Short Essay – Feminism’s Female “Friendship” Fraud

party 2

Future mothers?

Throughout history, women have never had female “friends”. Men had (team-based) friends, woman had (neighborhood-based) acquaintances.

Female, feminist “friendship”, as we understand it today, was never the justification for interaction among unrelated women for the simple reason that young women were in direct competition with each other for the best men in town.

And, despite what radical, second-wave feminism tells you, this has not changed. You want the best guy, you better be the best gal.

And you certainly didn’t want a “girlfriend” to spoil the outcome, by stealing “your’ man!

kids poartrying

Future wives?

“Hanging out” with your “girlfriends” was unheard of until radical, second-wave feminism unleashed the Sexual Revolution in the late 1960s and early 1970s. And this was mainly because up until then the vast majority of young, single women were constantly chaperoned and protected by their family (i.e. – father). And, as future wives and mothers, the young women guarded their precious reputations as well.

These Christian women strove to become pillars of their societies and a stellar reputation was a prerequisite to a successful marriage. This need to maintain their personal reputations, as devoted wives and mothers, did not change once they were married either. This was primarily because the women remained much too involved with their family to be bothered spending their valuable time gabbing with a gaggle of other women, who were, by the way, also too busy caring for their own family.

In the late 19th century, the only time unrelated women were alone together was during their afternoon “visits”, when women would go “calling”, andleaving their “card” behind if the lady of the house was not home. And if she was home, these visits never lasted more than the prescribed 20 minutes, at which point the visitor went on to the home of another lady on her visting list.


Future hookers?

The world was always a frightful place and so, women traditionally stayed home, where they were safe and secure. There was no reason to wander about, as everyone and everything they care about was within the walls of their family home.

It wasn’t until after World War II that women were occasionally seen drinking in public. And it was not until the “liberating” 1960s and 1970s that women were routinely seen dining out in public with their families.

parying group

Future grandmothers?

These first innocuous steps to female “freedom” led to more and more public exposure for individual young women.

Soon working women were traveling for business and began to eat out alone in strange cities, still feeling awkward and very much “exposed”.

When both drinking and dining out alone became “normalized” women began to go to bars unescorted. So, in order to offset the unfamiliar feeling of being on public display in a bar (which only hookers had done in the past), young women began to go in groups. And this is where the trouble began.

The future.

A happy future.

Prior to radical, second-wave feminism (which promotes hatred of Christianity, men, family values, children and says they “stifile” women) women had female relationships primarily with their female family members.

Mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, nieces and cousins were the women whose company and advice they sought. Women had life-long relationships with their relatives, from infancy into adulthood, and this involvement did not stop when the young women married. Rather, it intensified.

The older Christian women, who were dearly loved, had their young charge’s best interest at heart and they had the life experience to guide them. Christian respect, trust and love that was nurtured over decades, was the foundation upon which generations and generations of women depended, from the day they were born until the day they died. It was the Christian cycle of life.

The Right Future.

A bright future!

These kin folk could be relied upon for sound advice, as they were blood relatives who understood the young women’s nature, habits, likes, dislikes, temperament, needs, emotions and physicality.

Today, under the influence of the miserable feminists, this strong, loving and psychological bond among female family members has been undermined. And sadly, millions of young women unwittingly suffered a total loss of self-respect by deliberately severing this connection with the people who love them the most, as they pursued pointless, distracting careers instead.

This irrational pursuit of a banal and irrelevant feminist lifestyle would prove to be at the expense of the preciously instructional, and edifying, time they could be spending with their family. And, once the precious innocence of youth had passed, it could not be retrieved.

Future Aunt?

Future aunt?

Thanks to radical, second-wave feminism, today’s young, “liberated” women actually show disdain for family members, and their sound advice, instead choosing to garner support, and “counsel”, from “girlfriends” they’ve just met in college or at work.

Equally inexperienced “friends” with no responsibility, understanding or commitment to their well-being. Young women, whose standards of behavior in may cases, border on the inane.

These superficial and fraudulent “friendships” routinely compromise young women’s lives rather than enhance them, subjecting young women to onerous situations from which they cannot extract themselves gracefully.

Where am I? Oh yeah! College!

Future gone!

Today, under radical feminism’s “liberating” influence, we have an

Future Room Mother?

Future room mother?

inordinate amount of young women who publicly and privately “party-hardy” with their girlfriends, only to end up dead drunk in bars, puking in parking lots, or worse yet, waking up in some strange guy’s bed.

And, not surprisingly, there is not a “girlfriend” in sight to help them when the chips are down because they abandoned their drunk “friend” 5 hours earlier to hook-up with some other guy themselves.

These contemporary female friendships are inevitably based on partying, and as such, they are a dangerous fraud.

women and men partying

“Happy” hookers!

Not only are these tenuous friendships inevitably disappointing, they can lead to destructive behavior from which the girls are never able to redeem themselves.

