Quote: Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Equality Idiots

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 81 -  Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court since 1993

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 81 – Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court since 1993

“Women will only have true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation.”

What? Here’s another highly influential non-Christian, rabid, feminist (idiot) whose opinions of men, and her irrational demands for equality, are colored by her dysfunctional upbringing. Unlike non-Christians, Christian men, along with their wives, have ALWAYS been responsible for bringing up the next generation. To assume otherwise, negates her ability to contribute anything of import on this issue.  She is obviously part of the problem, not part of the solution.  kqd

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14 thoughts on “Quote: Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Equality Idiots

  1. KQ, There may have been a typo: “Unlike non-Christians, Christian WOMEN, along with their wives,…”

    Should it not be Christian MEN, instead?

    I share your contempt of the feminist ideology at play, here.


    • To a feminist, everything is ALWAYS the men’s fault. These radical women have rigged the discussion to get them, coming and going. In their twisted minds, no matter what Christian men do, or don’t do, they are to blame. It’s really sick.


  2. Real equality is equality for all, not “equality” only for the privileged. Fathers are and have always been a very important part of parenting. To fight to be more inclusive of Fathers in their children’s lives is hardly rabid feminism destroying the family unit.


    • Privileged? What is your point? Class warfare? Secondly, fathers have NEVER been acknowledged by radical, second-wave, feminism to be an important part of parenting. In fact, they have spent the last 45 years systematically trashing Christian fathers through their push for female “independence”, “liberation” and “emancipation” from those very same men, both their own and their children’s and to assume otherwise is a sign of a total ignorance of radical feminism’s true goals with regards to men, and fathers in particular. These twisted women have spent decades promoting anti-father undertakings such as divorce, abortion, same-sex marriage, single motherhood, co-habitation, sexual promiscuity and the “ideal” feminist lifestyle based on the single, career women. If brainwashing millions of young, naive college women to believe this crap is NOT a sign of radical feminist’s concerted efforts to destroy the family unit, I don’t know what is?


      • Umm you seem to have misunderstood me. Feminism is “Equality for WOMEN”, Women are the privileged group I’m referring to. Also, RADICAL feminist have very successfully advocated the destruction and implemented the destruction of the family unit. The fact that Ginsburg is advocating FOR MEN, FOR FATHERS is something to be lauded, not insulted. I am not going to play idenity politics with you and judge a person based on race sex gender sexual orientation or any other meaningless (meaningless in this context) identifier. I’m going to judge Ginsburg on her ACTIONS. I’m going to judge her as an individual. Based on what she had done and advocated for she is one of the best Fathers Advocates today.


      • I must apologize. I just re-read my post and unfortunately, if you got my original post, I substituted the word “women” where I intended to type “men” and inadvertently changed the entire point of my comment. It should say, “…Christian MEN (not women) have ALWAYS…” I’m very sorry for the confusion. I hope this clears up my position on Christian father’s, 2000 year old, involvement in the upbringing of their children.


      • I am a feminist and I have man that are feminist so it’s not men I blame it’s people like you who think women shouldn’t have access to birth control and think a women should be an obedient little dog. A feminist thinks women should have rights the same as white straight men


      • God help you. You’ve drunk the emotion-killing, anti-female, PC feminist crap, by the gallon! You need to realize that the non-Christian, lesbian-led, radical, second-wave leaders have made it unacceptable to be a woman, which leaves most of their gullible, naive, young followers. (like yourself) ultimately angry and disillusioned with a life based on outrageous lies about Christian men and their motives. Read more of my blog to see who the twisted women are that you’ve aligned yourself with (see my posts, “Current EVEntS”). Get out while you can, before you’ve trashed your life pursuing a pointless, selfish lifestyle that will ultimately give you nothing but grief.


      • I’m Tracy the one at the bottom of the comments and I am a happy non lesbian women that has kids. Yet I still feel every one should be able to have control over their life and body’s and I accept every type of human being evean if I disagree with their views. I pitty you because your a half minded bitch with a inmorel view on how women can’t be more than some prinsses stuck in a tower waiting around for Prince Charming to save the day. I don’t know how you live with yourself.


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