Current EVEntS – Alabama Federal Judge, and Tyrant, Callie V. S. Granade Reverses the Will of the People on Same-Sex “Marriage”

Judge Callie Virginia Smith "Ginny" Granade, 64 - Federal Judge for the Southern District of Alabama

Judge Callie Virginia Smith “Ginny” Granade, 64 – Federal Judge for the Southern District of Alabama

Once again we have another influential, arrogant, non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminist who has the audacity to run, rough-shod, over the very people she is supposed to represent.

Last week, Federal U. S. District Court Judge Callie Virginia Smith Granade declared that Alabama’s ban on same-sex “marriage” was “unconstitutional” and then she approved the issuance of same-sex “marriage” licenses.

This was done over the numerous, and publicly documented, objections of the vast majority of the Alabama citizenry, including its legislature and former Governor.

This unelected Federal employee, and bitch, took it upon herself, as one, singular, autocratic, radical feminist, to rewrite Alabama law according to her own “feelings” on the issue. No public vote, no legislative approval, no precedent, just sheer, tyrannical chutzpah.

In this effort, Granade deliberately chose to inflict her personal opinion about same-sex “marriage”, as defined by lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminism, on the highly religious Alabama populous she was sworn to protect.

Granade Alabama SealJudge Granade took her personal devotion to the non-Christian ideology of radical, second-wave feminism and had the unmitigated gall to throw Alabama’s Rule of Law under-the-bus.

On February 12th, she disdainfully overturned….an executive order banning same-sex “marriage” issued by the Governor in 1996; a state statute which banned same-sex “marriage” in 1998, and finally, an amendment to the Alabama State Constitution which banned same-sex “marriage” in 2006. That amendment was approved by 81% of the Alabama voters, which is 84% Christian.

In this effort, Granade joined a group of rogue, activist, federal judges who have, since 2012, dictatorially, legalized same-sex “marriage”, in direct opposition to the wishes of the citizenry of their states.

Other than Maine, Washington and Maryland, whose voters approved same=sex “marriage”, the remainder of the 36 states, which have “legalized” this purely political, and outright perverse, definition of marriage, have been as a result of the actions of individual federal, or state Supreme Court, judges and governors.

These members of this “homosexual admiration society” have twisted the issue into a constitutional matter, claiming that the state’s exercised discriminatory exclusion of same-sex couples from the right to marry or that they violated the equality and liberty rules in the state’s Constitution which, in and of itself, is a stretch. But, in their determined efforts to inflict their perverted personal views onto America, which is 74% Christian as compared with .06% homosexual, they have literally twisted the Rule of Law into a pretzel.

National Cathedral photoAnd in doing so, these same three dozen+ anti-Christian individuals, have managed to deny 250,000,000 Christian Americans their constitutionally mandated right to religious freedom.

Jack Philip's Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado Sued by Gays

Jack Philip’s Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado Sued by Religiously Intolerant Gays

The actions of these demonic demagogues has resulted in the initiation of thousands of unfounded lawsuits against innocent, law-abiding Christians (bakers, florists, wedding planners, etc.) who cannot (without compromising their faith) take part in homosexual weddings.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer

These persecuted Christians will prove to be just the tip of the iceberg.

The activist gay pride lawyers, and judges – with the applause of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) community, the leftist news media and the liberal entertainment industry – will not stop until they have achieved their ultimate goal, which is to make Christian morality illegal.

The illusion is, that for now, these few Christian business people – who are being denied, not only their right to religious expression, but their right to make an honest living without being harassed for their faith – will be the only victims.

But don’t be fooled! Unless they are stopped by the U. S. Supreme Court, in their upcoming ruling on same-sex “marriage”, there will be hundreds of thousands of cases to come, as Christians continue to practice their faith in their everyday lives. The future is already here, as can be seen with the recent attack on Christianity involving Houston’s lesbian mayor’s recent actions against the local pastors. 

In this country of Christians, these 36+ influential anti-Christian thugs have decided that its OK to marry another person of the same gender. This smacks of insanity! Despite what narcissistic, radical, second-wave feminism claims, marriage has absolutely nothing to do with the couple and has everything to do with protecting, and providing, for the children the marriage produces!

If two gay guys want to live together – WHO CARES!!! The idea that they need to get married in order to do this, is absurd! They are not obliged by their faith to marry first and THEY CAN’T HAVE CHILDREN.  So, the sole purpose for a traditional marriage, as defined by 5000 years of law, is voided! So, MOVE ON and move in with each other already. No one in America has ever kept them from doing this!

Shining_City_Upon_a_Hill_by_hawk862It’s obvious that these 36+ political hacks, whether deliberately, or unconsciously, have absolutely NO understanding as to the reason why God created marriage, or by extension, its definition!

