Good Guys – Bob Laird, VP of Cardinal Newman Society, Vows to Defy SCOTUS’s Redefinition of Marriage

Cardinal Newman Society 3Bob Laird, and the Cardinal Newman Society’s campaign against the legalization of same-sex “marriage” is just one of many battles that they have waged for the souls of mankind.

So it should surprise no one that despite the U. S. Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to legalize same-sex “marriage”, neither Bob, nor the remainder of those who support the tenets of the Catholic faith, will ever acquiesce to anyone who opposes the essential building block of Christian Western Civilization – traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

U. S. Constitution

U. S. Constitution

This is especially true in connection with this recent ruling, which was made by the five influential, non-Christian, radical feminist justices on the Supreme Court.

Activist justices who care nothing for our Christian Constitution. Justices who have instead been warped by the ideology of radical feminism. And in this delusional state, have had the unmitigated gall to play God and imperiously redefine, and thereby corrupt, the 5000 year old of institution of marriage. 

These five notorious justices include Sonia Sotomayor, Anthony Kennedy, Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader-Ginsburg and Elena Kagan. This list of usurpers includes two fallen-away Catholics and three Jews. And yes, their decision was both astoundingly arrogant and profoundly immoral.

Two of the justices, Kagan and Bader-Ginsburg, not only consider themselves God, but as such, above the law as well. This was vividly displayed by their refusal to recuse themselves from this case, despite their serious conflicts of interest.

The definition of recusal is as follows:

To disqualify or remove oneself as a judge over a particular proceeding because of one’s conflict of interest. Recusal, or the judge’s act of disqualifying himself or herself from presiding over a proceeding, is based on the Maxim that judges are charged with a duty of impartiality in administering justice.

l-R Front Row - Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy and Ruth Bader Ginsgurg Ginsburg. Standing - Sonia Sotomeyer, Stephen Breyer, Samuel Alito and Elena Kagan

U. S. Supreme Court: l-r Front Row – Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy and Ruth Bader-Ginsburg. Standing – Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, Samuel Alito and Elena Kagan

It is both customary, honorable and expected, that a justice recuse himself from a case if there is a conflict of interest. This occurs when a former employee, employer, business partner, or family member is part of the case, or the justice received a donation from one of the litigants or if they have publicly announced their opinion on a case prior to its being heard, thereby nullifying their ability to remain impartial.

According to this definition there was little doubt that both Kagan and Bader-Ginsburg should have recused themselves from this case because they had both publicly expressed their approval of same-sex “marriage” prior to the case.

In addition, both have “married” multiple homosexual couples prior to the start of the case as well. And, Kagan is said to be a homosexual herself. Most importantly, both are notorious feminists, which means they are rabidly anti-Christian. The case is being appealed on many fronts, due to these two radical, feminist’s vivid lack of impartiality.

gay men marriage kissingConsidering the possibility of the establishment of vast new legal precedents, by this one unprecedented case, there should have been absolutely no debate about their bias on this subject and their need to recuse themselves should have been self-evident.

There is no doubt in my mind that both of these radical, second-wave feminists should have recused themselves, but then again, they are activist feminist judges, which equals a stubborn determination to see their own twisted views enacted into law – hang tradition, precedent, and even the U. S. Constitution!  

These five compromised, anti-Christian individuals were a threat to the institution of marriage from the moment they were appointed to the bench. But, as with most left-wing extremists, they were willing to wait, in some cases for decades, in order to undermine, among other things, the institution of marriage, and by association, Christian Western Civilization.

Caroline Norton (1808-1877)

Caroline Norton

Now, for those of you who are not familiar with the Catholic view of marriage, it has been considered one of the Church’s Seven Sacraments from the time St. Augustine (354AD-430AD).

The Roman Catholic Church, and by association, most of the civilized world, has always considered marriage a sacrament, first, (that is until 1857 when Englishwoman Caroline Norton convinced Parliament to invent civil divorce, thereby opening the way to the creation of civil (contract) marriages), and a civil contract, second

Vatican in Rome

Vatican in Rome

The reaffirmation of marriage as a sacrament was undertaken by the Church during the Council of Trent (1545-1563). 

The council was convened in response to issues raised by Martin Luther (disgruntled German Catholic friar), and his successor, John Calvin (French humanist lawyer) during the 16th century religious (Protestant) “Reformation.” (It’s ironic that to this very day Catholic doctrine continues to be assaulted by these same two types of characters.)

The Council of Trent was convoked by Pope Paul III (1468-1549), and upon the death of their predecessors, was presided over by two additional Popes – Pope Julius III (1487-1555) and Pope Pius IV (1499-1565).

