Vanity of Voting Vol. #3 Essay 15

I Vote!

I have said many times, that I would gladly give up my right to vote if Congress would just repeal the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The ratification of this singular piece of legislation in 1920, which gave American women the right to vote, will be the death of democracy, if left unchecked.

Have you ever wondered why, in recent years, the margins of success within elections are so close? Have you ever wondered why the good people seem to be losing the political battle to maintain their solid Christian values in the public arena? Have you been befuddled by the liberalization of nearly every aspect of public life? Have you wanted to know who was responsible for our becoming soft on crime and why judges continue to show leniency towards vile, convicted criminals?

Have you asked yourself why we are witnessing the demise of true justice and common sense within our judicial system? Have you ever been curious as to how the crazy concept of “political correctness” came into being and why it’s so prevalent? Have you ever wondered why the good people routinely lose political campaigns to the bad people? Or, who is dragging the body politic towards socialism? Have you ever wanted to round-up the usual suspects – Hispanics, Blacks, Jews or homosexuals, in an effort to place blame for the liberal philosophy that is undermining our Christian country?

Well, you may be surprised to discover that your efforts would be in vain, for in fact, none of these groups are to blame. Their physical numbers are too small to have any lasting effect on our political landscape.

Surprisingly, the answer to all of these questions is – our radicalized women!

Women comprise fifty-one percent of our population and their sympathetic nurturing of total strangers, while standing in the voting booth, gives unprecedented clout to those small blocks of liberal, demanding voters, who seek to destroy Christian America through socialism.  

Women’s socialist voting patterns are pure vanity. Baseless votes inspired by lies and twisted “facts.” Egocentric votes supposedly inspired by righteousness and designed to “help” the helpless, when in fact, these feminist losers are voting to feather their own nests as they are slowly discovering that their hapless feminist lifestyle, has left them without any safety nets and more importantly, without any close family to help and support them, now that they are aging.

These pathetic know-it-alls have spent their entire lives dragging Christian America to the precipice of moral bankruptcy and nearly into financial ruin.

If we are to understand, and acknowledge, the inaccurate “facts” upon which they justify their voting patterns, it must be understood that their decisions are purely based on vanity. Vanity defined by 50 years of brainwashing by radical feminism to believe that women can do nothing wrong, can never make a mistake and that everything they believe as feminists is true, when it is NOT!

So, if we are to address these serious misconceptions and attempt to remediate these women, we must begin with the twisted women with whom this irrational line of thinking began. 

The British gave women the voting franchise in 1918. They elected their first female member of parliament in 1919. Just five years later, for the first time in their country’s illustrious history, they elected the first Labour Government, primarily composed of SOCIALISTS.

Ramsey MacDonaldRamsey MacDonald

The government was led by Ramsey MacDonald who was a pacifist and an illegitimate child.

All of this was no mere coincidence. Women voters immediately had an effect on the kinds of people being elected to government. The men they elected were softer, compromised and weaker.

Following England’s lead, American women were given the right to vote in August of 1920, but not before, and again for the first time in American history, women made public spectacles of themselves while voicing their grievances concerning the existence of slavery and alcohol consumption.

Many of the older suffragettes were inspired to action by the successful efforts of abolitionists Lucy Stone (1818-1893) and Julia Ward Howe (1819-1910). Their efforts are credited with the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution in 1865 which abolished slavery. 

Lucy Stone

Lucy Stone - SuffregetteLucy Stone – Suffragette

Lucy Stone was the eighth of nine children. Her father was a tyrant with a vicious temper which was aggravated by alcohol. Her mother struggled to sustain the family on the income generated by their farm and routinely begged her husband for money to buy necessities.

As a result, Lucy was determined “to call no man master.” In order to supplement the family income, at the age of sixteen, Stone began to teach in a nearby town. In 1838, at the age of nineteen, she enrolled in Mount Holyoke Female Seminary in South Hadley, Massachusetts. It was here, with the encouragement of her brother, that she became an active abolitionist.

In 1843, Lucy matriculated to Oberlin College in Ohio and graduated four years later. She was the first Massachusetts female to graduate from college.

At the time, the general populace was opposed to women speaking in public. Stone objected to this custom, due to her strong need to speak out against slavery. So, when asked to give a lecture before a local anti-slavery society, she readily accepted the invitation.

Miss Stone was later chastised by the Ladies’ Board of the Oberlin College for this undertaking. When she later announced to her family that she had decided to dedicate her life to public speaking, all but her brother objected.

Stone persisted in her desire to speak out about the ills of slavery and was hired as a lecturer by the Boston’s American Anti-Slavery Society. But, she again ran aground, when to the society’s dismay, she began to also speak about women’s rights during her anti-slavery lectures.

In 1850, Stone wrote to the organizers of the Women’s Rights Convention encouraging them to pressure the Ohio state legislature to amend their state constitution to allow women to vote.

At the convention Stone said, “We want to be more than appendages to society… we want that when she dies, it may not be written on her gravestone that she was the ‘relict’ of somebody.”

As a result of her outspoken advocacy for both abolition AND female suffrage , she was constantly at odds with her benefactors.

Stone’s anti-slavery lectures caused her to be expelled from her Congregationalist congregation in 1851, with some calling her an atheist.

In 1852, she traveled to Seneca Falls, New York, and for the first time, she met Amelia Bloomer, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Women's Rights Convention Seneca Falls, NY Women’s Rights Convention of 1848, Seneca Falls, NY 

These women had gathered together in order to write the charter for their proposed “People’s College.” The experience changed Lucy with noticeable results.

Upon Miss Stone’s return to Ohio, she “bobbed” her hair and began to wear Amelia Bloomer’s creation, a “baggy pair of trousers under a shortened skirt”. Though continually ridiculed, both on the street, and within her circle of influence, Stone persisted in wearing bloomers for the next three years.

Miss Stone now moved away from the anti-slavery movement and joined the temperance movement primarily because it was pushing for broader changes in society.

Based on her abysmal familial experiences Miss Stone began to advocate for the legalization of divorce on the grounds of drunkenness. She also advocated for women’s property rights, so that husbands could not “misappropriate” the benefits of their wives contributions to the household finances.

But once again Stone proved to be unable to confine her lectures to the topics on which she was asked to speak. Rather than concentrating on an anti-alcohol lecture, she continually returned to women’s rights, and this time, just as with the anti-slavery society, the male members of the temperance movement resisted her efforts to push for women’s rights. The male temperance activists accused women rights activists of deliberately disrupting their meetings and the men finally broke away and formed their own group.

During the 1855 “World’s Temperance Convention” in New York City, Stone caused another division within the movement when members became divided over whether to include Stone on the Business Committee. 

Once again Lucy’s divisive, difficult and disruptive temperament caused yet another split, as fifty delegates from twelve states, withdrew from the convention to follow Stone, and others, to another location.

Despite all of the dissension surrounding Lucy she was, at the same time, being relentlessly and romantically pursued by abolitionist Harry Blackwell.

