Current EVEntS – S.C. Teacher Ellen Niemiec Has Sex with 3 of Her Teenage Students in One Day

Ellen Niemiec

Ellen Niemiec

If there is any doubt left in anyone’s mind, as to the reason why, historically, there were so many societal limitations, restrictions and constraints placed on women’s behavior, the ongoing rash of female teachers having sex with their underage male students, should put all of them to rest.

I’m beginning to think that, without those restraints, women are nothing more than sex fiends and predators. And, it appears from the evidence above, that anyone with a 17-year-old son should be sure he gets a male English teacher.

The most recent example of this epidemic, among dozens and dozens of examples, involves Ellen Niemiec, a 29-year-old high school teacher from Summerville, South Carolina. She was employed at the Cross High School in Cross, S.C. The day before Mother’s Day, she was arrested for having sex with three high school students, two 17-year-olds and one 18-year-old.

Not only did this radical, third-wave feminist provoke this salacious behavior, when she started to “talk dirty” with these three kids, but she ramped-up the situation when she then began to text nude photos of herself to them!  Rather than leave it there, which would have been bad enough, Ms. Sexpot, in a felonious frenzy, began to have sex with these underage students.

And, boy, did they have sex! Over the course of several weeks, she had sex with these kids on the grounds of their high school, in cars, hotels and at house parties. Ms. Sexpot would routinely pick up one of the boys in the morning, have sex with him, return him home and repeat the entire scenario again in the afternoon. During one encounter she had sex with all three kids in one day.

But, it gets worse. This bitch is married and has three young children!

Niemiec is a product of a highly secularized society. A culture which is defined by its total lack of regard for Christianity’s, respect-infused, moral, standards of behavior for women. This pagan view of women encourages young woman to emulate  the debased and sexually explicit behavior of the depleted females routinely seen in the movies, on music videos and on TV.  Shows, like Sex and the City, where tramps and sexual oddballs are idolized. Both, our secularized society and Sex and the City, dehumanize and debase women, encouraging young and naive women to become nothing more than brainless sluts.

And despite feminism’s rantings to the contrary, this disrespectful view of women was actually started by feminist women, not by Christian men. Radical, second-wave feminists began this move, to demean women and their value to society, during the late 1960s and early 1970s. This twisted movement was undertaken by non-Christian, lesbian-led radical, second-wave feminists and was introduced to the world under the guise of “sexual liberation.”

This fallacious “Free Love” concept was bad news for women from the onset but it is much worse for them now, as it has morphed itself into a self-destructive pariah. The sexual liberation of women, demanded by the radical, second-wave feminists in the 1960s, has mutated itself into something merciless and Ms. Niemiec is a resultant pathogen of this virus. She is a classic example of what is now referred to as a radical, third-wave feminist.

These remorseless young sexpots define themselves solely by their sexuality and by their overtly promiscuous sex lives. In doing so, they contaminate their communities like an aggressive cancer. In their sexual frenzies, they are like moths drawn to a flame, eventually destroying themselves, their victims, and finally their families.

This destructive, and hurtful, sexual behavior is exactly why Christian morality was so important. For 2000 years, the Christian standards of behavior, for both men and women, sustained Christian home life, sheltering everyone within, especially the children. These were critical safeguards granted by God to His people through His patriarchal love for them. And the reason? They were the tools that protected His people from evil and damnation.  As Our Lady of Fatima warned, “More souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason.”

This “teacher” (no pun intended) was initially placed on administrative leave by the school district but has since been fired. She is forbidden to enter the school grounds or have any contact with the three boys. Ms. Niemiec has been charged with three counts of sexual battery, two of which are felonies because the two 17-year-olds were underage. If convicted, she faces up to 5 years in prison for the sexual encounters with the two 17-year-olds and up to 30 days in jail for having sex with the 18-year-old.

In other words, thank God, she’s DONE!

But unfortunately, it will NEVER be over for her husband, or for her three innocent children, that Niemiec so callously, and inexcusably, betrayed.

11 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – S.C. Teacher Ellen Niemiec Has Sex with 3 of Her Teenage Students in One Day

  1. I really don’t understand your views at all. Of course the women who have committed these acts of sexual assault and pedophilia are reprehensible, terrible people and should be punished for their actions. But your assertion that women are “nothing more than sex fiends and predators” without limitations and constraints from society is completely out of left-field. You do realize that men have raped and murdered women for thousands of years, right? Yes, there were plenty of horrible women throughout history, as well, but I’m fairly certain that throughout the course of history, men have committed far more rapes and murders than women ever have. I don’t believe this because men are some how “naturally” evil or morally depraved. My thought is that this has happened likely due to the fact that men have almost always been in a position of power over women (at least in the majority of cultures).

    I don’t believe that any gender is inherently less moral or of less character than any other gender. We all have the potential to be good or bad people, and much of our behavior is dependent on the environment we grow up in, the way we are raised and the things that happen to us throughout our lives. Yes, all of the above women have done terrible things. But I could cite hundreds if not thousands of cases where men have committed crimes that were just if not more terrible. Pegging one gender as as more evil and somehow “in need of constraints” from society is an incredibly insulting, ignorant and limited viewpoint that does absolutely nothing to achieve a more accepting and equal world for all genders and all people.

    There’s plenty more I could comment on about this very bizarre blog post, but I’ll just leave it at that.



