Current EVEntS – Radical Feminist Female Fairfax County, Va. School Board Approve Anal and Oral Sex-Ed for 14 year olds!

sad neglected girlGod save America’s beleaguered children from the “good intentions” of idiots like these eight radical third-wave feminist females!

The women pictured below look like normal, everyday American women, correct?

Well, looks certainly do deceive, because their photos, rather than being posted on the Fairfax County School Board website, should instead be hanging among the “Most Wanted” on the wall of the Post Office!

They are all members of the Fairfax County Virginia School Board, which also includes four wimpy men. And in a recent vote (10-1), they all voted to include, rather than reject, the creeping advancement of the LGBT’s (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender) political agenda.

Rather than stand their ground, in defense of the innocent lives within their care, they instead, took the cowardly route, and publicly did the personal bidding to the “fruits and nuts”, while at the same time, trashing the religious liberties of the majority of their Christian students and their families.

These eight radical feminists deliberately chose to ignore the traditional standards of Christian behavior, which have allowed our public schools to produce some of the most exemplary adults in the history of mankind, and instead eradicate those standards in favor of a few oddball’s twisted, anti-Christian, homosexual/transgender ideology, when, on June 25th, they voted to mix their sick priorities into the elementary school’s curriculum.

These atrocious actions included, not only the “education” of 14 year olds on oral and anal sex, but also included the addition of homosexual “education” for kindergarteners, which is truly an unbelievable betrayal, as kids this age don’t even fully understand what gender they themselves are!

This revolting effort, by these eight stupid women, to try to normalize homosexuality in the minds of tiny children, who are as young as five years old, is a betrayal of their right to religious freedom and an affront of the highest order!

The unmitigated gall!

Needless to say, this outrageous, purely political action, (as is did absolutely nothing to advance these children academically), which was made for other people’s kindergarteners, caused the parents of those children to go rightfully ballistic!

Part I –

Andrea Lafferty - President of Traditional Values Coalition

Andrea Lafferty – President of Traditional Values Coalition

The story begins with Andrea Lafferty’s effort to expose the actions of the school board. The following article provides all of the gory details:

Gender Identity Curriculum Angers Parents in Virginia

Public schools in Fairfax County, Virginia, are preparing to include gender identity in its curriculum, despite objections from parents.

The district’s Family Life Education (FLE) lessons will include teachings on heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual, and transgender identity. The school board voted in May to add gender identity to the list.

The move has angered many parents over what they see as forcing them to expose their children to issues that are not even part of state requirements.

“Starting in kindergarten, students will be taught about same-sex or gay marriage and the parents will not be able to opt out,” Andrea Lafferty,  president of the Traditional Values Coalition, told CBN News.

Fairfax County Public Schools wrote a letter to parents in response to misperceptions about the new curriculum.

“Most sections in the FLECAC committee’s report have been a part of the curriculum in past years, with the difference being that many of the instructional objectives now meet the Virginia Dept. of Education’s (VDOE) general Health Standards of Learning,” the board wrote.

“As-such (they) no longer have an opt-out option. These topics include conflict resolution skills, respecting individual differences such as disabilities, ethnicities and cultures and mental health areas,” they wrote.

Lafferty said students in 8th grade will be discussing President Bill Clinton’s “activity, along with oral and anal.” Fourth graders will receive instruction about incest, she said.

“One of the big issues is in Virginia parents can opt their children out of certain parts of the Family Life Education. And so now what they’re doing is trying to move parts of it from FLE to Health, which means parents cannot opt their children out,” she said.

Some parents are outraged that the proposed lessons are not even required by law but they are still being forced upon them.

“It’s not a part of the state law, it’s not a part of the state school board instruction, but they’ve decided to add it against the will of many of the parents. We are very concerned that they are doing it here in Fairfax County and perhaps other places without the parents’ knowledge or consent,” Lafferty said.

“It’s just bizarre. They want to force this on the kids in Fairfax County when in fact it’s not a part of SOLs or the required education,” Lafferty added.

Now for Part II –

And, as though the following fancy letter about reviews by committees with fancy names (which are probably all run by lesbian-led, radical, feminist academics too) somehow justifies the morally corrupt “sex-ed” program they are proposing, is absurd!

In addition, the most critical portion of this program, as mentioned above, is that it is no longer classified as an “opt-out” program!

So, if you don’t want your little five-year-old daughter sexually abused by sex-ed teachers at school, you can no longer opt them out!!


Dear Parents,

We would like to ensure that all Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) families have the correct information regarding the proposed lesson objectives and curriculum for our Family Life Education (FLE) program. The changes under consideration by the School Board are the result of a series of recommendations from the Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee (FLECAC), which is a standing citizen advisory committee that reviews the FLE curriculum on a regular basis and is comprised of school board appointees, community members, students, teachers and administrators. The committee has been working on the curriculum recommendations for more than a year.