Henry Henry “Harry” Blackwell

After a two-year courtship Lucy finally agreed to marry Harry Blackwell with his assurances that their marriage would be between equals. They wrote a “Marriage Protest” which they read together during the ceremony in 1855, and omitted the word “obey” from their vows, as well.

Her irascible behavior continued when, a

The controversy surrounding Stone also continued when in 1856 she was accused of supplying a knife to an imprisoned former slave who then stabbed her child to death. The former slave claimed that she did not want her child to live just to become enslaved.

Amazingly, Stone’s defense was that she gave the woman the knife so that she could kill HERSELF, rather than return to slavery, NOT her child.

In her own defense, Lucy Stone is incredibly quoted as saying “With my own teeth I would tear open my veins and let the earth drink my blood, rather than wear the chains of slavery. How then could I blame her for wishing her child to find freedom with God and the angels, where no chains are?” She was obviously an atheist with twisted ideologies who advocated suicide and child killing to sensationalize her personal goals.

Once married, Stone’s stance on divorce mellowed and this caused another conflict with fellow activists. Unlike the members of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony’s organization, National Women’s Suffrage Association (NWSA), Lucy wanted divorce to be addressed as a separate issue from women’s rights so as to avoid the appearance of moral leniency.

In 1869, Stone, her husband Harry and Julia Ward Howe broke from Stanton’s group and founded the American Women Suffrage Association (AWSA). Unlike the NWSA, the AWSA allowed men to become members and they supported the ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment giving the vote to black males, without acquiring the right to vote for women too. They preferred to fight that battle separately as well.

By 1870, Stone’s view of divorce had now reversed itself. She wrote, “We believe in marriage for life, and deprecate all this loose, pestiferous talk in favor of easy divorce.” Stone coined the term “free love” and was opposed to the concept writing, “Be not deceived – free love means free lust.”

Finally, in 1887, Stone and Stanton reconciled and combined their two organizations forming the National American Women Suffrage Association (NAWSA). Susan B. Anthony became the President and Stone and Stanton became honorary presidents. Lucy Stone died in 1893 at the age of 75 and is primarily remembered today for her refusal to take her husband’s name in marriage. 

Lucy Stone was a complicated and difficult woman driven by personal demons fraught from fearful childhood experiences, which manifested themselves in misguided principles and warped priorities.   

Stone was hardly the type of women upon whose opinions an ideology for the “betterment” of women should be based.

Julia Ward Howe

Julia Ward Howe - SuffregetteJulia Ward Howe – Suffragette

Now, Julia Ward Howe was also a member of the oldest generation of the first-wave feminist activists. Her involvement was generated by her difficult childhood and her very troubled marriage.

Howe left her husband, who was 18 years her senior, when they separated in 1852 after just nine years of marriage. Howe was already a published author, and poet, when she began her activist life as an abolitionist.

Howe wrote the words to “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” during the middle of the Civil War. After the conclusion of the war she worked actively as a pacifist and as the editor of Lucy Stone’s publication, Women’s Journal, which advocated for women’s rights, including female suffrage.

Julia Ward Howe’s views of marriage and family were warped by her troubled personal life. She was hardly the type of woman upon whose opinions an ideology for the “betterment” of women should be based.

The successful abolition of slavery in 1865 by this older generation of first-wave feminists emboldened a younger generation of first-wave feminists to enter the political foray.

They would include newcomers Carrie Nation (1846-1911), Mary Hanchett Hunt (1830-1906), and Francis Willard (1839-1898).

The more experienced radicals, Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902) and Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906), would bridge the generational gap, and once again, lead the charge.

But decades would pass, with few successes, because these female activists still could not agree on a singular strategy.

As a result, they divided their energies over multiple fronts, which drastically diluted their effectiveness. It wasn’t until 1916 that women were once more stirred into action.

Some feminists redoubled their efforts to acquire women’s suffrage, while others joined the efforts to ban the sale, and production, of alcohol in the United States.    

Just as with slavery and suffrage, the temperance movement became a rallying call for many well-educated women across the nation. Their high-minded, and self-righteous, public disdain for the ills of mankind coalesced this time with their efforts to ban alcohol consumption.

womens-christian-temperence-union-logoThe Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) was established in 1873 for the sole purpose of organizing women against alcohol. 

Carrie Nation

Carrie Nation is the most notorious of these women. In 1899, while living in Medicine Lodge, Kansas with her second husband, she started a chapter of WCTU. She was a radical member of the temperance movement and traveled widely with a hatchet.

Mrs. Nation, whose mother and daughter were mentally ill and whose first husband died of alcoholism, crisscrossed the countryside using the hatchet, or rocks, to smash saloon windows, fixtures and to destroy their stock.

Carrie Nation was six-feet-tall and weighed one-hundred-seventy-five pounds and between 1900 and 1910 she was arrested thirty times for what she referred to as her “hatchetations.” This was another obviously disturbed woman.

david-nationDavid Nation

Carrie’s husband, David Nation, filed for divorce in 1901 citing desertion. Mrs. Nation was a conflicted woman, who was so out of control and notorious, that she eventually became a successful vaudeville performer.

Mrs. Nation was hardly the type of woman upon whose opinions an ideology for the “betterment” of women should be based.

Frances Willard

Another first-wave feminist was Frances Willard. She was a highly educated woman, who eventually became the first Dean of Women at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. in 1874.

Willard was the President of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) for nineteen years starting in 1879 but she did not focus her attention solely on the issue of alcohol.

Miss Willard is probably better remembered for her advocacy for women’s suffrage but she also addressed the issue of child abuse. In addition, Willard advocated for free school lunches, an eight-hour work day, national transportation, anti-rape laws, sanitation and the establishment of unions as well.

In many ways, Willard was a committed socialist, as she wanted the government to take over the ownership of all railroads, all factories and even theaters.

Frances Willard was a lesbian who preferred to be called “Frank” and her brother, Oliver, was an alcoholic and a gambler. Frances loved, and lost, the woman who would become her brother’s wife. As a result, in 1877, Willard began a twenty-one year relationship with her secretary, Anna Adams Gordon.

Again, this was a compromised, “liberated” woman who was obsessed with her “work” at the expense of all else.   

Miss Willard was hardly the type of woman upon whose opinions an ideology for the “betterment” of women should be based.

Mary Hanchett Hunt

Now, Mary Hanchett Hunt, whose father was a vocal abolitionist, was a professor of Natural Sciences at Patapsco Female Institute in Baltimore in 1850. She married in 1852 and became active in the WCTU through her church in Hyde Park, Massachusetts. Fervently opposed to alcohol consumption Mrs. Hunt went on to become involved with the National Women’s Christian Temperance Union.

In 1880, Frances Willard appointed her as the National Superintendent of the WCTU’s Dept. of Scientific Temperance Instruction and Mrs. Hunt worked to ensure that all American textbooks promoted abstinence from alcohol.

