Current EVEntS – U. S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Replaces Her Catholic Faith with Radical Feminist Ideology

Hobby Lobby Craft Store

Hobby Lobby Craft Store

The U. S. Supreme Court’s decision to affirm the constitutional right of the Christian owners of Hobby Lobby to run their business according to their religious beliefs is very encouraging. David and Barbara Green will no longer be obligated, on the threat of huge fines, to fulfill the Obamacare mandate to distribute the “morning-after” abortion pill to their 12,000 employees, against their religious principles. This win for religious liberty will have positive, and far-reaching, implications, not only for Christian business owners but for the nation at large.

But, the story does not end there. Just as interesting, is a side story associated with this event. This case also, finally and unquestionably, exposed Justice Sonia Sotomayor to be the turncoat, and hypocrite, that many Catholics suspected her to be, as she voted against the tenets of her Christian faith and for the abortion ideology of radical, second-wave feminism.

There are nine justices on the current U. S. Supreme Court and the demographics are telling. 6 men and 3 women. 6 Catholics and 3 Jews. 6 married men and 3 unmarried women. 6 upper class backgrounds and 3 lower class backgrounds.

Routinely, as each of these modern-day justices vote for, or against, a litigant’s case, they reshuffle this pack of powerful, and diverse, demographics. This mixed-bag of enumerations is a recent development on the U. S. Supreme Court because from 1789 to 1994 only upper class, married, white, Protestant men comprised the majority of the seats on the court.

During those 205 years the Protestant justices remained true to the Founding Fathers principles because they were basically the very same men. But, all of that began to change when the Rehnquist Court  of 1994-1995 became the first court where the Protestants, for the first time in history, slipped into the minority.

l-R Front Row - Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy and Ruth Bader Ginsgurg Ginsburg. Standing - Sonia Sotomeyer, Stephen Breyer, Samuel Alito and Elena Kagan

l-R Front Row – Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy and Ruth Bader Ginsgurg Ginsburg. Standing – Sonia Sotomeyer, Stephen Breyer, Samuel Alito and Elena Kagan

Today, just 20 years later, there are NO Protestants on the court. No wonder there is such disparity among their decisions as the members try to find common ground, where there is none.

And so, the current mismatched, and differing, cultural demographics among the justices has given birth to court decisions determined by  political correctness, social justice and radical feminist ideology rather than the simplistic, clear-cut, straight forward, black and white, right vs.wrong, fundamental truths of Christianity, as defined by over 200 years of Protestant oversight.

Many of these justices are now defining constitutional law based on the premise that the U. S. Constitution is an (imaginary) “living document” rather than by a U. S. Constitution written in stone by our Christian Founding Fathers.

With four radical, second-wave feminists (Ginsburg, Breyer, Kagan and Sotomayor) on the court the decisions become even more contentious, resulting in dozens of 5-4 or 5-4 splits each year. When it comes to “women’s rights” nearly every case is split 5-4 with Justice Anthony Kennedy routinely siding with the radical feminists.

U. S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, 77

U. S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, 77

Justice Kennedy has always been the wild card in this game of thrones. He is a Catholic and is the most unpredictable justice on the court. He is all over the place when it comes to his decisions, which is why he is referred to as the “swing vote” on the court. And unfortunately, despite his Christian faith, he often votes to support radical, second-wave feminist ideology.

Kennedy’s unpredictability on these issues has confounded Catholics, as they question his continuing support for radical, second-wave feminism’s twisted ideology despite the fact that abortion, divorce, same-sex marriage and adultery are against his Catholic faith. But, thankfully, his voting patterns do, at times, reflect his Catholic faith and the Hobby Lobby case is an indication of that occasional awakening. He can take credit for Hobby Lobby’s 5-4 win.

Kennedy’s tendency to waffle is not evident in the remaining eight justices. They vote with precise predictability, rarely wavering from their core values. As expected, the Jewish justices always support radical, second-wave feminism’s ideology as defined by “women’s rights.” Jewish women, in particular, are especially susceptible to the lure of radical feminism. Why is this? In my opinion, it is a knee-jerk reaction to the teachings of the Talmud which states that men are far superior to women in every way. In fact, many Jewish men rise in the morning and say this prayer of thanks, “Blessed are you, Lord, our God, ruler of the universe who has not created me a woman.” For the modern Jewish women (Ginsburg and Kagan), radical feminism defines retribution and for the modern Jewish man (Breyer), radical feminism defines guilt. Sonia Sotomayor, although a Catholic, routinely sides with the radical feminists.

Those four radical, second-wave feminist votes are just as predictable in their outcome as the votes of the four Catholic justices Scalia, Alito, Thomas and Roberts. Happily, the predictability of these four men’s votes routinely reflect the very same Christian principles, and priorities, that were espoused by the Founding Fathers – God, Family and Country. Unlike the “living document” which is espoused by the first gang, these four men routinely vote as strict constitutionalists, doing what they can to keep the original intent of the Constitution well served.

