Longform Essay – Why Would Any Woman Deliberately Curse Her Child to a Life Defined by Illegitimacy?

Radical Feminist Propaganda and Total BS.

Radical Feminist Propaganda and Total BS.

First of all, only a dope would allow herself to get pregnant out-of-wedlock. Secondly, only an irresponsible idiot would bring a child into the world without the protection, and support, of its Dad. Thirdly, only a brainwashed, feminist would think she could work, and properly raise her children, alone. And lastly, only a non-Christian, radical, third-wave feminist would think that it’s all okay!

Do these dumb women honesty believe that no one will ever notice, care, disrespect, judge or alienate their illegitimate child? Granted, other women may never say anything about it, but they are thinking it, and this puts the innocent child in an awkward position, right off the bat.

bad little kidsDo these numbskulls really think that bringing an illegitimate child into the world, doesn’t automatically make the child a third-class citizen?  Hello? This will happen mainly because the child will soon understand that his/her mom was trash and therefore he/she will believe that he/she must be too. Their fragile self-esteem is immediately damaged.

Father's Day without DadDo these radical feminists really think that their irresponsible behavior will not drop their standing, with co-workers, bosses, neighbors, friends and family, about 50 notches? Think again.

People hate bummers and a woman who couldn’t get the, to-be father of her children to marry her before she got pregnant, or worse yet, to marry her after she got pregnant is, for everyone involved, a BUMMER! It’s embarrassing, sad and painful for everyone, despite what other “liberated” women “cheerfully” say to the woman’s face. Everyone knows that this foolish mistake will cause the mother, and the child’s, life to be a constant struggle to stay out of poverty, sans the security of marriage, father and faith. Most single mothers rarely make enough money to pay their bills and the babysitter.

Holy Family 6

The Holy Family – Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Do these stupid females really believe that deliberately disregarding the time-honored tenets of Christianity, concerning marriage and motherhood, will somehow be irrelevant to her child’s life? Only if she doesn’t care what happens to them once they grow up, because to deliberately shackle an innocent child to a life defined by illegitimacy, will make the child’s life unnecessarily complicated, and difficult, emotionally, spiritually and economically.

If you are exposed to one of these “happy” misguided, pregnant women, who foolishly continue to espouse the “joy”of it all, as if the illegitimacy of their child’s birth doesn’t matter, you can be assured that she is truly living in the LaLa Land as defined by radical, third-wave feminism. And, you can also be assured that, as a result, she and her child’s life will be forever depleted, as there will be no effort to rectify her own situation or behavior.

Anti-Christian logoRadical, third-wave feminism, as opposed to Christianity, has distorted the thinking, behavior and beliefs of women, under the age of 40, to such an extent that it should be declared a psychological disorder.

Not only does its adoption as a “lifestyle” place the women at risk for abuse, poverty and STD but worse yet, it drastically, and dramatically, diminishes their ability to sympathize, empathize or to give any consideration to their children’s emotional development, while instead, spending all of their time obsessing about their own “needs.”

Gone is the concept of setting a good example for their children. Gone is the need to protect their children from evil. Gone is the ability to decipher what is in their children’s best interest. Gone is the commitment and selflessness to their children’s well-being. And, even the elemental desire to see that their children are well-rested and well-fed is gone. But worse yet, gone is the basic, basic, basic premise that their children should be very important to them.

trashy women 4

Radical, Third-Wave Feminist

Radical, third-wave feminism has annihilated every aspect of Christian womanhood that once made women essential contributors to the advancement of the human race through the upbringing of their children, both morally and emotionally. And in its place, a single, warped, distorted creature has emerged – millions of young women who define themselves solely as sexpots, just like whores.

In the mind of females who have adopted radical, third-wave feminism as a lifestyle, motherhood does not advance their sexpot view of themselves, and as a result, they no longer value their children in the same way as their Christian grandmothers once did.

Radical feminism, as opposed to Christianity, has trained these feminists to view children as disposable (abortion), expendable (divorce) and inconvenient (career).

family waving from carThese twisted feminists live their lives in direct contrast to Christianity’s teachings. The correlation can be vividly seen with the rise of feminism and the decline in Christianity starting in the 1960s.  And as a result, these foolish women have thereby, deliberately, rejected the critical safeguards that Christianity provides to its adherents – father, husband, home, and family.

As a result, radical, third-wave feminists are immoral, unethical, irresponsible, crude, contentious, self-centered freaks. Narcissistic females who have been brainwashed, by their radical, second-wave feminist mothers, to care nothing about other people’s feelings, including their own children.

