Index and Posting Schedule


As noted in my 4-20-15 post, “Short Essay – Mothers, Should Family Obligations Come Before “Career”? I am now on a blogging hiatus. But, please feel free to search my archives for posts you may have missed. Thank you.

Searching for a subject? Please scroll down to the alphabetical “Category List” in the right sidebar of my site. It contains a list of all of my, 800+, older posts. Click on “Select Category” to access any title, or topic, that interests you.

Schedule for the Publishing of My Posts are as follows –

Sunday – 8:38 am EST – The Miracle of Motherhood
Monday –   10:38 am EST – Short or Longform Essay, 10 Things Lists
Tuesday – 10:38 am EST – Quotes
Wednesday – 10:38 am EST – Admirable Women, Good Guys, Poem or Prayer
Thursday – 10:38 am EST – Quotes
Friday – 10:38 am EST – Current EVEntS, Fervor of Fatherhood
Saturday – 9:38 am EST – The Sacrament of Marriage

I do not post for part of August and part of September.

Thank You,
K. Q. Duane

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