Touchy-Feely Training Vol. #3 Essay 12

woman filing nails abd on her iphoneHave you ever noticed that you can’t get anyone to do anything right anymore, even if you pay them? It doesn’t matter whether you are the boss, the co-worker or the customer, workers no longer take pride in doing their jobs effectively, or correctly, spewing mistakes and errors like a leaky hose, without regret or embarrassment.

These “responsible” job holders make no effort to maintain any level of professionalism in the workplace and are routinely found to be goofing off or screwing around. And to make matters worse, when they louse-up, they laugh it off, behaving as though their errors weren’t destructive to their company’s productivity, or its bottom line. 

These nitwits are incapable of connecting the dots.

employees 2Many employees make ridiculous excuses for their incompetence and then make no effort to improve their skills in order to do a better job. These annoying people lack shame, guilt or discomfort at their ineptitude.

When caught making a mistake, and when rightfully criticized by their bosses, these insufferable creatures instead, become defensive, threaten to sue, become revengeful or even violent because they are irresponsible secularists rather than responsible Christians.

woman smiling on phoneMost of the problems stem from the fact that, thanks to radical, second-wave feminism, there are now more women than men in the workplace and most have been brainwashed to believe that “doing their own thing” also applies to work.chatting at water cooler 

Many of these women behave as though their jobs were just hobbies! Something done to fill their days. Somewhere to get dolled-up for, somewhere to meet friends for lunch or somewhere to chat with co-workers.

happy woman on webSomeplace that’s flighty, funny and friendly, just like home! A place to go to see friends, text family, surf the web and to talk, talk, talk. A recent study by Kansas State University concluded that employers are being robbed of 60% to 80% of their employees productive time because they are “cyberloafing”.

EmployeesAnd people want to know why everything costs so much! It’s because most people (women) are not doing the jobs they were hired to do because there’s no disciplinary ramifications for not doing their jobs. And, this ridiculousness all began with the legalization of “affirmative action.”

Democrat President John F. Kennedy

Democrat President John F. Kennedy

Affirmative Action was mandated by President John F. Kennedy through his Executive Order 10925. This edict was made law during (surprise, surprise) the early 1960s and it was instituted in response to the civil rights movement.

It was supposed to help blacks get jobs, instead it destroyed the business owners  ability to choose the best people for the jobs they had available and destroyed their ability to demand their employees best efforts, on the threat of being fired.

Employees 4In fact, affirmative action made it virtually illegal to hire the best person for the job and it also began the distracting, and costly, “numbers game” for employers. When the radical feminists turned “women” into a “class”, they too were included in the affirmative action numbers.

Now, rather than hiring the best person for the job, the employer had to check his quota numbers first! How many blacks and women did they have on the payroll? Not enough? Hire some more. Qualified? No. Who cares.

Employees 3It didn’t matter whether you were qualified for the job or not, as long as you were black or a woman, you got the job, in order to fill the government quotas.  

Black women filled two quotas, being black and being a woman. As a result, affirmative action didn’t help the black men one bit because the quotas was instead filled twice by their women. 

The law left black men, underemployed and unneeded, especially by their newly employed wives. This immediately began the breakdown of the black family structure. The men’s pride in their contributions to their families, disappeared overnight as they were no longer needed to support their family.

affirmative actionAffirmative action had a negative effect on white men too. Especially those that worked for the huge corporations in America during the 1970s. Overnight, talented young executives were passed over, for deserved promotions, by their under-qualified secretaries, in order to fill the government mandated quotas. 

Most of the altruistic political proponents of affirmative action assumed, ignorantly, and incorrectly, that the huge corporations could absorb these unqualified people without damaging their company’s productivity, or bottom line.  But that proved to be anything but the truth, especially as more and more onerous, politically correct and draconian, government regulations continued tobe applied to the businesses.

GMGeneral Motors is a perfect case in point. It’s downward spiral, from the raving success it was in the 1960s (“See the USA in Your Chevrolet”), to the whimpering, pandering shadow of itself that we see today (now derogatorily referred to as Government Motors), is a perfect example. It’s near demise shows just how disastrous this type of  governmental interference is for companies, when they are forced to follow the social engineering demands of the politicians in Washington, rather than the leadership dictates of their own experienced managerial staff.

Just as with most altruistic efforts, government busy bodies fail to assist those they were intended to help, (see Ayn Rand’s views on altruism in my Good Books page), affirmative action has also been a disaster.

This law began, what would prove to be, an incredibly disruptive, and destructive, relationship between the government, (which has no concept of how to run anything successfully) and businesses, whose sole survival depends on their expertise within their fields of business, their extensive experience, their good business practices, and their reputations within their markets.

business vs. govtAnd, guess who always wins? Of course – socialist, fascist, the out-of-control, hugely over-powering, usurper of our hard-earned tax dollars, which than uses those same tax dollars to sue the hand that feeds it – corporations! All the while placing another stranglehold on the very same corporations that provide legitimate jobs to working families!

