Good Books

1. Who Stole Feminism? by Christina Hoff Sommers – 1994 Simon & Schuster paperback – Who stole feminmism

If you, as a father of young daughters, only read one book on this list, this is it. It will make you cringe, but it will, at the same time, open yours eyes, as to what, and who, you are up against in your efforts to keep your daughters safe, moral and sane.

And, unless you arm yourself with this critical insider information, you may discover too late just how easy it is for you to lose your daughter to the fanatical feminists lurking on college campus’. Be prepared to be appalled.

If you only want to see what the world will look like once the feminists have complete control – just read page 29 about feminist conventions, “The Hyatt Regency in Austin, Texas, is a pleasant hotel but not all of the five hundred participants of the 1992 National Women’s Studies Association Conference were happy with it…” It will make you sick. Total chaos!

Then try page 65, to understand how insidious radical feminists efforts are, “The transformationalist project has already strongly influenced American universities, and the scornful attitude toward traditional literary classics is becoming increasingly fashionable…” Now try page 91, the author writes, “A parent should think very carefully before sending a daughter to one of the more gender-feminized colleges. Any school has the freedom to transform itself into a feminist bastion, but because the effect on the students is so powerful it ought to be honest about its attitude. I would like to see Wellesley College, Mount Holyoke, Smith, Mills and the University of Minnesota – among the more extreme examples – print the following announcement on the front page of their bulletins:

‘We will help your daughter discover the extent to which she has been in complicity with the
patriarchy. We will encourage her to reconstruct herself through dialogue with us. She may become
enraged and chronically offended. She may well reject the religious and moral code you raised
her with. She may well distance herself from family and friends. She may change her appearance, and
even her sexual orientation. She may end up hating you (her father) and pitying you (her mother).
After she has completed her re-education with us, you will certainly be out tens of thousands of dollars
and very possibly be out one daughter as well’…”

Be warned. Better yet, be smart – don’t send your girls away to any college. Let them live at home and go to a local community college. It’s safer.

2. Divorce: An American Tradition
by Glenda Riley – 1991 Oxford University Press paperback divorce

This is NOT a good book. But, if you want to see what kind of “twisted thinking” is used to convince young women that what’s bad, is good, than this is the book for you. On one hand, the author believes that divorce is a panacea for all female troubles and yet on the other, the evidence and statistics she cites regarding divorce, proves her conclusions wrong. Irrational thinking at all levels. The end justifies the means.

Note the academic publisher. The book was probably part of a Women’s Studies Program’s curriculum.

3. America in White, Black, and Gray by Klaus Fischer – 2006 Continuum Press hardcover America

If you want the truth behind the agendas of the disturbed, 1960s, college campus “student” leaders, than this is an eye-opening book. The author ties-up all the loose ends. The decline of our great Christian country began with the changes implemented by our universities at the behest of these nuts. The various trails of destruction left in their wake can almost always be traced back to the exact same ilk. Over and over again, whether on campus or off, the trail of breadcrumbs always lead back to the same disgruntled, unhappy, annoying and shameless group of people. Unfortunately, at the time of the campus riots and sit-ins, the university presidents in particular, naively believed that this group of loud-mouth, anti-Christian agitators might have had a legitimate gripe, when in fact, they were instead just demanding, difficult, attention-seeking troublemakers looking for personal notoriety at everyone’s expense. These crackpots had no interest in a positive outcome resulting from their disruptive, baseless demands. And, in hindsight, the unwarranted negativity brought to bear on the universities and resultant damage done to our once illustrious colleges by these dysfunctional wacko’s was a national disgrace. What were once traditional apolitical institutions of high-learning for those deserving few are now egregious cesspools run by radical political extremists for the illiterate, most of whom are second-wave feminists.

4. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand – 1993 Signet 50th Anniversary edition paperback – fountainhead

Although written by the revered writer Ayn Rand, I found this book very perturbing. The book is first, a tome and secondly, most of it is disturbingly ambiguous. It’s loaded with self-loathing characters wallowing in their own antisocial, contradictory behavior and yet Ms. Rand equates their bizarre behavior with heroic individualism. In my humble opinion, the characters were by no means, heroic. They were just annoyingly devoid of human emotions, particularly empathy, kindness, joy and sympathy, which could be because Ms. Rand was not impressed with faith or religion, from which these traits stem. Worse yet (despite Ms. Rand’s insinuation to the contrary) rape, in my mind, automatically disqualifies anyone from being considered a heroic individualist. Bucking the system is one thing, but flat-out embracing evil behavior is quite another!

