Short Essay – Did Men Truly Abdicate Their Roles as Christian Husbands and Fathers, or Were They Pushed Out?

Sad fatherI cannot find a man, who has lost his children through divorce, abortion or illegitimacy, who did not feel a deep sense of remorse and loss.

Despite the rants of radical, second-wave feminists, the vast majority of men do NOT deliberately abandon their children. And, they are NOT hard-hearted bastards who don’t care about their marriage, or their kids.

Most fathers have a deep connection to their children, but since radical feminist’s promulgation of the “sexual revolution” in the 1960s, fatherhood has been reduced to an irrelevant appendage to childbirth.

When radical feminism convinced millions of young female baby boomers that “career” was more important than family, the first to suffer were the children of those women, and the second, were the fathers of those children.

In the resulting societal chaos of the 1960s and 1970s the importance of fathers was first attacked, when a tiny part of the Social Security benefits was drastically expanded to include black women with children.

This change had the unintended consequence of destroying the black family, as fathers were encouraged to abandon their children in order to allow their wives to qualify for more benefits, as “single” mothers. In addition, women were encouraged to have MORE babies in order to receive MORE benefits. 


President John F. Kennedy

To make matters worse, President John F. Kennedy instituted the Affirmative Action programs with two Executive Orders, 10925 in 1961 and 11114 in 1963.

These two orders pushed the men farther out of their families because the hiring of black women encouraged corporations, operating under the government edicts associated with Affirmative Action, to hire black women at an inordinate rate, because they filled TWO quotas, rather than one, as they were both black, AND female.

FatherlessIt should surprise no one, that a matriarchal (sans husbands) black community quickly developed, since the women now held the purse strings.

Black Christian fathers were the first men to experience the suffering that resulted from their being legally pushed out of their own homes, but the crisis would continue to spread throughout America, as the influence of the anti-Christian-male ideology of radical, second-wave feminism became more prevalent. 

Over the next fifty years, these deliberately, anti-Christian father government regulations would be supported by radical, second-wave feminists, as millions of female, baby boomer “career” women substituted the ideology of radical, second-wave feminism for the tenets of their Christian faith.

As these twisted women ramped-up their irrational, unjustified and  unwarranted attacks on Christian men, and in particular fathers, men began to retreat from the screaming, irrational accusations that resulted.

In time, these “well-educated” radical, second-wave feminist ideologues moved off the campus’ of America and into positions of influence throughout America in the once male-dominated arenas of business, organized religion, military, judiciary, politics and academia.

At that point, the attacks on Christian men by feminists not only became prevalent, but pernicious, blatant and finally the acceptable norm.

Despite being blatant lies, which were disingenuously spread by the attention-seeking, dysfunctional, non-Christian “leaders” of radical feminism, including Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Roseanne Barr and Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, Christian men were now being portrayed by the news media and entertainment industry as “oppressive” and “domineering” towards their wives and children.

This would NOT bode well for the 2000-year-old Christian family unit, which had ALWAYS relied on the father who, as the head of the family, assumed the heavy burdens of protectorate and provider for his wife and children.

Desecration of the cross

Students for Life Cemetery of the Innocents at Clarion University in Pennsylvania is Vandalized.

Today, we are experiencing the most vicious assault ever leveled against Christian men in the history of mankind.

Their role as Christian husbands, and fathers, is no longer sacred or sacrosanct.

The Christian faith itself, to which honorable men have always devoted their lives, is now under attack as well. These caring Christian family men have, unwittingly, become pariahs within the radical, second-wave feminist community of influential women, when before this invasion of irrational feminists, they were revered as the backbone of Christian Western Civilization.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Today, their very existence sends feminists into a legal frenzy. And their weapon of choice? Divorce!

No Fault divorce, which leaves men without the ability to defend their marriage, and inevitably leaves Christian men reeling in the aftermath of their spouse’s trumped-up allegations. 

Legal assaults brought on by out-of-control feminists. Females who show NO consideration for their desperate children who left crying in the wake of their self-absorbed, irrational, vicious rampage brought against the men who once loved them “unto death”.

