Short Essay – Don’t Our Children Deserve Their Fathers? Not According to Radical Second and Third-Wave Feminism!

Unjustly divorced father, with very limited custody rights

Unjustly divorced father, with very limited custody rights

Although the following article was written in 2013, it bears repeating, as it is another glaring indication of the devastation, that “liberated” women, who chose to live a radical feminist lifestyle, are having on our children.

Unfortunately, the politicians, etc. mentioned, failed to include the one, and only, cure for this distressing problem – a return to the self-regulating standards of good behavior as espoused by the Christian faith, including a return to all of the laws that once supported it.

Christianity was the source of England, and America’s, resounding success and the fact that the tenets of Christianity have been trivialized, for decades, by lesbian-led, non-Christian, radical feminists should not, and cannot, be ignored if there is to be any hope for the reversal of the deplorable, poverty-stricken, circumstances in which the children, of these notorious radical feminists, find themselves! It must be stopped in its tracks because feminism and Christianity are diametrically opposed to each other and cannot co-exist!

The article ominously states, “The report says the number of single parent households has been rising steadily over the past 40 years, and that now 3 million children are growing up predominantly with their mothers.” It is no coincident that that is nearly exactly the length of time that radical feminism has reigned in England.

And the reason for this outrageous, and unforgivable, disaster for children is the fact that millions of women have replaced the tenets of their unselfish Christian faith with the selfish ideology of radical feminism.  A twisted ideology which abhors children with its deliberate promotion of female “independence”, through divorce, illegitimacy, abortion and explicit sexuality.

This is indeed, a global disaster, on the scale of the nuclear annihilation of Christian Western culture, because the end results will be exactly the same! The total destruction of the civilized world as defined by Christianity.

The time has long passed for influential Christian men (in this case, the politicians), world-wide, to begin to FIGHT BACK! We are losing our most precious, and dear, children to these irrational and, in many cases, possessed feminists, who are unwittingly pursuing Christian Western Civilization’s destruction through their self-centered, irresponsible and revolting behavior. These non-Christian, fanatical feminists are single-handedly destroying Western Civilization’s future through their abuse of their children!

It’s time to stand up for our beloved children! Don’t they deserve our best efforts as Christians? If you think not, you are a radical feminist, and are therefore part of the problem, and not part of the solution.

Britain – ‘A Million Children Growing Up Without Fathers’

Boy with his father
Most lone parent households are led by mothers

A million UK children are growing up without a father in their lives, says a new report on family breakdown.

The Centre for Social Justice report says lone parent families are increasing by more than 20,000 a year, and will top two million by the next general election.

In some areas fatherlessness has reached such high levels that they are virtual “men deserts”, it adds.

And it accuses politicians on all sides of a “feeble” response.

The report says the number of single parent households has been rising steadily over the past 40 years, and that now 3m children are growing up predominantly with their mothers.

‘Tsunami of breakdown’

This has led to a huge number of children growing up without a meaningful relationship with their fathers – which the report defines as contact twice a year or more.

The absence of fathers is linked to higher rates of teenage crime, pregnancy and disadvantage, the report says, warning that the UK is experiencing a “tsunami” of family breakdown.

And it highlights areas of the UK with very high levels of lone parent households – although this does not necessarily mean the children living in them have no contact with their fathers.

In one neighbourhood in the Riverside ward of Liverpool, there is no father present in 65% of homes with dependent children. Liverpool has eight out of the top 20 areas with the highest levels of fatherless households.

‘Men deserts’

There are 236 pockets of towns in England and Wales where more than 50% of households with dependent children are headed by a lone mother.

And an area in the Manor Castle ward of Sheffield tops the lone parent league table – among households with dependent children, 75% are headed by a lone parent.

CSJ director Christian Guy says: “For children growing up in some of the poorest parts of the country, men are rarely encountered in the home or in the classroom. This is an ignored form of deprivation that can have profoundly damaging consequences on social and mental development.

“There are ‘men deserts’ in many parts of our towns and cities and we urgently need to wake up to what is going wrong.”

The CSJ report recalls David Cameron’s election pledge to lead the “most family-friendly Government ever”.

Yet, in power, the family stability agenda “has barely been mentioned”. Comprehensive action to tackle existing policy barriers to family stability “has been almost entirely absent”, it adds.

‘Transferrable tax allowance’

The report calls for concrete steps to encourage marriage, including transferrable tax allowances for married couples.

The Department for Communities, Local Government and the Regions responded highlighting its programme for highly troubled families.

A DCLG spokesman said the programme was helping to get thousands of children back into school, reduce youth crime and anti-social behaviour and put parents on a path back to work, as well as reducing costs to the taxpayer.

“In the first year of the three-year programme councils had already identified 66,000 fully eligible families and were working with over 35,000. This is good progress considering many services have been established from a standing start and puts us on track to work with 120,000 families by 2015.”


4 thoughts on “Short Essay – Don’t Our Children Deserve Their Fathers? Not According to Radical Second and Third-Wave Feminism!

  1. I must be slow…. I just don’t get why these fathers are pushed out. what the hey ha is wrong with these women… your kids would not be here if the father was not involved. About 4 years back it looked like my spouse and i were going to split ways…. i was packing…the kids wanted to come with me… i told them no, their father would protect them… they should stay….I only saw them being ripped from their home. I know they would have given up allot just to be with me and I could not allow it. I ended up staying but it was tense….


    • What’s wrong with these women is feminism. They have all replaced the tenets of their Christian faith with the ideology of radical feminism. Today, having allowed non-Christians to legally removed nearly all of Christianity’s influence from the public arena, feminism jumped to fill the void, filling millions of young women’s heads with its selfish, and personally destructive, BS. Most are naive teenagers when the brainwashing begins. Without their faith to offset the BS they unwittingly become feminist zombies unable to unwind their awful decisions to embrace feminism’s promulgation of abortIon, divorce, illegitimacy, fornication and adultery. When they finally realize it’s a dead end street, it’s always too late make amends, leaving them to become miserable bitches.
      Thank God you stayed!!! I am convinced that without their fathers, children are literally left to rot. Mothers CANNOT raise their children alone without dire consequences. I also agree with you that fathers cannot raise their children alone either. That’s why God created marriage. Children NEED both parents! Each provides unique and exclusive elements to their children’s upbringing and without all of those combined contributions children will not thrive. Read my post, “Short Essay – Did Christian Fathers Truly Abdicate their Roles as Husbands and Fathers, or Were They Pushed Out?” Also, “Divorce is Dumb Vol. # 1 Essay 12″, 10+ Tenets of Christianity vs. 10+ Ideals of Radical Feminism” and “Short Essay – First vs. Second vs. Third-Wave Feminism.” If you truly want to see what husbands and fathers are up against read Christine Hoff Sommers book, “Who Stole Feminidm?” A review is in my “Good Books” page at top of my blog. Please see the “Index” in the right column of my blog. Scroll through to both “Short Essays” and “Longform Essay” for more information to help you offset the insanity inherent in radical feminism’s ideology. I wish you good luck and God bless your efforts on behalf of your children. They are your most important responsibility.


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