Short Essay – Are Christian Dads Unwittingly Becoming Radical Feminism’s Co-Conspirators?

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Is the Single-mindedness of CAREER-Oriented College for Young Women a Threat to Christian Family Life?

Dad, when was the last time you told your daughter that she had to get good grades, go to college and find a good job?

OK. Now, when was the last time you told your daughter that she needs to marry a Christian, have lots of kids and love them with all of her heart?


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Hummm….. Do you see my point? Who are you working for? The enemy?

Sure, it’s nice to go to college and work but if that’s all you’re telling your daughter, you are unwittingly working for the radical, second-wave feminists, who literally hate your guts.

By pushing your daughter towards a “career” only, you are actually sending her AWAY from you and, at the same time, you’re undermining yourself and everything you represent and hold dear.


Dad and DaughterAre you giving your daughter mixed signals? It appears that way.

On one hand, you are obviously the most honorable, reliable and trusted person in your daughter’s life and yet, on the other hand, you’re telling her, by inference, that men like you are not worthy of pursuit.

By pushing the concept of “career” only, you are inferring that men are not good enough to be trusted to provide for their wives and children, as loving husbands and fathers, and that your daughters better be prepared to do that job themselves.

So….. rather than think this through, you continue to mindlessly drivel on, about getting a good education and finding a “career” so she can support herself when?….. the creep divorces her and their kids?

Have you ever asked yourself what the hell you’re doing by only giving her one side of the story?

The answer? You are unintentionally sleeping with the enemy – that’s what you’re doing. And, your precious daughter deserves better, much better.

She needs to know that if she ever plans to have children (and despite radical feminism’s statements to the contrary – all Christian girls DO) she will need to marry a young Christian man, who not only loves her, but is capable of supporting her, and their kids, as well.

Otherwise, the happy family life she dreams of will become, for her, a stressed-filled, guilt-ridden, unbalanced and disappointing rat race, as she unsuccessfully strains to “do it all”. 

college feministsSo, Dads, be careful whose “best interests” you are fostering. Upon reflection, they may not be your own.

23 thoughts on “Short Essay – Are Christian Dads Unwittingly Becoming Radical Feminism’s Co-Conspirators?

  1. Have large families? In my country this thing are somehow “in the middle, if you can afford it, it’s OK, but most of the time, better not have too many”. Thanks to stories of poverty from mothers with many kids in the general public.

    “2 kids enough” is a planned parenthood campaign which was started in the 1980s in my country (Indonesia). Even that, the “good” thing is abortion remain illegal in Indonesia but a revision in 2005 (if I’m not wrong) Health Act contained exceptions (rape and health of the mother).

    Even “health of the mother reason” not a valid reason, in my opinion. #AbolishHumanAbortion

    Any opinion about this situation in mine? God Bless.


    • You are correct, in USA there is NO valid research that indicates the “health” of mother is ever cause for an abortion. Mothers do not die during childbirth anymore, since nearly all babies are born in hospitals. Planned Parenthood has recently been exposed in the USA as nothing more than an abortion mill that sells baby parts for profit! They don’t even do mammograms! They are a TOTALLY disreputable feminist organization which seeks the death of children, in whatever form the feminists can find, including brainwashing entire generations of young women, to use contraception and abortion to offset their irresponsibility, while under radical, second and third-wave feminism’s former “sexual revolution” and current push for “explicit sexuality” as “empowering” for young women. Radical feminism and Planned Parenthood are one in the same. They espouse irresponsible sexual behavior for young women, at the expense of children. I pray your country does not adopt this deadly psychosis into law because, as I said in one of my earlier replies, it will eventually annihilate your race because between feminism’s promulgation of abortion, contraception and “only 2 children” ideology, your country will experience a dramatic reduction of its population (while muslims are having 6-8 kids per family) that will, within just 2 generations, reduce your race to a point (just like most of the European countries) that it will NOT be able to reproduce itself in large enough numbers to survive as a race or culture!


      • Correction, Indonesia is muslim majority.

        Indonesian planned parenthood association (PKBI in Indonesian, a private association) aren’t openly support abortion but they still up to no good with acceptance of homosexuals. The govt agency for Planned Parenthood (BKKBN) also not support abortion. Just clarification from me, an Indonesian.

        We have problems with child marriages too which increase poverty (tend to be practiced by conservative muslims). This become one of the propaganda tools used by radical feminists to gather support from particularly young Indonesian women.

        Let me tell you this one chilling statistic. In Indonesia almost 2 million babies has been killed (illegally) each year. Those rad-fem vampires want it legal in pretext for “safe abortion”. Give me a break! No murder is safe! #abolishhumanabortion

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      • That’s the same line of lies they gave us in 1974 in order to get abortion legalized! All it did was make what was illegal, legal! And, worse yet, the number of abortions rose, year after year after year, as feminism’s “sexual revolution” continued to spread its “free love” among the young baby boomers. AND sadly, it’s legalization eventually removed the stigma of murder from the minds of millions of young women as well. Despite the abortion advocates assurances, it did NOT eliminate the back alley “butchers”. It just brought them out into the open, allowed them to become legit and finally hang a sign on the street corner in broad daylight ADVERTISING their “butcher” shops, rather than hiding in the shadows! It solved NOTHING, and in many cases, made things MUCH worse, especially for the innocent, vulnerable, unborn infants. Google, “Dr. Kermit Gosnel” to see the horrific, “legal” abortion butcher shop he ran in Philadelphia, Pa. up until a few years ago. It will make your skin crawl!


