Lost Ladies Vol. #2 Essay 11

Grace Kelly

Audrey Hepburn

Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan

Where have all the ladies gone? What happened to the Grace Kellys, the Nancy Reagans and the Audrey Hepburns of the world? How did women lose touch with their femininity? When did women decide to abandon the life goal of becoming a respected lady? 

Who convinced women to denigrate marriage and motherhood, which had always been the source of women’s greatest joy and happiness? Why do women of today want to behave like men rather than like ladies? Who decided that being a lady wasn’t good enough?

The answer? Non-Christian radical, second-wave feminists!

Betty Friedan

Shirley Chisholm

Bella Abzug

Just as the old saying goes, “misery loves company. ” And, the ugly, non-Christian women finally found a way to induce millions of naive young, female baby boomers to their way of thinking, during the societal chaos of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

And, as a result, the radical, second-wave feminist founders were able to garner the attention they desperately craved, as emotionally deprived children from dysfunctional families.

To this end, they falsely claimed that all women were “oppressed” and “dominated” by “male chauvinist pigs,” when in fact their personal problems were self-imposed.

And, there wasn’t a lady in the bunch.

The term feminism is, in and of itself, an oxymoron, with the accent on moron. There is nothing feminine about this “ism.” In fact, the very goal of radical, second-wave feminism is the total annihilation of traditional femininity, replacing it with masculinity instead.

Radical, second-wave feminists ridicule Christian women of beauty, charm and grace because they simply cannot compete with them, on any level. They deliberately demean the very attributes that make ladies, ladies, in order to salve their bruised egos.

Unlike the strident, non-Christian feminists, Christian ladies are kind, polite, considerate, thoughtful, caring and joyful. It is a pleasure to be in their company and they inspire others, through their good behavior, to behave themselves as well.

Christian ladies love and respect their husbands and the love is returned tenfold by their husbands. This love and respect, along with trust, are the very foundations of a truly happy marriage.

Feminists deny that these fundamental elements of a successful marriage exist because this triumvirate (love, respect and trust) is something these radical feminists have never personally experienced and therefore do not, will not, or cannot comprehend them.

The traditional, rewarding and emotionally-binding personal relationship between a husband and wife, who love each other, is not considered a possibility within feminist dogma unless it relates to homosexuality, which is a very poor, and psychologically twisted, substitute for the real thing.

Gloria Steinem

The famous radical feminists of the 1960s and 1970s had notoriously dysfunctional family lives. Familial love, in the traditional Christian sense, was never a part of their upbringing. Mentally ill fathers, or mothers, played a dramatic, and destructive, role in many of their childhoods.

As a result, these neglected children, of neglected children, were driven to distraction by any happy woman who loved her family and was deeply loved by her spouse, in return. 

These loving relationships, inspired by the Holy Family, were the antithesis of the upbringings experienced by these non-Christian radical feminists. The only family experiences that they were familiar with, was the chronic crisis of living within a highly contentious, and totally dysfunctional, family defined by contempt rather than love. This, and only this, caused their unprecedented, and distorted, views of marriage and the

Feminist’s rally

roles women played within it.

As a result, most radical feminist leaders from the 1960s and 1970s rejected the concept of marriage and they chose to never marry or soon divorce.

And, in their efforts to “liberate” themselves from their dysfunctional relationships, their natural tendency to be abrasive, was amplified. 

Whatever shred of femininity that had ever existed within these women was eradicated by the aggressive process of making a life for themselves, alone. 

And rather than calming their personal lives, this “emancipating” experience only made matters worse, as they jettisoned most forms of civility, in their irrational efforts to become “liberated” from their dysfunctional families and the community at large.

Once they had pried themselves “free” and were unfettered by familial restraints, they rebelled, and bitched, about everything, making demanding nuisances of themselves, rather than contributing anything positive to their community.

In other words, they became very difficult women to associate with. As a result, most men turned a deaf ear towards them but that was not the case with the TV industry, which was in its infancy. 

As a result of their “liberated” attitudes, their lives began to spin out of control, and their bizarre public behavior began to catch the media’s attention.