Unlike your family, these “girlfriends” will inevitably abandon you when the mood suits them. They cannot be depended upon, with the same security of outcome, as can your family, who loves you dearly!.

Feminism’s female friendship fallacy can also be toxic. Radical feminism’s female leaders (most of whom are products of dysfunctional families themselves) would like nothing more than for thousands of others to join them in their misery.


“Girlfriends” forever! NOT!

And, as a result, they continue to encourage each new generation of college women, who are away from home for the first time, to do the most ridiculous, and sometimes, destructive things, all under the smoke screen of “independence.”

Drugging, whoring, drinking, aborting, smoking, and cheating their way to hell. If this is “independence”, give me death! Like the old saying goes “With friends like these, who needs enemies!”

So, my sage advice is to stick with your family! You are light-years less likely to become a used, diseased tramp and a thousand times more likely to live a happy and decent life without regrets.

The End

It’s the Women, Not the Men!

15 thoughts on “Short Essay – Feminism’s Female “Friendship” Fraud

  1. funny enough… someone just wrote me back stated this

    I know many women who are currently single, have had several sex partners,…. they are kind, sweet and positive and give back to the world in other ways.

    (my thinking… not so much) Most of them I have met in the past old and young have been the opposite from what she is stating.


    • Radicalized feminists are very, very good at lying to themselves, and to others, about their true motives and feelings. This results in narcissistic personality disorders. These “charming” women then become very dangerous to the naive or ill-informed as they are soulless, heartless individuals and will eventually be unable to subdue their demons, leaving those in their path, emotionally devastated.

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  2. Reblogged this on queenlyreign and commented:
    this is so different compared to what we are being taught these days as women that I had to reblog this for future reference and for your reading pleasure. Perhaps this is why church associations/fellowship is more safe and why reality t.v. “female friends” are so drama filled? How they wind us up and set us loose for the whole world to watch. These female relationships on T.V. are CRAZY! Women constantly upset with each other over one thing or another, mood swings will cause a homie to turn into an frenemy real quick. I like Duanes ideas here about female relationships being based on neighborhood associations in the past. It is interesting as I recall my past aquaintences were old neighbors I would meet and greet in passing as I dropped my kids off to the bus stop and picked them up. There was no drama there. Only when alcohol/partying got involved did the drama creep or should I say storm in! So called ‘sisters’ change like the weather…would that be the definition of a “fair weathered friend’? Hmph! Well I will tell you one thing, I don’t feel AS bad about female relationships have that have fell through after reading this piece. apparently those relationships were not sustainable based on history. It is interesting how modern technology such as facebook has allowed women who would have naturally stopped associating due to moves to have continued access to each other. This day to day running into eachother does feel sort of phony, knowing that naturally we wouldn’t associate just because of the natural progression of life nothing personal. It’s funny how we front. BUT this blog post by this experienced author really has me reconsidering why female relationships have went as south as they have. Family lasts….female friendships (unfortunately?) not always do. Thank you lady for this serious food for thought. this advice could really keep many women safer from harm and their homes even more safe from female competitors. I’m going to end here so that I can save what I wrote instead of having a mishap. Peace.


  3. Nice a essay solely based off your religious narrow-mindedness and bias. Just because a woman goes to a party doesn’t mean they are a whore; you just bunch the majority (‘normal’ woman) in with the minority (actual whores) because you lack the insight and the intelligence to tell the difference. On top of that, all woman do not have to be ‘mothers’ or have a family for that matter. Its neither your right nor that pathetic archaic book people call the bible, right either. Though some woman’s behavior is unfortunately detestable; in the end it is their choice. Not yours, not mine, not any god you can think of; and seriously calling them whores is like paying them a compliment. But when you call every woman who goes out to a party with friends a second-wave feminist whore, your being pettier than the bible. Men engage in the same behavior and worse, yet I don’t see you mentioning that. You should rename this drivel you call an essay: “My Biased Opinion of Feminism.”

    Generic opinionated essays like this are what I expect from children in middle school.


    • You must be very young. It’s unfortunate that you lack one key element to a happier life, open-mindedness. Radical, second-wave feminism is an insidious destroyer of women’s happiness and you are unwittingly regurgitating their BS. Try and move away from it! Defending or excusing the evil behavior they espouse, under any circumstances, will bring you nothing but grief. Keep reading, you obviously need some better advice concerning your priorities because you are in dire need of an attitude change for the better and finding your faith again will help to start your return to a good and joyous life. Good luck.

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    • “Its neither your right nor that pathetic archaic book people call the bible, right either.”

      The fool has said “There is no God”.


  4. This is sooooooooo true. I use to drive a cab at night in my town and the behavior of so many of theses lost children is digusting. But hey, I’m in the minority on standards. tim schmitt


    • The only people who would disagree with your standards are those women who have been brainwashed by radical, second-wave feminists. They need to be exposed for the damage they’ve done. Maybe you should write a book about your first-hand experiences with the “believers.”


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