Current EVEntS – Paula Howard “Pimps-Out” Her Three Young Daughters

Paula Howard and her 18 year old daughter Samantha - both charged with prostitution

Paula Howard, 51 and her 18-year-old daughter Samantha – both charged with prostitution

The once beautiful, Paula Howard lives in St. Cloud, Florida. She was recently arrested while flagging-down a male passerby (undercover cop) while she stood at a bus stop. Once the driver stopped, Howard motioned for her three daughters to come to the car so that he could choose which one of her daughters he would like to pay to have sex with. The girls were 16, 17, and 18! The fee? $20.00!

This stupid piece of garbage has wasted and destroyed her own life, and is now destroying her children’s lives. Paula Howard should be considered a pariah. And yet, she lives out her twisted life unrepremanded by a society awash in the “I’m OK, You’re OK”  BS from the 1960s.  America has become a country drowning in the twisted ideology established by radical, third-wave feminism, whereby sexuality alone defines a women’s value and therefore dictates their very existence!  Gone are all of Christianity’s tenets of modesty, integrity, self-righteousness, honesty, humility and human decency while millions of American women substitute radical feminism for their Christian faith.

Just the fact that any woman, much less the mother of these three pretty girls, could ever even CONSIDER putting these three sisters out on the street as prostitutes, would have been considered IMPOSSIBLE, just forty-five years ago, before radical feminism reared its ugly head and destroyed women’s ability to think morally!

The primary outcome of the feminist “sexual revolution” of the 1960s has been the destruction of  the very women it claimed to be “liberating” from male “oppression” and “domination.” Oppression and domination which turned out to be nothing more than Christian father’s, and husband’s, need to protect and provide for their families.

In every article written about Paula Howard, there is not one reference to a father, uncle, grandfather or brother. She appears to be another fool called, “single mother.” And you can be almost guaranteed that there are NO  male relatives involved with any of them, because if there were, this disgusting situation would have come to a screeching halt, before it ever got started. But alone, Howard has proven herself to be the epitome of what’s wrong with radical feminists, who are today left to their own devises, unprotected, undisciplined and unsupported, by men who love them. They crash and burn!

It’s definitely too late for Howard herself. Let’s pray it’s not too late for her daughters, although this is highly unlikely. How do you recover from being raised by a “mother” like Paula Howard? 


12 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – Paula Howard “Pimps-Out” Her Three Young Daughters

    • Yes indeed, she is despicable and it is very likely that she brainwashed her three, vulnerable, daughters into submission to her wishes. Remember, children only know what their parents tell them, both the good and the bad.


  1. And… it really is so true that women are in the forefront of either helping pimps or like this mother, being a pimp. A women can be just as cruel as a man.


      • She is not a victim. I think because she is vey attractive people feel sorry for her. But she knew what she was doing and probably enjoyed it and made money too.She is older and wiser than her sisters who likely are still n the trade. Likely it is not their mom but a Black pimp. shame


      • Why would make up excuses for this horrible creature? No one is to blame for what she did, but HER. She has free will. She deliberately chose to do terrible things and her innocent children suffered irreparable harm because of it.


  2. Ugh!!!! Prostitution is so horrible…. Thank you for posting this. It’s everywhere really, we usually just don’t go looking for it.


      • My guess is that the radical second-wave feminists are running the prostitution show. (Another extension of the 1960s sexual revolution which now also includes homosexuality and pedophilia through LBGT, GLAAD and NAMBLA.) I sincerely doubt that any self-respecting male politician would suggest prostitution’s legalization.


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