And just as deplorable, never giving a moment’s thought to pain inflicted on their once supportive, and protective, Christian husbands, who are left behind to grieve at the inexplicable loss of their family, their children, their homes and their lives, through NO fault of their own.

Father and sad childSo, NO, Christian men did not abdicate their roles as fathers and husbands. They were systematically, and deliberately, pushed out of these roles by power-hungry socialists bent on government control of people’s lives and vengeful, influential radical, second-wave feminists, both of whom irrationally hate Christian men for what they stand for, but more importantly, for what they WON’T stand for.

These radical, hateful witches are led by the anti-Christian, radical, second-wave feminist U. S. Supreme court justices Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan. With these radical feminist gatekeepers in place, on the highest court in the land, Christian men will continue to fight an uphill battle for their homes, their children and their ultimately, their God-given birthright as Christian men.

crossIt’s time for influential Christian men everywhere, within academia, the judiciary, the military, politics, organized religion and business to reclaim their righteous roles as Christian fathers and husbands, and begin to BAND TOGETHER and FIGHT BACK!

They and their children deserve no less.


24 thoughts on “Short Essay – Did Men Truly Abdicate Their Roles as Christian Husbands and Fathers, or Were They Pushed Out?

  1. If you want to see just how far modern Churches have departed from historic Christianity, then watch Father Mitch Pacwa, S.J., interview a former protestant seminarian:

    Father Pacwa shows how modern Protestant Churches *reject* what Calvin and Luther taught. It’s amazing. The church we have now, in America, is a liturgical form of Prozac. It’s main functionis to make people feel good. Christian men are not going to attend that church.


  2. There is no doubt that the role of men in the family has been minimized, ostracized…and every ized you can think of. Just watch your average sitcom and without fail the dumbest person on the show will invariably be the father figure. On the other hand, men as a whole have abdicated their role as spiritual leaders of their families. Just look at most churches, where mothers and grandmothers far outnumber fathers and grandfathers. Just a thought.


    • Men did not abdicate their role in the Church. The church, in its desire to ingratiate iitself to women parishioners, sanctioned frivolous divorce and remarriage. Secondly, American churches are filled with unbelievers! Finally, many churches approve pf homosexuality. At that point, the men abandon the church for the apostate institution it is.


      • Thanks for your comment. The situations you describe may very well be true. Nonetheless, I maintain they happened because we, men, allowed them to happen. Nobody forced us to sit and watch.

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      • Not all men alowed it to happen. Those of us who stood up against it were attacked. Ultimately, the church left us. Modern churches are governed not by the Bible but by majority rule. They are democratic, and not theocratic, in practice. If the majority of the parishioners deem frivolous divorce and remarriage OK, then all sorts of scripture twisting is used to justify it. If enough congregants think the Bible just contains the word of God and is not really divinely inspired, the Church bylaws are changed. Most protestant churches indulge in mass appeal. Replete with rock bands, effeminate “I love you Jesus” music, photo album sentimentality and man bad – woman wonderful preaching. In short, a “pack em’ in at any cost” mentality. However, the Church is filled with unbelievers! Allowing unbelievers to override the Bible.


      • And it all began with the rise of anti-Christian, radical, second-wave feminism in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Do not give up on your efforts to realign your church. Continue to educate yourself to do battle with the heretics. You may be the next Calvin, Wesley or Knox.


      • I doubt I’ll be the equal of Calvin Knox, Fulton Sheen or Luther. I’m just an ordinary guy.

        One common theme that struck me in your essays was this:
        “Radical feminists hate evrything Christian men stand for and won’t stand for”

        That is true. I think the real reason is that the gospel is the story of a masculine deity that saves us from our sins. Feminists could never be beholden to a God the Father, nor his appointed savior, God the Son. It’s the Gospel that is really under attack here. The men are just the carriers of that message.To make it clear what the gospelis, here is one of it’s most brilliant expositors:

        From St. John Chrysostom, 349 – 407 A.D., Martyr and Preacher at Constantinople:

        “Suppose someone should be caught in the act of adultery and the foulest crimes and then be thrown into prison. Suppose, next, that judgment was going to be passed against him and that he would be condemned.

