Longform Essay – Do You Think That Two Men and a Cocker Spaniel Makes A Family?

gay men marriage kissingThe ongoing debate about the validity of same-sex “marriage” drives me up a wall!

How, seeminglylesbian wedding church 2 intelligent people, can have a public discussion about this ridiculous topic, and keep a straight face, amazes me. The “sexual revolution”, promulgated by the non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminists of the 1960s, has come home to roost, with the most bizarre of unintended consequences imaginable.

The female leaders of the original “sexual revolution”, irrationally demanded equal shares of promiscuous sex for both men, and women, whether or not they were married, and this, despite the fact that God considers adultery to be such a hurtful crime that He commanded, in the Bible, that adulterous couples be stoned to death.

women and men partyingBy the 1990s, this female-led “sexual revolution” had dropped another rung and morphed itself into a more blatant, anti-Christian movement, when it became a lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminist movement.

This gang of disgruntled, female oddballs went one step further than their “free love” baby boomer predecessors and demanded the public acceptance of, not just heart-breaking promiscuous sex, but labia-laden, “woman on woman”, sex as well.

Soon after, they brazenly co-opted the demand for the public acceptance of “man on man” sex and finally “many men ongay men cookies many men” sex. And this, despite the fact that these same acts provoked one of God’s most violent displays of fury.

God the Father annihilated both Sodom and Gomorrah with hell fire. God’s vengeance resulted, not only in the destruction of these two cities, but the damnation of all their inhabitants (other than Lot and his family) because these people deliberately defiled their God-given bodies, and souls, in direct defiance of God’s laws.

For God, the punishment suited the crime and His total destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah served as a terrifying warning, against such acts, for more than 5000 years.

That is, until recently, when the “enlightened” elitist, anti-Christian, lesbian university professors purported to know more about this subject then God Himself and began a public discussion on the merits of homosexuality! Arrogant Bitches!

Their success was mainly made possible because the stage was already set for these preposterous public conversations, by our public school system.

By the time these lesbian, radical, second-wave feminists began their public assault on Christian values (in order to justify their bizarre sexual behavior) most of America’s young adults, including themselves, had spent at least six of their formative years, attending mandatory sex-ed classes required by the public schools.

When Christian prayer, and its associated standards for good behavior, were removed from our public school system in 1963 (by the U. S. Supreme Court), the radical, second-wave feminist academics happily filled the void left behind, with humanism.

Meaning, that if man (or worse yet, women) says it’s okay, then it is. Without God’s grace to offset this evil, and twisted, view of life – anything goes. And, boy, did it!

This is the origin of the public harangue over deviant sex that we are all living with today.

Thanks to these non-Christian female academics, and their twisted agendas, we have spent decades watching the tide shift away from Christian values, as these women slowly managed to corrupt millions of our public school children’s view of the purpose of sexual relations.

Sexual relations which, as defined by God – humanity’s Creator – is for the sole purpose of giving birth to new babychildren of married couples.

Christian couples who would treasure, love, protect, educate, support and sustain their God-given children for the rest of their lives, until the day of salvation. Christian couples who, with their children, are the heart and soul of Western civilization.

When sex-ed classes eventually became a required part of the curriculum in schools, this loving and private view of sexual relations, and the precious children these marriages produced, were deliberately omitted from the very public discussion, by the lesbian-led academics who hated organized religion.

And, thanks to a corresponding, atheist-led effort to remove God from all things public – based on their trumped-up interpretation of the “separation of church and state” clause in the U. S. Constitution – the academic co-conspirators were given another opportunity to inflict their warped view of sexuality on our children, when they scornfully deleted the mention of God, or marriage, from their sex-ed lesson plans, thereby reducing a once spiritual, heart-felt and very personal human experience, to body parts and sex acts.

And to make matters worse, all the while, making no judgement calls on the how, where, why or when sex took place or, more importantly, with whom. The anti-Christian lesbian academics finally got their way! The sex was now God-less.

So, in place of the traditional Christian standards of love-infused, pro-creation, we are left instead with sex-ed lesson plans that are permeated with theI’m okay, you’re okay”, degenerated precepts of secularism and humanism. Great trade-off.

Fifth grade sex-ed class

Fifth grade sex-ed class

The adoption of these bizarre sexual concepts was a tremendous loss for humanity, but especially for the children themselves.

