “unnecessary”, so naturally I obtained secretarial skills in high school), and completely enjoyed my individuality. Now, I can go on and on telling about my many experiences while on my ladder to self-liberation, but at this point it is more important to explain something about my Jewishness. For this is the part within me that gave me the strength to overcome any and all stagnations which I faced.

I was resigned to go through all the hell in the world. But, facing it was only part of the struggle. At one time or another there comes the moment to take another step towards rebirth. Now this means continuously growing out of the protective middle-class womb and facing oneself, the middle class and life. Oh, how hard this is! For, as a Jewish woman, you must grow subconsciously away from the father god and give that supposed “protector” up completely. You get caught like a rat in a trap! You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. In other words, if you take that same, but so important leap to inner freedom, you don’t know what to expect. How terribly frightening the unknown is! And, if you don’t take that step you are still in the same shit and feeling the same hell. Believe me, you feel this bind so deep within your gut – it’s the most painful, lonely and frightening feeling. When you are born in the middle class you always find yourself in the middle.

Here is where my Jewish feminine sensitivity becomes my guiding light. Within the sensitivity I possess, there is the gift of insight. This is my key to the door that has locked all Jewish women out – out of life. And, when I make it all the way, not only will I have opened the door wide, but perhaps if my Jewish sisters wake up, together we shall crack that door down – and free all Jewish women from their Yiddish death! This death door is rusty and tight, but I believe that feminine strength can put it to its doom! The Jewish woman has a hell of a lot of inner strength and its about time she knew it, and used it!

At 19 I married a very wonderful man. He has also gone through much hell in his struggle for inner freedom. Also, since he too is a Jew, we have much in common. And, with the love we have found together, we have gained a deeper understanding of the Jew as a whole. Understanding one’s people is a necessary step to understanding oneself.

Our lovely daughter has been our wisest teacher. She is a free being, knows no contradiction, and the love of life sparkles within her eyes. She is the New Jewish Woman. For I understand. But, do my Jewish sisters understand? Do they give a damn that their kids are caught within a burning hell even before they are born? Do my sisters realize that these innocent babies become a part of a murderous cycle which slowly and quietly destroys their lives?

The Jewish middle class is a death trap. The destruction of a Jewish girl, very, very silently accomplished. And this murder is thorough! Femininity is so deeply oppressed, that scapegoating is easily carried out. The MALE is GOD! He knows all, and will be obeyed. The Jewish female is property, she cannot, and will not be who she is. Just what he makes her.

How in the hell can any Jewish woman love herself if she is absolutely nothing within the culture? Therefore, she remains in chains and is destroyed, and destroys her offspring as well. Here is that vicious cycle that continues on and on and on…

When a Jewish woman is destroyed, no one is aware of the viciousness involved; not even she herself. Since she is destroyed from within, nothing can shake up that middle-class enslavement. Hitler did outwardly to all Jews, male and female, what the Jewish male does inwardly to the Jewish woman. It’s as horrible as that! And this is why the Jewish woman is so caught. What she cannot see, she cannot understand. What she feels she cannot express in words. She has nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Within that Jewish middle-class the women exist in a psychological concentration camp!

It is said that lower-class people have to pull themselves out of the gutter. The middle-class Jewish woman is not only in the gutter, but she is in that gutter, in a coffin with the lid nailed down! This is the hell that she has to fight her way out of. This is exactly what I have done. And, I am damn proud of myself, indeed!

Here I sit, I am asking myself if there are any women out there who understand what I have said above, and how I feel? I have completely given up all relationships with the middle-class Jews. They are a pack of destroyed girls who care about no one, not even themselves. They exist day by day, and haven’t the slightest conception of life. They cannot think or feel, and therefore, I will not waste my time and energy trying to relate to brick walls!

So, where do I belong? A lonely nebbish Jew with a hell of a lot to give, but to who? Will the women of the liberation movement accept me? Or, will they laugh and turn away? Am I good enough? I want so much to be accepted, so that I can give of my self to a cause so worthy of life – the liberation of all woman, all over the world!

My story, of course, does not end here. An individual revolution must continue and become a part of a larger revolution. This society may isolate everyone, but life does not!

My sisters, I need you, and I need you believe me. The Women’s Liberation Movement must  grow and gain recognition. It is about time that the world got a taste of femininity! Indeed, it is certainly about time women realized how beautiful and strong they really are.

Now we all know why radical, second-wave feminism was established on the irrational premise that all men, even Christian men, were male chauvinist pigs. It was the way they were raised. And, as a result, it should NEVER have been used to establish public policy as it did NOT reflect reality for the vast majority of Christian Americans. kqd



12 thoughts on “Longform Essay – Why Did the Founders of Radical, Second-Wave Feminism Hate Men?