Twenty-five sessions were held and a wide range of issues were addressed, including scripture, the Biblical canon, the Mass, original sin, sacred tradition, justification, salvation, the veneration of saints and the sacraments.

Council of Trent - St. Peter's Basilica

Council of Trent – St. Peter’s Basilica

The Council of Trent reaffirmed the fact that matrimony was a sacrament when they concluded, in Canon I, Session XXIV, that this dogma had always been taught by the Church stating:

Being the eighth under the Sovereign Pontiff, Pius IV, celebrated on the eleventh day of November, MDLXIII.

The first parent of the human race, under the influence of the divine Spirit, pronounced the bond of matrimony perpetual and indissoluble, when he said; This now is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. Wherefore a man shall leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife, and they shall be two in one flesh. But, that by this bond two only are united and joined together, our Lord taught more plainly, when rehearsing those last words as having been uttered by God, He said, therefore now they are not two, but one flesh; and straightway confirmed the firmness of that tie, proclaimed so long before by Adam, by these words; What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder. But, the grace which might perfect that natural love, and confirm that indissoluble union, and sanctify the married, Christ Himself, the institutor and perfecter of the venerable sacraments, merited for us by His passion; as the Apostle Paul intimates, saying: Husbands love your wives, as Christ also loved the Church, and delivered himself up for it; adding shortly after, This is a great sacrament, but I speak in Christ and in the Church.

Whereas therefore matrimony, in the evangelical law, excels in grace, through Christ, the ancient marriages; with reason have our holy Fathers, the Councils, and the tradition of the universal Church, always taught, that it is to be numbered amongst the sacraments of the new law; against which, impious men of this age raging, have not only had false notions touching this venerable sacrament, but, introducing according to their wont, under the pretext of the Gospel, a carnal liberty, they have by word and writing asserted, not without great injury to the faithful of Christ, many things alien from the sentiment of the Catholic Church, and from the usage approved of since the times of the apostles; the holy and universal Synod wishing to meet the rashness of these men, has thought it proper, lest their pernicious contagion may draw more after it, that the more remarkable heresies and errors of the above-named schismatics be exterminated, by decreeing against the said heretics and their errors the following anathemas.

In summary, the Council of Trent concluded, “If anyone shall say that matrimony is not truly and properly one of the Seven Sacraments of the Evangelical Law, instituted by Christ our Lord, but was invented in the Church by men and does not confer grace, let him be anathema.

Bible 2In order for these five judges to have legalized same-sex “marriage”, while being very familiar with the teachings of both of their former faiths on this matter, their action snacks of audacity, and arrogance, of the highest order.

Egyptian GoddessThe only explanation for their “high and mighty” ruling is that as members of the Supreme Court, they insanely view themselves as Supreme Beings as well.

Luckily, for the remainder of us, none of this will deter the Cardinal Newman Society! And so, rather than concede defeat, and do the bidding of these five narcissistic egomaniacs, the Society will continue instead to defend humanity’s God-given path to salvation by defying this anti-marriage, anti-God and anti-Christian ruling. And they will continue to encourage the remainder of Christians to do the same.

As a result, Bob Laird, and his compatriots, will make every effort to thwart this unreasonable, insufferable, indefensible, irrational betrayal of Christian Americans by these five anti-Christian, radical, second-wave feminists, even if it means going to jail!

Notre Dame University - Statue of Blessed Mother on Tower

Notre Dame University – Statue of Blessed Mother on Tower

Heroically, as this battle continues on one front, the Cardinal Newman Society continues, on another front, to pursue their organization’s primary mission.

This vital undertaking is to return Catholic education to its Catholic roots, especially on the campuses of “Catholic” universities.

This is a critically important mission, as it is intrinsically intertwined with the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on same-sex “marriage.”

This is because the path to this outrageous decision was forged on America’s college campuses nearly 50 years ago and it is there that the battle for men’s souls must begin again.

Cardinal Newman Society 2As a result, the Cardinal Newman Society is on the front lines of this battle to bring the tenets of Christianity back to college campuses so that it can resist the continued advancement of radical, second and third-wave feminist ideology and, its step-child – secularism, both of which resulted in the legalization of same-sex “marriage.”

The reversal of this secular, paganish and dehumanizing behavior, which is now considered acceptable, will only be made possible through the proper education of the young. And this reversal must begin with the goodness provided by an education defined by the character building traits found only in the Bible. 

The Cardinal Newman members understand that it was on these campuses that America first experienced an all-out assault on the tenets of Christianity. That this diabolical effort was undertaken by radical, leftists who were raised by dysfunctional non-Christian families. Families where husbands and wives lacked the inspiration of the Holy Family and instead verbally abused each other, and their children, resulting in permanent psychological damage.

Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman

Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman

This anti-Christian assault, “using” millions of young, naive, Christian collegians across our nation, was begun by non-Christian “students” on America’s college campuses during the societal chaos of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Irrational chaos which they alone instigated.

It was here that a deliberate, and coordinated effort, to brainwash America’s baby boomers (74 million people born between 1946-1964) was begun.


It was on these campuses, and through these non-Christian anarchists, that Christian baby boomers were deliberately led away from their Christian faith by radicals who despised the Christian faith. And ironically, this sinister undertaking, to deceive the young, began in earnest, during a period of time when, unlike today, 94% of Americans declared themselves to be Christians.

Christians, who for hundreds of generations, had professed a love of Jesus and adhered to His teachings. Millions of people, who through their personal devotion to the tenets of Christianity, had provided the world with the goodness of Western Civilization. Western Civilization, which advanced mankind’s prosperity, health, and inventiveness beyond most men’s imagination! Western Civilization which provided the peace and tranquility upon which all that was good, thrived.

Protestors overturn police car during antiwar protest on the University of Wisconsin’s Madison campus on Feb. 12, 1970. UW students and others clashed with police as they demonstrated against recruiting by the General Electric Company. (AP Photo/Ron Frehm)

1970 University of Wisconsin Campus Riots

Moto - "God, Our Light"

University of Wisconsin Motto – “God, Our Light”


And yet, it was on these Christian college campuses that the path to the legalization of same-sex “marriage” began through the destruction of all that was valued by Christians, including family, Christian tradition, faith, morality, ethics, marriage, children, duty, honesty, responsibility, commitment, and the remainder of the tenets of Christianity.

And, it was through the millions of young female baby boomers, most of whom were the first females in their families to ever attend college, that this diabolical plot was hatched. Away from home for the first time, unchaperoned, unsupervised, “emancipated” and “liberated” from their families, these young women succumb to one of the most insidious plots ever unleashed on the young.



Initially, these young women embraced the seemingly innocuous premise of radical, second-wave feminism – “free love.” This occurred primarily because it was on these very same campuses that the “Frankenstein“, of radical, second-wave feminism, was initially created – the “sexual revolution”.  

As a result, the “sexual revolution” gave rise to the nation-wide acceptance of pre-marital sex or “free love” through the influence of these corrupted female baby boomers. 


Then, it was only a matter of time, before the “sexual revolution” would generate the acceptance of abortion to erase these young women’s sexual “mistakes.” And when these corrupted women were then faced with the rise of radical feminism’s promotion of homosexual sex, as normal, they were too far gone themselves to object.

As another generation of godless children (radical, third-wave feminists) were born to the radical, second-wave feminist baby boomers, the eventual acceptance of all of the perverted step-children of the “sexual revolution” would be accepted as well, including pornography, explicit sexuality, and most revoltingly, pedophilia. 

Gay rainbow 2It was through the “inclusion” of lesbians, within the ranks of the very vocal feminist academia enclave, that gave rise to the homosexual’s political strength.

When the lesbians finally co-opted radical feminism, they sought out the homosexual men as cohorts in their drive to eradicate Christian morality. To this end the country began to be assaulted by the rabid, aggressive, “in-your-face” insanity of gay men’s outrageous, and blatantly anti-Christian, behavior. The result? With their rise in influence, we are now witnessing, for the first time, the persecution of Christians in their own 239 year old Christian country.

Abbie Hoffman

Abbie Hoffman

And so, we can thank the non-Christian, campus anarchists from 50 years ago, for giving birth of the same-sex “marriage” phenomena we are enduring today. And we can thank the baby boomers for doing NOTHING to stop it!

Pathetically, it is on those very same campuses that this serious anti-Christian brainwashing continues to thrive to this very day.

Unfortunately, the deliberate denigration, and ejection, of the tenets of Christianity, by anti-Christian college administrators and professors, has left this continuing assault virtually unchecked and unopposed.

And worse yet, is the fact that this destructive scenario is ignored by the vast majority of Christians who foolishly continue to support the very institutions that blatantly propose to steal their children, and grandchildren, from God.

Cardinal newman Society 4If these profound betrayals of Christians, and their innocent children, are to ever be reversed, they must first be acknowledged, then advertised to the world and finally seriously addressed.

And this is what the Cardinal Newman Society’s urgent mission strives to do, beginning on the campuses of “Catholic” colleges, such as Boston College, Georgetown and Notre Dame.