To this end, Hunt demanded that all the national chapters of the WCTU, which in 1892 had one hundred fifty thousand members and would grow to two-hundred forty-five thousand by 1911, use mass meetings and petition drives to demand that their local school boards included temperance textbooks within their school children’s curriculum.

Mrs. Hunt is quoted as saying, “It is not too much to say that the public school boards of the country… are in a state of siege”, at the hands of WCTU members.

During the 1901-1902 school year, twenty-two million school children were required to take her approved temperance educational instruction, three times a week. Unhappy with those results Hunt’s next effort was to encourage WCTU members to nominate and promote “dry” candidates to both state and federal legislatures.

In retrospect, Hunt resorted to lies and gross inaccuracies in order to manipulate her audience to her way of thinking. For instance, Mrs. Hunt’s Department of Scientific Temperance stated as “proven fact” that:

“The majority of beer drinkers die of dropsy, deafness and lunacy.”

“When alcohol passes down the throat it burns off the skin leaving it bare and burning.”

 “Drinking could cause a person to spontaneously combust.”

“Alcohol turns the blood to water.”

“An invalid who never drinks will recover, where a drinking man would surely die.”

Despite Hunt’s ridiculous claims, many believe that her books, and Mrs. Hunt’s national strategy to elect pro-abstinence “dry” candidates, led to the ratification of the Eighteenth Amendment which legalized prohibition.

Here again, we have another disturbed woman. Mrs. Hunt was not only a difficult woman but was known for her vindictive and coercive behavior. Her integrity was also suspect as she routinely took kickbacks from the sale of the textbooks she approved.

The controversies surrounding Hunt’s life persisted even after her death, when it was discovered that the charity, The Scientific Temperance Association, to which she ostensibly donated the royalties from her textbooks had very limited members.

They included Mrs. Hunt, her pastor and a few friends. These funds purportedly supported the charities national headquarters, which also happened to be in Mrs. Hunt’s house.

Just as with Lucy Stone, Hunt too was a compromised woman who lied and manipulated people in order to accomplish her goals. Both women obviously believed that the end justified the means.

Mary Hanchett Hunt was not the type of woman upon whose opinions an ideology for the “betterment” of women should be based.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Next, is Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She was another first-wave feminist who is still revered by second-wave feminists. She was both an anti-slavery, and anti-alcohol, activist who also concentrated on a broad range of women’s rights, including the right to vote.

According to Miss Cady, while in college in the early 1830s, she found herself nearly driven mad by the sermons of an evangelical preacher, named Charles Grandison Finney.

Cady wrote of this experience, “Fear of judgment seized my soul. Visions of the lost, haunted my dreams. Mental anguish prostrated my health.  Dethronement of my reason was apprehended by my friends.”

As a result of this experience, Cady rejected the tenets of organized Christianity for the remainder of her life. 

Miss Cady married Henry Stanton in 1840. Over their forty-seven year marriage she, and her husband, due to employment and financial considerations, lived apart more than they lived together.

Although the Stantons had six children, Elizabeth asserted that all of her children were conceived under her feminist premise of “voluntary childbearing.”

Elizabeth insisted that women have control over sexual relations, rather than submit to their husband’s wishes, which was contrary to the Biblical teachings.

Stanton favored divorce, interracial marriages and female employment outside the home but she opposed abortion and organized religion. This too was a conflicted woman, who was considered to have radical feminist ideas, both then and now. 

Stanton was not the type of woman upon whose opinions an ideology for the “betterment” of women should be based.

Susan B. Anthony

Next is Susan B. Anthony. She is one of the most famous of the first-wave feminists.  She and Mrs. Stanton became a team in their efforts to ban alcohol and attain women’s rights. Stanton wrote the speeches and Anthony traveled and read them to receptive female audiences all over the country.

Unlike Stanton, Anthony was single thus allowing her to spend long periods of time away from home. Despite Miss Anthony’s self-consciousness about both her appearance and her speaking abilities, she would become Mrs. Stanton’s mouthpiece for nearly fifty years.

On occasions they would travel together but primarily Anthony would speak in Stanton’s stead. As with Stanton, Anthony was also opposed to Christian organized religion and she would eventually become an agnostic. She was often chastised by other Christian organizations for displaying “irreligious tendencies.” Miss Anthony would eventually become best known for her work as a suffragette. She too would prove to be a conflicted female. 

Initially, prohibition would be the rallying call for both generations of first-wave feminist activists. At the time, their zealous campaign against alcohol appeared well-intentioned. But on closer examination, their motives, and that of nearly all of the women in the temperance movement, were suspect.

The truth was, that at the time, most women did NOT drink. As a result, they would NOT be denied anything with the passage of prohibition. If they succeeded in banning alcohol, only men would become reprobates.

In addition, and as a result of their agnosticism, Stanton and Anthony were unable to accept the FACT that a faith-based education was the only successful method of instilling morality. Instead, these women became anti-alcohol socialists as they tried to LEGISLATE morality, thereby circumventing the churches they reviled. This type of undertaking has proven, time and time again, to be untenable because morality is a deeply human, very complex and emotional concept, and is therefore, the sole purview of the churches.

These early twentieth-century temperance activists organized hundreds of thousands of compatriots across America. The women gave speeches, held rallies, wrote letters, attended conferences, and held prayer sessions in front of saloons in hundreds of towns and were supported in their efforts by some of the Protestant churches.

Finally, under the increasing pressure from the members of the temperance movement, a majority of “dry” politicians were elected to Congress in 1917. This set the stage for the enactment of prohibition. And ironically, this was accomplished by women who didn’t drink and were unable to vote in the elections themselves.

A resolution calling for prohibition was introduced, and passed, by both houses of Congress that same year. The Eighteenth Amendment was ratified by thirty-six of forty-eight states by January 1919. With the women’s successful campaign to ban alcohol from society, prohibition was officially put into effect in January of 1920.

Unfortunately, just as we have found with most women’s issues, they are driven by emotions, misguided information, hysteria, distorted “facts” and are inevitably, short-sighted endeavors cursed with unintended consequences.

As a result of the enactment of prohibition, MANY unintended consequences emerged, including the destruction of long-held family businesses. This “Noble Experiment” would prove to be untenable as it adversely affected millions of previously law-abiding people. 

Prohibition’s most obvious flaw was that it instantaneously criminalized many of the country’s good men. Innocent men were suddenly classified as villains simply because they drank alcohol, which had been innocently enjoyed by men since the Neolithic period (10,000 B.C.). The new law instantly reduced all consumers of alcohol to criminal status, whether they drank responsibly or not.

Al CaponeAl Capone

In addition, prohibition’s enactment dramatically expanded the criminal element of society. The American Mafia, better known as the “mob”, ruthlessly broadened its control over the underworld becoming bootleggers to these newly ordained criminals. It would soon become an irrefutable fact that the women’s political fix for this particular ill was doomed to become a spectacular failure.

The inherent flaws of this type of coercive social engineering were undeniable. Not only did the innocent general public suffer, but the entire alcohol industry was unjustly destroyed. The once legal businesses of saloon keeping and alcohol production were suddenly declared illegal, putting multitudes of people out of work and many families on the street. And this, despite the fact that they were not responsible for the drunkards’ abuse of alcohol in the first place.