    • Insulting? How is that? Would you prefer that I sweep these truths about the dramatic increase in women’s deplorable sexual behavior (since the inception of radical second-wave feminism’s “sexual revolution”) under the rug in order to placate your misplaced indignation? Sorry, I can’t do that. The truth is that, unlike the wives and mothers of previous generations, this current generation of young women, who were raised in a secular society without the protective constraints of Christianity, ARE indeed exposing themselves to be nothing more than amoral creatures bent on self-destruction. And, yes, this type of woman has always existed, but not in the exorbitant numbers we are seeing today. With regards to your reference to men, you are unwittingly regurgitating radical, second-wave feminism’s preposterous, and unsubstantiated, assertions. Our blessed country has always been awash with good Christian men who, despite what the lesbian-led feminists (like the infamous Andrea Dworkin, who claimed all sexual intercourse was rape) have told you, did NOT rape millions of women. That too is total BS.

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      • le voice — it’s not really even worth listening to people with opposing views if they are misinformed, antagonistic and unwilling to consider other perspectives.

        Right from the horses mouth herself…. well, perhaps the other end OF the horse. ;o) I noticed in her blog she gives nothing to back up her *Facts* either so really, it is still her opinion of her feminist view. Even takes on Matt Walsh…but on her blog only… I think she might be to scared to face Mr. Walsh directly as he might throw some light of truth on the lies that are continued to be believed from that group of barking fledglings.

        Truth is hate to those that hate the truth.

        Oh KQ I noticed that most of these women were in their late 20’s and even early 30’s. …would almost bet none married… so their time table for having children is waxing short. (even though that is not addressed in your post…just wondering out loud) 🙂

        History continues to prove that this feminist trash believe/talk/action system is nothing but a hoax to break up the family. If these women would really question this garbage and as Ms. C concludes (to do research) she would see the truth herself. But, alas, like most they will die alone, bitter and heart broken because the truth was allusive to see before them. There are a few out there now (old feminist) that are bemoaning the truth of this lie but are quickly being silenced by the younger sisters acting out their nastiness on their sex because they have no idea that this too will be happening to them as well. I applause these older women giving the warning but I do understand like one saying goes… choices have consequence and you can’t choose the consequence that suits you…. (or something like that) 🙂

        Great post as well!!! Nice to see lots of comments!

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      • It makes me wonder, KQ the woman writing to you… How old is she? Not even close to yours of mine age I gather? 😉

        Ah the young and the shameless…. giggle

        Had one women say nasty words to me in an email because she wanted to know what my relationship was to another person.

        Her email subject line: had relations name in it

        what is your relationship to _____________________?

        That’s all she wrote exactly like that!!!! I wrote a rough (non calling name) back to her saying she has a strange way of addressing people she does not know and then I demanded WHY should I answer her… and then wow… the language that came back to me calling me a *itch and that I needed some *ucking manners. I was utterly shocked! Then I thought… hmmm she must be one of those wonderful feminists.


      • That’s EXACTLY what she was and probably, foolishly, still is. I’ve written two posts on this feminist phenomena, “Lost Ladies Vol. #2 Essay 10” and “Longform Essay – Why Does the False Pretext of “Equality” Diminish, Rather Than Increase, the Value of Women?”, which is one of my most read posts, in hopes that my warnings help young women avoid this destructive feminist trap. My other post which explains this phenomena’s origins is, “10+ Tenets of Christianity vs. 10+ Ideals of Radical Feminism.” Thank you for your comment.

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    • Neither would most people born before 1950. Banning school prayer, and it’s associated standards of good behavior, left those who were born after 1950, without a moral compass. Feminism’s “sexual revolution” only made matters worse. Today, we are living with the vile results of those 2 misguided undertakings.

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  2. What a super post, Kathy. Not that there aren’t reprehensible men, as well, but we again see that wickedness exists in women, too, and that feminism is an agent for promoting wickedness in women.

    Your theological perspective is of interest to me, in that I can reach a similar conclusion from a secularly based structure of reason. Contrary to what some might be tempted to argue–that the religious perspective is merely adding God and Jesus to the underlying secular assessment, and is therefore not valid in and of itself–, I will argue that the opposite is true.

    Since the secular analysis arrives at similar essential conclusions, it supports the validity of the theological perspective. This is a recent evolution in my thinking, and I am a bit taken with the implications of this.


    • A good, healthy fear of God makes for a civil, moral and ethical society. Individuals who have a personal relationship with Christ and His teachings are the backbone of successful communal living. Christian people can be trusted to do the right thing without coercion. They live by their own internal rules. When multiplied by millions, it produces a well-behaved, trustworthy and honest community that requires no supervision, thereby leaving it to advance without impediments. Without the underlying need to please God, there is no motivation for people to strive to be good, which interferes with all levels of communal living.

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      • When people realise and understand that they know for certain that they will stand before God, and give Him an account of their actions, it does have a BIG influence on what you say & do!
        We have, as a society lost our fear of God (and that’s for those that are religious) and most of society has completely thrown God away, all the amoral, evil things happening in society are but symptoms of the main problem- Turning away from God & Christianity!
        That is one of the main reasons why our Capitalist system is floundering in greed & selfish actions now. People don’t care about God, so $$$$$$ money becomes their “god” and they cheat their employees & move jobs overseas so they can pay workers slave wages, and all other things. And then the socialist / communist professors use the lack of accountability to God to promote & spew socialism & communism as a “better way” in their college classes!

        And, as with everything else, the answer IS a full return to our Godly Christian heritage, and turn this nation back to Jesus Christ!
        Nothing else will work!


      • I couldn’t agree more! We have abandoned the tenets of Christianity and adopted the non-Christian ideology of secularism and materialism, at the expense of every other form of human, and Christian, relationship on earth. And it will be the demise of Western civilization as we know it. Time to FIGHT BACK!

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