Most sections in the FLECAC committee’s report have been a part of the curriculum in past years, with the difference being that many of the instructional objectives now meet the Virginia Dept. of Education’s (VDOE) general Health Standards of Learning, and as-such no longer have an opt-out option. These topics include conflict resolution skills, respecting individual differences such as disabilities, ethnicities and cultures and mental health areas. 

The question has been asked: “Will parents still be able to opt their child out of Family Life Education lessons?” The answer is yes. Parents have been able to opt their students out of FLE designated lessons in the past and will continue to have that ability under the FLECAC committee’s recommendations – including the sexual orientation and gender identity lessons. Other topics that parents will be able to opt their child out of include reproductive anatomy, contraception, abstinence, STIs, and many others. 

Parents and community members will have the opportunity to review and comment on the proposed curriculum revisions during a 30 day period, which begins May 21. I encourage you to visit our web page for additional information about the FLE curriculum and to learn how you can participate in the comment process:

Our parents’ role in determining if their child will receive Family Life Education lessons has not changed. As parents, you continue to have the final say. I hope you find this information helpful and that it dispels many of the misperceptions that are currently being posted regarding our FLE curriculum in the media and elsewhere.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Karen Garza
Fairfax County Public Schools

Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!

Now, let’s for a moment imagine this scenario – suppose a male teacher tried to expose elementary school children to this kind of sordid filth, just 50 years ago? Would he have been thrown into jail? The answer is absolutely, YES! So, why is the exact same depraved behavior OK, for feminists on school boards, and in the classroom, to implement them today?

It is because radical, feminist females, rather than traditional Christian males, are now ruling the education roost and the detestable outcomes for our children continue to shock.

These twisted females, who have substituted the lesbian-led ideology of radical feminism for the tenets of their Christian faith, present a more clear and present danger to our school children, (because of their seemingly innocuous, smiley, daily, close proximity to our children), than do the internet, pornography or pedophilia.

Now for Part III –

Fairfax County School Board votes to approve gender identity for curriculum, while another radical, feminist, female “minister” from the “sisterhood” is permitted to put on a show of BS while, objecting parents, are forcibly removed from the room! And while other visibly upset parents are spoken to, by the female chairwoman of the school board, Ms. Derenak-Kaufax, as though they were simply cranky children.

In addition, some two hundred parents were refused admittance to the meeting by the school board, despite their being standing room within the room available!

It was a disgraceful mele, overrun by radical, feminist academia, who’d lost their Christian faith decades ago while attending secular colleges. Radical second and third-wave feminists who are now in cahoots with the anti-Christians who are seeking to legally ban Christian morality at the expense of young children’s innocent lives.

Yes, the only people to suffer at these tyrannical, radical, third-wave feminist, freak’s hands are the thousands of Christian elementary school children who have the misfortune to attend their schools.

The FCPS (Fairfax County Public Schools) website indicates that all of these feminist anarchists school board terms expire in December of this year.

I hope they all get voted out by the Christian parents of these beloved, innocent school children!

To see the hard-fought battle, click below.

Please pray for the success of these parent’s planned suit against the school board. They will literally be holding back the dam of the continued onslaught of LGBT tyranny for much of the remainder of the country.

They must hold out, til Obama gets out!

7 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – Radical Feminist Female Fairfax County, Va. School Board Approve Anal and Oral Sex-Ed for 14 year olds!

  1. @ Micheal

    ….sermonizing on the joys of molesting the minds of innocents as if she were announcing the cure for cancer.

    That line is SO brilliant!

    Your rant was fabulous and it made me think of a line to this song.

    You can take from us, but you can’t make us believe. ~Rixon

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  2. This is nothing but pure evil trying to destroy our young innocent babies. Kindergarten… Come on, you have got to be kidding me. How outrageous! The public schools have outlived their useful purpose if this is the path they have chosen to take now in teaching our children. The best thing that could happen now is to take a bulldozer to all of them and demolish them. We all need to stand up for our children and protect them by pulling them out of the public school systems to homeschool them. That is total depravity to throw that kind of filth and trash in the minds of our children. Now is the time to take our stand, to stand up for our children. Our children! Not the government’s children. OUR CHILDREN! We as a country are turning away from GOD. This is what happens when we try to remove GOD from every aspect of our lives. Total depravity – total evil and destruction of every part of our country, including the little parts. Now is the time to stand up ! NOW! Thanks for sharing this eye opening post K! I will be praying for these parents in their suit against the school board.


    • When you can’t trust a SCHOOL BOARD to protect your children from abject evil, who can you trust? I pray these parents have contacted the Alliance Defending Freedom. They specialize in this type of despicable denial of Christian Americans constitutionally guaranteed right to religious freedom. And, they always win!


  3. We will homeschool.

    The depraved arrogance of that feminazi in the reverend get up was the most disturbing spectacle. Consider the eerie combination of that frumpy-dyke look plastered with a smile in the trappings of the clothe sermonizing on the joys of molesting the minds of innocents as if she were announcing the cure for cancer.

    “These children know who they are”?

    Children don’t know anything, you idiot, but what they’re told.