Ms. Rand finally got her act together, but not until the end of the book. When removed from the irascible characters in the book and left to stand on their own, her views on individualism and particularly the evil generated by the highly touted concept of altruism, are very thought-provoking. This is the male vs. female view of the world, on steroids. Unfortunately, these astute and intuitive observations are not clearly stated until page 677!

So, you can skip the remainder of the book and just read the speech given by the main (heroic ? rapist) character, Howard Roark, in his own defense, at his trial for blowing up a building of his own design (? – don’t ask). Reading his speech and not knowing anything about the character is really the better plan of action, as one does not seem to be connected to the other in any way, shape or form and the speech makes more sense when it stands on its own, unencumbered by odd-ball personality traits of Howard Roark.

5. Manning Up – How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys by Kay S. Hymowitz – 2011 Basic Books hardcoverManning up 2

Don’t be fooled, this is NOT a good book. On first glance, the book appears to be a good book, a book that addresses the serious issue of the loss of self-esteem among young, white Christian men who have unwittingly been the victims of lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminists. Young men who, through no fault of their own, have spent their formative years assailed by a culture dominated by the male-bashing institutions of female-led academia and the non-Christian led news and entertainment industry. Two institutions that were taken over by radicals, from the 1960s, who base their entire lives on the irrational hatred and contempt for the principles, and associated successes, of white, Christian men. Christian men, who have for centuries brought peace, prosperity and happiness to hundreds of generations of Christians through Western Civilization stemming from their internalization of the tenets of Christianity. Men who led their lives according to the teachings of Jesus Christ and so, for the honor and glory of God, and by association, mankind.

This book is NOT a good book because the author, rather than try to off-set the deluge of degrading lies about the motives and abilities of white men, uses her book to “fem-speak” her way through the glorious “achievements” of women, totally disregarding the crisis created for the men left in the wake of this irrational hysteria.

This non-Christian author joyously regurgitates the already well-documented successes of women while chronically pointing out the shortfalls of the young men. Yes, she lists, over and over again, the facts and details documenting the decline in positive data concerning America’s young men but rather than bemoan the problem and offer sound advise in order to improve their dilemma, instead, she uses this information to rub salt into the wound. If you truly love your sons, DO NOT read this book.

6. Feminist Fantasies by Phyllis Schlafly – 2003 Spence Publishing Company hardcoverFeminist Fantasies

Phyllis Schlafly is a brilliant woman dedicated to her husband and six children. She is a woman with her priorities straight. This book is a compilation of essays she wrote throughout her career as an enemy of feminism and an advocate for Christian family life. It is an easy read, as she is an excellent writer. Mrs. Schlafly is both blunt and to the point.

Each essay addresses some aspect of the assault on both young women and men by radical. second-wave feminism. In her 2001 essay, Terrorism Meets Feminism, she writes, “Women’s studies courses and many sociology courses are tools to indoctrinate college women in feminist ideology and lay a guilt trip on all men, collectively and individually. The thought police have wiped out any pretense of academic freedom – feminist foolishness may not be criticized.”

In her essay, Going Around with the Wrong Crowd, Schlafly muses about where the radical, second-wave feminists got their “peculiar notions” about men. She then exposes the truth behind the lies in the writings of the anarchists upon whom feminism’s ideology is based. These included Leo Tolstoy, Ernest Hemingway, Henrik Ibsen, Karl Marx, Bertrand Russell, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Edmund Wilson, Victor Gollancz and finally Jean-Paul Sartre. Simone de Beauvoir is considered the high priestess of radical second-wave ideology. Her 1949 book, The Second Sex, is hailed by radical, second-wave feminists as the foundation for feminism. Mrs. Schlafly’s short summary of each of these men’s lives is very telling by her paragraph on Jean-Paul Sartre was the most telling of all as he was a vocal advocate for women’s rights. But his life, as opposed to his writings, proved to be nothing more than an hypocrisy. Schlafly writes, “Jean-Paul Sartre, a professional philosopher who presumed to preach to a mass audience, aligned himself with the communists. When he seduced Simone de Beauvoir, he said his credo was “travel, polygamy, transparency.” Sartre used her as his mistress, cook, laundress, seamstress and housekeeper, all the while boasting of affairs with younger and younger women until he got to teenagers. He treated her like a slave and didn’t even leave her any money when he died. Simone de Beauvoir was an educated and able feminist and she didn’t have to live like a slave-mistress unless she chose that lifestyle.” It’s not surprising Ms. Beauvoir had “peculiar notions” about men.