And so, today, we continue to teach our children that they are no better than the animals, which is in direct conflict with God’s pronouncement, when He said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us. They will reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the livestock, all wild animals on the earth and the small animals that scurry along the ground.” (Italics are mine)

Despite the lesbians depleted view of themselves, God Himself told us that we are better, and more valuable, than that.

Unless these Current EVE’s are stopped, it will be a loss from which we, as a Christian culture, may never recover.

sex ed class 3

School’s sex-ed teachers are deliberately working against parents who teach abstinence based on faith and human dignity.

Once sex-ed classes started, they have continued to expand. And in an effort to fill the lesson plans, for more and more grades, the schools began to add more and more unnecessary, and in many cases, salacious topics to their courses to fill up the lesson plans.

And why was this done? Well, because there’s not much to tell. Body parts are body parts and sex itself, is pretty simple and basic. We are talking about something that occurs in a very short period of time and, in near silence. Without the mention of God or Christianity, there isn’t much to say about sex.

So, when the sex-ed teachers were required to teach an increasing number of grades, it became a challenge to find new material.

For Pete’s sake, just writing, ONE, single, lesson about sex would cover nearly everything, but creating lesson plans for an entire year, for multiple grades, over a period of six, or more, years is nearly impossible without some effort. Teaching the entire history of Western Civilization wouldn’t take that long!

sex ed class demo

Do you really want him teaching your daughter about sex?

And so, the need to fill lesson books with something new, for each ascending grade, over many years, resulted in the inclusion of information most parents wouldn’t feel the need to broach at home.

Truth be told, the kids don’t need sex-ed at all. Come on! Sex is such a powerful force within the human body, that no one needs to tell the kids anything about it.

The excuse the promoters used when this issue was first broached, decades ago, was that parents weren’t telling their kids about sex and so they were left to find out about it from their friends and, OOOooo, this was dangerous and would lead to bad things.

Back then, most high school kids were virgins when they graduated from high school. Today, after 45 years of sex-ed, that is no longer true.

The percentage of children born to unwed, teen mother’s in 1950 was 13%, in 2000 it had risen to 79%. Looks like the kids have learned too much about sex in sex-ed class.sex and kids

They would be much better off if the schools stopped butting-in where they don’t belong and let the parents do what they have done for thousands of years. Let them teach the importance of the traditional parameters of Christian courtship enveloped in human dignity, self-respect, love, marriage and let their God-given nature take its course under God’s rules, not man’s. Let them give their children a true sense of their God-given human dignity. The results would be commendable, rather than condemnable.

Under these circumstances, none of the explicit sexuality taught in school would be necessary, as children would view their God-given bodies and souls as too valuable to waste on recreational sex.

There is absolutely no reason to “teach” them about sex in school unless, of course you consider the homosexuals underlying motivation to “normalize” their bizarre sex in the minds of millions of young kids, which is exactly what they’re up to.

What teenagers really need, is rather than discuss sex, and sexuality, with fellow, mixed gender classmates, and teachers, in sex-ed classes at school (yes, the whole premise is actually laughable!) they instead, need to be taught how to control it and in time, put sex to its good and proper use.

This is why prayer in school, and the general infusion of good Christian behavior, was once so important to our schools. It produced respectful, modest and loving children who, in time, became mature adults, and good, guiltless, shameless, disease-free, marital sex evolved from that. There isn’t one ounce of human dignity, self-respect or Christian love expressed in sex facts, stats, data or demeaning demos and without those crucial elements, sex-ed classes are just this side of porn, deliberately encouraging sexual thoughts among young, hormone-ladened children, rather than discouraging it.

Without Christianity’s directives on what comprises human dignity, we are debasing our kids view of sex to satisfy the pervert’s need for acceptance. As a result, the schools, rather than helping the kids grow into good sound Christian adults, are instead the co-conspirators in the lesbian smoke screen to teach sexual banality. Sex minus human dignity. Sex without love. Basic, raw sex devoid of the vital Christian tenets of commitment, responsibility, spirituality, consideration and kindness that are so crucial to the fulfillment of humanity’s higher calling, as gifted by God Himself.

sex ed baby blocksAs I write this, sex-ed is continuing to debase younger, and younger, innocent, God-given, children. Just this week, Chicago instituted sex-ed classes for KINDERGARTENERS! Now what could anyone possibly have to say to a 5 year-old about sex? They barely know their own gender, much less their own sexuality.