This downward spiral eventually took millions of young, naive, female baby boomers down with these dysfunctional women, as these “leaders” of radical feminism publicly cursed the loving Christian family unit they hated. The comforting family unit that they never had, and would never, experience.

Lost ladies forever.

Even today, feminists chronically demean happily married ladies for their priorities of husband and children. But what do the feminists offer in return for choosing their lifestyle as a substitute? A self-absorbed, rude, uncooperative, loud-mouthed, sexually liberated existence, as a lonely co-worker? Hmm? Now that’s a difficult choice. And yet, millions of gullible young women continue to choose that path. A path destined to bring nothing but hurt, anger, disappointment and unhappiness into their young lives.

The fact is that being a lady, is taught at home by Christian parents because they love their daughters and want the very best outcome for them. They love their girls and want them safe. Being a lady at the age of 12, 18, 45 or 60 protects women from most of the heartache associated with the troubled lives of the “liberated” women seen prancing, half-naked, along the street.

Christian ladies respect others and are doggedly determined to insist upon that same respect for themselves. No one can break that barrier of self-respect and good Christian men understand, respect and respond to that ideal favorably and honorably.

And not surprisingly, on the other hand, “liberated” feminist females,  who behave like obnoxious, drunken sluts, are justifiably treated accordingly.

Ladies also bring beauty into the world, which today is in short supply. They light up a room, sweeten a tedious day and smooth ruffled


Waterford Crystal

feathers. No one can inspire men to life-long devotion, and greatness, like beautiful ladies. 

Crystal, silver, china, silk, fur, beautiful flowing clothing, symphonies,  elegant furniture, beautiful homes, buildings and cities were created in response to women’s beauty and their innate love of beautiful objects.

Today, everything is grey, boring and bland as these “liberated” “career” women have rejected their traditional roles as purveyors of beautiful homes, and the decorative arts, while devoting their irretrievable youth, time and talent to a “career” with an unappreciative corporation.

These “emancipated” females would rather stomp around a soccer field, curse up a storm at work or hang out at a bar, drinkin’ with the guys, while wearing old jeans and T-shirts!! 

Men were never as disrespectful to women as they are to themselves. Why do women allow themselves to be convinced that being female is in some way offensive, and then irrationally force themselves to jettison every shred of their natural femininity? It’s literally insane!

And this ridiculousness certainly didn’t start with the men.

The answer? They allowed themselves to become debased at the behest of lesbian-led, radical feminists who could not stand the joy that traditional Christian relationships, marriages and families provided for their contemporaries. And to offset this strain, these dysfunctional women went after their contemporary’s gullible, innocent, college-bound, baby-boomer children.

Wedgwood vase


This began the demise of femininity as these young women were encouraged to aggressively carve out new turf as “career” women within the world of working men.

In these efforts, they were literally encouraged to become men by their feminist “leaders”, adopting masculine dress, likes and mannerisms, while at the same time, rejecting all things female, including family, children, decorative and culinary arts, fashion and interior design.

And sadly, not only were these gullible young women denied the joy of home life, but as a result of their abandonment of the traditional accoutrements of home, centuries old businesses that have made luxury items for ladies, and their admirers, for hundreds of

Givenchy haute couture

years, began to go out of business as well. Many others are struggling to stay alive because today’s “tough girls”, are no longer inspired

Grunge "fashion?"

Grunge “fashion?”

with gifts of silver, crystal, artwork, china and beautifully feminine clothes, but instead are purveyors of bare walls, take-out meals, mattress/box spring beds, hand-me-down furniture, baseball hats, sweatshirts and torn jeans!

Sadly, the master craftsmen of Wedgwood and Waterford have disappeared as a result of the blind neglect inflicted by butchy feminists.

Where has women’s self-respect gone? Where’s the respect for themselves as women? Respect and admiration that inspired Western civilization and “launched a thousand ships”? What happened to the concept of high-mindedness and high personal standards of behavior among women?  What happened to women?

Thanks to the bazaar rantings of a few disgruntled radical feminists, women no longer value themselves as ladies. They are instead, chronically, and unsuccessfully, trying to be like men. It’s sheer idiocy. And our Christian culture, including Western civilization, is suffering in the wake of this profound loss.

