The Sacrament Of Marriage – Dr. Bill Frist

Dr. Bill Frist, 61 - Heart and Lung Transplant Surgeon, Former State Senator from Tennessee and Businessman.

Sen. Bill Frist, 61 – Heart and Lung Transplant Surgeon, Former U. S. Senator from Tennessee and Businessman.

“I very much feel that marriage is a sacrament and that sacrament should extend… to that legal entity of a union between what traditionally in our Western values has been defined as between a man and a woman.”

And why do people continue to have to define these traditional values, over and over again, to the general public?  It is because Western (Christian) values are being offset by lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminists who hate Christian men, and everything they stand for – see my related post Why Has The American “Melting Pot”, Melted? kqd

6 thoughts on “The Sacrament Of Marriage – Dr. Bill Frist

  1. I still don’t understand why Christians get so butt hurt when gay marriages are being legalized. Seriously, tell me, how hard does it hurt you when two people of the same sex fall in love? What freedom is taken from you if a happy homosexual couple can be married? What if you had a child and found out he was gay?

    Just keep your words to yourself. If you believe that homosexuals will go to hell, then fine, but that doesn’t mean you won’t go to heaven.

    Luckily, quicker than ever, the world is slowly becoming more and more atheist and your ignorant religion-based generation will die. And trust me, I cannot wait to raise a child who won’t be bullied and hurt by boneheaded religious people like I was when I was a kid.


    • You are suffering from some very serious mental turmoil and delusions. Your view of Christianity and homosexuality are not based in reality. I agree that man-on-man-in-man anal and oral sex doesn’t hurt Christians but 5000 years of human history proves it hurts and condemns homosexuals to diminished lives. And that’s just the point. Unlike homosexuals, Christians are obligated to help people to find God and live a Godly life, just as we have been instructed to do by our Creator. If you find that offensive, you’ve just proved my original point.


      • OH, I’m suffering from “mental delusions” when you’re the one who believes there’s a man in the sky that tells you to be mean to others just because they’re different from the people 5000 years ago.

        What about Buddha? What about all those other religions with multiple gods and goddesses? Are they made up too? What makes Christianity the ONLY religion that isn’t made up?

        I’m sorry that since you were a child you were brainwashed and told that if you did something wrong you would be sent to hell for it, because initially it wasn’t your fault, but I find it unacceptable that you hurt others for doing what they want to.

        I’ve read the fucking bible, I’ve been bullied for being born in a different religion than Christianity. And your religion is said to be based on LOVE and HONESTY?

        Even BEFORE Christianity there was evidence of homosexuality and evidence of homosexuality even in the religion itself!

        It’s impossible to turn a gay man into a straight man, and vice versa. And if you disagree, find a gay man/women and try to turn them straight. You think that yelling at them and telling them that they’ll go to hell will make them straight? Maybe God made them straight or gay.

        So, you think you’re going to heaven for doing all of this, aren’t you? How do you know? Maybe you’ve done other sins that are not said in the bible and God will condemn you to hell? Or maybe you are right now in heaven/hell?

        Learn to question your own religion, and do your research before you write me back, please.


      • Again, you suffer from projection. YOU are the ill-informed participant in this discussion. And I’m afraid we have nothing more to discuss since you are firmly convinced that your lies are the truth. Considering the limitations of this format, I can only advise that you continue to read more of my posts about Christian living and try to open your heart to Jesus. You may finally loose your anger and find true joy.


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