Short Essay – Class Warfare? Rich vs. Poor? Are We Really That Different from One Another?

sillouette of praying womanDo rich people love God more than poor people? Do rich people love their wives and children more than poor people? Do rich people want their kids to go to good schools more than poor people?  Do rich people work harder for their families than poor people? Do the rich eat more food than the poor? Do rich people want to support their families more than poor people? Do rich people care for their pets more than poor people? Do rich people like nice clothes more than poor people? Do rich people like a roof over their head more than poor people? Do rich people like their jobs more than poor people? Do rich people make better neighbors than poor people? Do rich people like nice vacations more than poor people? Do rich people like to own their own car more than poor people? I don’t think so! It’s all relative.

Are rich people happier than poor people? Are rich people more caring than poor people? Are rich people more devoted to their church than poor people? Are rich people nicer than poor people? Are rich people more loving than poor people? Are rich people more honest than poor people? Are rich people more generous than poor people? Are rich people taller than poor people? Are rich people kinder than poor people? Are rich people more patriotic than poor people? I don’t think so! It’s all relative.

class warfare piled stuffThis ridiculous rivalry all boils down to the fact that the rich people just have more of the exact same stuff that the poor people have in America. In other words, despite what the liberal news media and lesbian-led, radical, second-wave academia tell you, the rich and poor have nearly everything in common! The only difference is quantity of stuff. And believe it or not, having lots of stuff, comes with lots of time-consuming and burdensome responsibilities. And worse yet, lots of stuff  gets old and boring, just like not so much stuff.

Everything Americans have been blessed with is generated by the use of their personal, God-given, abilities. To blame others for their success, or failure, based on the materialistic value system American’s have adopted, is like arrogantly cursing God decisions on His distribution of individual abilities. God gave everyone gifts and it is our individual responsibility to discover what they are and then to put them to good use during our lives. Not all of those abilities will make you a millionaire but most will allow you to contribute positively to your family’s well-being. And that is really all that matters.

God gave some people the ability to earn more money than others but that doesn’t make them bad people. They still orient their lives around their love of God, family and country, just as does everyone else. For this, we should all be grateful, not resentful. They generate the wealth, and employment, our great country’s global reputation for excellence has been built on.

The issue is not, as the lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminist journalists, academics, politicians and talking-heads would have Americans believe, that because one has more, the other has nothing. That’s ludicrous. This is just another diffused attempt to malign white Christian men for their success.

class warfare too much stuffIn reality, Americans are already blessed with one hundred times more material goods than 95% of the world’s population. And as a result, we should be profoundly grateful for each little piece of the pie we have been able to acquire, not hate each other because somebody has more of the exact same stuff that we have. Not only doesn’t this make sense but it brings unnecessary, and irreconcilable, conflict into our own lives, while at the same time, distracting our energies away from providing for our family.

class warfare thanksWe should treat ourselves better than that. We should be happy and grateful for our capacity to provide, to the best of our God-given abilities, for ourselves, our family and our community. God expects nothing more.



28 thoughts on “Short Essay – Class Warfare? Rich vs. Poor? Are We Really That Different from One Another?

  1. Great Post indeed. I, at a point in my life some years ago ,left myself poor by choosing alcohol over developing all the great gifts God gave me. In order to get sober, I ate at soup kitchens and depended on churches and the community for shelter, etc.. I had family and friends who’d have gladly provided for me , but I needed to internalize the truth, which was, that being this destitute had been my choice. Being an American, with all we have that you pointed out, I had plenty of help for the asking. We are indeed all equally blessed with opportunity to live healthy, happy lives. It is not “stuff” or “$’s” that provide these healthy, happy lives. It is our using our best efforts to honor and utilize the gifts that God has given us, whatever they may be.
    p.s. that was one of the most freeing periods of my life!!!!
    Sarah <Merritt


      • Thank you for the lovely comment, and I am truly blessed. I need always remember a somewhat snide slogan used in the circles of people with similar experiences, “you don’t get a medal for giving up something that was killing you anyway!” This is a handy reminder to stay humble and give credit where it is due. To my Loving God. Thank You Lord, and thank you Kathy.


      • I just found this notifications thing, (I did warn you whT AN E- BONEHEAD I am!l ol. Forgive my not having acknowledging your replies! God has indeed blessed me in many ways, one of which is my strong will which lead me to rebel and encounter all these challenges, ironic huh? May I say that connecting with you is one my my greatest blessings yet. You’re awesome and I love you dearly.