What is wrong with being a lady? Is there something demeaning about being a lady? Is there something offensive about being a lady? The answer is NO!

And the only women who could possibly disagree with this statement are unfortunately still, after 50 years, steering the ship full of women, to hell – the radical, second-wave feminists.

I still don’t understand why young women listen to them!!!??? Are they really, by nature, that foolish? It appears the answer is yes.

Without beautiful ladies, who behave like ladies and love beautiful things, we are losing our sophisticated, civilized society. 

Feminism, on the other hand, brings with it annoying women who are consumed by misguided priorities, and are purveyors of nothing but conflict, strife and aggravation. “Liberated” and ” emancipated” anti-Christian radical, second and third-wave feminists, who are at the same time, depleting, defiling and debauching, our Christian culture.

You decide which world you’d prefer to contribute to, and then DO something about it!

As Christians, you must start to FIGHT BACK, in any capacity you can.

Our future as a good, and beautiful, Christian country depends in it.

It’s the Women, Not the Men  to be continued…


38 thoughts on “Lost Ladies Vol. #2 Essay 11

  1. Just an information pertaining to counter-feminism;
    In 4 March there will be Women’s March in Jakarta (Indonesia’s capital). I have no means to organize a counterprotest. Any opinion to at least voice the concern against it? The real concern is one of the issues which was LGBT rights, like I expected from such march. Disclaimer: they also have a positive side in this case, demanding stringent enforcement for sexual violence.


    • I’m sorry to hear there aren’t enough people to stage a counter protest. This is how the feminist’s get a foot hold on a country. The Christian men have always been too polite to publicly rebuke the irrational rantings of feminists until it’s nearly too late. Can you use social media, letters-to-the-editor or flyers to advance your concerns? Ironically, and sadly, perhaps the majority of muslim men in your country will be more successful in keeping the feminist insanity in check since their views of women are generated from the exact opposite extreme. Two extremes will sometimes void each other out. 👍


      • Indeed, we have trouble with muslim hardliners too (you can google for example; Islamic Defenders Front). Remember like I said we have a 2 front war. Both islamic extremism and radical-liberal feminism are threat to Indonesia’s existence as a nation.

        And to be honest the scenario you mentioned about the muslims being succesfully checked their advance might be real and with a terrible social cost and could cause us to be like, let’s say, the Pakistanis or Saudis in case of religious tolerance.


      • I pray that won’t happen. Hopefully, they will just keep each other busy spewing vitriol at each other, while the Christians quietly advance their joyous way of life among the young people. Who knows, you may some day produce another Constantine!


      • Actually the fighting between hardline Islam and radical feminists has also affected Christianity in Indonesia (mostly increased persecution by muslims even while it still relatively tame compared to China, Middle East, North Africa, or North Korea, to boot).

        Several notable Christian leaders on the other hand are quite liberal. To make it worse there’s a small, little known baptist Church here in Indonesia to proclaimed itself pro-gay!


    • Thanks for the link Tim. The author’s post was lovely and encouraging to young women. We need more female Christian bloggers who know, first hand, how much personal joy is received when women follow God’s plan for them, rather than foolishly trying to chronically reinvent the wheel.

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  2. Aloha KQ,
    Again, I agree with you 100%! Feminism has made all the Ladies disappear, and replaced them with ugly, selfish “superwomen”
    They want to invade every job skill that should be for men, and they ruin it with the PC feminist mantra! And it has been said by many that if a woman works for another woman, the female boss is more demanding & bitchy toward her female workers than the males. We don’t need women working in the engine rooms on the ships, they just can’t handle it! It is typically 100′ or hotter, and the work is hard & demanding, but some do try to work there. Some things a woman can do,with no problems, and some things they just can’t do, no matter how much they think they can! Like one ship I was on, we had a job going where we were building a work bench from sheet steel. The metal we were moving around was in 4′ x 8′ sheets, 1/4″ thick. The sheets weighed over 300 lbs. each, and that is NOT a job for a woman, at all!!! It took 4 Men to move the sheets of steel around to measure & cut it for the work bench!
    And with all the “sexual harassment” laws/policies in workplaces today, we can’t even tell a woman that she looks nice for fear of being turned in to the PC Police…
    And also, with all the women now that cry rape or sexual harassment for no real, serious reasons, it makes it harder for a woman to get help if she really IS raped or sexually harassed/abused! (The REAL cases of rape or abuse SHOULD be punished swiftly & harshly, but with all the false cries, it becomes much harder to vet out & punish the real cases. And it doesn’t matter if a man is guilty anymore, all a woman has to do is accuse him of something, and BOOM- He is Guilty until proven Innocent, and his reputation is tarnished forever, possibly his family is destroyed (the feminist’s REAL goal!) Just because some woman cried Wolf….


