Short Essay – Why Do Women Make Such Public Fools of Themselves?

What’s happened to the dignity with which women used to live their lives? Where are the ladies who could be relied upon to speak respectfully and knowingly? When did women decide they no longer wanted to portray themselves as modest creatures? What caused women to reject the role of wife and mother, substituting whore and manipulator in their place? Why do women deliberately make such public fools of themselves?

Why aren’t they ashamed of their embarrassing behavior? What makes them think anyone is seriously interested in them as people? Who are these freaks of nature? Where did they learn to be such low-class chicks?

Helen Gurley Brown - Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine from 1964 to 1996.

Helen Gurley Brown – Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine from 1964 to 1996.

Well, do you recognize the name Helen Gurley Brown? She is the woman who was hired as the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, despite having NO editoral experience, soon after the publication of her 1962 book, “Sex and the Single Girl.”

As such, she became the creator of radical, third-wave feminism which is based on her youth as an ambitious, sexually promiscuous, female, and to this end, a dissolute sex addict.

Gurley Brown used Cosmopolitan magazine as a platform to spread radical, third-wave feminism and her depleted view of women as simply sex objects.

Cosmopolitan and Cameron Diaz - Perfect Together

Cosmopolitan and Cameron Diaz – Perfect Together

As a result, Helen Gurley Brown is considered the “mother” of millions of young sluts, and whores, who roam the planet foolishly viewing themselves as nothing of more value than simply “empowered” sex toys.

Now, do you recognize the following photos, which are from a TV show which ran from 1999 to 2004? A show which was nominated 47 times for Emmy Awards during its six years on TV. A show which was nominated 6 times by the Costume Design Guild and 8 times by The Director Guild of America.

During its run on TV, the GLAAD Media Awards nominated the show 3 times, and in addition, it was nominated 16 times for a Golden Globe Award and received 8. The show also received 3 awards from the Screen Actors Guild and was given the Women’s Image Network (WIN) Award.

Good God! This MUST be the most inspiring TV show in decades!!!

Sadly, that is exactly the case!

And yup, you’re right. It’s Sex in the City. It was a purveyor of both radical, second-wave feminism and third-wave feminism. The TV show brought the “inspiration”, provided by Cosmopolitan magazine, to life. And millions of young foolish females are the worse for it.

The mothers who started reading Cosmopolitan as young women, and watched Sex and the City with their 12-year-old daughters, comprise two generations of women “inspired” by both.

Today, we are witnessing the depressing results. The 12 year olds girls, who started watching the show in 1999, are now 26. And, through the initial “inspirational” betrayal of their mothers by Cosmopolitan, and their further brainwashing by Sex and the City, the depleted, and debauched, public behavior of this current generation of females, is now impossible to ignore.

What their future holds, only God knows. But, without the inspiration to a higher calling, defined by Christianity’s promulgation of human dignity, and self-respect, I’m sure it won’t be good. And worse yet, life will become MORE demented for their young daughters and granddaughters.

THE END It’s the Women, Not the Men!

14 thoughts on “Short Essay – Why Do Women Make Such Public Fools of Themselves?

  1. You have so many great posts on your blog, and I would read and recommend more of them, but the way you have your blog formatted, it is hard to find your older posts. Is there any chance you could make a better listing of all your posts, so they are easier to find? Or set it up so you have a master list of all your work?
    That would be awesome! Thanks, Dale


    • They are all listed in the right column under “Index”, down below my photo. Just tap there. The whole list of 860 posts should pop up. They are in alpha order rather than chronological order but you can just scroll down and choose a title that appeals to you. I don’t think that feature is not available on the iPhone app. but it is on a laptop and I believe on the iPad too. Let me know what you discover. Thank you.

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  2. Another great post, and again, you are exactly right! Women want to act like sluts, and dress in skimpy, revealing clothes and then they are not willing to take responsibility for the effects of the way they dress! (I will stress that rape is a violent, despicable crime, and any man that rapes a woman should be punished speedily, harshly,and severely) And the women that falsely cry rape for whatever reason, they are making it much harder for the real rapists to be punished!
    But, these women can’t dress like a whore and not expect some kind of reaction!
    Halloween (the satanic holiday) is coming soon, and some of the skimpy, slutty things that these women wear as “costumes” are disgusting! It makes me wonder if they understand how men are “wired” to be aroused by a woman’s exposed body.
    That is NOT to excuse the men for not controlling themselves, but rather the women need to be educated in Modesty, and taught how to dress properly! And that is a direct result of the feminists war on men and the Mom & Dad Family. If these fatherless “liberated” (lol) women would learn to dress properly, they would discover most of the stuff they complain about would disappear. But no, they would rather have their “slut walks” and complain about being “slut shamed”
    The feminist does not even realise that their feminist actions are the cause of a lot of there problems, and JESUS is the Only answer! All the feminists that are at war with Christianity & the Christian family are in for a rude awakening when the muslims take over, and imply sharia law on them…..That’s coming, unless we stop the spread of islam!

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    • Right! And only Christian soldiers can stop that onslaught which will be very difficult to accomplish with our feminist females demeaning the only men who are willing and able to defend them. To your other point. I’m not sure if the third-wave feminist’s slutty dress code is designed to attract men or frustrate them but either way it shows a total disconnect from men, especially for those who falsely believe it will attract men. Dressing stylishly but modestly is much more effective as it shows understanding and respect for men, and their innate passion for women, by NOT unnecessarily arousing them in public. When I was young they used to call these kinds of girls (and they certainly didn’t dress down to the extreme slut levels they do today) TEASES. And, 99% of the girls would NEVER want anyone to think that poorly of them and our clothes reflected that desire. What amazes me is that we all found nice guys and married. I don’t have a clue what these brainwashed ditzes think they are going to do when they are nothing more than old, useless, used merchandise.

