Good Guys – Cardinal Burke vs. Pope Francis

Pope Francis, 78 - Head of the Roman Catholic ChurchPope Francis, 78 – Head of the Roman Catholic Church

Ok, I’ll admit it. I am profoundly disappointed with our liberal, hippie, “I’m OK, you’re OK.” Pope Francis. He is a weak “leader” who is willing to compromise the basic values, and essential doctrine, of our 2000 year old Catholic Church, in order to satisfy the paltry few (who scream the loudest) for redress of one of the biggest hoaxes in history  – “social justice.”




socialism 2“Social justice” is the biggest line of crap that’s ever been invented by the feminists/leftists. It is intended solely to intimidate good Christian people. It is just another name for the redistribution of wealth, by means of extortion, as defined by socialist fanatics. It is intended to place a “guilt trip” on those who have led a successful Christian life, both spiritually, emotionally and economically. It is nothing more than a “stick-in-the-eye” for millions and millions of Christians, who are already the most generous people on earth. Those people who follow their faith and already tithe 10% of their annual income to the church! It is an effort by the feminists to irrationally punish, rather than reward, Christian men for their entrepreneurial spirit and generous soul. Men who sustain Western Civilization through their courage, commitment, faith, fidelity, hard work and charity!



Social JusticeOnly a completely brainwashed, thoughtless, unthinking or narrow-minded individual could possibly accept, or support, the profoundly insulting notion of “social justice.” And for the Pope to choose to reprimand, insult and denigrate the most religiously observant, reliable, productive and caring members of his church, by promoting the need for “social justice”, is by inference, accusing those very same people of promulgating social INjustice. That is an OUTRAGEOUS, and atrocious, accusation based on non-Christian socialist lies, prejudicial femspeak, irrational thinking, poor judgement, bigoted assumptions and errant conclusions!!!!


homeless manThat we are somehow responsible for those who chose to reject our Christian faith, and instead become drug addicts, alcoholics, fornicators, adulterers, criminals and abusers (and whose dire straights are directly the result of their own irresponsibility or poor choices) is flabbergasting. They are not “poor” because of circumstances that were out of their control! They are “poor” because they chose poverty! And, if anyone believes otherwise, they do not believe in the Christian teaching of free will either.



CommunistPope Francis is deliberately using his position to create unnecessary dissent, and division, not only among the lay members of his Church but within the leadership of the Church as well. To put it plainly, he is pissing off the very people he should be grateful to call supporters of the faith, while at the same time, embracing, honoring and exalting the bad behavior of those who reject the doctrine of the Church, including unwed mothers, drug addicts, homosexuals, pro-choice politicians, and communists, all the while, requiring no repentance, or redress, for their sins.

The Pope, rather than EMBRACE the heretical, deceitful people who still hypocritically refer to themselves as “Catholics” (people whose only motivation for involvement with the Church, is their desire to get a handout, or worse, to change the church to reflect their blasphemous lives, rather than return to the fold), should be focusing on regaining the support of the millions of good men, who have walked away from the Catholic Church, over the last 50 years, for the simple reason that the Church has been overrun by irrational, demanding, radical, second-wave feminist women! Lost men who can truly regain the Catholic Church’s lost foothold throughout the world and not compromise it further.

Lost sheepPope Francis should be evangelizing for these “lost sheep”, not seeking to open the barn doors to the wolves, who wish only to follow in the footsteps of the radical feminists demons and ravish the farm further.

As though all of this were not bad enough, Pope Francis was recently quoted as saying:

“All religions are true, because they are true in the hearts of all those who believe in them. What other kind of truth is there? In the past, the church has been harsh on those it deemed morally wrong or sinful. Today, we no longer judge. Like a loving father, we never condemn our children. Our church is big enough for heterosexuals and homosexuals, for the pro-life and the pro-choice! For conservatives and liberals, even communists are welcome and have joined us. We all love and worship the same God.”

OMG!!!!! WE DO NOT ALL WORSHIP THE SAME GOD! First of all, communists don’t believe in God! Homosexuals defy God, and as such, they do not LOVE Him. Pro-choice women approve of the killing of babies!!! What God could they possibly LOVE, and embrace abortion at the same time?