    • You have pointed out some of the everyday disasters caused by the feminist political correctors, who live lives defined by feminist lies. It’s amazing how easy it is to brainwash some young women to believe ANYTHING, even when the truth routinely smacks them in the face. I’m convinced that that’s why God wanted them to be protected by their fathers, husbands, brothers, etc. because left to their own devises they believe anything they are told, even if it is to their detriment. Adopting the feminist concept of “independence” has left millions of young women floundering around in a sea of lies told to them by strangers. Radical, feminists who care NOTHING for their true happiness, or for that matter, their physical to mental health! Feminism is truly a lethal form of brainwashing for many, many women.


      • And the sad part is that so many women can’t even see the forest through the trees! As a result, they don’t even know what they are missing or shuning!

        I saw a book once, written by a woman, titled “Liberation Through Submission” and it was about how by submitting to a Godly, Loving Husband, a woman can be extremely fulfilled & satisfied in her life!


      • That makes perfect sense considering it’s God’s plan. I think what gets caught in feminist’s craw is the word, submission. Unfortunately, most can’t get by that. And, as a result, they never consider the fact that in many, many subtle ways, the men submit to their wife’s desires as well. In essence, submission is just a fancy verb to define the interactions, between husbands and wives, that are promulgated by Christian love and respect for each other. But since love and respect for anyone, other than for themselves, are alien concepts which are NEVER discussed within the ideology of radical feminism, its adherents are only given half the story and are ultimately left clueless, adrift and eventually, alone. Very sad indeed.


  3. Reblogged this on Ad-Infinite-item and commented:
    I couldn’t write something like this – it takes the perspective of a lady. Besides – I would be harangued as a “chauvinist.” But it’s an assessment of which I happen to agree.


      • I honestly believe that the “male chauvinist pig” accusation was a total fabrication, based on outright lies, espoused by these early feminists. Women who were jealous of Christian men’s chivalry towards their women. Miserable women who had never, nor would ever, experience the chivalry of good Christian men. So, as with everything else, they deliberately turned something that was good for women into something supposedly bad. My post, “10+ Tenets of Christianity vs. 10+ Ideals of Radical Feminism” delves into this deceitful feminist agenda.

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  4. By their fruits you will know them.

    Feminist Quote:
    “The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.” — Sally Miller Gearhart, in The Future – If There Is One – Is Female.

    Nazi Quote:
    The Jews represent for us also extraordinary malignant gluttons. We have now approximately 2,500,000 of them in …
    …We cannot shoot or poison those 3,500,000 Jews, but we shall nevertheless be able to take measures which will lead somehow to their annihilation,
    Nazi Hans Frank, Governor of Poland, Implementation of the Final Solution.

    Feminist Quote:
    “I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.” — Andrea Dworkin

    Nazi Quote:
    Hitler told Himmler that it was not enough for the Jews simply to die; they must die in agony. What was the best way to prolong their agony? Himmler turned the problem over to his advisers, …

    Valerie Solanas on men:
    He [man] is a half-dead, unresponsive lump, incapable of giving or receiving pleasure or happiness; consequently, he is at best an utter bore, an inoffensive blob, since only those capable of absorption in others can be charming. He is trapped in a twilight zone halfway between humans and apes,

    Nazi sentiments in the movie “The Eternal Jew”:
    Jews are portrayed as lice, vermin and a sort of disease on civilization. Jewish men are portrayed as licentious, lazy and greedy.

    Feminist sentiment:
    Men are oppressive and a serious burden to society.

    Nazi Banner at a Rally:
    Jewish people are our misfortune.