The Eighteenth Amendment was finally repealed by the Twenty-first Amendment thirteen years later, after it became obvious that the enforcement of prohibition, especially in the urban areas, was impossible.

The temperance movement, and the good intentions of its female leaders, had proven to be unsustainable. It not only forced many formally legitimate businessmen to choose between bankruptcy and the underworld, creating an enormous problem for local communities, but more telling was the fact that it did not stop people from drinking.

In fact, Prohibition actually ENCOURAGED drinking, especially and ironically, among young women, as the Roaring 20s and the resulting proliferation of illegal speakeasies would prove.

While this generation of feminist women worked to ban the use of alcohol in America, they were in many cases, continuing to work simultaneously on women’s suffrage as well, although with less satisfying results.

Stanton and Anthony’s efforts to acquire the vote for women on a state-by-state basis had been ongoing, and unsuccessful, for decades. Not only were the differences of opinions on strategy causing chronic problems, but their efforts were made more difficult due to their protracted lack of funding.

In addition, Anthony had alienated a section of her supporters in 1868 when it became obvious, through her writings in her women’s rights newspaper The Revolution, that she felt black men were inferior to white women and should not be given the right to vote first.

Anthony was a troubled woman upon whose opinions an ideology for the “betterment” of woman should NOT be based.

Despite Anthony’s protestations, on February 3, 1870, the Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified giving free black men the right to vote.

Between 1865 and 1880 more blacks were elected to public office than at any other time in American history. Women did not acquire the right to vote for another fifty years.

The Woman's BibleThe Woman’s Bible

It was now Stanton’s turn to alienate an additional segment of female suffrage activists when, in 1896, she wrote a controversial book titled, The Women’s Bible, in which she defined God as a woman.

Anthony and Stanton are definitely NOT the type of women upon whose opinions an ideology for the “betterment” of women should be based.

Then another riff developed when an even younger generation of women, who preferred to acquire the vote through a constitutional amendment rather than acquiring it state-by-state, chose more militant methods of demonstrating for the vote.  



These women included Alice Stokes Paul (1885-1977), Lucy Burns (1879-1966), Inez Milholland (1886-1916), Dorothy Day (1897-1980) and Doris Stevens (1892-1963). 

In 1913, Alice Stokes Paul and Lucy Burns founded the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage for the sole purpose of acquiring the vote for women.

Unlike Stanton and Anthony, their efforts were amply funded by a heiress, and socialite feminist, named Alva Belmont (1853-1933), who was the former Alva Vanderbilt of Marble House fame in Newport, RI.

Alva Vanderbilt 

Alva VanderbiltAlva Vanderbilt
Oliver BelmontOliver Belmont

Alva Vanderbilt scandalized the country, when in March of 1895, she divorced the father of her three children, William Kissam Vanderbilt. William Kissam was the grandson of Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt.

And, just 10 months later, she married a wealthy Jewish investment banker, five years her junior, named Oliver H. P. Belmont (formerly Schonberg) and moved down the street, from Marble House, into his Newport mansion called Belcourt.

Alva is famously quoted as having said, “First marry for money, then marry for love.” Oliver Belmont would die just eight years later.

The Congressional Union was renamed the National Women’s Party and Alva Belmont was elected president.

Unlike the older generation of women, this generation of younger women was not shy about their fanaticism for political issues.

The White House The White House

So, in order to bring attention to their desire for female suffrage, thousands of middle-class women, very publicly, took to the streets to protest. They went on hunger strikes, demonstrated in front of the White House on a daily basis and at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City.



Presidsent Woodrow WilsonPresident Woodrow Wilson

Functioning within this chronic state of tunnel vision, and to the annoyance of most men, these women willingly became a public nuisances.

Newly elected President Woodrow Wilson, was among the men whom they annoyed while picketing in front of the White House. And ironically, he would also be the President who eventually caved and gave women the vote in 1920.

These radical, coercive, contentious, manipulating and threatening activists were NOT the type of women upon whose opinions an ideology for the “betterment” of women should be based.

And yet, their hysterical support, and successful push, for prohibition and suffrage established a political platform from which later generations of activist women would develop a never-ending array of “women’s issues”, which in truth, simply became anti-Christian, anti-men ideology. Whatever Christianity stood for, they opposed!

From the very beginning, their agenda had a glaringly socialist bent to it, with a self-centered minority of wealthy socialites, dictating terms to a broader-minded majority, through their personal, and political, influence.

These annoying women, and their ability to vote, would dramatically affect future elections as their leftist leanings began, almost immediately, to be reflected by leftist election results.

Here is a list of the Presidents who were elected AFTER President Wilson gave women the right to vote.

Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump.

All but a few have pushed this country farther and farther to the left, expanding government programs, departments, agencies and regulations, which severely undermine Christian men’s natural productivity. In addition, socialism undermines the U.S. Constitution’s assurances of inalienable rights, including the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and to religious liberty, which was the very foundation upon which this great nation was established and became to most powerful influence for GOOD in the history of mankind!

Even the “Republican” Bushes drove the country farther left when George H.W. Bush raised taxes despite his campaign promise not to and George W. Bush, dramatically expanded Medicare by approving the Part D drug programs!

Over the years many reporters, researchers, historians and academics have failed to see the forest for the trees. They have searched for the cause of our countries move towards the left, without considering the fact that it might have been caused by the average, everyday woman. The women, who unassumingly go to the polls and vote, while taking their left leaning bleeding heats with them! The same “soccer moms” who vote while unknowingly under the political influence of  “well-intentioned”, “feel-good”non-Christian, anti-Christian radical, second-wave feminist, Marxist anarchists like Betty Friedan, Joy Behar, Dianne Feinstein, Rachel Maddow, Barbra Streisand, Ruth Bader-Ginsburg and Gloria Steinem.

Today, women comprise the MAJORITY of our population. The voting block of “liberal socialists” is diminutive when compared to the number of everyday female voters.

Due to the very limited numbers of “liberal”, Black, socialist, Jewish, Hispanic, homosexual voters there is no other explanation for this incremental shift towards socialism, unless you consider the voting patterns of the large numbers of female voters.

The Hispanics comprise just 15.4% of the US population. The entire Black population comprises just 12.8% of the population. The Jews comprise a smidgen of the population with just 1%. And the homosexuals are so few in number that they are barely calculable.

The combined total of these four groups is approximately 29.2% of the population and that includes every man, women and child within those groups, even those who are unregistered to vote, or too young to vote.

Many have been led to believe by the liberal main stream media that these small groups have tremendous political clout, because they do make A LOT of noise, but in fact, their numbers do not support those claims.  

This false narrative stems from these tiny groups inordinate amount of TV and magazine appearances. These appearances are enabled by the liberal main stream media, and do not reflect a true representation of their influence when compared to their actual physical numbers. These groups appear to be everywhere, and in huge numbers, when in fact, they are not! 