Abandoned churchAbandoned church

And, I ask you this, “If the Church no longer determines sin, who will? Or better yet, why do we have a Church at all, or for that matter, a Pope?” Can’t we all just get along? NO! Somebody has to tell people what God expects of them! And, if that is not the Pope’s job, than whose is it? And, what then, is the purpose of the Church? To play patty cake with demons? What, in the Lord’s name, does this Pope stand for? Religious relativism defined by self-inflicted suicidal anarchy? The destruction of the Catholic Church? The return to Roman barbarism?

I know for one thing, that this Pope certainly does not stand for the Catholic faith, as he routinely disparages its doctrine, ridicules its adherents, fails to advocate for the One True Church or evangelize for the adoption of the faith as a blessed way of life! He is nothing more than a political hack doing the bidding of the unsavory, debauched and despicable, at the expense of true Catholics and Catholicism’s reputation as a staunch defender of good.

U. S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and 3 others killed at U. S. Embassy in Benghazi by muslimsU. S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and 3 others killed at U. S. Embassy in Benghazi by muslims

In fact, I can think of only one topic on which I can fully agree with the Pope and that is his distaste for the islamic terrorists, and yet he was unable to condemn them without once again denigrating fellow Christians when he actually equated the islamic terrorists with Christian fundamentalists!

LBGT logo 3Despite all of this travail, my biggest disappointment with the Pope’s left-wing, extremist agenda is his efforts to make nicey-nice with the members of the dangerous, and highly radicalized, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender) organization because I believe that their underlying agenda is to make Christian morality illegal.

The Pope’s efforts to be “inclusive” and “tolerant”, and to make homosexuals feel “welcomed” within the Church, are both naive and dangerous.  With the help of the influential, radical, second-wave feminists, the LGBT will not be deterred, put off or stopped, no matter what foolish concessions are made by the Pope. They will not quit until Christianity is destroyed and their deviant lives are finally viewed as normal and “moral.” And, for the Pope, to blindly assist these people in this effort, is a betrayal of the faith of the first order.

Our Lady of FatimaOur Lady of Fatima

Francis is the “Appeaser Pope” and his pathetic behavior towards evil will inflame all of the anti-Christian activity around the world because he is behaving as though we have done something wrong, when in fact, we have NOT!

If we all followed the Pope’s “lead” and did not try to warn people, including homosexuals, about the damnation that awaits them if they choose to partake in the sins of the flesh, etc., we wouldn’t be Christians at all. We’d just be jerks!

Up until the non-Christian led, societal chaos of the 1970s, homosexuality was considered a mental illness. It was designated as such, not only because it was specifically condemned by God the Father in the Bible but it was clinically considered a nasty way to spend your life whole being emotionally and physically, abused and misused. Masochism or sadistic behavior, which define homosexuality, do not make for happy lives.

Homosexuality was seen as such a self-deprecating, self-defeating, debilitating and hedonistic form of behavior (behavior that brought on disease, emotional instability and personality disorders) that it was obvious to every rational person, that no one in their right mind would take part in such self-destructive behavior. Homosexuality was therefore considered unsafe, just as was speeding, and was therefore condemned, on all fronts, as a warning to everyone.

After the declassification of homosexuality as a mental illness by APA in 1973 by non-Christian President Alfred Freedman” and thedesensitization” of the baby boomers to the evils of homosexuality in 1984, when actor Rock Hudson died from Aids, we are today witnessing the fact that, not only are homosexuals no longer getting the help they deserve, but they have become further victimized, and radicalized, by lesbian-led radical, second-wave feminism’s socialist/communist agenda.

As a result, today, homosexuals are at the forefront, along with radical feminism, of the movement to undermine Christianity’s influence around the world and they have actively joined the fight to destroy Christian morality.

