* I am Part of the WordPress Family Award

13--08-28 wordpress-family-awardI would like to thank http://doncharisma.wordpress.com/ for nominating me for the “I am Part of the WordPress Family” award. He has made some poignant comments on my blog and I sincerely appreciate his input.

I would also like to thank Shaun Gibson. He is the creator of this badge. Shaun’s motivation for the inception of this badge was, gratitude. Gratitude to all of his followers who continue to sustain him while he copes with a chronic illness. I wish him well.

I am very pleased to be part of the WordPress family of international bloggers. WordPress, and their Automatticians who keep WordPress up and running, allow those of us who can’t stop writing long enough to find a publisher, to get published.  This is, in and of itself, very rewarding. But, more importantly, WordPress has created the opportunity for obsessed writers, with a passion, or a purpose, to express themselves within a global family of writers, allowing feedback, constructive criticism and support for the solitary writer.  This is the icing on the cake, for which I am especially grateful.

Mr. Gibson made three requests of those who are nominated for his award – provide a link back to the person who recommended you, provide links to 10 bloggers you support and notify those bloggers that you’ve nominated them for the award.

Here is my list of bloggers:










Thanks to the entire WordPress family.


6 thoughts on “* I am Part of the WordPress Family Award

  1. Congratulations! I apologize that I am so far behind in following, I’ve had some wonderful blessings, for which I am extremely grateful, but they do steal much of my time. Your nomination is well deserved, I’ve commented many times on my respect for the courage you display in your writing. We, society as a whole, can benefit greatly if we all muster up this courage to speak our minds without the limitation of attempting to be “politically correct”. My vote goes to you for this alone, although there are multiple other strengths in your style of “pen to paper”. Thank you for sharing.


    • Most of the time my writing just flows (inspired by Holy Spirit?), but on occasions, it’s more difficult and requires many drafts before it’s right. But whether it flows, or it stumbles along, the desire to speak out about the fraud of feminism remains the same. It is my taskmaster. Glad to hear from you. Very much enjoy your thoughtful comments.


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