Quote: Helen Mirren on Lost Ladies

Helen Mirren, 68 - British Actress

Helen Mirren, 68 – British Actress

“I’m under the impression that this notion of decency is disappearing from our society where conflicts are made worse on cinema and on television, where people are nasty and cruel on the Internet and where, in general, everybody seems to be very angry.”

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One thought on “Quote: Helen Mirren on Lost Ladies

  1. It seems like nasty and cruel are the new nice.

    Hardly believable anymore. Kinda like the women in laws I know.

    I went on a theory years back to see if it was true. For one day when at the women’s houses (no matter what was said to me) I would respond in a Christian and lady like way… It would seem the more sweeter I was, the more nastiness came out of their mouths. So when putting this into another play I was short and rude with them. Wouldn’t you know, they became the nicest and kindest people around.

    Once alone with my thoughts, I was amazed at what happen. The thinking was so backward I could not continue to *act* in this manner because I found it so disturbing and so contrary to what I was as a female and human being.

    I don’t regret putting into play this theory of mind, but for the longest time it baffled me to no end. …and then saw this play out in my own family of females on my mother’s and fathers side if you were not a golden child…..

    (in my own family) It was then easy to see who was hated among the group or tolerated. One lady hung around me when these get togethers were in play because I accepted her when no one else did. Lucky for her, she no longer has to hang around this group of vipers. (divorced) As for me, I had to disconnect with that part of my family causing issues with mine! It is not for lack of love that I leave, but for lack of respect that is given, and a morbid sense of control they want. I still love them, but don’t want to be near them. It is very painful. It feels like I have divorced my own family. Especially with my mom. When did I grown up and she remain childish?

    Thank you, KQ I believe I needed to let this out…..

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