        Suppose that just at that moment a letter should come from the Emperor setting free from any accounting or examination all those detained in prison. If the prisoner should refuse to take advantage of the pardon, remain obstinate and choose to be brought to trial, to give an account, and to undergo punishment, he will not be able thereafter to avail himself of the Emperor’s favor. For when he made himself accountable to the court, examination, and sentence, he chose of his own accord to deprive himself of the imperial gift.

        This is what happened in the case of the Jews. Look how it is. All human nature was taken in the foulest evils. “All have sinned,” says Paul. They were locked, as it were, in a prison by the curse of their transgression of the Law. The sentence of the judge was going to be passed against them. A letter from the King came down from heaven. Rather, the King himself came. Without examination, without exacting an account, he set all men free from the chains of their sins.

        All, then, who run to Christ are saved by his grace and profit from his gift. But those who wish to find justification from the Law will also fall from grace. They will not be able to enjoy the King’s loving-kindness because they are striving to gain salvation by their own efforts; they will draw down on themselves the curse of the Law because by the works of the Law no flesh will find justification.

        What does this mean? That he has justified our race not by right actions, not by toils, not by barter and exchange, but by grace alone. Paul, too, made this clear when he said: “But now the justice of God has been made manifest apart from the Law.” But the justice of God comes through faith in Jesus Christ and not through any labor and suffering.”

        Chrysostom on Justification, Discourses Against Judaizing Christians. Discourse I:6-II:1:

        That is what feminists want to destroy. Of course it will not happen.

        “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” Matt 24:35


    • The men did not abdicate their spiritual role. The churches are filled with unbelievers. Those unbelievers sanction divorce and remarriage. They also approve of homosexuality. These are things that Christian men will not tolerate.

      I think if you examine the large theologically liberal churches, there you will find a preponderance of women.


    • I agree about the lack of men who attend church today. But again, I feel, once again, that they were pushed out. Their leaving has to do with the feminization of the churches. In the Catholic Church, in particular the women and their priorities have been placed above the men and their traditional priorities, ever since Vatican II. The men don’t like the new feminized church – applauding in church, handshaking, traipsing all over the sanctuary, handing people the host in their hands, girl altar boys and female eucharistic ministers. Its all so disrespectful! The men, rightfully, can’t relate to all of this female activity and involvement. I don’t blamed them for leaving in droves. The respect, reverence, silence, devotion, and the personal interaction with God, while praying in the church, is all gone. It’s all about the “needs” of the female parishioners, not the adoration of God. Mass now caters to women’s need to be entertained and it now has very little to do with being in the presence of God, in His house, to receive the body and blood of Christ. It’s such a shame how banal the worshiping of God almighty has become. Thanks for your comments.

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      • Yes…and Christian men need to push back. It’s not easy, but quite necessary. I used the whole feminiization issue as an excuse for years. The few times I actually attended any church, it was invariably full of women and “sissy” men. I will never forget the first time I attended the church where I am a member now. LOL..understand I was only there because of a girl in the first place. But, It was incredible. The place was full of tough, hard men who loved God with all of their heart. In one instant, God removed one of my biggest excuses for running from Him. Finally, one day, I heard a message about sin and repentance that was aimed directly at me and at the age of 45 was saved. I am blessed. We are just a little country Missionary Baptist church and on any given day, there are probably more men than women in our pews.


    • It really comes down to money. As a Christian man, I’ve fought many battles with women parishioners and their allies. Aside from marital topics here are some of the issues:

      1) Contemporary worship music, which really should be called “Jesus is my boyfriend” music. The women want to remake God into a deity they can love.

      2) A faith based on feelings and not on biblical injunctions. The liturgy and preaching are retoolrd to be less judgemental.

      3) Moden churches are anti-sacramental and anti-creedal. The sacraments of Holy Communion and Holy Baptism are perceived to be empty rituals. To attack Holy Communion is to take aim at the Gospel itself. No Christian man is going to toletate that.