      • I’ve always loved you too Sallie. Right from when you were a very little girl. What a sweet child you were. It’s so sad we drifted apart. But I think the upside to that situation is it makes reconnecting with you again so special, plus we’ve both grown up a lot in the interim.


      • Indeed we have, and we have somewhat different worlds that we’ve lived. How very much we can enlighten each other due to that- life does have it’s cool stuff.
        A favor please, I just finally posted something (at least I think I did) could you tell me if you find it? Thanks so much, with love and respect, Sal


      • After sending this I found how to publish, keep getting lost (of course lol) but I named my blog (I thinkit took) “Reclaimation of Soul” I think I can be found @ sallie4949adriancmer. I haven’t gotton my photo in but it told me it posted. Title “What am I afraid of”


      • many thanks bas always. question, I wrote my bio while very tired, there are many errors in it (enough to be embarresisng, any idea how to edit or delete and re-write? perhaps I’l find it now that I’ve rested, but help is always welcome. Thanks


      • Go to your dashboard and click on “pages” (which is where your About should be) and click on About. You’ll be able to edit there. That goes for “posts” too. In my Fresh & Clean theme, my pages stay permanently as tabs at the top of my home page. Depending on what theme you choose, they may be located somewhere else on your home page.

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      • So much! It takes me time, but I can usually figure these things out. However, this is why it’s taken me so long to begin. You are a blessing with your assistance. I’ve just begun checking out all there is here and am excited. With human help, I’ll be less likely to get frustrated and drop this for awhile. ty


      • I wrote my profile while half asleep and found many errors. I did find how to change it, re-wrote it and now my update submission keeps failing. Have yet to find help here, any simple ideas as to where I can find site assistance? I think I’ll write a song titled “I’m such an e-bone head it’s wearing me out” a blues tune of course. lol Thanks

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      • I believe I got it, I’d appreciate it if you’d check and please critique, I’m just letting it flow to get comfortable, but am not confident as to “is this too much?, too little?, tacky?, informative? etc. I respect your style, and eventually ours won’t be the same, but your honest feed back will be of great help. Thank you my “Blog Mentor”!


      • It sounds great. Don’t forget to choose a “category” for each post as well as tags. Choose only one category. It’s like the titles in a filing cabinet, so readers can find your post easier. For example, a category could be “Brownies” and the tags for that (post) category could be “chocolate”, “macadamia” and “chewy.” All the tags listed better define the category. They are all important because they are the “search” keywords that get people to your site. So the more expansive the category, like “relationships” the better and the more specific the tags, like “girlfriends” the better. You’ll have to decide what categories you continuously find you are editing about and then all the posts you write about that topic will be filed under that category by WordPress’s system for you. Having said all of that, I don’t use the “category” section of my blog in this traditional manner. I use it as an index of all my posts. Although I could easily limit the list by putting “admirable women” as one category “short essays” as another category etc. But, I like the idea of having all the posts listed for immediate view. It’s art to screw up blog. There is someone out there to read your blog and probably lots of people. The tags and categories are key to allowing people to find you.


  2. Great post! I get so tired of the class warfare and the envy. In the “olden days” people were poor but we didn’t even know it. There wasn’t this spirit of envy and constant competitiveness. It’s almost like we’ve been talking about the “poor” so much, we’ve now given the poor a complex. Now if you’re “poor” there’s something wrong with you, you’re being oppressed, somebody is depriving you of your rightful place. I put “poor” in quotation marks because most of us have electricity, hot running water, and various amounts of food. Compared to how much of the rest of the world lives this is “wealth.”


    • Exactly. The rich vs. poor socialist scam is used to divide us, based on our differences, rather than when Christianity ruled the day and united Americans through our shared Christian ideology and behavior. Christianity explained those God-given differences between people as normal, and discouraged and alerted us to the destructive nature of envy by designating it as one of the 7 Cardinal sins. It couldn’t have been more clear or more reasonable.


      • Here in Indonesia generally people who advocate such horrible and divisive thing are mostly labor activists and other so called human rights activists. Other supporters (useful idiots) includes college students, particularly from state universities and some possibly liberal leaning Christian/Catholic universities.

        Beware of the latent danger of Communism! God Bless.


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