  1. Any ideas how an ordinary college student like me can at least telling the truth about dangers of radical feminism (which start plaguing my country) without being a sort of misogynist, sexist, intolerant, or worse, hypocrite (most dreaded word in my dictionary).

    Perhaps I need to wait until I married or having kids??


    • The best thing you can do at this stage of your life is to be sure that if you or any other young man discovers that they have been excluded from, or passed over for, positions, classes , appointments, awards, designations, or acceptances at universities, or for jobs, in favor of a minority, a woman, a homosexual, a non-Christian, or a foreigner, who are less qualified for the position then you are, find others who have experienced this same or similar insult, and OBJECT LOUDLY. Quotas are in reality reverse discrimination and should NEVER be tolerated. Even if it’s the law, it can be circumvented. The other thing you can do is be sure that you support other young men in their pursuits. Many times the men are the ones who implement the injustice I just described because they think they’re being tolerant and inclusive. What they’re actually doing is denying talented Christian young men their rightful place, recognition and rewards in our culture and society. We CANNOT afford that luxury! So, always be supportive of other young men’s ambition’s, even if it appears to be at the expense of a woman, a minority or any of the others. You ARE still allowed to show support for your own gender! Vote MALE every time! Women and minorities, etc. have had 50 years of preferential treatment, and it has been totally at the expense of young Christian men. It’s time to bring the scales back into balance and reward those who can contribute the MOST in return.


    • In Indonesia there’s no such thing as far as I know. Second, affirmative action only exists in the parliament (30% woman in the parliament; even the actual number is much less, rarely enforced).

      Perhaps I’m quite meritocratic in case of political office. Male or female, if they have abilities, skilled, and honest. I will vote for the candidate.


      • Just remember, most women who seek political office have had to sacrifice MUCH their time with her children in order to attain the notoriety necessary to get elected. This is NEVER something to be admired and certainly says volumes about her inability to make sound judgement calls. AND, in USA, many female candidates for higher office are often found to be radical feminists once elected – and are soon shown to be bleeding heart liberals who support socialist programs, abortion, same-sex marriage, homosexuality, adoption of children by homosexuals, etc. It is very hard to determine these underlying sentiments prior to the election. Best to choose to vote for another Christian family man. They are almost universally trustworthy as they hold themselves accountable to a higher power than man.


  2. To lovelifeandgod: I agree completely. Those who have been wounded should be shown love and care. They need lots of TLC. I appreciate every bit of it I have been shown, which brought about my healing.

    K.Q.: See my response above – and then learn the meaning of “Speaking the truth in love”. Here’s a hint: calling someone a bitch or an idiot is neither truth nor love. Name calling breeds animosity faster than anything else. Once again, Jesus didn’t call people names, but you have. That’s neither nice nor Christian. You can’t show people Christianity as another lifestyle if you aren’t properly displaying it. You’re like the Southern Baptists when I was growing up, screaming in my face, “You’re going to HELLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! Come to Jesus so you can be a happy Christian like me!” “Christians” like that kept me from Jesus for many years. You might want to reconsider that name-calling evangelism of yours. Grandma always told me that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. The last time someone screamed at me “You’re going to HELL!”, I responded with “Good! I won’t have to put up with you forever.” Lord, deliver us from Christians who look like they washed a bitter pill down with vinegar, who have hateful attitudes and use their bad attitudes to drive away the ones You would draw close to. I’ll bet you think women have no place in a pulpit and God won’t bless a church led by a woman. I’ll also bet you’re convinced I tell women not to submit to their husbands. I guarantee you would be wrong; I just believe that God set us free to be what He called us to be and submission to God leads to proper position in all things. I believe that I’m called to submit to my husband because the Bible says so, but “submit” is not the same as “be subjugated to”. You might want to practice a little more submission there yourself… If you were truly submitted to God, you wouldn’t be attacking folks. What happened to, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”? Calling people names is hardly living at peace with them. I’m just saying…


  3. I’m so glad you were so blessed to be raised in such a picture-perfect family. I had a friend who was, too. Please not that I said “a friend”. That would, in fact, be one. The rest of us were raised by men in the military who confused their children with their subordinates and demanded that we perform as well as any man in the military. We had mothers who loved us, but were overwhelmed by the demands of being a mother AND father because Dad was frequently in another part of the world and Mom had to work because military pay isn’t much better than what you get at Walmart. I won’t give you my full background, but I will say that I had an upbringing much more in common with the feminists than with you.