But despite this media driven overexposure, it does not represent the truth in numbers. What does give them political clout is the fact that the “bleeding heart” feminist women, vote along the same lines, especially the highly compromised, and debauched, female baby boomers. This unfettered betrayal just multiplies the “liberal” voting block by millions.

Having been “intellectually liberated” by feminist academia, over the last 50 years, women’s natural tendency to vote with their socialist-leaning hearts, has been exasperated by feminism’s push to annihilate Christian “patriarchy”. As a result, there has been virtually no PUSHBACK during that same time frame as Christian men turned a blind eye to the subterfuge in their midst.

The resultant amalgamation of “female” issues has allowed a relatively small number of “liberals”, with influential positions within the media, politics and academia, to politically swing the country dangerously to the left, with female, baby boomer voters as their inconspicuous co-conspirators.

This explains why the traditionalists, the strict constructionists, the libertarians, the Christians, the conservatives and the remaining American patriots barely win, or generally lose, elections, even though they supposedly comprise the vast majority (71.8%) of the American population.

When you take into consideration the fact that the majority of the USA population is composed of women, AND the fact that women are much more likely to be soft on crime, tough on women’s rights and liberal in their view of the world, you have your answer.

The very close election results we have been suffering with for decades, only makes sense when women’s left-leaning votes are considered part of the equation.

Women’s suffrage is slowly pushing Christian America over the edge.

Without women’s natural affinity for politicians who espouse the “feel good” socialist agenda, I submit that none of this shift to the left would have been possible. The traditional liberals just don’t have the physical numbers to pull it off alone.

The truth is that the shift away from traditional “patriarchal” Christian American values and towards “matriarchal” feminist ideology began the day women were given the right to vote in 1920, and it continues to this very day.

Formerly Christian Women - Formerly Christian Women – “Abortion: A Woman’s Right to Choose”

And, during the last 50 years, radical feminism has only made matters worse. Its influence on women’s thinking is unparalleled. Women have, for decades, been convinced by their feminist leaders to trash any and all institutions established by Christian men on the ridiculous notion that men are the “purveyors of patriarchy” and the source “domination and oppression” of women, when in fact, the reverse is true.

This bizarre, and in many cases, subliminal premise therefore justifies, in the twisted minds of these women, the deconstruction of all institutions established by Christian men – governmental, military, judicial, political, ecclesiastical, familial and corporate – without due process.

These institutions are viewed as “sexist” just because they were established by men! This irrational hypothesis suits the liberals and socialists plan perfectly. Their non-Christian, anti-Christian leaders want the Christian establishment OUT, so that they can move IN, just like those involved in the Russian Revolution or the union worker riots.

This irrational feminist “knowing” has encouraged women to vote against the tough, established and proven governmental parameters of Capitalist DEMOCRACY, which allowed this great country to become a powerhouse, and instead, vote for the “feel good” entitlement programs which will bankrupt the country and place all the power in the hands of the few suffocating, inept and evil socialists.

When this happens, the women will be trashed by the very same government, in which they misguidedly placed their trust.

Formerly Christian Women - Formerly Christian Women – “Women’s Liberation” From Men?

This situation has been evolving for decades.


Once women embraced radical feminism, and their men were suitably side-lined by their screeching protests, which irrationally accused these innocent men of being “male-chauvinist pigs” and evil, or worse yet, useless, these “liberated” women soon began to suffer the unintended consequences of their misguided zeal.

They are now aging and discovering that their feminist lives, rather than becoming illustrious, are instead awash with regret, loneliness, poverty, and poor health. And, to make matters worse, they now have no choice but to live in compromised neighborhoods that are swarming with the criminality their “liberated” voting patterns spawned.

Ironically, this is exactly the same “unintended consequences” brought about by the first-wave feminists with the institutionalization of Prohibition. And, the reason? because the Christian Good Guys, and their priorities of law and order, have been vanquished by their radical, second-wave feminist ideology. 

Women are beginning to realize that there is no suitable substitute for the protection, and support, provided to them by the Christian men whom they foolishly reviled and abandoned decades ago.

Formerly Christian Women - Formerly Christian Women – “Don’t Cook Dinner: Starve a Rat” and “End Human Sacrifice: Don’t Get Married.”

Having burned their bras, and their bridges, behind them, they are left with no recourse but to cope with the depleted world they created.

So, in another misguided effort to replace the “inconvenient” or “no longer necessary” Christian men in their lives, they have turned, with ever-increasing numbers, to the government, for redress, expanding socialism even farther, as they foolishly march off a cliff.

Ninety years after acquiring the vote, they have voted themselves out of house, home, husbands and children through divorce and abortion. They are now left unsupported, alone, aged and rudderless, while looking to the government to solve all of their ever-mounting, self-inflicted wounds.

Out of sheer desperation, women are foolishly turning by the millions to “big brother” government to replace the disenfranchised men in their now dysfunctional, dead-end lives.      

Despite the ranting of the radical feminists, the desire to be cared for is still very much alive within women. Feminism has perverted this need and it has left its troops hanging by a thread.

Since the traditional support system provided by loving husbands, brothers, uncles, nephews and fathers, is no longer “politically correct”, these radicalized women’s continued search for a substitute, has led them to chronically vote for “cradle to grave” care, in hopes that the government will care for them, when in reality, it “cares” NOTHING for them.

Unaware of their subconscious inclinations to be cared for, or the damning effects of their ballot box decisions, women routinely vote for socialist precepts, under its most insidious guise – “feel good” fellowship. This must to change! 

Women must be made to understand the foolishness of their soft-heartedness when they enter the polling booth. Men must forestall this tendency with clear precise reasoning, or if that fails, send them out-of-town on Election Day. 

Despite feminism’s protests to the contrary, the reality is that women will always need Christian men to love and care for them. They are proving, with their millions of poverty-stricken lives, that they can’t “have it all”, without men’s help.

“Liberated” women still vote with their heart. They want free education, free health care, welfare, food stamps, anti-war, anti-profits, etc., etc., etc. and they have the numbers that have unhinged the political arena and sent this country spiraling towards suffocating socialism.

Adolph Hilter(1889-1945) - Leader of Nazi GermanyAdolph Hitler (1889-1945) – Leader of Nazi Germany

The way women vote is as dangerous to democracy as Hitler was to Germany. It feels good at the time but for these short-sighted women, who fail to “connect the dots”, the “unintended consequences” are devastating.

You cannot continue to give away the store and expect to stay in business. “Tough love”, imparted by Christian men, works much better. Shape up or ship out!  It’s cheaper, more effective and instills self-reliance. And, that’s good for every man, women and child in the country.

Unfortunately, women now view government as some sort of benevolent, “big brother” or old uncle. When in fact, government is an inanimate object, run by people they don’t know you and who don’t care. It’s run by bureaucrats whose motives they’ll never understand and who are about as trustworthy as an old scoundrel!  