  5. “How did feminism lead to homelessness exactly? ”

    It leads to homelessness by encouraging women to live a promiscuous life. The promiscuity comes in the form of drug fueled hook ups. This dissolute lifestyle leads to homelessness. Magazines like Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Marie Claire glorify gratuitous sex. They encourage women to live promiscuosly. In actuality it’s a disaster for women. They hook up with idiots.

    As for the my having ulterior (not alterior) motives, that is an unwarranted imputation on your part. I mention that to refute your slander that men harm women. I mentioned it so other readers can see that you are not truthful. I don’t need praise at all. I am not in this world to win a popularity contest. Certainly not one conducted by feminists.

    The truth is men have protected and helped women over the centuries. Almost all the brutish and dangerous work is done by men.


  6. “When did women decide to abandon the life goal of becoming a respected lady?” — When it became clear that this life ambition was shallow and made life insignificant. When people stood up to centuries of misogyny. When the world finally fostered a culture that head strong women could thrive in. You not only insult modern women but the great women you speak off. You think Audrey Hepburn life ambition was to be a respected lady? She spent the majority of her life being a philanthropist because she was a decent human being, not because she thought it would create a respectable image. Your blog is ignorant and insulting to both men and women.


    • You need to calm down, detox and begin to think for yourself. You are unwittingly regurgitating the hateful BS, of radical, second-wave feminism. They thrive purely on misguided misandry, spawn by profoundly miserable women. It makes for very unhappy, nasty and obnoxious women, as you are exampling, because, not only is it based on blatant distortions and lies about Christian men and their motivations (which were generated by the twisted writings and lives of non-Christians Simone de Beauvoir and Betty Friedan, among others) but it has incredibly made being a woman OFFENSIVE. Great plan. And, don’t give me the drivel about seeking “equality” for women either. All of the females who’ve replaced the tenets of their Christian faith with the ideology of lesbian-led, radical feminism have never been truly interested in the “equality” of women. They are solely interested unequality for men. Beauvoir, Friedan, Steinem and Abzug’s conclusions about men were based purely on their dysfunctional personal lives, which included abortions, abandonment, child abuse and more. They were the products of non-Christian upbringings where children and women were considered second-class citizens or worse. This is why they viewed men, in general, with such distain. It had nothing to do with the reality of Christian families, Christian fathers, or Christian husbands, where wives and children were revered and loved, as a reflection of the Holy Family’s interrelationships and God the Father’s plan for his greatest creations. Don’t buy into the PC BS of feminism because it will leave you wanting and flat. I can guarentee you that by adopting a feminist lifestyle, as opposed to a faithfilled lifestyle, you will live to seriously regret your misplaced alliegence to an ideology that thrives in the personal sacrifices of its adherents with no consideration for their future happiness. Please read my post, “Short Essay- Radical, Second-Wave Feminism’s True Legacy- Being Single, Sidelined and Sixty Sucks” also “Longform Essay – How Did “Patriarchy” Become a Dirty Word?” Also, read my “Admirable Women” posts to discover how many high profile feminists lived to regret their involvement with feminism, once they reached 40 and also read my posts called, “Current EVEntS” to see the kind of compromised women you have aligned yourself with. Lastly, read my post titled, “Short Essay – First vs. Second vs. Third-Wave Feminism” to better understand what feminism truly encompasses. These women are truly modern day EVEs, blindly driving themselves, and others, out of Paradise and into hell. Please keep reading. Trust me, you deserve more out of your short life than feminism can EVER give you. Follow your bliss, not the bitches. Good luck and God bless.


    • “When people stood up to centuries of misogyny.”
      Yesterday morning I bought a homeless woman and her boyfriend a meal. I also bought her a nice winter weight dress.

      For being a misogynist I sure do a lot of nice things for women I don’t even know. BTW, I live in the feminist dystopia that is Oregon. Their are thousands of homeless women here, thanks to feminists like you. The only thing feminists give is their opinion.


      • How did feminism lead to homelessness exactly? Well done for being a philanthropist but I dont see how that connects with my point which was that it is not a woman’s sole aim in life to be respected. Also, if you do those philanthropic gestures for respect then you surely that completely outrules your goodwill by shrouding it in alterior incetives.


