Current EVEntS – Costa Rica’s Female President Signs “Civil Union” Bill Despite Legislative Deceit

Laura Chinchilla, 54 - President of Costa Rica

Laura Chinchilla, 54 – President of Costa Rica

This is what you get when you elect a radical, third-wave feminist to high office.

The President of Costa Rica is a woman named Laura Chinchilla. Recently, a bill was put before the Costa Rica Congress. It defined marriage as between a man and a woman. The bill was reviewed and then put up for a vote. But the final copy of the bill was, at the very last typing, scurrilously and unscrupulously altered by homosexuals who would resort to criminality to legalize same-sex marriage in this highly Catholic country.

Someone altered a few words of the bill, at the very last second, after it had been reviewed but before it was voted on, to include the legalization of same-sex marriage. Unfortunately, this minor change in wording was missed by everyone voting on the bill.

The bill was passed, and to everyone’s shock, the deception was almost immediately discovered. More likely, it was publicly lauded by the homosexuals who undertook this deceitful action.

Now, the bill would not be legal until Cost Rica’s President signed it into law. Ms. Chinchilla was made aware of the fraudulent actions undertaken to surreptitiously include the same-sex marriage language in the bill. She could have refused to sign the bill, allowing it to be corrected and resubmitted for another vote.

But, instead, this radical, third-wave feminist opted to sign the bill anyway, thereby legalizing same-sex marriage, despite the overwhelming opposition to it by the legislatures and the country at large.

Costa Rica got what it deserved for electing a radical, third-wave feminist female. Especially, considering all of the warnings regarding her radical feminist lifestyle. Ms. Chinchilla married, and divorced her first husband within three years, in 1982. She had an illegitimate son with Spanish lawyer, Jose Maria Rico, in 1996 (I was unable to determine if he was married to another woman at the time) but considering it took them four years to marry in 2000, I suspect he must have been. What a woman!

Why anyone would vote for a woman politician, especially one with the reputation Ms. Chinchilla had,  amazes me?! This type of female political animal, define themselves solely by every depleted behavior that is at odds with Christianity and Christian men – abortion, same-sex marriage, free love, divorce, single motherhood, explicit sexuality and homosexuality, just to name a few.

These women should be shunned by any civil society and yet they are routinely elected to high office by the overwhelming majority of other misguided female voters, who blindly believe in the “sisterhood”, while ignoring the damage their voting patterns are doing to their Christian country, the women themselves and their children.

Unlike Christianity, lesbian-led, radical feminism hates heterosexual men, family and children. Only a feminist fool would vote for a radical feminist politician.

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