Short Essay – First vs. Second vs. Third-Wave Feminsm

In Short –
First-wave feminists were white, upper-class ladies in long dresses, with high ideals.
Second-wave feminists were white, middle-class girls in mini skirts, with low ideals.
Third-wave feminists are multi-colored, low-class chicks in thongs, with no ideals.

The History –
First-wave feminists were functioning from 1830-1920.
Second-wave feminists were active from 1963-1980.
Third-wave feminists emerged in 1990s and continue to today.

The Politics –
First-wave feminists were Christian women. Some ladies were against slavery and alcohol, others were for women acquiring the right to vote. They achieved all three, although the Prohibition of alcohol was repealed just 13 years after it was instituted.

Second-wave feminists were non-Christian women. They were vehemently against anything associated with white, Christian males. This hatred extended to all of the institutions that were established by Christian men, all of which enabled the development of Western Civilization, including organized religion, marriage, judiciary, business, government, politics, military, academia and family. These irascible women claimed the institutions were sexist. Which of course, they were because they were established by men, for men, just as home is sexist because it was established by women, for women. That DID NOT make those institutions bad, unless you were an irrational, second-wave feminist!

And, just as importantly, these irrational female feminists were for divorce, abortion, homosexuality, illicit drugs, recreational sex, women priests, affirmative action, civil disobedience, ban of school prayer, independent careers and childlessness.

Third-wave feminists are basically pagans. They are against nearly everything that was once considered GOOD – family values, morality, ethics, rule of law, decorum, love, marriage, motherhood, civility, accountability, responsibility, and commitment. And, they are for free love, partying, explicit sexuality and are totally self-absorbed narcissists. Most have been raised by second-wave feminists, and having absorbed their twisted ideology, these shallow females then dropped to a lower rung.

When pressed, these young women make excuses for, or irrationally defend or approve of, bad behavior in others because they themselves are devoid of good standards of behavior of any kind! They are without shame, guilt or humility. This depleted frame of mind impacts everything, and everyone, within their sphere of influence including motherhood, employment, relationships, parenting and family.

The Women –
First-wave feminists were Christian ideologues who opposed the societal “ills of mankind”. They included women who valued both women’s minds AND their bodies. Among these self-righteous women were Susan B. Anthony, Carrie Nation and Frances Willard.

Second-wave feminists included highly DIFFICULT women who opposed every traditional Christian institution created by white, Christian men, but especially the institution of marriage. They valued women’s minds but at the expense of women’s healthy bodies. 

These women included prominent, influential, out-spoken, non-Christian feminists such as Gloria Steinem, Dianne Feinstein, Betty Friedan, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Barbara Boxer and Bella Abzug but, they also included millions of college bound, very young, brainwashed, formerly Christian, female baby-boomers as well. 

Third-wave feminists oppose nothing and stand for nothing. They are devoid of human dignity, as defined by Christianity. These twisted females view themselves as nothing more than a sex toy designed to manipulate men. They value neither their minds NOR their bodies.

Thanks to non-Christian, Cosmopolitan editor, Helen Gurley Brown’s debauched creation of third-wave feminism, and Madonna’s visual manifestation of Brown’s theories, these young, female sexpots are basically pagans dancing before the false idols of explicit sexuality. 

Is this little girl a future “fourth-wave” feminist?

Little, tiny, toddler Madonna.

Little, tiny, toddler Madonna?

If so, God help these poor children because by the time they come of age, radical feminism, in all of its twisted EVIL forms, will have destroyed Christian Western Civilization. And without the strength of its Christian cultural guardianship, AND the good men who defend it, these young women will become the defenseless victims of the most vicious, marauding evil in the world.


It’s the Women, Not the Men!

14 thoughts on “Short Essay – First vs. Second vs. Third-Wave Feminsm

  1. In Indonesia, especially since late 1990s after Soeharto was toppled from power, the so called feminists are mostly (observation from the web) identified as the second (particularly pro abortion, homosexuality, so called social justice, environmental and human rights, childlessness, single motherhood, and prioritizing career) and some “soft-core” third wave one (body positivity, clothing issues, etc.).

    Some of the feminist’s cause in Indonesia are still somewhat honorable in case of some environmental and human rights issues but I will never associate with them (I’m an unmarried, college student) due to their espousal of “liberal-progressive” values that can and have become a threat. In fact, some of them are sympathetic towards so called “self-determination” (a cover for separatism) cause in West Papua!

    Keep exposing this enemy. Ma’am, God Bless.


  2. I wonder if some of the First Wave women are rolling in their graves at how selfish, classless & slutty some of the Third Wave feminists have become……Not at all what they first had in mind?


  3. Well written, I’ve long been disturbed by the behavior of these women you refer to as third wave feminists. Having had many disussions with many of these young women I’ve discovered that they have no knowledge of (or interest in) the history of the risks and struggles of the first wave women. these third wavers hypocritically exploit themselves with their exhibitionism, ignorance and absence of interest and research of current events and the issues they claim to defend. What I’ve seeen from these young women is that so called “feminism” has become an “if you can’t beat them, join them” attitude and actions which disrespect women as a whole, thereby agreeing with the idea that women are less human, capable, intelligent, and unworthy of equal rights and respect of selves and others. Quite frightening and sad. Thank You for the education and comparison which so clearly exposes the apathy of this generation of “me”


    • Hi Sallie, I am convinced that unless the guys begin to lead this country back towards our Christian roots, and its high standards of behavior,we will continue to lose more and more of these terribly misguided feminist women because there is NOTHING to offset the influence of secularism in this country at the moment, This massive void drives many women down a hellish path. Thanks for commenting.


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