Current EVEntS – Vivian Lee Vosburg Arrested for Breeding A Bitchy Bully

Rebecca Sedwick, 12

Rebecca Sedwick, 12

At 2:30 in the morning on September 9th a 12-year-old Florida girl named Rebecca Sedwick climbed to the top of an abandoned cement factory and threw herself off the roof.

Her suicide led to the  arrest of two other children, another 12-year-old girl named Katelyn Roman and a 14-year-old girl named Guadalupe Shaw, on charges of bullying.

Apparently both of these thugs had been harassing Rebecca for nearly a year after Shaw started

John Borgen, 13 - former boyfriend of Rebecca Segwick. Current boyfriend of Guadalupe Shaw.

John Borgen, 13 – former boyfriend of Rebecca Sedwick. Current boyfriend of Guadalupe Shaw.

dating Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend, John Borgen, 13.

Shaw and Roman’s bullying included vicious Facebook postings suggesting that Rebecca drink bleach and die. They also posted that she was ugly and should kill herself. Shaw physically confronted Rebecca on multiple occasions, trying to incite a fight, but Rebecca would have nothing to do with it. She would just walk away. This little bitch also tried to get Katelyn and Rebecca into a physical fight as well. She finally succeeded. As a result, Roman was suspended from school when she finally “beat up” Rebecca, who again, would not fight back. Rebecca’s parents finally moved her to another school but the cyberbullying relentlessly continued.

After Rebecca committed suicide Shaw continued to post vile comments on Facebook about Rebecca, including, “Yes ik (i know) I bullied REBECCA and she killed her self but IDGAF (i don’t give a f***.” This was finally the tipping point for the local Sheriff, who had both girls arrested and placed into the juvenile detention center. But, the story doesn’t end there.

Thugs - Guadalupe Shaw, 14, left and Katelyn Roman, 12, right

Thugs – Guadalupe Shaw, 14, left and Katelyn Roman, 12, right

Where did these two monster kids come from? Despite Vivian Lee Vosburg’s insistence that her step daughter, Guadalupe Shaw, would never bully anyone, the truth would prove to be very different. As it tuned out, that little girl learned from a pro. Someone sent the Sheriff a link to another Facebook page where a video of Vivian Vosburg, 30, showed her repeatedly beating, and screaming profanities at, two 12-year-old boys.

As the Sheriff said, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Vosburg was immediately arrested and charged with two counts of child abuse causing bodily harm and  four counts of child neglect. She is being held without bond at the Polk county jail in Lakeland, Florida.

Now, as you’ve seen, we are talking about a violent 30-year-old woman and two, violent, little girls. Odd? Not any more. Female violence in this “liberated” country has been on the rise for decades. It has now left the ghetto and spread across the country. Women are out of control! And why is this, you ask? Why are women, and now little girls, SO EVIL?

If you’ve read my blog before, you know the answer. Radical second-wave feminism has erased Christian fathers from women’s lives. Feminism hates Christian men, including Christian fathers. To this end, these lesbian-led feminists have spent 45 years demeaning, abusing, trivializing and demoralizing the men whose ancestors made America great. Men who, through their faith in God, had the courage of their convictions to stand up to evil, in all forms, and quell it. Men who made wonderful husbands and exceptional fathers. Men who led their lives according to Christ’s teachings. Men who loved and protected their wives and children, even to the point of sacrificing themselves, in order to assure their families survival. Men who wanted nothing more than to see their family happy and safe.

Thanks to this egregious assault by radical feminists, while in cahoots with the biased court system, white, Christian men, and the tenets of Christianity by which they lived, have been neutralized. These good guys have been silenced because lesbian-led radical feminism hates these good men and what they stand for. Or rather, what they won’t stand for, including the unhappiness and evil inherent in homosexuality, and for that matter, illegitimacy, adultery, abortion, same-sex marriage, promiscuous sex, etc., etc., all of which radical feminism promotes, as an expression of “liberation” for women. When in fact participating in any of these activities brings misery rather than happiness to millions of “liberated” women each year. But worse yet, it’s the children who are the most vulnerable victims of their Christian father’s loss of protection and influence.

And so, our society, and its precious children, have been left in the hands of women. Women who are unsupervised, undisciplined, unrepentant and thanks to millions of “liberated” women nation-wide, unhinged.

God help the little children left in their care.


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