Mrs. Schlafly never pulls her punches. Her book is chock-a-block of behind the scenes details and information about the life-altering snare, called radical feminism. All young men and women should read this book before they go off to college. Mrs. Schlafly truly connects the historical dots.

7. Reflections on a Christian Life – How Our Story is God’s Story by Anthony Esolen – 2012 Sophia Institute Press paperbackreflecions

If you are looking for an inspirational, touching and emotional introduction, or re-introduction, to Christianity, this is the book for you. Dr. Esolen writes with a pen held by the Holy Spirit. His writings are both eloquent and poignant. He is a Catholic with a profound understanding of the Bible and its application to modern life.

If you carry a cross, that routinely seems too much to bear, this book will, on occasion, bring you to tears. But they are tears of relief, knowing God will always be by your side, to help and sustain you through your troubles, until the end of your days. Dr, Esolen explains that unlike all other religions, the uniqueness and the driving force behind Christianity is the personal “relationship” Christians have with Jesus Christ. He is in their hearts. Buddhists lack a relationship with Buddha. In fact, Dr. Esolen writes that that particular concept would be considered blasphemous to the Buddhists. The Jews do not bring Moses into their heart, nor do the Islamists have a personal relationship with Mohammed. Only Jesus lives in Christians hearts and because of this single remarkable fact, it is as Jesus said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (Matt. 24:35). Aren’t we lucky.

8. Unconditional Surrender by Gary North, Ph.D – 2010 revised edition American Vision, Inc. hardcoverGary North

Dr. North is a straight talker who doesn’t mince words. He has an unlimited understanding of both the New Testament AND the Old Testament of the Bible and their implications for today’s Christians. He rightfully believes that today’s Christians are hamstrung in their efforts to evangelize, and spread, the Christian faith. He believes they are weak in their convictions. Dr. North believes that by their failure to acknowledge the implicit laws of behavior demanded in the Old Testament many Christian “leaders” are failing their faith. Reinventing the rules to suit a new trend or fad only reduces the effectiveness of Christianity. He states that obeying the Ten Commandments is only part of a Christian’s obligation to the faith. He documents clearly, the detailed evidence in the Old Testament where God demands that Christians not only follow the Ten Commandments but visibly enforce them as well. These ancillary laws, as described in Deuteronomy 8 and 28, set out specific punishments for specific crimes, including capital punishment.

Dr. North makes it clear that today’s Christians are taking the “easy way out” when they fail to follow these laws which implicitly call for disciplinary action to be taken against those who disobey any of the Ten Commandments. Deuteronomy 8 and 28 are to the Ten Commandments, what the Bill of Rights is to the U. S. Constitution. They set out the who, what, when, where and why concerning the punishments demanded by God, to be issued by the “civil magistrates” of His courts, in accordance with His laws.

The Old Testament shows God, in the very beginning of time, delivering His laws for individuals and families, and establishing His civil courts based on those same laws. All were His creations and all were to obey, or suffer His wrath. Despite the, “I’m okay, you’re okay” nature of today’s society, God has changed nothing, the only difference is that, just as has happened time and time again throughout mankind’s existence, arrogant men and women have stopped listening to God. And and this is the point of Dr. North’s book. He is educating and warning mankind of their foolishness.

This book is not for the lighthearted. Dr. North is a demanding instructor and reading his serious book brings with it serious personal responsibilities. You will no longer be able to hide from the truth. And although it will be difficult for many to admit to their vices and commit to reform, it will also be a reassurance to others, as they will realize that they are truly on the right path to eternal salvation.