Pope FrancisPope Francis

Their success in America has emboldened them to double-down on their efforts, as they continue to look for soft targets, which naive Pope Francis has unprecedentedly been shown to be. What a raving celebration they must have held when the Pope fell into their lap! (no pun intended)




Altar serversThis “kill morality” conspiracy against the Catholic Church has only become possible with the help of the female, radical, second-wave feminists who have infiltrated the Catholic Church (and Protestant Churches to a higher degree) at nearly every level – as administrators, academics, advisory board members, altar servers, homilists, choir directors, advocates, ministers and volunteers, shunting the men aside and totally turning them away from the Church.

With the misguided help of feminized priests, like Pope Francis, these women have redefined, and castrated, the patriarchy of the Catholic Church, the Church which historically was a leader of MEN, not of wimps!

Family HearthWhen lesbian-led, non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminism was invented, during the late 1960s and early 1970s, it was specifically designed to contradict everything Christianity had successfully stood for and held close to its heart, – family, fatherhood, motherhood, integrity, morality, chastity, country, marriage, children and love for one another. All of the aspects of human dignity which created the greatest, kindest and most charitable culture on earth – Western Civilization.

My disappointment in the Pope’s embrace of his “tolerance” agenda is nerve-wracking enough but, to make matters worse, he is at the same time unwittingly, and disdainfully, ignoring the substantial contributions, made on a daily basis, by the vast majority of life-long Catholics who have kept the faith. This is like burning the candle at both ends!

British Prime Minister Neville Chanberlain and HilterBritish Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and Hitler

It is a very dangerous path to travel, especially for “the Pope”, as it is a deliberate move to trivialize, and abdicate, the traditional leadership role of the Pope, and instead, “lead from behind.” It is a feminized, and naive, view of a very dangerous world.

Ironically, he is duplicating WWII’s British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, and our own President Barack Obama’s appeasement “skills”, and we know where that got Great Britain AND the United States! Evil LOVES appeasers.

Pope Francis appears to understand none of this. Rather than lead as the Vicar of Jesus Christ, the Shepherd of the Flock and the Heir to the seat of the martyred St. Peter, he prefers to denigrate the good Catholics who live their lives according to the Biblical teachings of Jesus and His Father and instead, cater and pander to the wackos demands for change!

CapitalismFrancis holds traditional Catholic doctrine in contempt while baptizing children of unwed parents (rather than insisting on their receiving the Sacrament of Matrimony FIRST), embracing same-sex marriage and homosexuality through empathetic rhetoric and then, condemning priests who deny the Holy Eucharist to “Catholics” who support abortion.

In addition, this Pope has gone out of his way to condemn capitalism when it is the only sure-fire way to keep people out of poverty and is, ironically, the main cash stream for the Church.


Vatican in RomeVatican in Rome

Francis has turned his back on dozens of the Catholic Church’s traditions. He has even voided the 500-year-old tradition of living in the Papal Apartments which adjoin St. Peter’s Basilica. Instead, he’s taken up residency in a hotel for visiting priests, which is located across a large courtyard, at the rear of St. Peter’s.

While trying to appear humble in this decision, he’s fists I fully ignored the logistical nightmare it has caused EVERYONE who administers the Vatican, from the Swiss Guards (whose head he fired for being “too strict”), to housekeeping, to food preparation, to maintenance, to administrative officials, not to mention the visiting priests who are forced to restrict their activities to suit their dorm mate.


Christmas Pope Francis’ Christmas “Greeting”?

But, the most unprecedented Papal event occurred on December 22nd, 2014, during the Pope’s traditional Christmas greeting to the Cardinals, Bishops and priests who run the Holy See. The Holy See is the Vatican’s central bureaucracy. Rather than “greet” them, the Pope chose the opportunity to chastise the men for their 15 “diseases.”

The Pope’s list of their infractions are as follows:

1. The disease: Feeling “immortal” or “immune” or even “indispensible” –
The cure: A visit to the cemetery, Francis said, could help us see the names of those who “maybe thought they were immortal, immune and indispensible.”

He is demeaning men who are trying to do their jobs to the best of their ability. kqd

2. The disease: Excessive activity – 
The cure: It is the disease of those who, like Martha in the Gospels, “lose themselves in their work, inevitably neglecting ‘what is better’: sitting at Jesus’ feet.”