    • “When people stood up to centuries of misogyny”?

      Were you bounced on your head at birth? What’s wrong you? I was raised to be a man of honor, a gentlemen. In the face of what is in fact a culture of misandria, am I to abandon common sense and decency? You’re full of crap, of course, but even if your history were true, you’re telling us the answer is to throw off being a lady and be what exactly? Depraved feminist logic 101.

      Right. Western women were so oppressed and abused under Christian patriarchy. Amazing how the vast majority of women prior to the ’60s were utterly unaware of their victim status. Perhaps it was all that hard work and effort men invested in their wellbeing that threw them. Those tricky devils. Why, it was never about women and children at all. Men have always been about one thing and one thing only: themselves.

      Feminists looked history over, which is to say, they looked inward, and projected their own selfish, rotten hearts and motives on men.

      Men cherished, protected and provided for . . . themselves?! Men were inspired . . . by men?!

      All those doffed hats, opened doors and battlefields. . . .

      Feminists are the most extraordinarily obtuse creatures on Earth.

      Ah! That’s what all that noise about false consciousness was about, eh? Women were utterly unaware of the reality that being a good wife and mother–a devoted helpmate to the rational authority of the masculine intellect and the sacrificial love of the masculine heart–was a shallow, insignificant calling. Nurturing all those babies, training them up to be . . . decent human beings . . . was so much rubbish. Making a comfortable home full of beauty, warmth and love for the husbands who provided the means and for the children of their own wombs “made life insignificant.”

      Are you mad?

      All those cherished and protected women needed to be transformed into “head strong women”; that is to say, they needed to be brainwashed out of the common sense and decency of the better angels of their natural femininity, which men could love and respect, and turned into foul-mouthed, hate-filled, spoiled brats, whom men of honor despise.

      “Ladies, throw off the teachings of Christ and become sluts and infanticidal monsters! Sexual virtue is oppression, pregnancy, a disease! Let us be braless, tattooed, hairy-legged, free-bleeding tramps and dykes. Girl, dye that hair blue! Dress like a prostitute. Let us be vicious magpies and vulgar twits. That’s the ticket!”

      You’re cowards and weaklings is what you are. You’re nothing but bitterness and misery. Everywhere feminism goes, whoredom, infidelity, abuse, neglect, divorce and infanticide follow.

      Centuries of misogyny? You mean centuries of Christian men lifting women out of the degradation of paganism, building Western civilization up and advancing the cause of biblically informed classical liberalism with their blood, sweat and tears, don’t you? You mean centuries of men doing the fighting and dying, putting the welfare of women and children first, you twisted, ungrateful bitch!

      But, to be sure, feminist birth agents, who reduce the children they don’t kill to biological assets leveraged against men’s labor and government handouts, have beaten that nonsense, the masculinity, out of a significant portion of the males of my generation. Can’t have all that masterfully ambitious testosterone walking around and commanding women to obey and follow so that men can confidently submit to the sacrificial love of Christ on their behalf and lead.

      You’d rather crawl back to the mire of paganism, eh? Good luck with that.

      Where have all the good men gone? Idiots. Good men are patriarchs or they are nothing. But the real question is where have all the good women gone?

      You feminists insist that it takes a village to raise a child, in truth, so you can have careers on the dime of others, yet all you need to kill one is your prodigiously shared bodies and your choice. Do you even hear yourselves anymore? You feminists are the specter of pure evil in Hitchcock’s Rebecca. Feminists are prostitutes groveling at the feet of Big Sugar Daddy Government. All of feminism rests on the artificialities of extra-constitutional rights and privileges, subsidies, entitlements, programs, sanctions, no-fault divorce, which permits women to cheat on, abuse and defraud men with impunity . . . and, of course, abortion on demand. But I wax euphemistic. Let’s call it what it is: Murder. (The lives of perfectly healthy babies destroyed for their body parts. What a concept!) Feminism has never been anything more than the bubblegum traditionalism of secular society all hopped up on the hypergamous materialism of faithless female monkeys swinging from branch to branch.


