Seattle Seahawks WIN Super Bowl By Leaving It In God’s Hands!

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks on winning the XLVIII Super Bowl Game.

Tim Tebow - Tebowing

Tim Tebow – Tebowing

I posted an interview by Pastor Mark Driscoll, with five of the Seahawks players, including quarterback Russell Wilson, last Friday. Within that post I expressed my hope that these fine men, all of whom professed and reaffirmed their faith in Jesus during the interview, would win the Super Bowl.

In addition, it was my hope that Tim Tebow, who was subjected to non-stop vilification for his faith while playing professional football in 2011, would be pleased to see that there are brave young Christian professional sportsmen who are following in his footsteps and publicly affirming their faith in Jesus.

Well, not only did the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl, they crushed the Denver Broncos, who were favored to win – 43 to 8! This was definitely one for the Good Guys!


Russell Wilson - Seahawks Quarterback

Russell Wilson – Seahawks Quarterback

Quarterback Russell Wilson continued the affirmation of his love for Jesus when he began the game by making the sign of the cross on the field. I’m sure Tim Tebow would be pleased.

So, not only did the Seahawks attest to their faith in their public interview with Driscoll before the game, they reaffirmed and signaled their faith while entering the field, they fought valiantly and won the game and just for good measure, they walloped the Broncos, all in the name of the Lord! Now, no one could ask for more from this resounding victory.

But, yes, it gets better. Although I’m sure that Tim Tebow was pleased with all of the above accomplishments, there is one more thing for which Tim may be personally pleased.

You see the defeated Broncos quarterback, Patton Manning, was the guy who replaced Tim as the Broncos quarterback. Tim was unceremoniously traded (despite Tim’s winning record) to NY Jets because he was embroiled in his faith-based, media “scandal” AND, the Bronco’s management failed to support him in any way. So, they more than deserved the stomping they got today.

And, although Mr. Tebow, who is a devout Christian, would probably not put it in these words – Ah! Revenge is Sweet!


2 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks WIN Super Bowl By Leaving It In God’s Hands!

  1. When I think of the latest Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, two scriptures come to mind: “Your sin shall find you out” and “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.”

    When Super Bowl Sunday came around, I didn’t know who to root for, so I thought I would root for the Broncos (maybe because I have hitchhiked more through Denver than Seattle) (I wanted the Packers to go all the way, but that didn’t happen).

    I remember well the season that Tim Tebow led the Broncos to the playoffs. Then, to my surprise, when the season ended, the Broncos traded him to the Jets. Soon after the trade, I was watching The 700 Club and Pat Robertson said in so many words that the Broncos would regret treating Tebow so poorly.

    If the Lord wants to embarrass someone, He really knows how to do it—and sometimes the whole world will be watching. This reminds me of how the Lord humiliated Pharaoh of Egypt when he finally let the Israelites go: the Lord destroyed the economy and the military of the most powerful nation on the planet at the time, He freed the Israelites from slavery and the Lord’s name was glorified in the earth.

    The Lord waited for the biggest day in football to embarrass the Denver Broncos. And Denver arguably had the greatest quarterback in history (Peyton Manning) at the helm.

    In a championship game, the teams should be evenly matched; the winner should win by no more than seven to ten points. The Seahawks blew the Broncos out of the water. Seattle 43, Denver 8.


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