The Society’s effort towards rectifying this despicable disparagement of information, on America’s “Catholic” college campuses, is of paramount importance today as Christianity is now considered fair game by radical leftists on campus. Their agenda includes lying, cheating, intimidation, belittling, bullying and harassment of on-campus Christians and the faith they hold dear.

More disturbing is the fact that much of the anti-Christian sentiment on campus is being dispersed by entrenched, influential former Christians! Many of whom are baby boomers who lost their Christian faith decades earlier while attending college.

These individuals include the two fallen-away Catholics mentioned earlier, Justice Sonya Sotomayor (Princeton and Yale) and Justice Anthony Kennedy (Harvard). These pseudo-Catholics were themselves stolen from God by the “ecumenicalism” of their, formerly, Christian universities during their youth.

Princeton, Yale and Harvard were once prestigious Protestant seminaries, but unfortunately they no longer associate themselves, in any way, with their original purpose, which was to educate Christian ministers, and through them, bring humanity to salvation.

Harvard (Massachusetts) was begun in 1636 to educate ministers in the Puritan faith. Yale (Connecticut) was established in 1701 in order to train Congregationalist ministers. And Princeton (New Jersey) was instituted in 1746 in order to train men to become New Light Presbyterian ministers.

Anti-Christian logoBut today, sans this inspirational Christian backdrop, we are witness to the revolting anti-Christian behavior of not only college administrators, and professors, but the influential alumni from these universities as well.

Alumni, which includes the likes of Sotomayor and Kennedy, who themselves are hell-bent on the irrational destruction of the very essence of America’s greatness – religious liberty – as defined by the lives of the clean, honest, and hard-working Christians upon whom America was built and continues to depend!

These radical second-wave feminists are dangerous individuals! Individuals who appear to be one of us, but are instead sinister beings more aligned with Satan than with God. Individuals who have substituted the ideology of radical, second-wave feminism for the tenets of their Christian faith. Individuals who are the products of the highly secularized, socialist, and rabidly anti-Christian curriculum and extra-curriculum activities espoused on not only our “public” university’s campuses, but more shockingly, on our “Catholic” university’s campuses as well.

The influential, male, Christian alumni and professors of these universities (especially Yale) must address the seriously anti-Christian administrations at the universities and begin to take the responsibility for their student’s entire being, not just their intellect. 

Change for the better will only come about when these men reclaim control of their universities from the anarchists. When they are willing to FIGHT BACK and recapture the universities from entrenched non-Christian administrators and professors. They must, once again, become the majority on the Boards of Trustees, Governors, Overseers or Directors, or whatever applies. And this is where the Cardinal Newman Society can help.

Notre Dame Alumni AssocAlthough primary and secondary education students benefit from the efforts of the Cardinal Newman Society, it is primarily college age students, who are the beneficiaries of their efforts.

And, it is the re-education of the “Catholic” college administrators, with the help of influential alumni, to whom the society directs most of their energies.

The society is fighting to assure that young Catholic collegians receive an education on the campuses of Catholic colleges that fully represent the tenets of Catholicism.

The Cardinal Newman Society is driven to demand that Catholic universities return to their Catholic educational roots for its students. The society wants the administrations to cease and desist their hypocrisy on campus because in continuing to do so, they are assisting in the destruction of the faith of their students by allowing anti-Christian rhetoric to continue to promote its evil ideology and to continue to thrive on campus with very little resistance.

This effort, on the part of the society, was spawn nearly twenty years ago, by the adverse reactions of many Catholics to the liberal bias, prominently displayed, on many Catholic university campuses.

And over the last 20 years, many traditional Catholic parents of students attending Catholic universities (myself included), have been shocked to discover that most of these colleges (Boston College, Georgetown, Notre Dame, etc.), despite their origins, were no longer truly Catholic.

Disturbingly, many parents have regrettably learned that these “Catholic” institutions actually offer an anti-Catholic curriculum which is approvingly taught by rabidly non-Christian, lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminist professors. Professors who represent the antithesis of Christian principles, both in their classrooms, and their private lives, with radical, second-wave feminists and homosexuals leading the pack.

Karl Marx - German Jewish Author of "Communist Manifesto" and is the basis for Marxism

Karl Marx – German Jewish Author of “Communist Manifesto” and is the basis for Marxism

And, to make matters worse, many parents distressingly discovered too late, that these university’s educational philosophy in general, trends towards Marxist ideology rather than towards Catholic dogma.

I, myself, have first-hand experience with this disturbing leftist bias which now permeates many of the campuses of “Catholic” universities.