      Feminism is the revisionist history of hysterical shrews and sociopaths. You don’t belong to yourself. You’re a puppet dangling from the strings of the cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory spouting the degeneracy of polymorphous perversity. Dance, puppet, dance! You’ve never had an original thought in your entire life. Everything you are, everything you believe was poured into you by the state schools and popular culture.

      You’re a cliché, a slogan spouter. Frankly, Me Dear, decent human beings don’t give a damn about anything you have to say.

      K. Q.’s blog is the stuff of ignorance? Shut up! She’s vastly more learned and wiser than you. You feminist hyenas are mental midgets and emotional retards. Her blog is insulting to men and women? Who are these men that a misandric witch like you could possibly be speaking for? And who are these women?

      You’re certainly not speaking for the men of honor in my family and circle of friends, or for our lovely, feminine women of virtue. Our women are noble, pioneer types who can do it all. Who are you?

      You must be speaking for cuckold sissy faggots. Mealy mouthed punks like Ruffalo, perhaps? Sorry to disappoint, but I can assure you that men like me didn’t become Force Recon Marines and fight in Iraq and Afghanistan to come home to the likes of you. The likes of Ruffalo and Gosling are actors. Remember? They pretend in front of cameras. They’re not the Jimmy Stewarts or Lee Marvins who were the real deal on and off camera, decorated bomber pilots and Marines, respectively. As for women, you must be speaking for emotionally and sexually jaded tramps, incapable of love and fidelity, unfit for marriage and motherhood.

      What have you “women of independence” ever done for others with your lives? What has feminism ever really contributed to society? It’s all about you and what you won’t do for men and children! Men build, sustain, advance and defend civilization . . . not women! Men do the heavy lifting in the infrastructural and technological sciences, in both the physical and intellectual sense, not women!

      The academics of feminism are worthless doggerel, pseudoscientific mush, and men by nature are better providers. They can handle the jobs in the service industries just fine. The presence of women in the workforce is nothing but a constant source of irritation, strife and temptation. it’s the reason I went into business for myself. It’s the neglect of society’s most important assets of all, namely, vulnerable human beings left to fend for themselves in state institutions that serve as babysitters and indoctrination centers.

      Women are a drag on the excellence produced by the unfettered competition among men in the workforce. We like it. We thrive on it. You want accommodations that suppress the natural inclinations of masculinity? I say you grow a pair of real balls and deal with it on our terms, or put your dress back on and get out. Frankly, men are fed up with the coping mechanisms of insecure females. We’re sick of your narcissistic demands, your constant whining, your hurt feelings and your passive-aggressive bitchery in the workplace. We certainly can’t trust you in the workplace. You’ve put our reputations and our very lives on the line with your manipulative shenanigans and false allegations. No sane man would work in any facility that didn’t have cameras everywhere nowadays.

      Abortion on demand, male tears, kill all men, rank materialism, slut walks. . . . Imagine the uproar over a group of men sitting around a table on a daytime TV talk show cracking wise about severed breasts tossed into garbage disposals, blaming and cursing women for their own moral failings, slavering over female dancers . . . applauding the most disgraceful betrayals, condoning/justifying the vilest of acts: physical violence, BDSM, adulterous bachelor parties and affairs, “post-birth” abortion, statutory rape and even pedophilia. Network television!

      No man in his right mind would put the lives of his children in the hands of any feminist, let alone marry or father children with one of you serially gangbanged cesspools.

      Where is all this misogyny you speak of? The men I know would beat men senseless for the depraved filth routinely expressed, as causally as a dog licks its genitals, by feminists on network television were it directed at girls and women.

      Did you say something about shallow and insignificant lives?

      Given that feminists are vile human beings, what would you possibly know about decent human beings? You’re all Nazis, for crying out loud! Decent human beings are sick of you. Certainly most of the men of my generation whose opinions matter, men in their 20s and 30s, are sick of you.

      Just last week one of you slobs threw herself at me, my wedding band in plain sight. Really? And that’s not the first time.

      Did you say something about insults?

