The Sacrament of Marriage – Simone Signoret

Simone Signoret (1925-1985) - French Actress and Academy Award Winner

Simone Signoret (1925-1985) – French Actress and Academy Award Winner

“Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years.”


12 thoughts on “The Sacrament of Marriage – Simone Signoret


        Thanks! Here is a link to the page. The first one may not have worked because the group took it down. The post and all the hateful comments are gone,but the group is still there.
        I believe most of the nasty comments were all from 3 women. What annoys me, is that the moderator, a supposed Christian woman agreed with the women, even though she posted a reply that said much the same thing as my post, stating that Christianity and Feminism are not compatible.

        I put the the post on my blog, and got a reply from a young girl, her blog looked like she was naive about the world from the things she posted. She had a whole post mocking that “10 Women a Christian man should not marry”
        I just prayed for her……

        Anyway, thanks for the kind words!


      • It’s always harder for a man, especially a Christian man, to get through to these brainwashed feminists, because according to their indoctrination, you are the enemy. And unfortunately, most are from broken families without fathers, leaving them with more “evidence” that men are bad. It is a vicious circle, because statistics show that wives instigate 75% of divorces, most against the husband’s wishes, and they nearly always get the children. This leaves a lot of time for those radical, second-wave feminist mothers to brainwash the next generation of females against men. Phyllis Schafly wrote an excellent book, “Who Killed the American Family?”, about the radical feminist controlled world of family court, where innocent fathers, who have done nothing illegal, are presumed guilty, then “tried”, convicted and punished without due process, all based on the lies spoken by their feminist wives. The men not only lose their children but their homes and their future income and if they are unable to “pay up”, even if deployed to fight a war, they are arrested and thrown in jail! It is the most unjust and tragic legal travesty in this country’s history, all concocted and implemented by hundreds of demonic feminist judges, administrators, lawyers, social workers, psychologists and mediators, bent on irrational revenge for a totally delusional affront. When in fact, all these men did was love, protect and support their families. But for a “liberated” feminist, that’s not good enough. They need to be “free” to drink, whore, party and date other men while pursuing their “career”, even if it’s at the expense of their children, and ultimately themselves.
        It’s just plain sick. I’ve said it before, radical, second and third-wave feminism, should be declared a mental illness.


      • I have a question, from one of my replies- Can a woman be a Christian and a feminist?

        I don’t think that’s possible, but I would like your opinion, please.


      • They are diametrically opposed to each other, just as founders of feminism planned. My post, “10+ Tenets of Christianity vs. 10+ Ideals of Radical Feminism” lists the differences. It’s very telling.


      • You can go to Rebecca’s website and check out my response to her obnoxious post about the NYC pastor’s blog. You may find it interesting? That is if she approves it to be published.
        She is definitely in need of a good detox. She is unable to connect the dots as to why she is so miserable. Truly brainwashed by the ideology of radical feminism.


  1. This is from Dale Graham’s Facebook page:

    Our society is really screwed up today! A lot of the problems are the result of the Evils of Feminism!!! The goals of feminism have been to destroy society by destroying the Christian Family- Husband, Wife, & Children. With the Husband going to work, the Wife staying at home being a full time homemaker! Then feminism came along, with it’s lies & telling the women to ditch the home & family for that “Career” The lie of a career being more satisfying for women than the true purpose of women- to raise the Future! The ability to create another life is a PRECIOUS GIFT that God gave to Women! That is far more noble & fulfilling than ANY job can be! And the Husband should be the one to support the whole family, as God intended it to be! Then,along with the feminist goal of wrecking the time tested & traditional family, along comes “The Pill” and casual sex, teaching women to be promiscuous(sluts)
    and let the men welsh on their responsibility for the kids that were produced in all the fornication that resulted from the pill. Along came Abortion! No problem, you don’t want your baby, then just kill it! And let’s lie to the woman, and tell her “it is not a baby, just a clump of cells, or a fetus, or any other name to de-humanise the baby, so he or she will be easier for you to kill!!! And then homosexuality- Lie to people some more, tell them they were “born gay” and they should be proud of being a perverted sicko- Go marry another perverted sicko!

    Women Can’t have it both ways- a career is NOT compatible with Motherhood, and feminism knew that all along, that’s exactly what they wanted!!! To destroy the Christian Family! Oh, yes- we must also remove God from the equation- hence evolution, or just saying “there is no proof that God exists” (which is a LIE) There is plenty of factual evidence to prove beyond any doubt that God is Real!

    So, that IS the problem with society. Every thing I mentioned is a symptom of the BIG Problem…People are turning away from God! Everything else just follows naturally!!!

    IF you won’t stand & believe in GOD, then you will FALL for any lie that comes along!
    That’s the truth- You can believe it or not, but it is still 100% Truth!!!
    Congratulations if you have an attention span long enough to read this post!!!


    • He’s exactly right. My only issue with his commentary is that I believe that the goal of the non-Christian, female, founders of radical radical, second-wave feminism was not to destroy the Christian family, but to destroy the Christian men. This approach allowed not only for the destruction of the family, but also organized religion, academia, business, politics, judiciary, military and democracy because without the positive influence of strong, honor-bound, trustworthy Christian men, none of these institutions, which were all successfully founded on the teachings of Christ and the Bible, would implode.

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