Current EVEntS – Supt. of U. S. Air Force Academy Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson Removes Bible Verse from Cadet’s Door.

Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson, 54 - First Female Superintendent of U. S. Air Force Academy Colorado Springs, Co.

Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson, 54 – First Female Superintendent of U. S. Air Force Academy Colorado Springs, Co.

The Superintendent of the Air Force Academy, Lt. General Michelle Johnson, who has held that position for less than a year, is once again, embroiled in another controversy concerning religious liberties. And once again, rather than fight, she’s CAVED to the atheists.

A young cadet posted the Bible verse, “I have been crucified with Christ therefore I no longer live, but Christ lives in me”, on the whiteboard attached to his dorm room door.  Somebody bitched, notified atheist advocate Mikey Weinstein, and in no time, Lt. Gen. Johnson, proceeded to “convince” the young man to remove it.

The backlash has been loud and wide-spread. Cadets throughout the academy immediately began posting Bible and Koran verses on their whiteboards (all of whom Weinstein wants to receive “non-judicial punishment, at the very least.”)

Multiple Congressmen and Senators demanded answers from Lt. Gen. Johnson, just as they did during the last episode when she removed “So help me God” from the Academy’s oath.  Parents exploded, and organizations, created to protect religious freedom, including the 26 member Restore Military Religious Freedom Coalition, went into high gear.

Bill Hallowell recorded comments from 2 members of the coalition on The Blaze website. They are as follows.

“Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin, vice president of the Family Research Council, a coalition member, said in a statement that cadets should be free to post their religious views outside their doors — space that is considered usable for both work and personal purposes.

“This reflects that the cadets understand the Constitution and have a greater faith in the Constitution than their leaders,” Boykin said of the posting of verses. “They are freely exercising their constitutional rights that they will be defending upon graduation.”

Gary McCaleb, another coalition member who serves as chief solicitor and executive vice president for strategy implementation at Alliance Defending Freedom, added that “suppressing religion is wrong whether it is done behind an Iron Curtain or in a dorm hallway.”

McCaleb said that religious discrimination has no place in the Air Force.”

Now, Ms. Johnson, as I mentioned earlier, is the same woman I wrote about in December, read here, when she permitted the removal of “So help me God” from the academy oath. And, once again, her comrade in arms, is the anti-Christian, Atty. Mikey Weinstein. He has been the intimidating force behind Mrs. Johnson’s frightened, ill-advised and misguided responses in both situations. Weinstein bitches and she jumps. This creep spends all of his time running around the country suing to have Christian symbols and Bible verses removed from the public square. And, the push back has been disgracefully minimal, as he wins, on more occasions, then he should.

Atty. Mikey Weinstein

Atty. Mikey Weinstein

Weinstein’s organization is called the, Military Religious Freedom Foundation. What a crock! He’s not for religious freedom, he’s overtly against it. Behind its deceptive title, Weinstein’s one-man show, is nothing more than an atheist organization obsessed with removing Christianity from the American landscape. Weinstein is fiendishly obsessed with the U. S. Air force Academy in particular, having graduated from the academy himself, in 1977. One can only guess why.

When the backlash became insurmountable, Lt. Gen. Johnson was forced to explain herself. The following is her slimy, politically correct, I’m OK, you’re OK, wimpy, feminist “justification” for her latest actions in response to the onslaught of objections. Bill Hallowell, does the honors, once again. The italics are my reactions.

“Rather than an attack on religious adherence (how else would you define it?), Johnson explained that the verse was removed after considering the cadet’s leadership role at the academy. She also indicated that the move was voluntarily (yeah, right) made by the cadet following discussion over the issue.

“The scripture was below the cadet’s name on a white board and could cause subordinates to doubt the leader’s religious impartiality,” Johnson continued. (Impartiality? Faith generates the courage these young men need to go into battle! It should be encouraged!) “With the mentorship of the active duty commanding officer (no intimidation there!) as part of the discussion, the cadet squadron commander raised this potential perception and the cadet voluntarily (yeah, right again) elected to erase the scripture.” (How nice for everyone – 1 for the atheists – 0 for the Christians)

The superintendent said that the situation provided a learning opportunity (Ohhh. Isn’t that sweet) for cadets at the Air Force Academy and added that the key to solving and exploring complex issues like this (Complex? Hardly) is being able to openly discuss and analyze them when they arise. (rather than expect commanders to stand up and defend something as important as religious liberty!)

Johnson said that she is proud (thank you, Mommy) that cadets at the academy have been exploring how to balance religious freedom with “caring leadership that inspires all subordinates.” (She makes me want to gag!)

I can’t write anymore about this radical, second-wave, feminist loser. God help the United States Military, as Obama continues to appoint thousands of this kind of embarrassing wimp (both female and male), to critical leadership positions, not only at the military academies, but throughout the four branches of our military as well.

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