In the late 1990s, my daughter was a first semester freshman at Boston College. No sooner had she started her fall classes then she called me. She was very upset. She said that the first book she was required to read for her English Literature class was a book which included graphic, and detailed, descriptions of homosexual “sex!”

Anti-Christian logoI was as shocked as she was by the inclusion of this blatantly anti-Christian ideology in her course work at a Catholic college! This was in NO way advancing her education, but was instead, a concerted effort to drive the political agenda of non-Christians and steal the young students away from their Christian faith by “normalizing” anti-Christian behavior in their minds. And the fact that this was permitted on Catholic campuses just legitimized their heretical positions more.

My daughter had spent her entire life in Catholic schools and protecting children from this type of evil had always been of paramount importance to Catholic educators.

Now, I was paying $28,000 a year for her to be indoctrinated in the way of sinfulness, and by a CATHOLIC college, no less!

gay guys kissingNote: And, today,  people continue to wonder why SO many young people view homosexual behavior as acceptable. Well, this is why! After permitting, and approving, for more than twenty years, this type of anti-Catholic subterfuge to exist within the curriculum of well-established Catholic universities, the outcome should surprise no one! These administrators blatantly betrayed their own faith when allowing this to prevail on campus. They stood for nothing!

Needless to say I was appalled by my daughter’s circumstances. I immediately told her I was going to call J. Donald Monan, S.J., who was a Jesuit priest and President of the university, and demand an explanation for this horrific breach of faith.

But, my young daughter immediately objected to my plan. Regrettably, I acquiesced to her protests because she was sincerely afraid that my objections might tint her remaining four years at the college.

Well, considering the dramatic 20 year slide, towards paganism on “Catholic” college campuses, I profoundly regret not having contacted the President of BC at the time and voicing my outrage.

It was, and still is, unconscionable, that a Catholic university would deliberately expose a young girl to an activity which is specifically condemned by the Church. And, to this very day, BC’s betrayal of its young Catholic students, still infuriates me.

No wonder so many have left the faith in recent decades. It stood for nothing then and it continues to stand for nothing now! The entire network of Catholic Church institutions has been radically feminized to the point of pointlessness.

Boston College

Boston College

One thing I will say for my disturbing experience with Boston College’s curriculum, is that it placed me on a path to seek to negate this disturbing betrayal of the Catholic faith, Catholic parents and their children, by “Catholic” universities.

Thankfully, I discovered, and now financially support, the Cardinal Newman Society. I would hope that you will too. Their website is here:  Cardinal Newman Society.

The Cardinal Newman Society is a truly Catholic organization. The society’s mission is to “promote and defend faithful Catholic education.” And, they put their money where their mouth is.

This organization, and the Christian men who run it, simply want Catholic universities to reflect the teachings of the Catholic faith. They want the administrators and professors to advance the academic, moral, ethical and spiritual standards set forth by their Catholic faith.

anti-Christian logo 2To this end, the society wants the anti-Catholic courses, and curriculum, realigned with the faith, And this includes the non-Christian professors who deliberately espouse the ideology of radical, second-wave feminism as opposed to the tenets of the Catholic faith.

And, the society wants parents to be forewarned about any anti-Christian rhetoric on campus so as to prepare their children for the assault.

As mentioned, the Cardinal Newman Society’s primary purpose is to return Catholic colleges to their Catholic educational roots. And, to this end, they have judiciously chosen John Henry Cardinal Newman as their champion and the source of their inspiration.

Cardinal John Henry Newman (1801-1890) - Founder and First Rector of the Catholic University in Dublin (now the University College Dublin)

Cardinal John Henry Newman (1801-1890) – Founder and First Rector of the Catholic University in Dublin (now the University College Dublin)

Cardinal Newman was an educator par excellence. And his greatest ambition, and success, was the establishment the first Catholic university in Dublin Ireland – Catholic University of Dublin.

His unique view of education was defined by his insistence that an education, sans faith, does an injustice to the students, their parents and more importantly to the community at large.

To quote Cardinal Newman:

“the object of education is to write the divine law upon the heart…to prepare the heart for the gospel of Christ–it is to lead us to correct views of our own state and knowledge of our own hearts–it is to train us and to win us over to habits of practical godliness, to accustom us to deny ourselves, to govern our passions, to fix our affections on God, and to trust Him with a humble and implicit faith.”

He continues by writing that it is therefore:

“an error to suppose that the end of education is merely to fit persons for their respective stations in life”, because by doing so, ‘education is robbed of its religious character, and made the mere instrument of worldly ambition.”

Cardinal Newman’s advice to one of his students included:

“This University intends, (as far as the time of a student’s residence allows) to form his character, religious, moral, & social–i.e. to make him a Christian & a gentleman. Towards making him both, it is a great step to make him a scholar & a man of literary taste–or rather, while making him such, right feelings & principles may be instilled into him.”