9. Sex and God at Yale by Nathan Harden – 2012 Thomas Dunne Books hardcover sex and God

If you are considering Yale for your children. You MUST read this book before you go any further. This Ivy League university is in the hands of weak, demented, non-Christian administrators and professors bent on corrupting the students in their care. They are successfully making a concerted effort to destroy Yale’s Christian roots and in its place moral relativism. “I’m okay, you’re okay.”

The author, Nathan Harden, spent his entire life, striving to get into Yale. After two failed application efforts, settling on other colleges, working and marrying, he finally, at the age of 26, was accepted. He then spent the next three years as a full-time student experiencing his “academic-dream-come-true”, while at the same time being subjected to some of the most depraved experiences of his life, culminating with Yale’s, decade old, 11 day long, Yale “Sex Week.” This book is about his personal experiences as a student at Yale.

As he shows, not only was “Sex Week” condoned by the Yale administration, but participation was encouraged, as can be seen in professor Carole Goldberg’s e-mail to the student body where she expressed her hopes that the students find, “just the right words that would lead to glorious consensual sex.”

Whether you brought your child up as a Christian or not, Yale is out to destroy any moral compass they may possess and this is especially true for the girls. As this book vividly shows, the amoral, non-Christian administration, and the primarily female professors, not only turn a blind eye towards “Sex Week” but also Yale’s nude parties, drunken sex in the dorm rooms, professors having sex with students, professors teaching naked from the waist up, abortion fluid and tissue used for Art project, and Porn n’ Chicken nights.

The fish rots from the head down, as can be seen by President Richard Levin’s “Kids will be kids” response, when confronted about Yale’s classrooms being used by the porn industry during “Sex Week” to sell their books, DVD’s, and gadgets. as porn stars graphically perform before thousands of Yalies, the proper techniques of sado-mascicism, sodomy, fellatio, and cunnilingus with gadgets, films and personal demonstrations which included the participation of Yale students as volunteers.

As Mr. Harden concludes, “Over the last decade, Yale’s national influence has proved to be pervasive as it is perverse. Sex Week at Yale started as an educational novelty, a biennial Ivy League freak show. But the phenomenon has now spread to dozens of campuses around the country. Formally vibrator-free schools are now following Yale’s bawdy lead, hosting porn-riddled events such as “Sex Out Loud” at the University of Illinois, and “Sex on the Beach” at Indiana University South-east, “Sex Fest” at the University of Wisconsin and Northwestern’s “Sex Week.” At Brown University, porn companies are handing students free thirty-minute on-demand porn access cards to be used online.”

This book is a must read for anyone considering sending their children away to college.

10. The End of Men and the Rise of Women by Hanna Rosen –  2012 Riverhead Book – Division of Penguin Books, HardcoverEnd of men 2

Don’t waste your time reading this book. The author is a flaming radical, second-wave feminist trying to pretend that she is a passive observer. She is anything but!

11. Renewal –   How a Generation of Faithful Priests and Bishops is Revitalizing the Catholic Church by Anne Hendershott and Christopher White – 2013 Encounter Books

If you are a Catholic “traditionalist”, who is distraught about all of the unintended consequences brought about by Vatican II, this book is for you. Yes, despite appearances, there are many young men who realize that the baby-boomer generation of free-thinkers, radical nuns, defrocked priests and liberal bishops have misinterpreted, and misrepresented, the goals of Vatican II to suit their liberal views.

These young men see the damage inflicted on the Church by the 1960s generation of radical, unorthodox “thinkers.” Damage book coverinflicted by the views of radicals priests, nuns and bishops who chose to flaunt the very teachings they were sworn to abide by. Views which, when investigated, prove to be nothing more than their desperate attempt to remake the Church into their personal ideology whereby they would be accepted as married priests, women priests, and homosexuals. Their writings prove to be nothing more than their unvarnished attempts to change the Church to suit their compromised lifestyles.

Thankfully, the new crop of traditionalist young  men, who are joining the Church in unprecedented numbers under the guidance of dozens of traditionalist bishops, are ready to take the Church back from the Hippies. If nothing else, this book will renew your faith in the future of the Catholic Church.

