Current EVEntS – Phoenix VA Hospital Director Sharon Helman Lied While 66 Vets Died

Sharon Helman - Former Director/CEO Phoenix, Arizona VA Medical Center

Sharon Helman

Sharon Helman is another incompetent, non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminist, female, “Director” who was in over her head and, rather than admit it, chose to “cook the books” to hide her failings, and in this case, men died.

Phoenix wasn’t Ms. Helman’s first scandal. As Director of the Spokane, Washington VA she lied to the public, stating that there had been nine suicides within the hospital’s service area, when in fact, there had been at least 22. LIES!

General Eric K. Shinseki - Secretary of Veterens Administration

General Eric K. Shinseki

Unfortunately, rather than discipline this bitch, U. S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Chief Gen. Eric Shinseki transferred her, as Director, to the Edward Hines, Jr. VA hospital, outside Chicago, in Hines, Illinois. She spent two years in this position before being moved to Phoenix, Arizona in February of 2012. Helman was made the first female Director/CEO of the Phoenix VA Medical Center, where she continued her trail of lies and deceit.

VA Medical Center Phoenix Arizona

VA Medical Center Phoenix Arizona

In 2013, Ms. Helman had purportedly done such a wonderful job of reducing wait times for vets at the Phoenix medical center that she was awarded a $9,345 bonus. This was in addition to her annual, taxpayer paid, salary of $169,900. LIES!


Her “house of cards” began to topple when on April 23rd CNN interviewed a recently retired, Phoenix, VA doctor named Dr. Sam Foote. Foote claimed that Ms. Helman had a “secret list” for patients waiting to be seen by doctors that differed from the official list. When questioned, other Phoenix VA officials acknowledged the existence of the list and provided evidence as well. They also admitted to the fact that many of the documents related to that secret list were shredded when CNN broke the story. 

In response to the accusations Ms. Helman told CBS5 News in Phoenix, “We look at those cases every day and we have not found that they are linked to any delays in care.”  During that same interview Helman’s chief of staff Dr. Darren Deering stated, “We have never instructed our staff to create a secret list, to maintain a secret list, to shred a secret list — that has never come from our office as far as instruction to our staff.” LIES!

On May 1st, despite having first denied the allegations against Ms. Helman, Shinseki placed her on administrative leave . Ms. Helman’s assertions that vets were indeed being seen by doctors promptly proved to be a lie. And, just as Dr. Foote had stated, Ms. Helman did indeed have a “secret waiting list.” It showed that 1600 vets had been waiting up to five months to see doctors, rather than seeing them within the 28 days she claimed. After further investigations, it was also shown  that 44 veterans had died while they languished on her “secret list.”

Upon reflection, Pete Hegsbeth, the CEO of the Concerned Veterans of America is quoted as saying, “This is not the first time that Sharon Helman has been involved in an incident involving manipulation of patient data. She fudged the number of veterans suicides at a previous job — and was never fired. She just moved.” This is beyond deplorable. 

Twenty-two men unnecessarily died in Spokane, forty-four died in Phoenix and who knows how many died in Hines, Illinois while Helman cut ribbons, went to luncheons and gave speeches.

Sixty-six Christian men died while this idiot lied, partied and deliberately denied help to these American heroes. Men who were Helman’s unquestionable responsibility. Men who she swore to support, assist and aid during their final days.

In the end, Helman’s despicable behavior would expose, not her admiration for these men, but her contempt. Heads should roll and Helman’s should be the first one kicked overboard.

16 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – Phoenix VA Hospital Director Sharon Helman Lied While 66 Vets Died

  1. Spot on. Evidence confirms Sharon Helman lied and cheated. She should be held accountable. She is a bully and leads by fear and intimidation to suppress the truth. Fire her immediately.


  2. this individual is a woman hater! we sure dont want anyone like them directing. christian or not! whoa,..down boy


    • I believe it has a lot to do with the fear of the slim possibility of their being wrong in their assessments and then being unjustly, and viciously, railroaded out of town by the powers-that-be (liberal media, anti-Christian talking heads, left-wing newspapers, politically correct politicians, radical feminist judiciary, female juries, lesbian -led feminists, gays, non-Christian lawyers, and radical academia) in the hysteria that results. Unfortunately, these radical, vocal, compromised and vicious, anti-Christian extremist groups have, for decades, controlled the public airwaves on what comprises good and evil behavior. In this effort, they have convinced the majority of the populous, starting with the 74 million baby boomers, that good is bad and bad is good. We are all the worse for it. We need warrior priests and politicians to stem the tide. Unfortunately, other than Cardinal Burke, I don’t see anyone out there who is willing to risk everything, in the effort to give America back to Christ. Sanity can only be returned to America when the tenets of Christianity are once again adopted by the majority of the populous and with it, through its promise of salvation, it’s insistence on good behavior and it’s condemnation of bad. Thanks for your comment.


  3. So much for equality. It’s not that there aren’t competent women managers, but it seems as if every man who is paid by the government is terrified to be seen to even hint that a woman could be incompetent.

    There’s a word for those who sheltered this women: cowardice.


    • Cowardice indeed. I thank KQ for keeping this story u[p front, other than a great bit covering the absurdity of this CRIME by John Stewert ,any coverage of this and the huge extent of this woman’s atrocities, has been scarce, deliberately covered quickly and quietly. With the internet and social networks, all of us can dictate what needs attention most, what is no ones business, and (are you ready?) how our tax dollars are spent.
      All we have to do is question authority. daily, virally. Let’s revolt by keeping these horrific stories in the news through our networks, and report to the world any and all questionable abuses of power we become aware of or suspect. If we all post pressure on authority, as much we do our wide array of fun, spiritual, gossip and all the other stuff we find interesting enough to read and share, we can put an end to this “greed run rampant” government.
      DO THIS NOW, WE ARE FRIGHTENINGLY CLOSE TO GIVING AWAY DEMOCRACY. DO THIS NOW AND EVERY DAY BEFORE OUR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH IS GIVEN AWAY UNDER THE GUISE OF “NATIONAL SECURITY”. Thank you KQDuane for your persistence in researching current events and having the courage to share the stories and your opinions. We as a nation all need to find the courage you display in your essays.


      • My pleasure and more importantly, everyone needs to register to vote in the mid-term elections in November, and then go to the polls to vote the snake oil salesmen (and women) out!


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