Are these wicked women going to advise these tiny kids about dangers of pedophilia or maybe kiddie-porn? Don’t laugh! I wouldn’t put it past them. Why would anyone want to confuse, or scare, tiny innocent kids with a discussion of anything sexual, unless they were sexual oddballs themselves!!

Remember, homosexual’s lives are defined by bizarre sex and the more the public “accepts” the more notorious types of sex, the more the homosexual’s bizarre sexual behavior will be accepted, by comparison, as “normal.”

Don’t be fooled. They are out to steal your children from God and this is one of the main ways they are doing it.

I’m always amazed that, despite the plethora of sexually infused material, that our children are deliberately exposed to at school, (and, as a result,illegitamacy chart everywhere else), that we still remain shocked when we hear that 12 year-olds are having sex and at the same time, wonder why the abortion, venereal disease (the Center for Disease Control announced this week that there is now an antibiotic-resistant form of gonorrhea that kills) and illegitimacy rates are skyrocketing among young people!

What, in God’s name, did we really expect the outcome to be when these twisted lesbians were allowed to lead this discussion decades ago?

Most of the push, for explicate public sexuality, began before most young Americans were born. Most don’t realize the history behind the sex-laden world we live in today. But there are some of us who do, because we have been along for the ride from the start.

Catholic school kidsTo this very day, I vividly recall being shown a film in 1961, while in the fifth grade at our local Catholic school. It was shown in our school’s darkened gym. Only the girls attended because the film was about menstruation.

Not only did this odd assembly of “girls only” raise a red flag for the boys, but it didn’t take them long to figure out the reason why, for the very first time, they had been omitted from an assembly.

So, not only were we girls embarrassed by the film itself but we were doubly embarrassed by the knowledge that the boys knew what the film was about too. This knowledge caused weeks of incessant teasing, which was the precursor to the more flagrant problems of today, between sex-ed stimulated school kids, who are already sexually charged by nature. These female teachers, more than a half century ago, unwittingly opened a Pandora’s box, upon which the lid would never easily be replaced.

Most of us girls had no idea why the school chose to show us all of this stuff because, unlike everything else we were being taught in school, this stuff was embarrassing. Even as fifth graders, we knew this was something that our mothers should be discussing with us at home, not an unrelated, female teacher, at school. It felt so out-of-place, which it was!

There wasn’t any academic precedent, or need, for dispensing this type of personal information in school. Women had been taking care of this issue among themselves, for thousands of years, without ever needing to discuss it in school!

And yet this female-led push has continued to this very day, morphing itself into more and more sexually explicit information, (the homosexuals are closer to their “normal” goal, as homosexuality is now being taught in sex-ed classes in California) until generations of young children were indoctrinated with the secular, and hackneyed, view of human sexuality. Reducing it to just another body function.

As innocent as the showing of menstruation film appeared to be in 1961, in truth, that class set the stage for today’s prevalent view of rote sexuality – devoid of love, dignity, honor or morality – as preferable. Sex is no big deal. Let’s do it like the monkeys do it, because we are no different from them. We’re just another animal on the planet. Gross.

God and man creationAnd this preposterous notion persists, despite the fact that humans are God’s greatest creation, instilled with the power of reason, a deep sense of spirituality, a singular spirit of self-sacrifice and an understanding of who we are, with a unique ability to talk, think critically and rationally, to plan, build and love.

Our sexuality is but one small part of what make humans, human. Our sexuality is unique in that, unlike the animals, we are wired for a life long commitment through deep, abiding emotional love.

This has just recently come to the fore with the discovery that when humans experience sexual intercourse for the first time, they physically carry markers of that first experience for the rest of their lives. It’s now physically evident that the first person is supposed to be with you forever!

Sexual intercourse IS a big deal and it should be treated as such. It’s not entertainment, it’s not charts and graphs, nor is it supposed to be handed out like last week’s stale bread. It is the glue that binds married couples together. That is why God designed it for the purpose He did.

Sexuality can only be elevated into its proper place of importance within young people’s lives by attributing Christianity’s higher values to it. It’s not old-fashioned. It’s a God-given gift. And to deny this fact, by omission from sex-ed classes across the country, is to deliberately set out to cripple young people sexually, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Thereby denying them the happy marriages and children, they are entitled to by God!