12. Assault and Flattery – The Truth about the Left and their War on Women by Katie Pavlich   2014 Published by     Threshold Editions a Division of Simon & Schuster  HardcoverKatie Flattery book cover

This book was written in order to set the record straight. Katie Pavlich wanted to supply those on the front lines of Conservative politics with the ammo to debunk the lies spewed daily, by the Democrats. Whether they are taking credit for things they never did, covering up for their influential, but debased, individuals or making accusations with no basis in fact, Pavlich has exposed the truth.

She has gathered together, all the dirty laundry on the Democrats, and their scheming agenda, to lie whenever they are faced with the inconvenient truth about their own, or their opponents. Pavlich addresses all of the hot buttons topics that the liberal news media won’t touch, including the truth behind the Democrats blatant lies to unjustifiably destroy their opponents or to unjustifiably glorify their own.

Pavlich exposes the truth behind the lies about race relations, Hillary Clinton, segregation, women’s suffrage, NOW, Bill Clinton, civil rights, JFK, Robert and Ted Kennedy, Bloomberg, NRA, Planned Parenthood, feminism, Bill Ayers, Chris Dodd, poverty, Woodrow Wilson, abortion, and more.

In her efforts to get the truth out about the Democrats, Pavlich has found it necessary to include a warning, at the start of her book, which describes the graphic nature of some of her topics. It says, “Due to the vulgarity of many Democrat leaders, as well as the so-called Women’s Rights Groups that defend them, this book contains language for mature audiences only, or, at least, or those with strong stomachs.”

Trust me, even with the warning and a strong stomach, the truth about the Democrats, will, in many cases, make you gag.

13. Who Killed the American Family? by Phyllis Schlafly   2014  Published by WND Books  Hardcover

Mrs. Schlafly is a legend in her own time. As a Constitutional lawyer and married mother of six children, Mrs. Schlafly has been an advocate for Christian marriage between a man and a woman and a vocal opponent to abortion throughout her extensive career. She nearly single-handedly defeated the “Equal Rights Amendment”, to the U. S. Constitution, in the 1970s thereby destroying the principle goal of the amendment, which was to disavow the traditional, Christian, American family.

Unfortunately, just 45 years later, Mrs. Schlafly finds herself writing about the eventual success of those very samePhyllis Schlafly book people. The American family is under assault by the forces of evil disguised as judges, politicians, lawyers, feminists, psychologists, school districts and college professors.

Mrs. Schlafly defines the specifics of this attack whether it is the tax laws, and Obamacare, that favor co-habitation and penalizes marriage to the public school systems that emphasis alternative lifestyles, while trivializing traditional marriage.

But, she is especially concerned about the family court system. Unlike any other form of governance in America, a family court judge can throw a father out of his own home, deny him access to his children and force him to relinquish his entire savings, without one shred of evidence to justify his wife’s blatant lies against him. Lies, which are encouraged, by the divorce lawyers.

Worse yet, when an ex-husband can’t pay the mandated child support, whether due to his loss of work, deployment overseas, illness or demotion, the federal Bradley Law kicks in and the father is sent to prison! Yes, prison and this, despite the fact that debtor’s prison was abolished in America in 1833! But, not in family court. And just to pour salt on the wounds, the radical feminists have seen that this law “denies bankruptcy protections, overrides all statutes of limitations and forbids judicial consideration of obvious inability to pay.”

Mrs. Schlafly’s book will make your blood boil as you come to realize that all of the destruction done to the American family can be traced directly back to influential, rabid, hateful, lesbian-led, non-Christian radical, second-wave feminists and their liberal cohorts.

This book is a must read for anyone who believes that without traditional, Christian, marriage and families, civilization will implode. We must all be aware of the enemies within and Mrs. Schlafly undeniably exposes them for the destructive, maniacal manipulators they truly are.

Once again its, Feminist women vs. Christian men. Time to speak UP and smack them down! Mrs. Schlafly gives you all the ammo you’ll need.

It’s the Women, Not the Men. to be continued….

12 thoughts on “Good Books

  1. May I ask you your answer about this education related questions? Especially if I am blessed to become a father in the future.

    My first question is “Should some field of study restricted in universities for men only like engineering and chemistry, and vice versa for women?”(Nursing, etc).

    Second question, “What if I have a children who is into sport, like becoming a pro football or badminton players?”