The Making of Men bookAuthor Paul Shrimpton summarizes Cardinal Newman’s philosophy on education when he wrote in his book, “‘The Making of Men’ The Idea and the reality of Newman’s university in Oxford and Dublin”:

“True education concerned ‘the temporal callings of men, but it does not rest there’. The purpose of education was that people might so fulfill their respective occupations ‘as to make them the means of spiritual profit to their souls–we are preparing their souls, that their worldly trades and professions may affect them as they ought, may be the instruments of good to them…preparing  them to do good in their generation.”

Bob Laird, who is the Director of Programs at the Cardinal Newman Society, as well as Pat Riley, who is the President of the Society, firmly believe that Catholic universities are morally and ethically obligated to walk in Cardinal Newman’s footsteps, preparing the whole man for life.

They are opposed to any type of “educational” viewpoint, that deliberately seeks to override, neutralise or otherwise negate the tenets of Catholicism, as they feel as Cardinal Newman did, that it is an injustice to the student to do so.

Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein

And the greatest neutralizer of Christianity are the radical, second-wave feminist educators. Miserable individuals who, through feminism’s “Bride of Frankenstein” – “political correctness”, seeks to not simply “educate” students in rabid anti-Christian secularism but to undermine, and eventually silence, the tenets of Christianity in the minds of their young students.

If this assault continues unchecked, we may look back, in years to come, and realize that the legalization of same-sex “marriage” was the beginning-of-the-end, for our illustrious Christian country and its origins – Western Civilization.

A couple march dressed as bride and groom during the Gay Pride Parade in New YorkWe must all admire the uphill battle the members of the Cardinal Newman Society are waging for the souls of men and support their efforts in any way possible.

These devoted, and courageous, Catholics are to be praised, as they are some of America’s most dedicated unsung heroes, as can be seen by the following article:

Newman Society Issues Marriage Statement on Steps of U.S. Supreme Court

Bob Laird Sup Court 2015-07-01Vice President Bob Laird today issued a Cardinal Newman Society statement on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court to press for religious freedom as well as sustained fidelity in Catholic schools and colleges to the truth about marriage.

LifeSiteNews organized the press conference in response to the Court’s ruling last week in Obergefell v. Hodges, even as the nation prepares to celebrate American independence and the religious freedom upon which America was founded. Laird, the Newman Society’s vice president for program development, issued the following statement:

The Cardinal Newman Society is committed to promoting and defending faithful Catholic education, which must continue to teach what the Catholic Church has always taught regarding the sanctity of marriage as an indissoluble bond between one man and one woman.

Five Supreme Court justices may have changed the legal status of same-sex marriages under the law, but they have not and cannot change the essence and meaning of marriage as understood by nearly every society in the history of man.

More now than ever, Catholic elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities must make a concerted effort to teach the truth, beauty, and goodness about traditional marriage, chastity and family, and their essential roles in salvation and the health of society.

Catholic education must present a united front and lead the evangelization of our culture, even in the face of continuing efforts to harass and force the Church to betray the truth.

It is a grave violation of a Catholic institution’s religious freedom to attempt to force them in any way to accept the definition of marriage outside of the clear teachings of the Catholic Church.  This includes the forced provision of employment benefits or changes to employment policies that would have the obvious effect of contradicting Catholic teaching.

Catholic schools and colleges have the legal protection of the First Amendment to the Constitution and various statutes and they must be proactive in asserting their rights to be truly Catholic under the law.

Faithful Catholic educators will not concede their rights in a free society, and The Cardinal Newman Society will work with them to use every available means to oppose violations of religious freedom.

We must be clear about this: regardless of discrimination or government coercion, faithful Catholics must continue to teach the Truth.  This is our right as Americans, and our duty as Catholics.

The Cardinal Newman Society will continue to promote and defend faithful Catholic educators who teach the Truth, we will call out any Catholic institution that denies it, and we will challenge the legitimacy of any government law or authority that infringes upon it.

The Court’s decision “follows the path of Canada, Britain, Spain, and other countries in significantly imperiling the freedom of families and Christians nationwide,” said John-Henry Westen, editor-in-chief of LifeSiteNews.

“Support for real marriage is good for children and parents, good for society, and good for America,” he said.

Please support The Cardinal Newman Society’s efforts both financially and academically. Their work is of paramount importance to the continued success of America, and by association, Christian Western Civilization.