As long as it’s, “all about them”, they just don’t care about anyone else, and eventually everyone, within their sphere of influence, is dropped on their head, including their children.

women and men partyingI wouldn’t care one iota about what happens to these deviant women if it were not for the horrific emotional toll they extract from those who have the great misfortune to love them.

Husbands, boyfriends, brothers and fathers are their primary victims. And this is because very young, soon-to-be, radical feminists are systematically, and irrationally, trained, throughout most of their lives, by non-Christian, feminist controlled, academia; the secular entertainment industry and by the liberal news media, to repudiate, reject and revile the truly irreplaceable, invaluable, good and honorable men in their lives.

illegitimacy 3These foolish feminist females have been trained to believe that these men are just trying to “hold them back” or “keep them down.” They believe that the men, who love them, are deliberately limiting their ability to,  “be all that they could be”, when in reality, these men are just trying to set parameters that they know will keep the women safe and out of trouble, i.e. don’t stay out all night, don’t date dirt bags or married men, don’t have sex before marriage, don’t get drunk, don’t steal, cheat or lie. All of which are based on the sound, and proven, tenets of Christianity which provide a happy life.

And, although I have great empathy for the men who once cared for these women, my profound sympathy is reserved for the children these psycho-bitches produce. I believe that these women are so devoid of the ability to love anyone but themselves, (which is exemplified by their across-the-board acceptance of abortion as dictated by radical, second-wave feminism), that they fail to completely recognise their children as fully human.

8 month pregnant Brianna Anderson was shot dead by her "boyfriend"

8 month pregnant Brianna Anderson was shot dead by her “boyfriend”

As a result, when things continue to go terribly wrong in their own lives, and their innocent children suffer the results of their “mother’s” debauched behavior, this heartless breed of women simply defines the damage done to their children as simply “collateral damage” and off-handedly respond to a distraught 10-year-old by commenting to a friend, “Let him/her figure it out.”

trashy women 2Most of these hapless children are produced as a direct result of these radical feminist’s primary focus – their sexuality.

It defines them, motivates them, possesses them and obsesses them, just as though they were hooked on drugs! Nothing matters as much as the flirtation, teasing, (radical, third-wave feminism – explicit sexuality) and the “conquest” (radical, second-wave feminism – promiscuity.) 

There is nothing else in their lives that matters as much to them as their explicit sexuality, even those with husbands and children. This extraordinarily narcissistic, and self-destructive, behavior can be vividly seen in the seemingly, never-ending, criminal cases surrounding female high school teachers having sex with their underage students.

Where’s the guilt? Where’s the shame? Where’s the embarrassment you ask? The answer is that without a belief in the tenets of Christianity, there isn’t any!! It is the Clinton/ Lewinsky Syndrome, over and over and over again. They become simply, out of control sex addicts. 

These young women are not only influenced by their “sexually liberated” radical, second-wave feminist mothers but are profoundly influenced, during their upbringing, by the fact that American feminist/socialist “leaders” loudly approve of the evil inherent in legalized abortion and disapprove of the goodness inherent in Christianity. 

Prior to non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminism rearing its ugly head, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, our children’s schooling, entertainment and communities represented the exact reverse. 

Today, thanks to the proliferation of the adoption of the ideology of radical feminism among our young women, our entire country (supported by its non-Christian, feminist court system) now embraces the killing of innocent children, while at the same time, publicly reviling the word of God.  God help us!

strong_feministNo wonder these 30 something radical, third-wave feminist females are totally screwed up! Sadly, our Christian men have not fought against this betrayal of our women. They have stood by and have systematically allowed the non-Christian, radical feminists to deny our young people an opposing force to secularism and immorality, with damning results.

One of radical feminism’s defining traits is its disdain for marriage and this has been the ultimate reason why we are suffering with soaring rates of illegitimacy in America.

One of the founders of non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminism, Gloria Steinem, once wrote, “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle” and “What has the women’s movement learned from Geraldine Ferraro’s candidacy for vice president? Never get married” and “Women have two choices: Either she’s a feminist or a masochist.” and “Women’s total instinct for gambling is satisfied by marriage.”

It only stands to reason that without marriage, illegitimacy rises. Putting-the-cart-before-the-horse syndrome.

As a result, when the “liberated” sex lives of these feminist females, who are opposed to marriage, collide with their total irresponsibility, illegitimacy becomes common place, and by necessity, it is now “accepted”  by the remainder of radical feminists as normal.

Mother and child

Mother and child

And so once again, this feminist “knowing” continues the push women away from the sound training as Christian mothers (who traditionally treasure their beloved children) and towards the debauched feminist behavior of  oddball “mothers”, who consider their children an annoying inconvenience.