They are either in total denial about the purpose of marriage, as defined by God, or they are anti-Christian anarchists who are trying to tear down the Christian fabric of daily living which has supported America’s success for over 200 years.

My strong belief is that it is the latter, and through this obsessive, vapid, anti-Christian stupor, they have proven themselves to be either atheists, non-Christians, socialists, radical feminists or all four!

Bible 3In order for these creeps to approve the ludicrous concept of same-sex “marriage”, they must have convinced themselves that the last 5000 years of human history, and the laws it generated, were lies!

Granade Adam and EveA couple march dressed as bride and groom during the Gay Pride Parade in New YorkThese anti-Christian slugs must have convinced themselves that God did not create just Adam and Eve, but that He also created Adam and Steve and Eve and Genevieve! How crazy is that!!?

There has never been any evidence that this was the case and considering God the Father’s ferocious destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah with hell fire, I would say we have known His opinion on homosexuality for thousands of years! So, no dice. I’m not buying their current line of crap!

These activist judges are so hell-bent on the destruction of Christian morality that California voters had to go to the polls TWICE, in order to ban same-sex “marriage.” And even then, they didn’t win, as one, radical federal judge continued to checkmate their implicit directives!

And who was the primary obstacle in this debacle? It was Federal U. S. District “Judge” Vaughn Walker, who has been in a homosexual relationship with another man for more than 10 years. Incredibly, he single-handedly, overturned both referendums despite his prejudicial view-point. How twisted is that? Very.

In 2000, the California voters first approved Proposition 22 to ban same-sex “marriage.” This first time, the California Supreme Court agreed with “Judge” Walker and Proposition 22 was ultimately declared unconstitutional and thrown out on a technicality in 2008.

Granade Prop 8In November of 2008, Proposition 8, a referendum whereby a state constitutional amendment, to define marriage as between a man and a woman, was approved by voters. But it too was also declared “unconstitutional” by Judge Walker.

It was sent to the California Supreme Court, and again, they sided with Walker and declared Proposition 8 unconstitutional.

But, this time, under fierce pressure from the supporters of the amendment, they overturned Walter’s initial ruling because they admitted he made a biased decision based on his homosexuality. But, by then, the damage was done, and more importantly, a legal precedent was set, and that’s all Walker cared about. He retire from the bench in 2010.

Rainbow Flag

Rainbow Flag

By 2008, the LGBTQ community knew it would never get the approval of same-sex “marriage” through the polling booth because the individual states had been voting to ban same-sex marriage since 1995.

Some states banned same-sex “marriage’ by statute but many, as with Alabama, left the decision up to the people.

In these cases, the measure was put to a vote. And the results were always the same. The voters of one state after another, overwhelmingly approved a Constitutional Amendment to their differing State’s Constitutions, reflecting their will on this issue.

Utah became the first state to ban same-sex “marriage” in 1995, and over the next 8 years, Alaska, Hawaii, Nebraska, Nevada, California, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, West Virginia, Wyoming, Kansas, Texas, Alabama, Colorado, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina all followed suit, with versions of their own law.

But, with the “success” of activist (gay) Judge Vaughn in California, the LGBT community would change their tactics. Rather than use the polling booth, they sought to do an end run around the voters and seek out cooperative judges, who would agree with their desire to make Christian morality illegal. But, in order to sugar-coat the bitter pill, they would proceed under the successful California guise, that same-sex “marriage” was “unconstitutional.”

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick

In 2004, Massachusetts legislature legalized same-sex “marriages” and Gov. Deval Patrick signed the bill into law (his daughter Katherine is a lesbian).

In 2008, the Connecticut Supreme Court in a 4-3 decision (Justices Lubbie Harper, Joette Katz, Flemming Norcott and Richard Palmer ) approved same-sex “marriage.”



Maine Gov. John Baldacci, 60

Maine Gov. John Baldacci, 60

In 2009 alone, Gov. John Baldacci (D) of Maine became the first Governor to OK same-sex marriage (he was defeated in 2012 by Paul LePage (R)); the Iowa Supreme Court declared the state’s ban on same-sex “marriage” as unconstitutional (three of the four justices were ousted in 2010); Connecticut Gov. Mary Jody Rell (R) signed a bill to codifying same-sex marriage into law; N. H. Gov. Lynch (D) signs a legislative bill legalizing same-sex “marriage” (Lynch is defeated in 2012), as did D.C. Mayor Fenty (D) (Fenty failed to win re-election in 2010) and the Democrat controlled Vermont Legislature overruled Gov. Jim Douglas’ (R) veto and OK’s same-sex “marriage” as well.