The fact is that women’s loving PATRIARCHAL fathers, husbands, brothers and sons are the only people upon whom they can truly depend when life takes a turn for the worse. These are the ONLY people who will stand by them through the difficult times and help the women they love when they need it the most. The government can’t and WON’T because it can’t relate to individuals on ANY human level.  It’s a thing. It doesn’t have a heart or a soul. It cannot “care” about you at all!

To make matters worse, when women vote for bigger and bigger socialist government programs their men will be even less likely to help when life throws them a curve ball. If their men are taxed or regulated out of their businesses or jobs, in order to prop up some money hungry government program that enables some non-productive loser to sit on his ass, they won’t be able to help you either, because they’ll be broke too.           

President Ronald ReaganPresident Ronald Reagan

Granted, there have been lulls in this socialist assault, such as during World War II and during President Reagan’s administration, but the move to expand social programs and entitlements has continued, whether the Republicans OR the Democrats have been in power since women were given the vote in 1920.         

The undeniable truth is that as soon as women began to vote the country began its incremental move to the left, with “cradle to grave” government “coverage.”

And, despite all of the naysayers commentary to the contrary, women will always want to be cared for and they will always need to be nurtured. Unfortunately, thanks to radical feminist “knowing” all these feminists are left with when their productive years are over, is faceless, heartless bureaucratic “nurturing”

The unfortunate part of this equation is that since feminism has made it “politically incorrect” for women to follow the traditional Christian path of being cared for by their fathers, husbands and sons, and in turn, securely and safely able to nurture their children properly, these powerful female needs have been transferred to the political arena, with damning results.  

These desires for protection are SO strong that “liberated” women, rather than nurturing themselves through their family connections, have instead, mistakenly tried to nurture themselves, their co-workers, their communities, their countrymen and the world through their socialist voting patterns. 

These twisted priorities have expressed themselves in extraordinary ways.  Women routinely vote for leftist precepts believing they are helping their fellow-man, or themselves, when in fact, they are giving away the store.

And, they continue to do so despite the continuing lack of positive evidence to justify the billions of taxpayers dollars spent chasing their irrational pipe dreams. 

margaret-thatcher-quote-on-socialismMargaret Thatcher – Former Prime Minister of Britain

When these feminist baby boomer women were young they believed in the good intentions espoused by socialists that government programs would adequately care for everyone.

Now, these same, aging female, feminist failures are voting for government programs to give themselves a safety net to offset the terrible life choices they themselves made.

The conservative political pundits would better serve the country, and the world, by acknowledging this underlying tendency in women and responding accordingly.


The conservative politicians and religious leaders, talk show hosts and TV commentators are behaving just as Don Quixote did. They are dueling with windmills. They spend their energy trying to fight the symptoms of the socialist illness rather than treating the cause of the infection. 

Are they afraid to face facts and deal with the feminist backlash? Possibly. But that doesn’t lessen the gravity of the situation. The danger is clear and present!

Christian Soldier 2Christian Soldier

It’s time for our Christian men to courageously confront these radical women who are responsible for this devious and dangerous shift to the political socialist left.

This insidious sickness cannot be cured unless the root cause is acknowledged and addressed. And, as painful as this may be to admit, the root cause is, our feminist female voters. 70 % of white, single woman voted for Obama, giving him the votes he needed to win the Presidency of the United States in 2008. 

These misinformed, and exceedingly misguided, women are our sisters, daughters, aunts, nieces, mothers, cousins and grandmothers!! Unless we turn our attention towards educating the women as to the foolhardiness of their voting patterns, we can never stem the tide.

The Christian men in the trenches MUST educate their wives, daughters, mothers, sisters and co-workers about the dangers of their natural tendencies to nurture total strangers by voting for socialist agendas which will eventually cause the collapse of capitalism, and democracy, in the United States of America and the world! 

Even if men must YELL to make matters clear to their women, they must! The Christian men must confront the issue “head on” and point out the folly of their women’s voting patterns.

Charles MansonCharles Manson

Remind them that money does not grow on trees and that there will always be unsalvageable dirt bags, losers and criminals that only permanent incarceration will control.

Remind them that it’s OK to lock them up and throw away the key because, despite their feelings to the contrary, they are irredeemable! There isn’t a social program that will cure them!

For ninety years women have been voting for government programs, funding, regulations and agencies to help the “unfortunate”., including themselves. And all it’s done is take away the GOOD GUYS innate desire to protect and provide and has instead protected and provided for this country’s lazy losers at the expense of the productive, good people. 

war-on-povertyHA! That worked!

Women’s voting patterns have not improved the lives of the unfortunates, or themselves, it has instead, actually expanded poverty.

Poverty has not been irradiated in America during its 40 year, government lead, “War on Poverty”. It has had the reverse effect of viciously expanding poverty, and the corresponding violence, within our inner cities and beyond.

The political entitlements created by women voters has multiplied the problems and created a huge, government-funded, subculture of dependent, demoralized and dangerous “unfortunates”, whose only accomplishment is to leech our hard-earned dollars away from our good families and businesses.

This HAS to STOP! Federal and state entitlement programs will not, and cannot, save the unfortunates or solve the problems of humanity. Let Christian men deal with the bad guys on a “one-on-one” basis in their own backyards. And, these good men don’t mind getting their hands dirty in the process. They can handle it, thank you very much, and we will all be safer, happier and richer for their efforts!

Of course, there will be mistakes made but we must ignore the hysterical socialist alarmists who wish to maintain their position on the soapbox! Christian men are not infallible but their intentions are good! We must trust that there will be honest mistakes and nothing more and allow them to continue to protect and provide for us. End of story.      

Remember, Christian men’s motivations are guided by God, and as a result, they have a proven track record of providing the positive results a civilization needs to flourish.

Radical, second-wave feminist’s intentions, which are guided by dysfunctional, misguided, troublesome females, have proved to be nothing but a disaster, not only for the women themselves, but through their left-leaning voting patterns, for their neighborhoods, communities, and by association, the country!

It’s time for these old, vain, selfish, irrational, radical, second-wave feminists to own up to their devastating mistakes, STOP talking and to start listening, before it’s too late!

It’s the Women, Not the Men!

Update: With Donald Trump’s recent election as President of the United States, it’s obvious that Christian men are FINALLY speaking up and FIGHTING BACK! Thank God!

18 thoughts on “Vanity of Voting Vol. #3 Essay 15

  1. Very Interesting post! I never sat down and thought about it, but it really is spot on……
    How can we trust women to run the country when they will Kill their very own Flesh & Blood Children growing inside them and call it a “choice”???