    This is the insanity of total strangers stealing the hearts and minds of others’ children away without even the slightest hint of understanding how evil that is.

    The only way this stops: parents are going to have to keep their children home and in force shut these schools down, literally march onto these campuses, into the schoolrooms and shout these teachers down. Civil disobedience.

    Of course, the rhetoric of “anti-discrimination policies” is the repressive-tolerance speak of the polymorphous perversity of cultural Marxists systematically abolishing parental consent and authority in violation of the inalienable rights of natural and constitutional law.

    We are heading toward armed civil war. After all, these monsters are dead set on moving this country toward the acceptance of much worse, including the murderous eugenics of population control, i.e., euthanasia and post-birth homicide. We cannot stand by and allow that. We’ll have to take up arms if the government permits parents to murder their children outright beyond all dispute, not that abortion on demand is not murder, of course.

    What’s really shocking is how casually evil just waltzes right into our midst, the chatty girl with the big teeth, and how obtuse the supporters of this policy are as they casually impose their morality on others’ children when in fact they would never tolerate, not for one moment, the imposition of my morality on theirs.

    But this is the Nazi mindset of the ends justifies the means, might makes right against those evil doers of virtue whose presence reminds them of what they truly are and what they’re actually doing. We’re the evil doers who must be erased from society . . . even though we ask nothing but to be left alone to live our lives according to the will of God.

    The inability to intellectually empathize with the imperative of the inalienable rights of others is the robotic, Sieg-Heiling mindset of informers and pitchfork-wielding barbarians. This is the Jacobinian mindset that cannot distinguish the difference between civil rights and civil liberties, positive rights and negative rights.

    Of course, this is nothing new ever since the Court declared that the First Amendment was unconstitutional . . . that is to say, insofar as it applied to the public education system especially.

    The only correct decision that the Court, which implied in obiter dicta that it was unconstitutional for the state schools to impose Christianity on the children of nonreligious or other-religious parents, could have possibly handed down in the era of “the separation of church and state disputes” in a changing society was to either declare the public education system in and of itself to be unconstitutional or to order the same to provide for universal school choice. It’s manifestly self-evident that those were the only two options that would satisfy the requirements of natural and constitutional law for all.

    But, of course, a genuinely constitutional decision would have stopped the ideology of the “changing society” dead in its tracks and driven these degenerates back to the fringes of society where the unfettered competition of ideas keeps them as it checks them. Indeed, they would have never gotten our of the checked zone to overthrow liberty in the first place had the schools never been permitted to corrupt innocence over the last several decades.

    In other words, all the Court really did instead is hold that the government could violate the First Amendment liberties of the people from there on out at will and with impunity in the schools.

    No institution, particularly an institution of education, exists in an ideological vacuum. The very moment the Court expelled the teachings of Judeo-Christianity and the classical liberalism thereof from the schools, it made the public education system the State’s Church of the Self-Anointed Humanist Elite and the Gleeful Boot Forever Stamping on America’s Face.

    With the abomination-“marriage” decision and all that goes with it, as if we wouldn’t notice, as if we were as stupid as the useful idiots–curriculum mandates, the systematic abolition of what remains of parental rights, the systematic abolition of free speech, ideologically based public accommodation codes, just for starters–we are now hurling toward the prospect of the people reminding morons what the ultimate purpose of the Second Amendment is . . . seeing as how they no longer understand what the essence of the First is.

    If they can ruin our businesses, fine them out of existence or jail us when we refuse to pay them, they can take our children and reeducate us. They can pin crosses on orthodox Christians and Stars of David on orthodox Jews. They can kill us.

    And everyone who understands what’s at stake knows that’s precisely what the feminazis and homofascists want to do. Make no mistake about that. They are that insanely evil. And the likes of that Pollyannaish dingbat in the reverend get up will lead the mob.


    • I fear that everything you’ve foretold will come to pass unless Christian men, once again, are willing to FIGHT BACK against evil. As a child raised in the 1950s, the removing prayer from school, the legalization of abortion, no-fault divorce, hooking up, homosexuality, illegitimacy, pornography, single-motherhood, adult book stores and moving in together before marriage were unthinkable in our Christian society! And yet, here we are today, with the U. S. SUPREME COURT legalizing same-sex marriage! This was not only unthinkable just 60 years ago, it was unfathomable. And what is the one defining change that has occurred in America during the interim years? Radical, lesbian-led, non-Christian feminism’s absorption of most of the last three generations of American women’s minds to the point that they have abandoned their traditional faith in favor of the twisted ideology of radical feminism. Today, the country is no longer run by strong Christian men, who successfully ran America throughout our illustrious history, and right up until the 1950s. It is instead, run by weak, narcissistic, “liberated”, radical, second-wave feminists (especially within all levels of public education) who deliberately choose NOT to recognize evil because, despite their rants to the contrary, they lack the balls to FIGHT IT!


  4. Wow this is disturbing! Watched the video….

    Nothing like I learned in 7th grade.

    Another reason for homeschooling… *clap this up*

    Thanks, KQ! 🙂

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