As mentioned, Catholic Kennedy is not a total loss as he, on occasions, still votes according to the tenets of his Christian faith. But, on the other hand, Catholic Sonia Sotomayor is a total “Christian” loser. She never votes according to the tenets of her Christian faith and always votes according to the ideology of radical, second-wave feminism which explains her vote against Hobby Lobby.

Ms. Sotomayor was appointed to the U. S. Supreme Court in 2009 by Obama. She has proven herself to be another of Obama’s Current EVEntS – compromised, female, feminist and “Catholic.” As one of his henchmen, she aligns herself routinely with Judas, hypocritically betraying her faith for the pleasure of the powers that be.

Vatican logoSonia Sotomayor, who is a woman, a minority, a Yale grad, a feminist, divorced, childless, and just coincidently, a Catholic. Despite her “faith”, she is solidly in the radical, second-wave feminist’s camp. There is no pretext of any serious ecclesiastical contemplation, or consideration, when she votes. Her ” judgements” are clearly one-sided and radically feministic in nature. She has, without a doubt, substituted the ideology of lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminism for the tenets of her Catholic faith. Her radical feminist views are not only hypocritical, they are heretical. And for this, Ms. Sotomayor, should be publicly renounced by the Catholic Church, Catholics and Christians everywhere.

16 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – U. S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Replaces Her Catholic Faith with Radical Feminist Ideology

  1. On the one hand I enjoy reading your articulate and well written essays on feminism but then when I read articles such as this one I get the distinct impression that you would be far more comfortable living during the middle ages. When the Catholic Church imposed their own special brand of religious tyranny on Europe, enslaved the populace to ignorance and burned at the stake all those who dared to disagree with their interpretation of “God’s Will”.

    All of which the Founding Fathers of the American Democratic Republic sought to avoid by writing the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights and by creating three distinct branches of government as they sought to build a secular nation based on Christian Principles in which all citizens could worship as their conscience dictated and not the so called Christian Republic many Christians – who are seeking to reestablish religious tyranny by force of law – falsely claim.


    • You fail to remember that the Anglican Church of England was as notoriously dictatorial as the Catholic. Church ever was. My point is not that we return to burning unbelievers but that we return to the basic rights and wrongs as dictated by Christianity. And, I wholeheartedly disagree with your assessment that the Founding Fathers sought to establish a “secular” government. There is absolutely no proof that this was their intent. Everything they wrote in connection with the establishment of America’s form of democracy was established, created and developed with their strict believe in God’s benevolence. It is the only political system generated by religious fervor which succeeded in bettering the quality of human life. Western Civilization’s success cannot be argued with.


      • Had the founding fathers wanted a Christian Republic they would have created a State Church instead of putting a wall between church and state – As Thomas Jefferson described it – when the Constitution was written.

        By doing so the founding fathers made it crystal clear that religious tyranny would not be tolerated which is what you are advocating when demanding that prayer be put back in the schools.


      • Are you suggesting that American children are better off without the traditional academic support for tenets of Christianity and it’s standards of good behavior? Tyranny was never part of the equation. Instead, public school prayers were an amazing sign of cooperation among dozens of denominations of the Christian faith which had historically been enemies in Europe. No one was coerced into this historic alliance. It was purely voluntary, sans “tyranny.” The genius of our Founding Fathers was that they put the “wall” between the government and the churches, not, as many infer, to protect the state from the churches (which is what the atheist lawyers would have Americans believe) but to protect the churches from the state! There is an enormous difference. They were providing an environment for all denominations of Christianity to flourish unpersecuted by the state, unlike the governments of the countries of Europe, all of which were defined by one denomination of the the Christian faith, at the expense of the remainder. It was a brilliant effort that produced fabulous adults from mischievous children.


      • Prayer in schools was never voluntary since it was a requirement that all students participate whether they were Christians or not. Indeed the very ones – “Religious Conservatives” – who are demanding the return of state coercion in regards to the prayer in school issue – are working hard to make Sunday – the day venerated by a pagan religion and substituted for the Seventh Day Sabbath by the Catholics and her daughters – southern baptists, Lutherans etc. – the official day of worship here in the good ole us of a.


      • You forget that the entire country was Christian at the time and caring for their children’s salvation was of paramount importance to all parents. No coercion,just obedience to their parents, who were also the teachers, community leaders and businessmen in Main St. America. I don’t get your point. What is your true motive for belittling Christians efforts to save their children, and others, from the evil that now runs rampant in our secular society. Do you have a better approach to safeguarding their futures from violence, crime, explicit sexuality, drugs, divorce, adultery, etc. etc. etc.? Only the personal constraints and restraints, provided to children through their adoption of the tenets of Christianity has ever provided anything close to a “ideal” community. A community in which to raise good children who will become good, God-fearing adults. Christian adults who are trustworthy, honest, moral, ethical, responsible, hard-working, kind and generous because they know they are ultimately accountable to their Savior. These very same people made America the shining city on the hill. Our country’s extraordinary success did just pop out of thin air. It was generated by extraordinary Christians devoted to their faith and its personal standards for good behavior.


