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“Diversity” Disaster Vol. #1 Essay 11

“Diversity” Disaster Vol. #1 Essay 11

Diversity, is by its very definition, divisive. The concept is fraught with inherent problems, most of which are irritatingly self-inflicted, self-aggrandizing and pointless. How could it surprise anyone that diversity DIVIDES rather than unites people? It is a negative undertaking rather than a positive one and the results are never good. The premise divides people into separate categories, classes, colors, cultures and … Continue reading

Useless Unions – When Will They Ever Learn? Vol. #3 Essay 14

Once again the federal government, in cahoots with the socialist unions, has destroyed another successful American industry. This time, it’s the domestic auto industry. During the last sixty years, those same clowns (with the help of socialist government leaders) have destroyed America’s steel industry, railroad industry, textile industry, shipping industry, educational system, electronics industry, telephone industry, movie … Continue reading

Vanity of Voting  Vol. #3 Essay 15

Vanity of Voting Vol. #3 Essay 15

I Vote! I have said many times, that I would gladly give up my right to vote if Congress would just repeal the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The ratification of this singular piece of legislation in 1920, which gave American women the right to vote, will be the death of democracy, if … Continue reading