    • Other information: Fertility rate of a typical Indonesian is 2,4. Alarmed? Several people nowadays spoken mainly about “quality of human resources” while relatively silent about quantity. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t know if I become father in the future I will be able to handle 5 kids or more, but I respect anybody who have such number of kids (4 and above) and be able to raise them properly.


      • At 2.4 your country is more than sustaining itself. It’s when countries drop below 2.0 that survival is questionable. If you marry the right Christian woman who wants lots of children, five children will not be too many. I grew up in a town with dozens of large Catholic families with 10-12 children. They didn’t have many material things, but they had each other, and that made those of us from small families envious. There was laundry piled everywhere, no carpets or fancy curtains, only one car, and one family actually had a pay phone installed in their house and all their new babies started life in an open dresser drawer, but their houses were clean, refrigerators were packed and they were FULL of laughter, joy, activity and conversation! The kids were always happy and very busy, especially caring for one another. They all seemed to know their Mom needed lots of help and they were all willing to help her wherever they could. Older kids always helped with little ones and cleaning and this not only made them feel needed but taught them to be very responsible, very early on. None of those kids, nor any of us friends, thought they were “poor” because they lacked material things. We thought they were blessed and lucky to have so many brothers and sisters to play with and enjoy.


      • A good Christian wife were definitely a must.

        Even that, the main reservation for ‘lot of kids” will be education. In Third World countries such as mine there were such thing as people who were not even completed secondary education due to lack of funds. And I definitely not want my future kids to be in that statistic. Who knows when the economy collapses like in 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, or your so called the Fed go bust.


      • The homeschool industry in the United States is flourishing! Many Christian mothers choose to homeschool their children, specifically to keep their children safe from the highly secularized and sexualized public school education system, with great success. There are extensive organizations here that provide parents with all of the paraphernalia, books, lesson plans, and teaching tools necessary to accomplish 12 years of home schooling successfully. These children become excellent students and are highly sought after by universities.


      • Another possible constraint; visiting families in other provinces of Indonesia (which in most cases, you most likely to fly), if you have 10 kids. Yes, I had relatives in several places in Indonesia. Who wants a long journey of several days in a bus or a relatively fully packed passenger ships, for example?


      • Have your relatives visit you instead. If you want lots of children, your faith with guide you to all the answers on how to prioritize your life accordingly. Your kids must be your top priority. “Poverty” is a state of mind children cannot relate to. Read, our Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ book, “My Grandfather’s Son” where he explains how he didn’t realize, as a small child, that he was “poor” until someone outside his community, told him he was. For children, “poverty” their is unrecognizable. It is an imaginary government and activist number meant to entrap people in socialist government “programs” from which there is NO opportunity to escape as there is no incentive to advance or improve there situation. It’s a scam to keep people dependent on the government. Having said that, the loss, or absence, of children’s father or grandfather, as opposed to “poverty”, IS understood by children and it is much more devastating to the child’s future success.


      • Well, ma’am, thanks for your opinion and explanation in this case. About large families (4 or more), I would remain different, to be honest, which mean I will respect anyone who do so but I will stop after 3.

        Besides, I’m already agree with you in many things such as the importance of solid fathers figure and a good mother in the home, and the need to abolish and punish human abortion, in order to combat radical feminism.


  2. Are Christian fathers co-conspirators with feminists?

    Absolutely yes! The true theology in most protestant churches is men are intrinsically bad and women are inherently good. Consider these examples:
    The movie Fireproof shows the husband as a selfish porn addicted loser who won’t man up:
    Of course not a word is ever said about how churches perform weddings which cost more than $10,000.00 so the bride could have bragging rights.
    Father’s day usually is a time for all manner of man bashing. I have even read where churches made men kneel and confess their supposed sins to wives.
    Then of course there are the incessant man up lectures by ministers. The truth is the church leaders want to ingratiate themselves to all the feminist parishioners.
    Men will man up when women man down.


  3. Oh, ouch, good one.

    I was really blessed to have a father who certainly valued education, but never once presented education/ career as being a superior choice, in fact he clearly pointed out that happiness was to be found in family and children, for both genders, actually. Education/careers were a secondary pursuit, and not one you should put all your eggs in, not if you wanted to be happy anyway.

    I can vouch for the fact that it matters, that women need fathers to teach them what is valuable in life, what will bring them contentment and happiness. I imagine that in today’s world, many fathers are concerned that daughters be able to support themselves. That’s a valid concern, but what women really need is permission to be, well, women.


    • Well put! My father didn’t stress either. Luckily, my mother stressed both. But getting an education was more for my own intellectual advancement than to pursue a career. For my mother, my getting married with a given.


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