      • Now I’m beginning to wonder just what alternate universe you inhabit. I am quite familiar with both American History and that of the early church as the man of sin – as the Apostle Paul described him who was also represented by the little horn that plucked up three others and grew a mouth that spoke blasphemy against the most high in the book of Daniel – led the early church into becoming the Roman Catholic Church. A church that persecuted and murdered any and all who dared to disagree with the pope and his minions.

        Nor has America been the paragon of christian virtue as you describe, whose citizens all too often give lip service to the ideals contained within the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, yet visited tyranny on all those who refused to agree with them. Indeed in the book of Revelation America is represented by the lamb that speaks with the voice of the dragon who makes an image to the beast and requires all to worship that image both small and great.

        Unfortunately America you describe never existed except in the revisionist propaganda of Religious Conservatives who are intent on enforcing their own special brand of religious tyranny by force of law upon the rest of us.


      • You are correct. Luckily, I live in an, “alternate universe”, from yours, as I much prefer the truth, to your hate-filled tyranny theories about the two entities, both Christianity and America, that have irrefutably, and single handedly, provided mankind with an unprecedented level of human dignity, joy, peace and prosperity. To argue otherwise is not only foolish, but futile as the ultimate outcomes disprove your theories. God bless your life’s journey and I pray you will some day find joy through faith and not continue with this cynical view of both God and Christians because it does you more harm than good.Now, I’m off to my joy-filled church.Good day.


      • As an independently minded individual who had the courage to reject the intellectual tyranny of the Southern Baptist Church when he discovered that he and his family and been deliberately lied too by the church’s leadership in regards to the Scriptures.

        I have done quite a bit of reading in regards to both American history and the history of the Christian Church and the Bible. So that it is quite apparent to myself that you have been imbibing from an impure fountain polluted by the sophistries of Satan – who seeks to deceive the true followers of Christ by appearing as a Angel of Light.

        You have indeed been weighted in the balances and found wanting.

        Take care…


      • “Quite a bit of reading” will never lead you to the truth if you are not reading the right books. And, considering your adamant, and preconceived notions, about the “tyranny” of Christianity I can only assume that your choice of books reflects those same notions. Your chronic use of the word “tyranny” is telling. The word “tyranny” is defined by evil and bad behavior (coercion) that brings pain and misery to others.To use it with reference to Christianity is almost laughable, as Christianity brings pure joy to its adherents. It’s too bad you turned your back on the Southern Baptist Church as I believe it is blessed with leadership who have the courage of their convictions and always show grace under pressure when unjustifiably attacked by the liberal, atheist news media. All of the past presidents of the Southern Baptist Conventions, including Rev. Fred Luter, Jr. and now Rev. Ronnie Floyd, have perpetually shown the steadfast leadership qualities that are necessary to evangelize the tenets of their faith to believers and non-believers alike, like no other church in America. They never waiver from their commitment to spread the teachings of the Bible and save as many people as they can from the powerful, and evil, influences rampant throughout America (divorce, adultery, abortion, fornication, theft, illegitimacy, crime, explicit sexuality, child abuse, etc.) Honestly, if I were not a Catholic, I would consider becoming a Southern Baptist. I hope you give it another chance.and let it help you change your life for the better. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Today is Sunday. Find another Southern Baptist Church if you were unhappy with your original one and go! Take care… and God bless.


      • Unfortunately the southern baptist church is one of those that have turned the marriage institution into the sacrament of adultery. The fact that you are a catholic – a member of a church whose leadership murdered millions of people during the middle ages and is described in the book of Revelation as the Whore riding upon the beast which is Satan is all the explanation that I need.


  2. Re: “Many of these justices are now defining constitutional law based on the premise that the U. S. Constitution is an (imaginary) “living document” rather than by a U. S. Constitution written in stone by our Christian Founding Fathers.”

    Actually it was written in ink on a piece of parchment with an established procedure congress is required to follow in order to amend or make necessary changes. On the other hand the TEN COMMANDMENTS were written by the FINGER of GOD and ENGRAVED ON STONE TABLETS which has never stopped Christians falsely so called from disobeying it and seeking to change it by dropping the designation of the seventh day as the sabbath from the forth commandment.


  3. On the other hand 5 other justices replaced their duty to the country with primitive superstition. Now we can all expect medical care at the whim of our employers. Way to go.


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