    I have 2 comments about the Elections and Voting-

    1. First and Foremost- IF we could get Everyone that calls on the Name of Jesus to Register to Vote, and get active- Actually do some homework on who the candidates are, and what they and their parties stand for, so they could make educated Biblical choices, and then Get out and VOTE and Vote Biblically, especially the Jehovah’s Witness and Mormons! ( They are wrong about their doctrine, but that’s a whole different issue) IF all those that called on the Name of Jesus voted, we could turn this cesspool of a country around 180′ morally and physically within the time of 2 (TWO) Presidential Elections, and the 4 mid-term elections!!! The difference would be like day & night, we could reverse a LOT the damage that the socialists, communists, progressives, feminists, and globalists have done in the past 100 Years!!!
    YES, that would require much effort on the part of the Christian voters, even some Christians would have to run for office, so we had some good, Bible Believing (AND Bible LIVING) people to vote for!
    I know that a lot of Christians do not vote in the elections or participate in the political process, for whatever reason, and for that I lay a LOT of the blame for our country’s moral / ethical swamp RIGHT ON THEIR FEET!!!! Because if Christians don’t get involved in the political process, they are in effect telling the atheists, feminists, and all the other bad guys to go ahead and run the country!!!
    And Yes, President Trump most certainly was far from perfect, or even an ideal candidate, but come on! Nobody is good, no not one! BUT
    he was light years ahead of that Evil, Satanic Lying Feminist B***h Hillary Clinton!!!
    I shudder the thought of that person in the White House!!!!!!

    2. The Election Process Itself-
    We really do need to go back to Election DAY, and NOT Election MONTH!!!! We need to eliminate ALL Early Voting, Period. No Exceptions!
    Absentee ballots are supposed to be for people that physically can’t make it to the Polling Places, or those that are not near the polling place for whatever reason, NOT for any one that is too LAZY to get off their ass and go vote. If we need to, make the Voting Hours longer, that’s fine. Make the time from midnight to midnight if that helps, and /or make more voting places, put more voting booths in the poling places, or whatever it takes, and if need be, have armed guards (non-partisan) at the voting places.
    In some countries that have been dictatorships, and the people have not ever had a chance to vote, they travel for days, wait in long lines, and put up with all kinds of hardships to cast their votes. Why is it so hard for some Americans to get out & vote? Laziness? Stupidity? Apathy? ANYBODY that says they don’t vote, for whatever reason they come up with should be punished, or stripped of their citizenship!
    There is no reason for some lazy, ignorant person to not vote!!!!! NONE WHATSOEVER!!!!!!
    And YES, 100% of the people must have some kind of government issued picture ID to prove their CITIZENSHIP!!!!! That is NOT racist or discriminatory to require 100% Voter ID’s!!! That is a great big lie! If the left complains that blacks or elderly don’t have ID’s (How can that be, we need an ID for almost everything?) they should focus on getting them ID’s!!! We have elections every 2 years, just like clockwork, so instead of pulling the race card (wrongly) they should help them get an ID. NO ILLEGALS should ever vote, at all!!! The popular vote that Killary supposedly “won” most likely was from illegals that should not have voted! It’s no wonder the “votes” were from California & New York, and any other place that has a lot of illegals….Coincidence??? I think Not!

    There are two simple and effective strategies that would help bring our country back to our Christian roots, that I strongly believe the Church has let slip away because of the past almost 100 Years of being “asleep at the wheel”



    • Try tom hoeffling next time (third candidate). Even I’m not american I heard he is top of the line. He even promised to fully ban abortion without any age restrictions.


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      • Hoeffling is a wonderful man but lacks the funding, exposure and support of the Republican Party. He’s just begun to pursue a political career, so he may move up in the rankings as time goes on. He and his wife have 9 children, so it’s pretty obvious he’s be a pro-life candidate!👍

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    • EXACTLY! When those churches established their pacifist rules against voting, the country was 94% Christian and there was very little chance that their NOT going to the polls was going to undermine the viability of Christianity in this country. TODAY, thanks to diversity, anti-European immigration policies, anti-Christian academia and radical feminist political correctness, that is no longer the case! Christianity is under seige, both here and abroad, and there is NO ONE who can offset this effort to annihilate Christianity, other than CHRISTIANS! And, if they are too wimpy to actually go into battle to save our faith from the barbarians at the gate, the very LEAST they can do is GO VOTE FOR A CHRISTIAN (NOT a Catholic, because as a result of the Catholic Church’s 50 year obsession with “social justice” they now equate socialism with charity! DUH!) MAN, who IS willing to go into battle in their stead!

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    • Exactly! We need Christians in all arenas of the public sphere whether it be politics, law, government, arts, academia, media, sport, science etc etc. While it is tempting to simply think that these are all earthly arenas and therefore we don’t need to get involved, I would think such an objection is invalid as it is to say that being involved in such arenas can never be spiritual for the glory of God. Many prophets of God had a secular job or were involved in an earthly endeavour, such as working for Pharaoh, or building a temple. However, what matters is the heart, and anything done to glorify God is spiritual, whether in an ‘earthly’ ministry or church ministry.

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      • I definitely agree with you. Any Christian who avoids voting for a Christian leader actually defies the Biblical teaching. We are remanded by God, to elect Godly men. See Ex. 18-21; Deut. 1:13; Prov. 29:2; Prov. 29:12; Prov. 23:7; Matt. 20:25-28, Matt. 22:15-21; Mark 10:43-45,

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  2. In Indonesia, there is another risk if we bar women to vote. Political Islamists might rule the government and impose Sharia law. Who want your country to become like Saudi Arabia, for example?

    In America, it might works. In mine, its an unacceptable risk. Any opinion ma’am? Thank you and God Bless!


    • I agree. Your country is at risk of its government imposing Sharia law. And, although it may sound that way, due to my sarcasm throughout my post, my goal is not to deny women the vote, but to reeducate them in the dangers of socialism and instruct them of the importance of sustaining and supporting democracy, as opposed to socialism, in the voting booth. The virulently anti-democracy, and pro-socialism, ideology of radical, 2nd-wave feminism has run amuck among our women. So much so that few realize the danger their voting patterns pose to our country’s unprecedented form of democracy. The same democracy that has made our country the most successful, peaceful and prosperous in human history. Our public education system is to blame for this travesty. The history of Western Civilization is no longer a requirement for high school students and our education system no longer teaches Civics due to radical feminism’s overwhelming influence on our public education system through it’s left-leaning educators, teachers unions and the federal Department of Education. This is both a betrayal of our children AND our nation. President Trump is aware of this and is taking steps to correct it. Only time will tell if it is too late to correct.

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  3. Excellent Post and very true. Women because they vote with their heart and not their head have helped to give special rights to all kinds of minority groups, they have helped elect politicians who promise more and more social programs because it “feels good” to help people. The problems with this thinking from a logical perspective are:

    1. You can’t help people with money you don’t have.
    2. If you tax the businesses and and wealthy more to help then every dollar you take from them is a dollar that could have been spent building a business and hiring new employees.
    3. Even if you had all the money in the world(which we don’t) and you give people permanent subsidies simply for being “poor” you actually increase poverty because they have no incentive to get out of their situation since the government is subsidizing them – we have seen this time and time again.

    Yes as Christians we believe in Christian charity work. But Christian charity and Government socialism are two very different things.

    Christian charity has always been temporary help. It was some food for a starving family, or helping to fix someone’s house. Today it might be helping to pay for a badly needed medical procedure.