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  1. Indonesian current EVEnts:

    Since late 2000s pro gay activists start to plague my country and they admit same sex marriage as an ultimate goal. Not unlike in your country ma’am, they had support from the academia (generally social cultural or gender studies related), media industry (The Jakarta Post and for the lesser extent Kompas were those example), and entertainment industry. Worse, the left wing-progressive groups who largely excluded from mainstream politics were also involved, and several prominent human rights organizations.

    If you have time, ma’am, you can read these articles who proved their activities in Indonesia and you can give the opinion about it. Those radical feminists has foreign support, so do concerned conservative Indonesians particularly Christians like me also need support overseas to combat this threat.

    God bless!


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    • An important consideration to remember when faced with the irrational views of homosexuals that they are somehow a distinct “class” or ” race” or “religion” or “gender”, and are therefore deserving of special rights, is that they are NOT. Their choice to partake in deviant sexual behavior, or, for that matter, any other form of sexual activity, does not qualify them to be defined by those immutable terms, any more than people who like to clean their houses in the nude. Their biggest legal trick undertaken on the pretext of “fairness” was to add “sexual orientation” to that legislative list. This should be avoided at all costs. And yes, the Jews were behind nearly all of the movements to “normalize” homosexuality in USA because they have an inordinately high rate of homosexuals within their race due to rabid and vicious verbal child abuse inflicted by the fathers. And, yes, they were also the psychiatric “experts” who removed homosexuality from the insanity list in the 1970s as well. Theirs has been a bigoted war against Christian morality since their creation of the “sexual revolution” in the late 1960s. THEY are the BIASED indiviuals who are seeking to ultinately have Christian morality declared illegal for the vast majority of Christian individuals in the USA, so that they (1.5% of our populaton) can legally indulge in all forms of bizarre sexual activity which they actively seek out and which has led to chronic deviant behavior within their race with damning results (NY Gov. Elliot Spitzer caught with prostitute and NY Senator Anthony Weiner caught texting nude photos of himself to a 15 year old), not only for themselves, but for their families, communities and now, entire nations. Abusive sexual activity condemns, rather then amends a human life, not to joy, but to misery. Desite their “GAY” mantra, most homosexuals are VERY unhappy people, and as a result, nearly all are undergoing some form of psychiatic therapy here. This is a very telling fact, in and of itself, and should prove to those who remain on the fence about this issue, (despite the rants of the homosexual leaders to the contrary) advancing a mental illness among their peoples is a disgraceful breech of trust. And, giving legitamacy to a disease-ridden lifestyle (despite the feminist’s statement in her article – HIV is rampant within the homosexual community, and almost irradicated from straight population now that the blood supply is tested for AIDS/HIV before being administered in hospitals), is no different than classifying cancer patients as a special “class” of citizens. There are NO upsides to capitulating to these troubled individuals by accepting their irrational premise that they are being treated unfairly. This capitulation may, if nothing else, deny many the mental health care they seek and need. Remember, child abuse is the #1 cause of homosexuality. EVERY homosexual, in moments of unguarded conversation, has their own personal story of child abuse. An experience which was SO traumatic, that it has caused them to believe they deserve to be abused forever.


      • Another information from my country, that fact of Jewish involvement (in case of gay movement) were extensively used as a fuel for Islamists or Palestinian cause. I never heard any Indonesian condemning Hamas or Hezbollah, for example, while readily denouncing other groups like Abu Sayyaf, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS.


      • Everyone of those groups are terrorist cults lead by insane individuals who deliberately incite irrational hatred, of both Jews and Christians, by using whatever issues, or hot buttons, they know will inflame their adherents to violence. They are no different than the barbaric cult that developed around the insanity of Charles Manson in California in the 1960s. ALL should be publicly condemned, and annihilated, for the demonic scourge they represent.


  2. My comment will alienate some women, but I say to you that the beginning of this horror is women’s suffrage! Eve was made from Adam for Adam to be his helpmate. Satan attacks mankind through Eve. He entices her to betray Adam as she is especially vulnerable to deception due to her emotional make up. There can be no equality between men and women in authority! That is absurd as Adam, the builder, sustainer and defender of civilization, bears the greater burden. Equal political authority is no equality at all, but the subjugation of Adam by Satan via a rebellious and ungrateful Eve full of poisonous lies. She’s the government’s whore. Most men, even non-religious men, by nature, simply want to lead and care for women and children, but contemporary Western Woman is a faithless, narcissist who shamefully treats sexual relations as a recreational sport. Most men cannot and will not stomach such a creature. Even non-Christian men are revolted by these creatures.



    Cherish what?

    She’s a twisted caricature of a man.

