“Diversity” Disaster Vol. #1 Essay 11


Diversity, is by its very definition, divisive. The concept is fraught with inherent problems, most of which are irritatingly self-inflicted, self-aggrandizing and pointless. How could it surprise anyone that diversity DIVIDES rather than unites people? It is a negative undertaking rather than a positive one and the results are never good. The premise divides people into separate categories, classes, colors, cultures and religions and then pits them, one against another.

Diversity exaggerates the importance of the insignificant differences between the groups of people who live in the United States, rather than emphasizing their similarities. It is both unnecessarily antagonistic in theory and alienating by nature. It wreaks of negativity. The premise of diversity seeks to emphasis the “shortcomings” of one group while ennobling the “uniqueness” of another. This is the very same principle upon which feminism is based – men are awful and women are wonderful. The concept of diversity, just as with feminism, was established under

Green People Rule!

the guise of “fairness” but in reality, they are both based on the same hate-based agenda.

The very process of grouping people according to their dissimilarities in order to make one group feel important, automatically results in the other group of people feeling unjustly diminished or just plain pissed-off. This categorical snub, deliberately creates tension, animosity and bitterness, where there had been none before.

Elephants Rule!

The promotion of the notion that diversity, as good, is a self-serving delusion based on unwarranted psychological intimidation. And yet, entire countries have gone to war under the “I am superior” pretext of diversity, even when they weren’t. Good people hate to be criticized, by another faction, for who they are, just because they have different priorities, principles or pleasures. Whether or not they are good people  should matter more than any of the picayune differences among peoples.

We are basically all alike!

Diversity promotes hate, based on trivialities – skin color, hair color, style of dress, choice of hobbies or music – when in fact we should only be dividing people by their behavior. Are they good people or bad people?  And, there is only one proven set of rules by which this can be accomplished with any measure of fairness and they are easily looked up in the Bible. Only through the Christian principles, under which this country was successfully created, and has thrived for more than two hundred years, can a truly just society exist. The simple question is – is a person good or is a person bad? All the other differences are totally irrelevant.

Yipee! I’m Irish!

Every race and culture takes pride in its uniqueness. That is to be expected in this melting pot called America. It’s important to remember the sacrifices and pleasures of your forbearers and many Americans are, to this day, rightfully proud of their families country of origin. Generations later, they still innocently represent those countries with their bodies, faces, hair and eyes.

ALL Simply American Kids

This should not be held against them because despite what the “diversity divas” proclaim, they have more in common than not. All of their stories may be varied, but at the same time, they are very similar. All of their ancestors sought a better life for themselves and their families in America because it has always been a place where betterment was nearly guaranteed. This even applied to the slaves brought here to America. Although they may have initially come here involuntarily, their children and grandchildren have lived a gloriously better life in America than those who remained in Africa.

The principle difference between the immigrants who arrived on the shores of America over the last two hundred years and the diversity divas of today is that those original  immigrants to America wanted to be Americans. They wanted to blend in. They wanted to be the same as everyone else. They did not want to remain diverse.  They wanted to be Americans because they knew the methodology of America worked. Liberty, freedom and reward for hard work ruled the day. It didn’t matter if they came from the slums of London, the hard scrabble countryside in Ireland or the remote mountains of Italy. They knew that they could succeed in America through tenacious hard work and respectable, responsible living, based on the good behavior instilled by their Christian faith.

Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island

Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island

The freedom to pursue success, unfettered by the crushing obstacles they left behind, was the glue that surreptitiously bound all the varied immigrants together in America. Their differences did not separate them in meaningful ways, as they were too busy pursuing their dreams. And more importantly, unlike the ungrateful diversity divas of today who continue to bite-the-hand-that-feeds-them, these men of old who came to America to build a better life for themselves and their families, did not try to inflict their old countries principles on the United States because they knew better than to try to “fix” what was not broken.

It’s the Women, Not the Men to be continued…


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