He obviously has no clue what it takes to run Vatican City effectively and efficiently. kqd

3. The disease: Mental and spiritual “petrification” – 
The symptoms: It is the disease of those who “lose their internal peace, their vivacity and      audacity, to hide under papers and become ‘procedural machines’ instead of ‘men of God.’”

He obviously doesn’t understand the critical necessity of procedure for a large organization. kqd

4. The disease: Overplanning and functionalism – 
The symptoms: “When the apostle plans everything in minute detail and believes that, through this, things progress effectively, they are becoming an accountant. Good planning is necessary — but without falling into the temptation of wanting to enclose or steer the freedom of the Holy  Spirit.”

Sounds like our hippie Pope just wants to run free. Yeah, that ‘ll work. kqd

5. The disease: Bad coordination – 
The symptoms: It is the disease of members who “lose the community between themselves …becoming ‘an orchestra producing undisciplined noise.’”

HAH! How can he criticize overplanning (#4) and then accuse them of bad coordination (#5)? kqd

6. The disease: Spiritual Alzheimer’s –
The symptoms: A “progressive decline of spiritual faculties,” making victims live in a “state of absolute dependence on their, often imagined, views.” It’s most seen, Francis said, in those “who have ‘lost their memory’ of their encounter with the Lord.”

I believe he is describing his “imagined views” here. kqd

7. The disease: Rivalry and vainglory – 
The symptoms: “When the appearance, the color of vestments and honors become the first objectives of life … it is the disease that leads us to become false men and women, living a false ‘mysticism.’”

Oh please. You must dress the part, or you show disrespect for the important position you hold. kqd

8. The disease : Existential schizophrenia – 
The symptoms: It is the disease of those who live “a double life, a result of the hypocrisy typical of mediocre people and of advancing spiritual emptiness, which degrees or academic titles cannot fill.”

“Mediocre people advancing spiritual emptiness.” That would be the Pope again. kqd 

9. The disease: Gossip and chatter – 
The symptoms: A “serious illness,” the pope warned, that can begin with a simple chat and sometimes end up with “cold-blooded murder.” It is the disease of cowards, who do not have the courage to speak upfront and so talk behind one’s back. “Look out for the terrorism of gossip!”

Why the big fear of people talking behind one’s back? Could his unorthodox behavior be the cause? kqd

10. The disease: Deifying leaders – 
The symptoms: Those who “court their superior,” becoming victims of “careerism and       opportunism” and “live their vocation thinking only of what they must gain and not of what they should give.”

A good job done naturally reaps advancement. Placing a veil of suspicion on their good work is BS . kqd

11. The disease: Indifference – 
The symptoms: “When, because of jealousy or cunning, we rejoice in seeing others fall, rather than lifting them up and encouraging them.”

Let’s ask Cardinal Burke how he feels about this statement, after the Pope demoted him. kqd

12. The disease: The funeral face – 
The symptoms: People who are “scowling and unfriendly” with a “theatrical severity” and   “sterile pessimism” that are often symptoms of “fear and insecurity.”

No, it’s about men who take their onerous responsibilities for the Church very seriously. kqd

13. The disease: Hoarding – 
The symptoms: “When the apostle seeks to fill an existential void in his heart by hoarding   material possessions, not because of necessity, but only to feel secure. In reality we can carry  nothing material with us … and all our earthly treasures — even gifts — can never fill the void.”

It kind of comes with the territory. Has he looked around St. Peter’s recently. kqd

14. The disease: Closed circles –
The symptoms: “When belonging to a clique becomes more important than belonging to the Body and, in some situations, than belonging to Christ himself. Even this disease starts from good intentions, but in time it enslaves all its members becoming ‘a cancer’ that threatens the harmony of the body and causes so much illness.”

No, men work best as a member of a team. kqd

15. The disease: Worldly profit and exhibitionism – 
The symptoms: “It is the disease of those people who relentlessly seek to increase their powers. To achieve that, they may defame, slander and discredit others, even in newspapers and magazines. Naturally, that is in order to show off and exhibit their superiority.”