Unfair? YOU BET!


Bible Says Christians Must Vote for their Leaders and that They Must Vote for Men Who Practice their Faitth.

Bible Says Christians MUST Vote for their Leaders and That They MUST Vote for Men Who Practice Their Christian Faith.

And that’s why Christians should vote, but also why they should never vote for politicians who are not practicing Christians. You can’t trust them to do the right thing by their constituents because they do NOT share our core values, which are based on God’s laws. 

So, in the 1970s, while companies tried to cope with the sudden and reduced competency levels of these affirmative action employees, they were forced to adapt quickly. And lowering the levels of acceptable qualifications, became the norm.

The depletion of so many businesses, both big and small, can routinely be traced directly back to this type of ill-intended, shortsighted, and ultimately bad, public policy inflicted by ignorant bureaucrats.

This warped form of social engineering proved to spell the death knell for business professionalism, as young white men, whose, highly professional, business behavior, which were developed and instilled over the previous century of good laughing twosomebusiness practices and critical mentoring, were unceremoniously shunted aside.

These successful, centuries old, business practices and expectations were abandoned as businessmen tried to accommodate the under-performing and unqualified “managers” they were forced to hire.

These professional skills and mandates were discarded as the businessmen tried to cope with these incompetent, and thereby defensive, individuals. And to make matters worse, they were now legally unable to fire them for their incompetence.

It would prove to be nothing more than a trap for the millions of successful Christian businessmen, who were now being victimized by jealous individuals within government, who could never hope to personally attain these talented men’s levels of success within the public arena.

Simply put, it was loser socialists vs. successful capitalists. And only through the heavy-handedness of oppressive, government regulations, that were put in place by the losers, were the tables able to be turned.

As a result of their dilemma, companies institutionalized “touchy-feely” training programs for these highly sensitive, defensive and emotional employees. And this was because, as employers had to deal with more and more female employees, and as the regulations continued to mount, it literally became illegal to hurt a female employee’s feelings! And, this was the case, no matter how stupid, irresponsible or arrogant they were. guy with co-workers

When companies thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. It was bad enough that the corporations were required to hire unqualified personnel but when they became desperate with the cost of this fantasy land farce and began to fire the jerks, they got sued

And by, guess who? Of course, the federal government! The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) went into high gear, hunting down and bankrupting companies that couldn’t withstand the pressure. So now, nobody had a job! Brilliant.

When this costly litigation process began, the owners routinely lost the cases in court. At this point, it became absolutely impossible for them to sustain the high standards of responsibility and behavior for woman talking to friend during workthe dopey employees they were forced to keep on the payroll. And touchy-feely training programs became the rule of the land.

Incredibly, things got even worse, because without being able to immediately discipline, correctly train, fire or otherwise remove, reprimand or rebuke the cancerous employees, the company’s professionalism began to totally unravel, as more and more employees fell into the same slovenly behavioral patterns, as their incompetent co-workers.  Now everybody was inept.

This resulted in higher costs, lower productivity and bottom-up chaos in the office. Companies began to do everything possible to cut costs to stay alive, including removing the little red strings to open the band-aids or reducing the quantity of a cereal in the boxes. 

Now, with the lunatics running the asylum, the companies began to implode, accepting less and less professional behavior as normal, in order to survive. But, this would prove to be a dead-end game.

more kids workingToday, the end results are visible all around us, as American corporation’s ability to compete in the global markets is crippled by government regulations, lousy employees and reduced productivity.

And this, while we watch our enemy, Communist Red China, steal our retail markets and terrorist Iran steal our fuel markets, as America continues to have embarrassingly high unemployment numbers.

On a personal level, we are experiencing the end results too, as we, as consumers, are trying to cope with the giddy, jokey, juvenile, irresponsible, unqualified, capricious female third-graders, who now laughingly, call themselves business professionals.

Thanks to onerous government regulations, and its step-child – female-based, touchy-feely training – American corporation’s, historically, stellar reputation as the most productive, profitable and reputable business experts in the world, now lies in tatters.

As a result, they are swamped by incompetent “employees” who do nothing but make a bad situation even worse.

So, today, female employees just “play” at working, and as a result, customer service is a joke; keeping promises is passe; errors in judgement are overlooked; setting priorities are out the window; accomplishing goals is impossible; sticking to deadlines is now debatable; job descriptions are flexible; returning phone calls is not required; sweat suits are considered business attire;  laughing and joking in the office kids workingis the norm; personal phone calls can take up most of the day.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone, that we have nothing but over-grown female kids running everything, as this is the inevitable outcome of bad public policy put in place nearly 50 years ago. Unfortunately, we are now reaping what we sowed.

And people actually wonder why you can no longer buy a three-bedroom house for $30,000 and live nicely on $10,000 a year, like you could just 45 years ago!