Today, these sick, selfish radical feminists don’t care if they have illegitimate children because, in their twisted minds, and the minds of their compatriots, it just proves what good feminists they are. They are, once again, proving their “liberation” and “emancipation” from the “domination” inflicted on women by men.

YUK! Only a female who has had absolutely no education in the tenets of Christianity could come to such an insane conclusion! And yet, everyday, millions of foolish women do just that.

The height of this disorder is their inability to connect with their children, whether before, during or after they are born. These freaks feel no obligation towards their children’s successful, safe or sane upbringing because they themselves have been denied the ONLY source of social sanity known to man – the Bible!

Bible 5The Bible contains the directions necessary to complete your stay on earth with the least amount of grief, pain and heartache. Only feminists, who live in a gutter world which produces illegitimate children by the thousands, think it doesn’t matter.

black povertyThe remainder of the happy and successful Christian world looks on their behavior very poorly because they know that it didn’t have to be that way.

The sadness, struggle, loneliness and exhaustion these feminist women experience is a direct result, of a deliberate choice, made by a radical, third-wave feminist, to curse her child through illegitimacy.

And, once pregnant, unless they resort to feminist approved abortion (which only destroys their lives further), it’s too late to turn back.

And, whether they want to believe it or not, this unnecessary situation, will stigmatize the woman (what good guy would ever want to marry her now that she’s had someone else’s child), and her innocent child, to a life of deprivation and poverty.

neglected childDespite what radical, second and third-wave feminism tells you, cursing your child to illegitimacy – WILL NEGATIVELY EFFECT THE OUTCOME OF YOUR, AND YOUR CHILD’S, LIFE FOREVER!

So, don’t do it!!!!

8 thoughts on “Longform Essay – Why Would Any Woman Deliberately Curse Her Child to a Life Defined by Illegitimacy?

  1. Another question about combating radical feminism; How to answer one of the premises made by feminists that those cases of illegitimacy due to rape were not the women’s fault? (They called the culture who ostracize women with this case as victim blaming and slut shaming).


    • Of course the primary problem is to determine if a rape truly occurred. Many young college age women in USA accuse the men of rape, when it was actually, regret. Many of these sexual encounters were encouraged, when the sexually “liberated” feminist allowed herself to be used for the sex she defined herself with when she adopted the “explicit sexuality” that they radical, third-wave feminists promotes as “empowering” for women. Alcohol consumption by women is also a problem too. On the other hand, if the woman was assaulted and raped by a gang of radical Islam men, or a victim of any other provable form of rape, (which usually results in black eyes, bloody noses, scratches and in some cases, knocked out teeth) then the woman must be given the benefit of the doubt. Christianity, unlike Islam, has NEVER blamed, or shamed, a woman when she was truly raped. Christian men usually hung the rapist instead.


  2. This is so on point . Exactly what is happening to me and my family right now. I can’t thank you enough . Hopefully this may open some eyes . I thought this was only my babies mom and grandma pole dancing , hoe bagging, Internet whoring , man hating , anti family , horrible female role model , narrcissitic feminist catastrophe I am dealing with. These selfish child abusing women need to pull their heads out and realize that moms and dads and family homes are what matters not their sexpot exploits


    • I couldn’t agree with you more! Unfortunately, most young women know nothing more than what irrational, radical, second-wave feminism tells them, because the good behavior associated with the tenets of Christianity has been systematically irradicated from America’s public education system by non-Christian litigators. It’s time to speak up and FIGHT BACK before we loose the greatest country in recorded history.


  3. Years ago I worked as a Security Guard at a low income apartment complex. Every weekend, I would see people sending their kids to the other parent’s (Daddy’s) place on friday’s and then on Sunday nights they would come back to Mommy’s place. Almost all the time, the kids would be crying, because they didn’t want to play “musical parents”, and even once in awhile the kids, usually all young- (less than 10) would ask the parents things like “Why can’t you & Daddy stay together?”Or some would even yell stuff like that at their parents!
    Seeing all that made me sick to my stomach, and furious at the parents for being such selfish quitters to do that to their precious kids!

    I vowed I would do everything it took to keep MY family together. Sometimes it was not easy, but for the sake of our precious children, it was very much worth it!


    • You are SO right. But I think what I find more infuriating than the parents immature and irresponsible behavior towards their precious children is the government’s deliberate efforts to support those disaster our efforts to divorce for the most trivial of reasons, or just to get nearly all the husband’s income. Without laws that reflect Christianity’s priorities, and this was nearly ALWAYS the case with Western Civilization’s rule of law until radical, second-wave feminism reared its ugly Marxist head in the late 1960s and early 1970s, evil prevails!


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