These self-aggrandizing and pointless public school sex-ed programs, interfere with Christian parents ability to teach their children the inherent selflessness and love of sexual intercourse, imbued with marital love. Christian marital love between a husband and wife who desire to bring children, of their own, into the world. This deliberate public confiscation of one of Christian parents primary responsibilities to their children is deplorable.

But worse yet, allowing lesbian women, who have no interest in men or children, to continue to lead this parade, is unconscionable.

sex ed class 2These disgraceful programs reduce human sexuality to dehumanizing charts and grafts better suited for an anthropology class. The Christian men, who ran America’s public schools for centuries, knew the difference between public and private matters.

In fact, if they had broached the topic of sex with the little kids in their schools, the action would have, justifiably, landed them in jail or worse.

Fathers were especially protective of their children, especially when it came to sex. As a result, It was deemed a nearly sacred family obligation to assure the children were protected from the abuse, degradation and disease associated with promiscuous sex.

School was never deemed the proper place for these private discussions because who could honestly claim, with a straight face, to be better prepared to broach this very private subject with some one else’s children, then the parents of those children? It was not until the busy-body, know-it-all, non-Christian women overran the schools in the 1960s, that the need to teach other people’s children’s about sex arose. Not the Christian version of sex but raw sex, no longer defined by Christianity’s God-given view of love and human dignity.

This diabolical agenda has proven itself to be an abomination for all the children left in its wake. Denying them their right to privacy and personal integrity. God creates man

Rather than “enlightening” the children in their care, these women have deprived them of their privileged position of having been created in the “image and likeness of God.” Delivering them instead into the hands of the lesbian-led atheists, humanists and secularists. Lesbians who hate the tenets of Christianity and the Christian men who uphold its standards of good behavior. Standards which were deliberately created by God to protect His finest creation from pain and evil.

These base programs not only warp young people’s view of the purpose of sex, through the clinical definition of sexuality as nothing more than biology and body parts (sans marriage, love, kindness, trust, respect and commitment) but more importantly, they jade impressionable children’s view of conjugal love’s vital importance to a long-lasting marriage. To quote the Catechism of the Catholic Church;

Three Requirements (1643)

Conjugal love involves the appeal of body and instinct, the power of feeling and affectivity, the aspirations of spirit and will. All of these aim at a union beyond the flesh, a union of heart and soul. This definitive mutual self-giving demands indissolubility, faithfulness, and openness to children. In this way, natural conjugal love expresses Christian values.

Church weddingHow can anyone argue with the beauty of that sentiment or with the importance of officially supporting Christian marriage between a husband and wife, above all else, who love each other and want children? As the Bible says, “Go forth and multiply.” It couldn’t be more clear!

So, once again, we can thank the radical, second-wave, feminist academics, who hijacked our formerly Christian public school system in the 1960s, for destroying our God-given human dignity and reducing our sex lives to how, and how much. Gross.

The sex-ed classes were the gateway through which homosexuality eventually squeezed, finding “acceptance” in our formerly Christian country. These classes have led the way towards perverted sexual wantonness. We now know that rather than “help”, these demeaning, dehumanizing, non-Christian classes have trivialized and devalued sex to the point where today, kids routinely lose their virginity at 15! What kind of dysfunctional, unbalanced, depleted lives are we allowing the lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminist academics to teach our precious children?

In 1995, I was once again confronted with the reality of the subversive nature of the lesbian-led, sex-ed agenda. An agenda bent on destroying the tenets ofsex and God Christianity, through whatever means possible.

To my utter dismay, I realized, all too clearly, just how far the homosexual influence had permeated our educational system. I discovered that the homosexuals had now infiltrated Catholic colleges and were being given permission to deliberately undermine the tenets of Christianity in their classrooms. No longer were they just using sex-ed classes to spread their bizarre beliefs, they were now doing it through English, math, language, science, psychology and history classes. (Read Nathan Harden’s book Sex and God at Yale for more).

BCMy daughter was a freshman at Boston College in 1995. She had spent her entire life in Catholic schools and she was shocked enough to call me during her first month at college to tell me that one of her required readings for her freshman English literature class was a book that was entirely about homosexual relationships, including all the sexual details! She was having a hard time reading it because the graphic homosexual sex was so disturbing.

Needless to say, I was furious that a Catholic university would deliberately expose a young, innocent, 17 year-old girl to such graphic, gross, totally anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, sex!

