Good Guys – Post Tim Tebow, Super Bowl Seahawks Players Affirm Their Faith in Jesus

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow

During the 2011 professional football season the Denver Bronco’s, highly successful, exceedingly talented quarterback, Tim Tebow caused a scandal the likes of which had never been seen before in professional sports.

Tebow’s transgressions got more media attention than did any other professional sports figure’s scandals in recent memory, including professional basketball player Jason Williams who killed his limo driver;  pro football player Michael Vicks who was arrested for illegal dog fights; golf pro Tiger Woods for his numerous adulterous affairs; pro baseball’s Pete Rose who was banned from baseball for gambling; and NBA’s Kobe Bryant who was charged with rape. And, for Tebow’s reviled offense, he also  received nearly as much press coverage as former pro football player O.J. Simpson did during his double murder trial.

Tim Tebow - Tebowing

Tim Tebow – Tebowing

And what was Tebow’s heinous crime, you ask? The answer – he had the nerve to kneel in thanks to Jesus for his successful passes during his football games and he had the unmitigated gall to talk about his love for Jesus in public. OMG!!!! And for this atrocious crime, Tim Tebow wasn’t just denigrated by the media, he was vilified. Vilified, unlike the others, who basically received a wink-and-a-nod from the media and their professional sports organizations.

Unlike the others, this white, Christian man was virtually run out-of-town-on-a-rail, as the cowards running the NFL failed to support or defend his right to religious freedom. What is wrong with these influential men? They behaved as though Tebow had an incurable disease! And, as a direct result of their cowardness, Tim was sidelined, traded and finally passed over altogether. Today, just three years later, while still in top physical condition, Tim Tebow no longer plays professional football. For this, the NFL should be vilified!!!

Mr. Tebow’s confidence and joy in his faith never failed him throughout the intense public pressure. Football was not the defining element in his life, Jesus was. And as a result, Tebow never once denied his God nor did he retreat from the media harassment. instead, he used every “opportunity” to voice his love for the Lord. Tim still has no regrets about his demonstrative love for Jesus and continues to devote his life to Jesus by living as a good Christian man should live. No malice, no anger, no animosity.

And, despite Tebow’s trials and tribulations, he may take solace in the fact that he obviously inspired other pro football players to risk publicly attesting to their faith in Jesus. One recent instance involved five members of the Seattle Seahawks professional football team, who are headed for the Super Bowl this weekend.

Pastor Mark Driscoll

Pastor Mark Driscoll

During the videoed event, Mark Driscoll, pastor of the Mars Hill Church in Seattle Washington, interviewed Seahawks players Russell Okung (offensive tackle), Chris Maragos (Safety), Russell Wilson (quarterback), Clint Gresham (Long Snapper) and Defensive Passing Game Coordinator Coach Rocky Seto.

All the men agreed with Coach Seto when he said, “Jesus is better than the Super Bowl.” These young men are truly an inspiration. They are the Christian men upon this country relies. God bless their public affirmation of the importance of their faith in their lives. And, we can thank Tim Tebow for leading the way and pray more influential Christian men do the same. It’s time to speak up!

I am not a football fan but I wish the Seahawks all the luck in the world during this weekend’s Super Bowl because their organization obviously supports their players faith in God and understands the good, wonderful and talented men Christianity creates. GO SEAHAWKS!

Two links to the video interview follow. Each includes a different part of the same interview with the men.

2 thoughts on “Good Guys – Post Tim Tebow, Super Bowl Seahawks Players Affirm Their Faith in Jesus

  1. Wow, Tebow wins big with a viral tmobile add. It was weird watching them switch from the images of a mystified broncos team to a playful Tebow having a blast with no contract! How poetic. Then those supercharged Seahawks looked like greased lightning. Wow. Maybe its divine intervention. How ironic and vindicating.


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