    It was never allowed to be a way of life, where someone just lived off the work and money of others. Today in America – Socialists and Feminists and many women voters, have allowed people to make a way of life out of receiving handouts from others. This will eventually destroy our country if we don’t stop it.

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  4. Feminism is the primary mechanism by which children are denied their fathers, working men are enslaved, responsible men are impoverished, innocent men are imprisoned, infirm men are denied health care, potential scholars are denied educations, persecuted men are denied passports and free men are killed.

    1/30 States, family courts and their officers, representatives of the Divorce Industry, child protective services case workers, feminists and others encourage mothers and other women to make false allegations of domestic violence, rape and child abuse against innocent men and then divorce them.

    2/30 During the past forty-five years, more than forty-million children have been forcibly separated from more than twenty-five-million fathers, many instances rationalized by false allegations of domestic violence, rape and child abuse against the men.

    3/30 After fathers and children have been separated, states award custody to mothers, order fathers to pay child support exceeding cost of raising children by many multiples and that which fathers should pay by many multiples more and then exchange the child support and federal subsidies attached to laws like VAWA and CAPTA with mothers, women and feminists for votes and absolute power (here and here

    4/30 Feminists use absolute power and lie that they have greater need for health care even though science and facts show otherwise (ie more women die and die earlier than men of cardiovascular disease and more women are victims of domestic violence than men even though more men die earlier of cardiovascular disease and more men are victims of domestic violence).

    5/30 With those lies, women and feminists coerce legislators to appropriate more financial resources to their life-style choices, giving them more access to health care at the preclusion of access for men to much needed and critical health care resources.

    6/30 Legislators oblige women and feminists with budgets for health care which exceed that of men by many multiples (ie federal budget for women’s health exceeded that for men by a multiple of fifteen in 2012), stealing funds from men to pay for it and precluding men from access to needed health care.

    7/30 As a result of this dynamic, women live more than six years longer than men and have higher standards of living (Surgeon General of the US).

    8/30 The US incarcerates more men per capita than almost any other country in the history of the world, women represent less than five-percent of inmates and women receive much shorter sentences for the same crimes (US Dept of Justice).

    9/30 Women are responsible for most domestic violence and child abuse and many other crimes but receive shorter sentences for the same crimes if they are sentenced at all (The Heritage Foundation, studies by Daniel Whitaker, Murray Straus and many others).

    10/30 Many innocent men are in prison because they were accused falsely by women of crimes like rape and domestic violence (The Innocence Project, ).

    11/30 More than fifty-thousand men are in prison for child support arrears (Dept of Justice).

    12/30 Ten-percent of those men aren’t even the real fathers and mothers of approximately thirty-five-percent of children in the US during the past ten years don’t even know who the real fathers are.

    13/30 In direct response to persecution by family courts and child support enforcement, associated false allegations, imposition and oppression, more than 250,000 fathers have committed suicide in the US during the past forty-five years.

    14/30 An additional 850,000 men have committed suicide and many of these instances likely concern persecution too or false allegations but reasons are undocumented (National Institute of Mental Health).

    15/30 Almost none of these men suffer any chronic mental illness but were denied any benefits of living in society and suicide was their best if not only choice.

    16/30 Incidence of suicide among women is approximately one-quarter that among men and almost no instances are or ever have been in response to divorce, child support, family law or persecution by the government.

    17/30 In fact, imposition of family law, child support and the government upon women in any way throughout history of the US has never even come close to imposition upon men, including imprisonment, suspension of passports and driver licenses, and denial of public assistance.

    18/30 Because of child support and Title IX and other developments concerning restriction on due process rights for men, men have no incentive to pursue and are precluded from educations and the ratio of men to women at university presently approximates 2:3.

    19/30 Approximately ten-percent of children in public schools are prescribed drugs like methylphenidate for treatment of ADHD even though they suffer no mental illness but are just frightened of being bullied by their mothers and the government.

    20/30 More than two-thirds of these children are boys and the governments and the pharmaceutical industry pay teachers (almost all women) and mothers for referring these children to therapists who prescribe the drugs (Nat’l Institute of Mental Health).

    21/30 Also because they don’t live as long and owe child support they can’t possibly pay, men do not benefit from programs concerning public assistance to which they contributed disproportionately more than women and feminists.

    22/30 Approximately 95% of homeless are men and more than 50% of those in poverty are men.

    23/30 Adjusted for hazard, hours worked, tenure, education, child support, taxes and many other variables, men are paid considerably less than women.

    24/30 Women are paid more and consume approximately eighty-five-percent (85%) of resources as concluded by many marketing and government studies (ie Bureau of Labor Statistics) and men are sent to die in endless wars to satisfy that excessive consumption.

    25/30 The government wants women fighting in combat because it knows they can be more easily manipulated than men to kill their own citizens and even men in their own ranks (just look at how good the government has been at destroying families and fathers and children by paying mothers, other women and feminists to do it).

    26/30 Men don’t live as long, are imprisoned at alarming incidence, are denied educations to improve themselves and are denied their right to due process so women and feminists who comprise a growing majority of the population and electorate vote themselves more entitlements with no responsibility and at the further expense of men and children.

    27/30 The feminist police state metastasizes, our political, legal, social and financial infrastructure falls apart, and the economy collapses but to create the illusion of recovery, the feminist police state promotes and executes the involuntary sacrifice of men and the transfer of their wealth to women and feminists.

    28/30 A growing number of men are denied passports with which to escape their persecutors (US State Dept).

    29/30 Women have always been the most privileged demographic in the US but now they are predatory, opportunistic and parasitic, enslaving men to their solipsism, chronic victimhood and lies.

    30/30 Feminism is a hate movement which can be stopped only by force.

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    • Thank you for all of the valuable information. You are 100% correct and my blog has been based on many of those disturbing and destructive facts. I agree, it must be stopped but the only “force” powerful enough to destroy radical feminism’s evil, is Christianity. It must begin with the return of school prayer for the children because its too late for most of the brainwashed adults who were brought up on secularism. Just finished Harden’s book “Sex and God at Yale.” If you haven’t read it yet, you should. It shows just how destructive and pervasive radical feminism has become and just how hateful and sinister really smart, “elitist” and “enlightened” non-Christian academia is, all in their concerted effort to destroy our Christian roots, roots which are the very foundation of America’s greatness!

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      • How’s this for backwards “justice”- Recently here in Hawaii we had 2 high profile trials- a man and a woman, both in their 20″s
        The man kicked a monk seal that was on the beach, and got 4 YEARS in prison.
        The woman drove drunk, had an accident and someone was killed- and she only got 18 MONTHS in prison!!!

        These incidents were separate and not related, but the penalties given were outrageously messed up!


      • Sad? Good Lord Dale! It’s unconscionable! This is the sick outcome of radical feminism’s political correctnesss’ denunciation of Christian men and their priorities of God, family and country vs. feminism’s ideals of women, animals and atheism.

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