Massachusetts Justice Joesph L. Tauro, 83

Massachusetts Chief Justice Joesph L. Tauro, 83

In 2010, Chief Justice Joesph L. Tauro, of the Massachusetts’ Federal U. S. District Court, ruled that the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) – which was passed and signed into law in 1996 by Pres. Bill Clinton – was “unconstitutional.”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, 58

In 2011, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill making same-sex ” marriage” legal. NY was the 6th state to legalize same-sex “marriage.”

2012 would prove to be a watershed year for homosexuals because, for the first time in American history, the President of the United States of America publicly announced his support for gay “marriage.”

President Barack Hussein Obama, 54

President Barack Hussein Obama, 54

After being elected for his second term in 2012, Obama threw a monkey wrench into the mix, when he began to show his true colors.

Not only did it become more and more obvious to people, that he was not the “Christian” he claimed to be but, to make matters worse, he went on the offensive, placing nearly everything related to Christianity within his cross hairs. Safe in his last term, he then went on an anti-Christian rampage.

Whether Obama failed to acknowledge ISIS as terrorists bent on killing Christians;
or lied to Cardinal Dolan about approving a religious exemption and then forcing Catholics business owners to supply abortion causing drugs to employees through Obamacare anyway;
or punished military men for expressing their Christian faith;
or banned Christian military chaplains from using the word “Jesus” in their ministries;
or agreed that The federal Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional and directed Eric Holder’s Dept. of Justice to stop defending the law in court;
or supported U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s bill to repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act;
or sued Christian bakers for not making wedding cakes for gay couples;
or skipped church in DC on Christmas by hiding out in Hawaii;
or targeted Christian groups seeking non-profit status through the IRS;
or announced that “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation”; Obama was signalling to all of the radical, second-wave feminist/socialists, laying in wait, within the federal government, that the way was clear to legally attack Christians for their faith.

Obama 3And, when he said, “I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone” he was again signalling that he would back their efforts by every means at his disposal.

In sending this message, Obama opened the flood gates of religious intolerance directed at Christians, and that included nearly anything that was connected to strengthening of America’s sovereignty, as a powerful Christian country, as well.

Granade keystone pipelineEven Obama’s disapproval of the Keystone pipeline is an effort to diminish Christian America’s power, and strengthen the muslim oil-producing countries, at our expense.

If approved, the pipeline would permit America to become energy independent and allow us to stop funneling trillions of dollars to the oil-producing muslim Middle Eastern countries.

Countries that hate us as Christians and who use our oil money to strengthen their radical muslim terrorists campaigns to attack us!

In 2012, this profoundly anti-Christian President was suddenly, and boldly, removing his “sheep’s clothing” and what the “high information” Christian Americans saw, was terrifying!

By May of 2012, Obama was emboldened by his anti-Christian success stories and blatantly announced on TV, during an ABC News, that “I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.” This was the first time in American history that a President of the United States had made such a virulent anti-Christian statement.

The pronouncement not only opened the flood gates, it caused a deluge of anti-Christian attacks by the federal government but especially by federal judges. In 2012 alone, 19 of the 21 states with constitutional amendments – defining marriage between a man and a woman – were declared “unconstitutional” by just one, or two, federal judges within those states.

It was becoming painfully obvious that these were not Rule of Law judges, but out-of-control ideologues, bent on recreating America, in their image and likeness, not God’s!

In 2014, Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Nevada, Alaska, Idaho, West Virginia, North Carolina, Arizona, Wyoming, Kansas, South Carolina and Montana would have their bans on same-sex “marriage” overturned by federal judges.

In 2015, Christians in Florida, and now Alabama, would suffer the same fate, at the hands of religiously intolerant tyrants who struck down the state’s same-sex “marriage” ban.

Justice Callie Smith Granade

Alabama Justice Callie Smith Granade

In Judge Granade’s efforts to deny Christians their right to religious freedom, she has unwittingly joined forces with those who would like nothing better than to see Christian morality declared illegal and to see Christians persecuted for their faith.

In doing so, Granade has not only aligned herself with the religiously intolerant radicals in America but she has also joined forces with radicals world-wide. The very same anti-Christian, radical extremists we see on TV every night. Radical extremists, like federal Judge Granade, who are beheading Christians to prove their twisted point.

God help us!


8 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – Alabama Federal Judge, and Tyrant, Callie V. S. Granade Reverses the Will of the People on Same-Sex “Marriage”

  1. Indonesian Current EVEntS:

    Ma’am, please read this letter from radical feminists, gay activists, and it’s associates in my country who want to “end discrimination against LGBTs” which the endgame will definitely like in your country.
    Had idea how to “get rid” of those people who were signatories of this statement? (Not encouraging extrajudicial killing here!)

    Good to know your foreign enemies too. Arus Pelangi is one of the prominent LGBT rights organizations in Indonesia openly operating.