Look to the touchy-feely government to take the blame. It, along with its union thugs, have destroyed every privately owned, and operated, organization it has ever had the arrogance to interfere with, i.e. mail delivery (Pony Express), banking, charity, energy, insurance, steel production, railroads, shipping, auto manufacturing, education, and now it’s even going after the little guy as it sues bakers, florists and wedding planners who fail to operate according to its misguided social agenda!

Unwittingly, as American citizens, we are slowly, and agonizingly, being squeezed out of business by our own socialist-leaning, leftist, feminized federal government.

piperWe are all, paying-the-piper, millions of times over, for the government’s dictatorial, uninformed and arrogant interference with private institutions it knew NOTHING about.  

And worse yet, we are suffering with this self-inflicted outcome because these once successful organizations, were permanently crippled in the 1970s, through the implementation of these misguided directives by the government. Lopsided mandates which were solely based on originally “helping” millions of young female, baby-boomers, get a leg-up, as they entered the work force for the first time. 

Instead, the busy-body government should have minded its own business and let the chips fall where they may. We would have ALL been better of for it.

It’s the Women, Not the Men  to be continued…

6 thoughts on “Touchy-Feely Training Vol. #3 Essay 12

  1. About labor unions, how to mitigate it’s negative effect without being perceived as oppressive towards workers? Definitely you don’t want to encourage human rights violations in that case. (labor rights). And how to mediate disputes without influence of the unions? Thank you and God bless, ma’am.


    • The unions no longer serve a viable purpose and should be banned. Today, international unions are run by socialist thugs seeking to enrich themselves at the expense of workers they don’t even know or care about. Workers would be better off to place their futures in the hands of their employers who also have a vested interest in keeping the company, plant, factory or industry profitable, viable and functioning. Workers, at their individual places of employment, should elect their own leaders from among their ranks to talk over any problems that arise. Only a very foolish owner/manager would fail to resolve any serious complaints from the men they employ/supervise. This is where Christianity comes into play again. Christian men, despite their stations in life, ALL play by the same rules as defined by their faith in God’s Word. As a result, they trust each other to be treated openly, fairly and honestly. Only when irrational, radical, leftist, non-Christian union agitators, like Emma Goldman, came between the workers and their employers, did distrust and discontent arise. She was an anarchist and her exploitive union involvement, excessive financial demands and inciting of riots, destroyed the very men she claimed to be “helping”. Not only were their jobs eventually eliminated when the factories were no longer able to compete in the market due to the financial drain inflicted by her unreasonable union demands, but the industry was destroyed as well, and as a result, the towns that happily grew up around these factories died too! Emma Goldman, and her Russian communist union ilk, are why we now refer to most of our, once thriving, northern states-Michgan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin- as the “Rust Belt”.


      • Agree, as a Christian of course I believe it is the most ideal way to solve labor relations problem, although the fact that not every country, like mine (Indonesia) had a luxury to be dominated by Christian influence like the Western World or for the lesser extent the South Koreans (Japan, on the other hand, even with adoption of Protestant Work Ethic remains difficult to evangelize).

        And just a fact; Indonesian labor unions were generally feminist and leftist in nature, too. This also mean they support several things denounced by Christianity (and Islam, majority of Indonesia) such as homosexuality. And if one day I become like, supervisors in workplace such as factory how to practically implement the Christian principes to offset leftist influence in the labor movement?

        Sorry for the long comment from me. Thank you and God bless America and Indonesia.


      • If a union already exists, you must be ready to defend your jobs against the union’s overreach, to be sure your company is not getting the short-end-of-the-stick. Otherwise, the company will not financially survive, and then you will eventually ALL be out of a job. If the company is without a union, reject any suggestion to unionize! Having said that, I’m not sure how advanced the working conditions and salaries are in Indonesian factories. You may have room for improvement, but the company’s financial circumstances MUST be considered before “demands” for higher pay are irrationally pursued. Pushing too hard can, not only, put the company out of business but in the short term, it may cause employees to be fired in order to remain solvent. It’s a very tight rope to walk. That’s why American companies excelled during our 19th Century Industrial Revolution. The Christian men who owned and ran the mines, factories or plants respected and cared for the other Christian family men who worked for them. The problems were never local, they were stirred up by radical, union outsiders. I think the best example of this blessed trust among Christian men was when Andrew Carnegie sold his company, US STEEL, for $400 million in 1880s to JP Morgan on a handshake! No contract, no lawyers, no suspicion. A Christian man was TRULY as good as his word! That basic CHRISTIAN trust, and confidence, in one another is what made American businessmen, and by association, America GREAT!


      • The only thing I know as far as I know is in case of Indonesia many of the labor force in the industry (I speak about manufacturing industry here) were women. Feel troubled?


      • Yes and no. If management, and owners, are Christian men, they would tend to be even more sympathetic towards women employees issues, but of course, not to the extent that they would sacrifice the financial viability of their companies. NOTHING, not unions, government regulations or whining women, should EVER interfere with their companies ability to remain profitable. That would be like killing-the-goose-that-laid-the-golden-egg! NO ONE wins that game.


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