Current EVEntS – Jennifer Pan Plots Parent’s Execution in Dispute Over Boyfriend

Jennifer Pan, 22 - Hired Hit Men to Kill Her Parents

Jennifer Pan at 22 – Hired Hit Men to Kill Her Parents

Jennifer Pan lives in Canada. She is now 27 and the daughter of Vietnamese refugees, who came separately to Toronto in 1979, in search of  better lives. They fell in love and were married in Toronto.

Thirty five years later, Hann and Bich Pan had acquired all of the trappings of success – house, cars, jewelry and clothes a plenty. They had, by all standards, exceeded their own illustrious expectations, except for one. They had unwittingly produced a monster for a daughter.

The problems began to surface in high school when Jennifer Pan met Daniel Wong. They began dating and continued the relationship despite her father’s objections. As his only daughter, Hann Pan wanted Jennifer to go to college and get an education. Wong stood in the way of that dream.

Rather than follow her father’s advice Ms. Pan began to cook up an elaborate story to satisfy her parent’s expectations. To this end, she became a pathological liar. As a result, her parents lent her thousands of dollars to go to “college”, first to Ryerson University and then to the University of Toronto. Ms. Pan was “studying” to be a pharmacist. She told her parents she was volunteering at the Hospital for Sick Children, working in the pharmacy department at Wal-Mart and living with a girlfriend.

Four years later, when it was time for her to “graduate”, her father asked for tickets to the graduation. Ms. Pan told her father that they were sold out. Instead, Ms. Pan brought home her “degree”, to attest to her graduation. Too bad the entire story was nothing more than an elaborate ruse. Instead, she had frittered away the time and money, living with Daniel Wong.

Hann and Bich Pan

Hann and Bich Pan

Once again, Mr. Pan became suspicious of Jennifer’s activities when he drove his daughter to her “volunteer” job at the hospital. Rather than allow her mother to enter the building with her, Jennifer, instead, raced away, disappearing into the building. Her father later confronted her and it was then that the truth came out. Jennifer had lied about everything.

Ms. Pan told her parents that she was sorry. She promised her father that she would move back home, go to college and give up Wong. But, her promises would turn out to be nothing more than another chapter of the same ruse.

Once home, rather than keep her promises, Ms. Pan, along with Wong, plotted her parent’s death. The killings were to take place during a staged, home invasion. Wong would hire the hit men and Pan, who was to inherit approximately $500,000 upon her parent’s death, agreed to pay each of the two killers, $5,000 apiece.

On the night of the attack, on November 8, 2008, Ms. Pan left the front door of her parent’s home unlocked and retreated to her bedroom. Her father was soon awakened by a man with a gun to his head, demanding money. His wife, who was soaking her feet in their finished basement, was heard begging for her daughter’s safety before being shot three times, execution style.

Mr. Pan was taken to the basement too and as he passed his daughter’s room he could see her quietly chatting with one of the gunmen through the blanket the intruders had thrown over his head. Once in the basement, Mr. Pan was shot twice, once in the face and once in the shoulder. He was left for dead, next to his wife.

Miraculously, Mr. Pan survived and awoke from an eleven day coma. He was astonished to discover that his daughter, and his son, had kept a vigil at his bedside throughout his ordeal.  Once recovered, Mr. Pan accused his daughter of being involved in the attack. It was then that Jennifer Pan’s story began to unravel.

Pan, Wong and three others, Eric Carty, Lenford Crawford and David Mylvaganam were arrested and are being tried for first-degree murder in the death of Jennifer’s mother, Bich Ha Pan, 56 and the attempted murder of her father, Huei Hann Pan, 60.

We can only pray that justice is served because as Jennifer Pan is a maniacal, and evil, monster!

Update: In January of 2014, Jennifer Pan, and her co-conspirators, were sentenced to life in prison, without parole consideration until 2035.


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