And yet, upon reflection, I realized that this was the deplorable outcome of what had begun, so long ago, in a darkened gym filled with little girls, in rural New York. Should it surprise anyone, that after fifty-two years of Godless sex-ed classes, that millions of young people think two men and a cocker spaniel makes a family? Sadly, I don’t think so.

The End

It’s the Women, Not the Men!

4 thoughts on “Longform Essay – Do You Think That Two Men and a Cocker Spaniel Makes A Family?

  1. I believe a family is any group of people that come together in love and commitment to support and nourish one another. To face life’s hardships together through thick and thin regardless of age, gender, creed or color. Those who use religion to moralize and point fingers at others should look more at themselves instead. We have ALL sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Worry more about your own sins. God will take care of the rest.


    • No. The sole purpose of a family is to bring children into the world, under the best possible circumstances, in order to assure their emotional, ethical, physical and spiritual success as productive adults. This includes the absolute need for BOTH parents (mother and father), as each provides irreplaceable contributions to the healthy upbringing of their children including their intellectual, psychological, spiritual and emotional development.There has NEVER been any evidence to disprove the fact that children have the best chance for success when raised by both of their biological parents and therefore all other “fake” families are just impostors and should be recognized as such.


      • Then you don’t believe in adoption or a single parent raising a child after death or divorce of one parent? How about when both parents are killed an the only one left in the family is a sibling or an aunt or uncle? Or no family and the child is put up for adoption? What about single parent adoption? Many children would be in orphanages without any parent or hope of adoption and end up raised by the state if that were the case. Are you saying these children should be raised by the state? That seems rather cold and cruel to the child. I had two aunts who were married for many years (each to a different man). Neither had children. Are you saying they were not a family? I believe they were. So how can the sole purpose of family be to bring children into the world when some couples are incapable or unwilling to reproduce? I also have a friend with six children. Two are natural and the other four are adopted. She adopted these unwanted kids after her husband died. Would you tell her she is a ‘fake’ family? There is no such thing as a perfect family. Do you dismiss everyone who does not share your religious beliefs? I believe Christ was first and foremost about love and tolerance. And for your information there is plenty of evidence to prove that children who grow up in a loving, nurturing environment turn out just fine no matter what the parental situation is. Your view of the world appears to be very idealistic. I used to feel much the same way too. Age has a way of giving one a different perspective on things.


      • Family does not disappear with the death of a parent or the adoption of more children. A husband and wife alone, are the foundation of a family, whether or not they have children, adopt children or never have children. Your aunts both married in the hope of having children but were not blessed with that outcome. Their inability to have children does not change the purpose of family. Your friend was married, had children and then blessedly offered to adopt more children, despite her husband’s death. A family does not cease to exist just because the husband or wife dies. And no, Christ was first and foremost a proponent of good behavior in men, in order for them to attain salvation. “Love” and “tolerance” etc. is modern day PC, hippie crap to cover the never-ending transgressions of certain politically motivated, sinners. Christ said, “Go and sin no more” to the sinners he found, not “I forgive you, now go and keep sinning.” And yet that is exactly what those who rail against the tenets of Christianity want the church to do. If we were to comply, we would no longer be Christian, just jerks. As far as children who are successfully brought up by single mothers, you can always find an exception to the rules, but they are few and far between. And I see no need to sacrifice one single child to the if, come, maybe of liberal feminism’s irrational ideology concerning the upbringing of innocent children (or their promotion of abortion either) when we know for a fact that children raised in a traditional Christian family environment, including their biological father and mother, works SO much better. Idealist? No. Realist, and I am willing to take the heat to promote what i know to be true..
        Don’t give up so easily. If you condone, with a wink and a nod, what you know, from experience, is wrong, then you become part of the problem too. Renew your faith. It puts thousands of years of human experience at your finger tips, in order to defend your position. Remember philosopher George Santayana’s quote, “Those who fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” The Bible is the greatest history book of humanity’s conquests over evil, with God’s help, ever written. It has all the answers because humans are not any different today than 2000 years ago. We suffer with the same human problems because “nothing is ever truly new under the sun.” I refuse to let the ship go down without a fight. My 7 grandchildren deserve a better future from me than my just acquiescing to irrational, evil behavior. Mainly because they will have to live with the profound evil, generated by radical, second and third-wave feminism, if women continue to quietly condone it today. Thanks for your comment.


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