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  3. I think you are painting with a broad brush, most are modest, wives, moms, workers, bread winners etc. Times do change and women have immense responsibility today. Most just want to live their lives and enjoy their children. I never watched Sex in the city nor did my daughter at twelve. I think this is all in your “conservative” mind. This is the actions of a few. There is no war on Christians.


    • No war on Christians? I don’t think Kim Davis, Barronelle Stutzman, Melissa Klein or Jack Phillips would agree with your broad brush assessment. Trust me, there is no conservative broad-brushing going on in this post either. These are simply the facts and they are NOT the actions of a few. When compared to The Greatest Generation (and all of the Christian women who came before them), the MILLIONS of their radical, second-wave feminist baby boomer daughters, are just trash – drug use, lying, cheating, stealing, criminality (read any or all of my Current EVEntS posts), outrageous divorce rates, abandoning their kids to childcare, denial of their Christian faith, choosing career before family, male bashing, materialistic shopaholics, pop culture is their new god and partying hardy has defined much of their lives. And why is this? There is only one reason. They were brainwashed as young college women to substitute the ideology of radical feminism for the tenets of their Christian faith. As a result, we as a country, are now suffering not only with their depleted influence but with their debauched, third-wave feminist daughters, as well. These young third-wave feminists, having been raised by their compromised second-wave feminist mothers, have NO shame or guilt at all. Read my post, “Short Essay – Are You a Flaming, Female Feminist Fool, Too?” And, there is but one explanation for this unprecidented shift, from moral to immoral, behavior in women. It is that, for the first time in American history, or for that matter, in world history, the baby boomer generation of women, and now their daughters, have chose to publicly support, or worse yet, define, and “empower” themselves through third-wave feminism’s primary ideal – explicit sexuality. Explicit sexuality which includes all of its perverted by-products including illegitimacy, adultery, abortion, promiscuity and basic hooker behavior. Ask any average woman under 45 how many men she’s slept with and I can almost guarantee you it will be at least 12. Now ask any average woman over 65 how many men she’s slept with and you’ll be hard pressed to find any with more than one, unless she’s been widowed or divorced. Read my post, “Beyoncé Bouys the ‘Bitchy Bimbo’ Brainchild, of Bonehead Battleaxes, with her Bouncing Butt, at MTV Awards” to see feminism’s push for “empowerment” through explicit sexuality in action. It’s almost laughable, if it weren’t so sick! So, as a result of feminism, women are not only no longer ladies but are rampant sluts. And, NOTHING has changed except the arrival of radical, second-wave feminism in the late 1960s and early 1970s? To read more about the insidious nature of feminism and women’s obliviousness about its negative impact on their lives, please read 2 more of my posts, “10+ Tenets of Christianity vs. 10+ Ideals of Radical Feminism” and “Short Essay – First vs. Second vs. Third-Wave Feminism” to see the reality of just how ferocious the feminist war on Christianity truly is. It is a war of gargantuan proportions as it is literally destroying our glorious Christian Western Civilization and all of our enemies can see this weakness and are attacking and killing Christians world-wide with impunity. So, yes, there is a war on Christians, both here and abroad, and despicably it is being waged by millions of women who were once Christians themselves. Remember, feminism hates Christianity and also remember that it has NOTHING to do with “equality” for women and everything to do with inequality for Christian men. Two more of my posts address these 2 issues as well, “Longform Essay – How Did “Patriarchy” Become a Dirty Word?” and “Longform Essay – Why Does the False Pretext of “Equality” Diminish, Rather Than Increase, the Value of Women?” Thanks for your comment and please keep reading through my blog. I think you’ll find it enlightening. Begin with my “About” page.


  4. I thoroughly enjoy your posts. I am also one of the last of the baby boomers, so I remember how things were in the 1950’s. I agree, in many ways, it was a much better world.



  5. My 1st reaction to this was to comment angrily that “this was probably written by men etc.”. Upon further reflection, I’m acquiring understanding of the title “It’s the women, not the men”. After having stopped to take a breath and think, rather than react with anger, I get it. It is our (the women) responsibility to not allow any one to convince us to disrespect ourselves or others, be it for money, supposed fun or any other reason. Having had a moment where I remembered to practice the process of thinking prior to reacting in anger, then responding with a clear, informed head, a process which I mentioned and encouraged all to practice in a prior comment. What a difference!
    I watched quite a few of those 12 year olds who followed “sex in the city” with their Mothers (not in my home) grow into selfish, disrespectful, know-it-all’s, with the ability to justify any and all behaviors. I have to disclose that as a younger person,I engaged in some horrific behaviors myself (I need to not be a hypocrite) however, mine were a result of substance abuse I turned to in response to heavy trauma in an era in which all the wonderful help available to any person these days, was not. This is still no excuse, and I continue to have to work on loving and respecting myself. Women need not volunteer to disgrace themselves!!!!
    I can say with thorough confidence that I was never proud of my actions, and always knew that I was not respecting myself, all others and especially my God and His teachings.
    Sarah Merritt


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