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      • I couldn’t agree more! Half the problem is that most of the pastors, and priests, have been radicalized by feminism as well. And, half don’t even realize they’ve been brainwashed by radical, second-wave feminism. Keep up the good fight! You, and other STRONG Christian men like you, are the last hope for the return of Christ’s church, to Christ. Thank you for your comments.


  3. I believe, to a certain extent you are correct.

    But, I believe there is shared blame on both parts. One of the greatest reasons why women felt the need for the “feminist movement” is because many men are abused and misuse their authority over the woman for selfish purposes rather than out of love and concern for women.

    Because of sin in this world we have both men and women being unfaithful in their roles and share the blame for the mess in our families, churches and nation.

    Lord bless you.!


    • I agree but you are unwittingly regurgitating radical feminism’s garbage when you attribute Christian men’s “abuse of their authority” as the reason behind the “need” of women for feminism. What exactly did Christian men do wrong in their efforts to protect and provide for their families? You can’t deny thst radical, second-wave feminism, not Christian men, turned women against traditional marriage, the tenets of Christianity and motherhood. These diabolical non-Christian women are the ones who convinced 35 million very young naive baby boomers that the pursuit of. “career” was more fullfiling than all of the others combined, not the Christian men! There was no “need” for feminism. It was a totally ficticious movement generated by the totally dysfunctional family life of Betty Friedan .Please read my tab titled, “Eulogy for Betty Friedan” by Rabbi Eisenshon. I am covinced that the vast majority of Christian fathers and husbands were totally taken off guard by this feminist ideology and were totally unprepared to have to defenc their good deeds to a mob of screaming irrational females. I do not believe that these men’s behavior was in any way responsible for the “success ” of radical feminism because most of the 35 million female baby boomers were prime targets for the feminist BS because they were AWAY from home, many for the first time, and AWAY from their families influence as well, while attending college. These young women were convinced to abandon Christian living , not by their Christian fathers. but by the non-Christian radical, second-wave feminist leaders like Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan and Bella Abzug, just to name a few. The Christian men never shifted their priorities away from marriage and family, these feminized young college women did. I lived through it, having left for college at height of radical feminism’s push in 1968, and more importantly, i grew up in NY, which was the hotbed for radical second-wave feminism. Despite the feminist rantings to the contrary, it’s the feminist women, NOT the Christian men, who have created this totally dysfunctional, anti-Christian environment we live in today. And it will continue to spiral out of control, as more and more brainwashed irrational college women, continue to replace the tenets of their Christian faith with ideology of radical second feminism, until strong Christian man, admit that their true enemy is radical feminism and that it is diametrically opposed to everything Christianity stands for. And only when these men finally say, “We’ve lost TOO much to this insanity, called radical feminism. ENOUGH!”, will we ever see a reversal in this destructive trend, because women have proven themselved to be incapable of reversing the course themselves, even at the expense of their own souls.


    • Bob:

      The truth of the matter is that American Churches are filled with unbelievers. People who get divorced for the most dubious pretexts. People who claim to be Christian but cohabit. The Church going women are not interested in salvation. What they want is for God to send them a soul mate. That is really what they want.

      Churches are implacably anti-man. Even my buddies at work see it when they attend. Consdier this (From a non Christian forum!):

      “This movie was presented in church as a great movie for helping your marriage. The plain lesson? “Your wife starting an affair because she’s unhappy? Bow like a dog and buy her affection back like a hooker. This is the Bible way.” …
      …Moral: If you work long hours to provide and you love your family, you’re a lousy dad. Go on runs with them, then you’re okay.
      Did this strike no one as anti-male? And the Church LOVED these movies! They slander husbands and fathers and are completely against men!

      In another post, men where made to kneel and ask their wives to be forgiven, during a Fathers day service:

      “Our pastor makes us husbands get on our knees on Mother’s Day and beg for forgiveness. I don’t want to do it again this year,” one reader tells me. Another writes, “Our minister makes husbands write on paper all the things we’ve done wrong. Then we’re suppose to give it to our wives and pledge that we won’t do them anymore.”


      • I’ll make one last point. The men did not leave the church. The church left them. The believing men want no part of an institution that is Church in name only.

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