    • These emotional timebombs are trying to twist the wording of your Constitution, just as they did here in USA. Don’t let them do that! Remember, that unlike the remainder of the Constitutionally protected entities, homosexuality has proven itself to be dangerous and deadly to its adherrents! There isn’t a Constitution on earth that enobles evil activities that HURT people or that produce, or encourage, anti-social behavior. Homosexuality profliferates AIDS/HIV. Most homosexuals are in psychotherapy. Homosexuality thrives on masochistic and sadistic behavior, which is painful, both physically and mentally. Homosexual “marriages” are 57% more likely to end than heterosexual marriages and lesbian “marriages” are 167% more likely to end than heterosexual marriages. Children, who are unfortunately allowed to be adopted by these oddballs, suffer as well. Many of them came forward during the debates about legalizing same-sex “marriage” in USA and told heart-wrenching stories about their desperate sadness at being legally denied their fathers, OR their mothers. It is profoundly destructive to legalize same-sex “marriage” as it deliberately, and unconscionably, denies children one parent. There is NO indication that this type of painfilled, unhappy “lifestyle” deserves “protection” under the law. Despite homosexuals insane rants to the contrary, the homosexual lifestyle is NOT “gay” and it, instead, produces NOTHING of value for the country, culture, community or, for that matter, the individuals themselves. It is a profoundly sad lifestyle.
      I find the author’s reference to the percentages of homosexuals who have suffered various forms of abuse very interesting. They are inordinately HIGH percentages to have been committed to ADULT homosexuals, by the public. They are, instead, more in line with the abuse figures suffered by abused CHILDREN, at the hands of their parents, relatives or adult acquaintences, which inevitably results in the abused children becoming homosexuals as adults. Child abuse causes homosexuality. When a small, innocent and vulnerable child is chronically subjected to physical (including rape) psychological and emotional abuse, they seek to take refuge wherever they can find it. Whether becoming a “GIRL”, to avoid inciting a violent father or to get the attention of an indifferent mother relieves the situation, OR whether becoming a “BOY” to make their sports-oriented, sonless, fathers happy or their husbandless, hapless mother happy, they were ALL mistreated or abused as children. These twisted childhoods, and the resultant, psychologically twisted, adult homosxual lifestyles should NEVER be encouraged by anyone, especially by a country’s legal system because it will predictably perpetuate, and expand, unnecessary pain for children, while denying them the protection they deserve. This despicable behavior by adults DOES NOT deserve legal protection under the law! It deserves, instead, to be condemned! Christianity is the ONLY solution for this illness as it is the ONLY faith on earth that truly values the lives of children. It is the ONLY faith that prepares parents for the birth of their children and trains them to raise their beloved children WITH patience, love and protection and WITHOUT the abuse, pain or psychological warfare associatated with Judism, Islam or atheism.


      • What’s the suitable punishment in the context of civil law for homosexuality or promotion of it in your opinion? Definitely not mean we should support the Islamic approach who threw such people off the buildings.


      • Of course not. You can’t “punish” someone because they have a mental illness. They need treatment, just as an alcoholic or drug addict does.But, until homosexuality is reclassified as a mental illness, just as it was prior to the non-Christian’s (they have an inordinate amount of homsexuals within their race) takeover of the psychiatric hosptitals and medical organizations in America, they will NEVER get the psychological and psychiatric help they require to regain their humanity. No one should be embracing their behavior as “normal.” because it’s obvious, even to the average person, that homosexual behavior is NOT normal when compared to the remainder of the populous. It is a painful existence, both emotionally and physically. There is NOTHING “gay’ about it. It is disease-ridden with HIV/Aids and requires its aherrents to subject themselves to abnormal and demeaning sexual activities, including sadomasochism, which wreaks havoc with the psyche. It should be banned on the same grounds as prostitution, because it is anethma to the dignity of human life as defined by God.


      • How to debunk a statement from Amnesty International who believe that sex workers also have rights (to become such thing) and so cannot be “criminallized”?

        You can google “amnesty international sex workers right”


      • The ONLY people who could possibly justify such a depleted and debauched view of women are those who would benefit from their subjugation. It doesn’t surprise me that Amnesty International is behind such a disgraceful idea! Their ideology is notoriously anti-Christian.


      • Just remember, 95% of homosexuals were victims of child abuse. If the conversation stays focused on that crucial point, Christianity will prevail, because NO ONE, including the LGBT community, approves of the inherent evil of child abuse. This should be Christians only response to the irrational commentary included in the article you included. Get them to talk about the abuse they suffered, rather than their ridiculous demands for equality, inclusion and tolerance. By condemning the horrific root cause of their problems, rather than opposing the “results” of their abuse, allows Christians to do what they do best – love, care and help those who are hurting.


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