    Having said that, I will repeat what I said in another comment: generalizations are dangerous things. You can’t correctly proclaim that every women raised in such a home becomes a man-hating harpy out to destroy the very fabric of our society by turning things upside-down from their God-ordained order. If you truly went back to “the good old days when women knew their place” you wouldn’t be allowed to vote because you would be considered too foolish to be capable of making an intelligent decision. You view the world through the rose colored glasses of a perfect 1950s upbringing, but in reality, that was a period that existed for a very short time in postwar America. “Women’s work” once included doing all the work of a garden, washing clothes on a washboard and chopping firewood. Washing machines freed us from one, but the others are now considered men’s work. I’m so glad everyone you knew was raised as you were, but that wasn’t the reality of the vast majority through history.

    I was raised in the 1970s, in the world of Vietnam, race riots and Watergate. I am a product of my upbringing, just as you are a product of yours. I don’t hate men – or other women, for that matter. I believe in equal work for equal pay, equal opportunity for all regardless of race, religion or gender and freedom to choose what to do with your life in regards to career choices. I know women who are great car mechanics because they’re gearheads. It’s just what God put in them. Who are you to demand they put down the wrench and get back in the kitchen where they belong? I have female friends who do woodworking. They lean toward delicate pieces that men would never do because it’s too girly. Do you recommend they put down the power tools and accept that they can’t have what they envision because they have to let the men do it? I’m better at doing home repairs than my husband. Do you prefer I let the house fall down or sell everything I own to pay someone to do what I can do quite well all by myself?

    You judge what you do not know and you don’t judge rightly. You judge on the outward appearance, but God judges the heart. On the one hand, you say you feel sorry for these men-haters. On the other hand, you call them idiots and bitches. I’m sorry, where did Jesus call names? Oh, yes – when he was talking about a high priest and called him “that old fox”; when he was talking about the scribes and Pharisees and called them “blind fools” In short, when he was commenting on the religious, holier-than-thou types who looked down on everyone who wasn’t like them. Sound familiar? Jesus doesn’t scream “You’re going to hell!” at anyone. He gently but firmly points out our shortcomings. I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m not spewing hatred and condemnation on others, either…I recommend that you look in the mirror before you start flinging accusations of anger and bitterness and hatred at others. I am an associate pastor who doesn’t play well with judgmental people who look for ways to shame and tear down others. I’m pretty certain that wasn’t a trait of Jesus. I’m not feeling a whole lot of love coming out of you. I’ll bet you don’t feel anything but anger and hatred coming out of me, but that’s you projecting your stuff in my direction. The fact is that I really feel sorry for anyone who feels the need to constantly attack anyone who isn’t like them. I pray for their eyes to be opened to the truth that “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28


    • You are first and foremost, a radical, second-wave feminist, not a Christian. And worse, you expose yourself as an “ala carte” Christian, picking and choosing what suits you within your “faith”, while actually embracing more of the ideology of radical feminism than that of Christianity. Perhaps you should read my “About” page before you ignorantly pass judgement on me, because in doing so you are showing yourself to be nothing more than a hypocrite. You can’t have it both ways.


      • Perhaps YOU should check in with GOD before pronouncing judgment on me. I’m NOT a radical feminist; I’m simply pointing out that life doesn’t work out for everyone that way it worked out for you. I told you how I was raised and you ignored what I said. I asked how you world respond to women who God gifted with (what is in your world) “male” gifts. Instead of giving answers, you attack me and my faith. That’s neither nice nor Christian. I don’t “pick what suits me within my faith”. I’m the first to point out that Paul said “buffet (buff-et) your body”, not “buffet (buff-ay) your body.” You have, in fact, proven my point. You look for ways to shame and tear down others. I question your Christianity because “GOD IS LOVE” and “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35 YOU can’t have it both ways. Show me where Jesus compared God’s daughters to dogs. I seem to recall he was very kind to the woman at the well – and the woman who anointed his feet with oil and washed them with her tears – and the woman caught in adultery. He showed kindness – and you have none. I don’t hate men, but YOU certainly hate women. Are you sure you’re not a guy who can’t get a date because he’s a knuckle-dragging caveman? I find very few men like that, but there are a few – and none of them are true Christians.


      • I’m sorry you feel the way you do because I am not the person you have judged me to be, and your attitude just breeds animosity, whether you believe you are a Christian or not. You have too many conflicting issues for me to address. One thing I will tell you though, is that I have been married for 42 years to a wonderful Christian man who has shown me what a gift a devoted, loving husband is. My simple goal for this blog is to let young women, ensnared in this country’s secularly infested, radical feminist web of lies, know that there is another lifestyle worth investigating and it is called Christianity.


  4. I am saddened by the pasts of many feminists. No one should go through that. They should be taken aside and shown love and care.

    On the flip side, we must not allow people to inflict their own wounding onto society. We need to show them healing and speak to them gently in truth, but we cannot let their distorted image of the world damage the potential and the lives of other people.

    Wounding only breeds more wounding – it’s time for the people to be healed, once and for all.


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