    Only sissies take another man’s leavings, and only the vilest females spit on masculine dignity. These women are out of control. They don’t even love their children anymore. Children are mere extensions of themselves, status symbols, accessories.

    When Adam does not rule absolutely in Christ Jesus, of course, with the sacrificial love of the masculine heart as the gender created directly by the hand of God, Eve becomes an utterly degenerate creature, full of betrayal, whoredom, narcissism and infanticide. Notwithstanding, weak and faithless men foolishly allowed this. Cowardly, pathetic excuses of manhood, ceded their rightful authority to Satan.

    The feminist’s husband is Satan.

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    • “My comment will alienate some women.” It might, but only because you speak the TRUTH, which radical, second-wave feminism has trained its gullible, naive adherents to irrationally abhor. As a result, these pathetic feminists are the ultimate losers! Angry, debauched and desperate females that no sane Christian man would want for his wife, or the mother of his precious children. Feminists are simply fools, one and all.


      • We’ve reached a breaking point for America on a number of critical fronts, and the evil that feminism is at the heart of virtually all of it. We cannot lose this presidential election to the ruinous and utterly morally bankrupt left. We now live in a society where the “Theresa Wrights” are evil and the “Eva Gardners,” utter horrors of femininity, are good.

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      • As my blog states, “It’s the Women, NOT the men!” that got us into this leftist mess! Now its time for the Christian men to finally stand up to the disastrous feminization of the country, and get us out of it!


  3. Wow!! Great work on this!! What a read!! Enjoyed the break down and anyone reading this can easily see the break up of the morality of this country in steps… of course there will be others that continue to disagree no matter WHAT facts given!

    Trust is hate to those that hate the truth.

    Or like one man said,” Bulling does not kill people homosexuals do”

    I remember at one point someone telling me years back, “As long as they practice what they do in private and don’t throw it in my face, i don’t care” Well, it would seem like we should have cared! As now it is so IN OUR FACES NOW!

    I find it so sicking that it is so blatantly in our faces now others (sheeple) blindly accept it and fight for it, not knowing the background of it. EVERYTHING has a background, a pattern for beginning a movement…….


    • Homosexuality definitely kills people and the insane part is that those who foolishly take part in that lifestyle know that it will likely kill them, and others, with AIDS. Despite their false claim that all of the population is susceptible to AIDS, it has been proven, over and over, that the homosexual community owns it nearly 100%. I’ve often said that people are not truly Christian if they fail to evangelize for the faith. We will be judged by God, not only for what we did on earth, but for what we failed to do and not pointing out to sinful people their errant ways is one of the chronic, and most cowardly, problems displayed by many “Christians.” To me they are not truly Christians, but simply jerks. As someone once said, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” And as Edmund Burke so aptly said, “When good men do nothing, evil prevails” and this is exactly what my generation of baby boomers did. And now we are all living with the disastrous results. As someone else once said, “The proof is in the pudding!” There are many indications that our children, the Millennials (ages 18-34), are much more traditional (as were their grandparents – “The Greatest Generation”) in their thinking, then we were brainwashed to become. I pray the young men, especially, have the courage of their convictions and stand up to evil, and vanquish it, rather than impotently stand by and approve of it, by doing nothing, as we did. Have you read Matt Walsh’s blog on WordPress? He is a 27 year old young Catholic man, who is married and has twins, and who is leading this effort. He has had over 4 million views on his site and now writes for Glen Beck’s website, the He’s definitely worth reading.

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      • wow, thank you KQ! Everything you have said here is truth….. the millennials include my children whom are old fashion…. and i am so thankful and blessed to see it in other youngers and continue to pray, like all things, will continue to catch on and spread! it is about time we get back to basics!

        Whatever happen to people just being nice to each other??? there was a woman that needed help this past Friday with her crying toddler out side of the mall… and as much as i wanted to help, fear held me back as she might think i am weird for wanting to help her… it was my fault that i should have prayed for guidance that day….i did not judge her for i know what it is like with very young children ( not my first rodeo) but do you know what i mean??? i wanted to help her, and give kind words and wanted to let her know…… i cared


      • I have been in that exact same situation and feared the mother’s reaction, to my wanting to help, would negative. This is a symptom of the loss of the Christian community which was centered on neighborhood churches. Just a generation ago, you would have been shopping on Main St., not at an impersonal mall, In your hometown and more than likely, you would have known the young woman and her family. Your wanting to help would have been looked upon with kindness and gratitude, rather than with fear or even hatred. Unfortunately, this is the crass, fearful and resentful world we have inherited from the influential, dysfunctional, non-Christians I write about all the time. Not only have they stolen us from God but from each other as well.

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