      You’re twisted caricatures of men with vaginas that you’re finding out are not so golden after all. The best of us men find you repulsive. You’re lunatics, monsters who kill or condone the killing of your own flesh and blood. You’re grotesqueries, barbarians spouting the hateful gibberish of a sociopathic movement. Your minds are sewers, you’re mouths, open wounds. You’re the decline and fall of Western civilization. You’re statist bootlicks, full of atrocity and tyranny. You’re the busy little fingers of Madame Defarge.

      Feminism is evil.

      I am most anxious to enlist everyone who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of “woman’s rights,“ with all its attendant horrors, on which her poor feeble sex is bent, forgetting every sense of womanly feelings and propriety. Feminists ought to get a good whipping. Were woman to ’unsex’ themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings, and would surely perish without male protection. —Queen Victoria.


      • That was an EXCELLENT yet Scorching rebuke of the Evils of Feminism!
        I Loved & Agree with all of it! Great Response…That would be a great post to put on some feminist blog somewhere, just to see all the “poor victim feminists” whine & snivel!!! I would love to see you post this reply somewhere like that!
        Thanks, SailorDale


      • Radical feminists are actually cultural imperialist and colonisers in Third World country like mine. They claimed against it, but their propaganda and actions contradict their so called cause for humanity especially anti-imperialism.


      • Yes. Any Christian country that does not strive to expand its influence through diplomacy or use its military force to vanquish evil abroad, is doomed to annihilation itself.


    • I hope you get wise when you grow up! Feminism is EVIL, but you are too young and naive to understand that concept! You have been brainwashed, and you swallowed up the lies hook, line, & sinker!!! You need a REAL education, and I recommend you spend some time reading https://kqduane.com/ for an education about the real, evil, ugly truth of feminism!!!

      You have a lot to learn, young lady(?)……….

      I posted this on her blog https://feminisminhd.wordpress.com/my-take-on-feminism/
      She says she is a 15 y/o girl!!! That is so sad, to see a girl so poisoned an full of such rabid hatred at such a young age. If this 15 y/o girl doesn’t change her attitude, I predict a lonely, unsatisfying miserable life for her!
      It is quite clear how effective the feminists have been at destroying young girls lives! It is no wonder we are not making enough babies to maintain our society, with girls being fed this evil garbage, no wonder they want to go kill their very own children when they get pregnant! This does cause women to be sluts, and looking for the instant gratification that comes with slutty behavior, not realising the long term damage they are doing to themselves, and society as a whole!

      Such a deceived young girl……


      • Amen! It’s very sad and frightening to see what happens when young women replace the tenets of Christianity with the twisted ideology of radical feminism. Literally, all hell breaks loose!


      • Unfortunately in many parts of the third world having too many children indeed troublesome in case of basic needs. This is fact. Natural Family Planning were a biblical solution for this issue.

        More opinion, ma’am?


      • The ability to financially care for your children should always be a consideration, and yes, the Rhythm Method has helped address some of those concerns, but it should never dramatically hinder the number of children a couple has. Despite what radical feminists proclaim, when a poor couple’s priorities are their children, and NOT themselves, the truth is their children NEED very little to thrive. The love and devotion of their Christian parents, some clothes, basic food and a roof over their head, is really all they truly NEED. Now, in America we have the opposite problem couples have TOO MUCH money, which also puts pressure on them to limit the number of children they have because they spend it on themselves. Many couples here deliberately limit the number of children they have, NOT because they are concerned about not having enough money to care for their kids, but because they want to buy a house, 2 cars, computers, cell phones, have yearly luxury vacations, buy jewelry, furs and a truck load of furniture FIRST. The pursuit of this, totally materialistic lifestyle, requires BOTH spouses to work full-time to pay the bills and usually results in mountains of credit card debt as well. The resultant financial pressure to pay for all this stuff, eventually strangles the couple’s finances and devours the money they should be spending to care for more children! So, they are stuck with limiting their families to just one or two kids. Now, you’ll notice that whether you have too little, or too much money, children fail to be the priority for today’s young couples and having MORE children is always viewed negatively! This is thanks to radical feminism’s influence on women’s priorities. It has negated the Christian priority of “children first” for women and shifted them to “me first.” This is VERY, very, very sad and without those children being born, it is actually threatening the survival of Western Christian countries as well.


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