    • In our feminist-lead, misguided efforts to acquire “equality” for women, we have denied both young men, and young women, an education in domestic tranquility. As an example, both boy’s shop classes and girl’s home economics classes have been removed from high school curriculums. As a result, as adults, these ignorant individuals are not putting their God-given domestic talents towards creating “home sweet home” for their children. In America, young women have no clue how to keep house, cook a meal, decorate a home, sew, clean house, or even iron, because for 50 years those things were considered sexist. And so, today, married women’s homes are a MESS and these women spend what little money they make “working” paying other people to do what they can’t do for themselves. This makes their jobs outside the home totally pointless. Considering the cost of clothing, transportation, meals, and manicures etc. required to work outside the home, my suspicion is that most “working” women are actually a financial drain on their family. rather than contributing to it financially. At the same time, boys and young men are no longer trained to do the heavy lifting. So yards go unmoved, garbage goes unremoved, garages and basements are cluttered and disorganized, leaves go unrated and they can’t, or won’t, repair anything, nor can they swing a hammer correctly! As a result of both husband and wife working outside the home, the home is a filthy wreck. Neither take responsibility for anything connected with domesticity. This is not fair to their children or their community and must STOP. We are “educating” people to remain dependent and STUPID! As far as your children getting involved with sports, just know that a tiny, tiny portion of children who play sports will ever become professionals. So, as a result, unless it becomes clear that your child may be one of those few talented individuals, it should never be a top priority, or interfere with your family life. And, it should never take priority or interfere with your children’s education. I’m sure you know that sports will never take your children as far as a good education will.


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    • Yes it is. I bought the book a year ago and found it to be so very reasonable. sensible and reassuring. It should be required reading for all college freshmen. But of course, that would mean they might have to omit one of the required books on homosexual’s lifestyles in order to make room for it. And, OMG, that would NEVER do! The deletion might be construed as homophobic.

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  4. Southern Baptists are not much better in terms of sexual molestation. About six years ago, the SBC rejected rejected a proposal to create a central database of staff and clergy who have been either convicted of or indicted on charges of molesting minors.

    They rejected it on the grounds of local autonomy of its churches, yet SBC churches are not allowed any autonomy when it comes to the ordination of women (the same problem exists in independent Baptist churches too, i.e. Jack Schaap).

    Seriously, “it’s the women, not the men”? How many female clergy commit these acts or cover them up? How many women turned to feminism as a result of childhood sexual abuse by these hypocrites?


    • I agree, there is NO excuse for pedophilia. The care of our children is our most precious responsibility, as directed by God. And, as far as I’m concerned, they should be drawn and quartered. But, you can’t throw the baby out with the bath water. And, ordaining female priests will not solve the problem. It will not guarantee that the lesbian priests (and there are many, many) won’t do the same. Both are the products of the liberalization of church teachings. I’m ok, you’re ok. And besides, I profoundly disagree with you about the ordination of women as priests. Neither God, nor Christ, has ever expressed a desire for this to occur. We are helpmates and should be proud of our accomplishments as such. Only with the invention of lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminism in the late 1960s and early 1970s, has this preposterous notion been put forward. Women should not be ordained as priests, if for no other reason, then they cannot keep a confidence! As far as why women turn to feminism, most are the products of fatherless families due to all the PC BS feminism promotes – single motherhood, divorce, illegitimacy and abandonment. Others are the products of misguided priorities at home, where God’s laws, and the Bible, are either totally ignored or rejected. I’m afraid most of these young women are further compromised when they attend the secularized, anti-Christian, faithless, sex, drug and alcohol-laden colleges, which are administered by more non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminists, as well. Thank you for your comments.


  5. It’s ironic to hear a Catholic talk about feminists harming the family. Your religion bans married men from the priesthood, leaving a vacuum to be filled by deviants of every stripe who generally get away with their crimes. The one priest who HAS been kicked out for sexual immorality is the heterosexual Father John Corapi. Q.E.D.


    • If things continue to go the way they are with the Synod in Rome. I’m becoming a Southern Baptist. Anyway, to your point, you are comparing apples to oranges. Just because there’s been some sicko priests in the Church, that in NO way allows anyone to give radical, second and third-wave feminists a PASS. In the scheme of things, the feminists have done ONE MILLION TIMES more damage to America’s children then all the sicko priests in the country, combined.


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