Useless Unions – When Will They Ever Learn? Vol. #3 Essay 14

Congress causes trouble here.

Once again the federal government, in cahoots with the socialist unions, has destroyed another successful American industry. This time, it’s the domestic auto industry.

During the

last sixty years, those same clowns (with the help of socialist government leaders) have destroyed America’s steel industry, railroad industry, textile industry, shipping industry, educational system, electronics industry, telephone industry, movie industry, newspaper industry, airline industry, and power industry. They have tried to destroy Walmart and Microsoft. They are now in the throes of destroying our world-class healthcare system and recently have placed Boeing in their sights for destruction.

When will the union membership ever learn? Rather than listen to the arrogant, loud-mouthed union idiots, history has proven that workers should run in the other direction when a union organizer arrives at their workplace! Their arrival only portends disaster, not dollars.


Unions are parasites and they nearly always kill the host company. Their ignorant demands always destroys jobs, that if left unfettered, would have led to lifetime employment. The empty ports, rusting hulks of former steel mills, demolished auto plants, rusting rail lines, abandoned movie palaces, stupid students and disappearing newspapers are all the result of the irrational, intimidating, work-ethic killing, greedy, obnoxious antics of  labor unions, with the help of the legislators in Washington, D. C.

Incredibly, unions now have the unmitigated gall to complain that all of the jobs are going overseas, when in fact, they are the very people who chased the jobs out of the country in the first place. Their costly strikes, lunatic salary demands and outrageous benefit requests killed the companies that created the jobs. In order to give them a shot at survival, American companies were left with no other alternative but to seek to hire workers overseas.

At the same time, the unrelenting and disingenuous attacks from Washington, D. C.’s  anti-business, trust

John D. Rockefeller, Sr.

busters, including Presidents Teddy Roosevelt, William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson, only augmented the perpetual pillorying of  successful industries by the unions, and by this combination of efforts they eventually reduced these once towering examples of America’s economic might, to rubble. The companies that survived are just shadows of their former selves. Their golden years are behind them and with their reduced circumstances also went the millions of jobs that the short-sighted unions and government nitwits once professed to be protecting with their antics.

President Theodore Roosevelt

This mess started long ago and continues to this day. The brilliant success of these industries made the socialists envious. Many of these troublemakers were immigrants from communist or socialist countries. Our capitalist country was proving their theories to be wrong and that infuriated them. Americans understood that prosperity and happiness comes from the personal freedom and liberty to work and seek success on your own, unfettered by the government. Americans knew that success did not come through “equality” theories or redistribution of earned wealth.

Unfortunately, these agitators acquired powerful influence with the American press. And just at the point when America’s great companies reached their zenith (having found great success with their pleased customers) the federal government and/or the unions, insisted that they had a better way to run these companies. In their twisted efforts to control the companies, they put a strangle-hold on the successful corporation’s ability to remain productive, competitive and profitable by accusing them of every underhanded thing they could come up with, under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act or unfair labor practices.

Forced to spend millions of dollars to defend their companies from these preposterous government allegations (most of which were proven to be invalid) and by tying up the precious time of the corporate executives (sometimes for years at a time), all the while being forced to publicly defend themselves in televised Senate hearings, many of the companies began to teeter on the brink of disaster.

One of the best corporations in American history.

Eleuthere Irenee du Pont’s DuPont Company, established in 1802 as a gun powder manufacturer, is a perfect example of the devastating results of these vindictive witch

One of hundreds of theaters movie studios were forced to sell due to anti-trust ruling.

hunts gone amok. Having been dragged to Washington multiple times over its illustrious history, DuPont was rewarded for its enormous contributions to American’s lives, both in war and peace, with near annihilation. It was broken-up, just like Rockefeller’s (kerosene) Standard Oil; James. B. Duke’s American Tobacco Co.; J.P. Morgan’s (railroads) Northern Securities; Adolph Zukor’s (theaters) Paramount Pictures and, as late as 1982, with Theodore Vail’s AT&T Corp., for scurrilous and fabricated reasons. All, and more, were forced into corporate chaos by arrogant know-it-alls, who in reality knew nothing about running of a successful business, other than how to destroy it.

Emma Goldman, anarchist

Prominent and influential women also played an important part in these destructive attacks.

As socialist-leaning anarchists in the unions, including Russian Emma Goldman, as muckrakers in the press, including Ida Minerva Tarbell,

Ida Tarbell, muckraker

and as socialists within the federal government, including Secretary of Labor, Frances Perkins, they ravaged one industry after another with the same results.

They glittered in the initial adoration of the workers when concessions were coerced from the companies. These “successes” brought them the publicity, attention and recognition they craved.

But, the END of their “self-aggrandizing” stories would NOT be sprinkled with success but instead would prove to be riddled with failure, destruction and misery.

Frances Perkins, socialist

As more and more employees lost their jobs under the strain of the government and union inflicted concessions, the news media’s attention disappeared, and the gullible local union members, and their once proud towns, were left with empty and abandoned plants and factories.

The corporations that collapsed under the union strain caused local businesses to close as well. This forced the young people to move away from home in order to find work, while the once thriving community continued to implode.

Having killed the-goose-that-laid-the-golden-egg for MILLIONS of American workers, people began to ask, “Where were

The Frances Perkins Building – U. S. Dept. of Labor Headquarters in D. C.

the union leaders and the government now?” Now, that the workers really needed them? The answer – They were GONE! They had moved-on to victimize their next corporation, without ever looking back at the destruction they left behind.

Once these new victim companies had been sufficiently raped  (allowing the government and union leaders to live like kings, frequenting the most LAVISH hotels, on ever more lavish union “business”) and to feed their ever-growing greed, they began to till new ground within municiple institutions. They had run the course of corporations ripe for rape and now turned their attention towards the gullible government agencies, public school systems and local municipalities. This rampage resulted with the same job-killing results and added inestimable costs to taxpayers. Now the towns left floundering after unions destroyed their employers were now suffering again at the hands of the municipality union leaders as their demands resulted in ever increasing tax rates!

General Motors was once our country’s largest and most successful company. In 1952, Charles Wilson, who was the head of company and later Eisenhower’s Secretary of Defense said, “What’s good for the country is good for General Motors and what’s good for General Motors is good for the country.” At its corporate apex it employed 640,000 workers and operated 150 assembly plants in 34 countries. Today, thanks to sixty years of government regulations, legislative meddling, liberal news media harassment and union demands, the company employs just 40,000 people and the American auto industry has been deliberately turned over to our former enemy, the country that bombed Pearl Harbor into oblivion, Japan.

Great job people.

It’s the Women, Not the Men to be continued…


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  1. Any ideas what a proper and respectful labor relations like, ma’am, especially considering labor unions, in your opinion, are destroying the economy. Also, how to address genuine grievances of labor force without or with less influence of big unions? Thanks for the explanation and God Bless?


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