Good Lord. Speak for yourself! kqd

I can’t believe that the POPE would stoop so low, as to waste his time, even thinking about these stupid things, much less give VOICE to them! Guess he never read, “How to make friends and influence people.”

Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, 64 Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, 64

I think you now know my opinion of our new Pope Francis. And for those of you who read my blog on a regular basis, you probably also know that I deeply wish Raymond Cardinal Burke had been elected Pope, instead of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Cardinal Burke is an American and was born in Wisconsin. He became a priest in 1975 and the Archbishop of St. Louis in 2003. He then became a Canon Law attorney and was appointed in 2008, by Pope Benedict XVI, as the chief justice of the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, serving as the President of the Supreme Court of Vatican City.  Burke was elevated to Cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010.

Cardinal Burke is an outspoken opponent to pro-choice Catholics and has been an avid supporter of the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. He believes in sin and his responsibility as a leader of the Church to warn people about the dire consequences of their bad behavior. He doesn’t put up with crap.

Burke is not, nor has he ever been, shy about his views on Catholic Doctrine. In fact, as Chief Justice of the Apostolic Signatura, other than the Pope, he had the final say on all issues concerning the Church’s Canon Law, rebuking politicians, priests, laymen and, on a few occasions, the Pope Francis himself, on their failure to follow Church Doctrine. I think he is a great, and highly courageous, man to fight this uphill battle in our highly secularized world!

Not unexpectedly, Pope Francis does not hold Cardinal Burke in high regard. Since being elected Pope he has systematically removed, transferred or demoted many of, conservative Pope Benedict’s, key men. And Cardinal Burke, who is considered very conservative, and traditional disciple of his Catholic faith, has been the victim of the Pope’s “house cleaning” more than once.

Sovereign Military Order of Malta - Coat of ArmsSovereign Military Order of Malta – Coat of Arms

The Pope first removed the Cardinal from the committee that vets, and chooses, candidates for bishop. The most recent occurrence was his removal from the Apostolic Signatura and his reassignment as the patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. This is largely a ceremonial post which is usually given to a retired cardinal or  to an active cardinal, as a secondary job. Vindictive, arrogant,vengeful behavior on the part of the Pope? You bet!

Well, it was to be expected, that upon his demotion, Cardinal Burke would begin to express his opinions with more frequency. And he has not disappointed his supporters, especially me.



Raymond Leo Cardinal BurkeRaymond Leo Cardinal Burke

Recently, Cardinal Burke was quoted in an extensive interview as saying that the Church is suffering under the negative influence of “radical feminism.” He said that radical feminism had gravely undermined the Catholic faith since the 1970s.

Burke told Matthew James Christoff, who heads a Catholic men’s ministry called the New Emangelization Project, (note the “man” emphasis), that the focus on women’s issues plus “a complete collapse” of the teaching the faith and the “ rampant liturgical experimentation,” led the church to become “very feminized.” That turned off men who “respond to rigor and precision and excellence.”

Cardinal Burke added that “Apart from the priest, the sanctuary has become full of women. The activities in the parish and even the liturgy have been influenced by women and have become so feminine in many places that men do not want to get involved.” Amen!

Boys don't like girlsHe is quoted as also saying, “Young boys don’t want to do things with girls. It’s just natural. I think that this has contributed to a loss of priestly vocations.” I couldn’t agree more!

Burke went on to say that, “It requires a certain manly discipline to serve as an altar boy in service at the side of (a) priest, and most priests have their first deep experiences of the liturgy as altar boys. If we are not training young men as altar boys, giving them an experience of serving God in the liturgy, we should not be surprised that vocations have fallen dramatically.” Amen, Amen!

Burke also told Christoff that, priests “who were feminized and confused about their own sexual identity” were the ones who molested children. Amen, Amen, Again!

Now it finally begins! And, I pray that the truth will continue to prevail.







2 thoughts on “Good Guys – Cardinal Burke vs. Pope Francis

  1. The most effective anti-poverty program is capitalism; the most effective program to impoverish a society is communism, a form of socialism, which inevitably turns into a tyranny of those in charge.

    ‘Social Justice Warriors’ would be well-served to keep this in mind while championing the lives of the downtrodden.


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