Longform Essay – Why Has The American “Melting Pot”, Melted?

melting potAmerica has been called the “melting pot” since the turn of the last century because varied people from many European countries moved to America and blended, or melted, into this new land, all becoming Americans.  Sustained by their Christian faith, these immigrants left their native country, their relatives, their language and their history behind in order to seek a better life for themselves and their families in America because it was truly the “land of opportunities.”

British settlers

British settlers

Although the British are considered the “founders” of the United States, many other Europeans followed

French Huguenots

French Huguenots

them to America. Initially, most came for religious freedom. Whether it was the Protestant Huguenots who were persecuted in Catholic France or the Quakers whose denomination of Protestantism was persecuted in Anglican Protestant England, religious people knew they could practice their own particular denomination of Christianity, free from persecution, in the wilds of America. And so, by the thousands, they sailed across the Atlantic in pursuit of religious freedom and a better way of life.

America’s weather and geography were similar to many of the European countries that the immigrants had left behind. This made the transition easier. But, despite the similarities, much was different too. The adjustments required were vast and initially many new settlers died from disease, exposure, and lack of food. Many others were killed by the native Indian tribes. But, despite the erratic 17th century beginnings, the lure of  religious freedom and prosperity persisted.  The trickle eventually grew to a flood, as settlers continued to arrive in America throughout the 17th and 18th century to replace, or increase, the numbers of those who came before them.

Irish arrive in America

Irish arrive in America

In 1847, a wave of Irish Catholic immigrants arrived at Ellis Island in New York Harbor. They were propelled to America by the politically sustained “Potato Famine” in Ireland. Millions of Irish were dying of starvation because multiple years of potato crops were destroyed by a blight. The Protestant English overlords did little to help their countrymen during this disaster, so millions of Irish set sail for America, literally, in search of food.

In 1849, many of the Irish, plus the Protestant Welsh, Scandinavian and English, pushed on to California to try their luck

Italians arrive in America

Italians arrive in America

during the Gold Rush. Soon, millions the Catholic Italians, who were seeking political asylum, arrived in New York Harbor as well.  By the late 1800s and early 1900s immigrants from all over Europe flooded into America seeking work, peace and prosperity.

Many of those who came to our shores wanted to become “Americans” so badly that they insisted that their children only speak English, knowing this would expedite the transition for both themselves and their children.  Many parents also refused to teach their children the language from the old country as well, foisting the transition further.

Amish from Switzerland

Amish from Switzerland

The immigrants dedication to bettering their families lives and working hard to assure those results, placed America on its path to global greatness. Their vast numbers, along with the prodigious labor force they produced, ignited the Industrial Revolution in the late 19th century. During this time, America absorbed so many Protestant Germans seeking work and religious freedom that by the 1960s, the census data showed that 60% of America’s population were either part, or all, German.

The term “melting pot” came into popular use in the early 1900s, and of course, is a figurative term. The immigrants from different European countries did not, literally, blend or melt together. In fact, they didn’t even move into the same American neighborhoods. Each ethnic group, understandably, preferred to seek out their own people and as a result, they each established neighborhoods of their own. Although many different immigrant groups were forced to live in close proximity within America’s big cities, they chose to live distinctly separate lives while each pursued their version of the American Dream.

St. Patrick's Church

St. Patrick’s Church built by the Irish

Holy Rosary church italian

Holy Rosary Church built by the Italians

In fact, in Jersey City, New Jersey, the diverse neighborhood boundaries were nearly indecipherable to the casual observer. While driving through the city today, it is easy to see the two beautiful Catholic churches that stand just blocks from each other. To the uninformed it appears that this neighborhood was an active and prosperous Catholic community, as it was able to build two beautiful churches.

But, the truth of the matter is, that just 75 years ago, these two churches existed in two separate worlds. One was the Irish Catholic church and the other was the Italian Catholic church. Although thousands of miles separated these two ethnicities in Europe, in America, only a street separated them. A street that might as well have been a 30′ tall, because neither group ever crossed it. The neighborhoods were two separate worlds thriving within a single American city. And yet, two generations later the American grandchildren of those Irish Catholic and Italian Catholic immigrants, not only crossed that street, but married “the enemy” as well, thereby melting themselves through their shared faith, literally and figuratively, into Christian American citizens. So, although it took multiple generations for some ethnicities to blend within the American melting pot, they all eventually did so, affirming their ancestors prayers and dreams.

meat packersThe successes of these Christian immigrant’s grandchildren kept the lure of America’s melting pot, alive andcoal miners well, in Europe for the next 50 years. And so, as more and more Christians arrived in America, the immigrants began to leave the Atlantic coast region and traveled inland. Although many Irish Catholics stayed in New York to build bridges and tunnels and become fireman and policemen, many Protestant Germans and Scandinavians went to Minnesota to farm. The Amish Swiss went to Pennsylvania to farm.  Many Catholic Poles settled in the coal country of Pennsylvania. The Greeks Orthodox Christians chose factory jobs and settled in Ohio. The Catholic Czechs worked at the meat-packing plants in Chicago. The Russian Orthodox Christians emigrated to the wilds of Oregon and Alaska. And, thanks to the burgeoning auto industry, thousands of various European Christian immigrants flocked to Detroit in Michigan to find work, but they too lived in separate neighborhoods.auto factory workers

In fact, by 1930, thirty languages were spoken in the Detroit public schools in order to assist with the transition

Thousands of Ford factory workers in Detroit

Thousands of Ford factory workers in Detroit

to speaking English. And Christianity was such a strong part of the work effect, and resulted in such good quality workers, that Henry Ford was known to personally harass his employees who were not in church on Sunday. And in Minneapolis, Mr. Dayton, who owned the largest department store in the city, called Dayton’s, believed in the tenets of Christianity so strongly that he not only closed his store on Sundays but draped the display windows so as to discourage window shopping on the Sabbath as well. Sunday was a day for faith and family only and every other entity, whether it was retail, business, government or academia recognized and respected that fact because they were all run by Christians too. This Christian cohesiveness produced wonders, as everyone, from top to bottom, lived according to the same rules.

Dayton's Department store in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dayton’s Department Store in Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is why nearly every Christian immigrant group, that arrived on the shores of America from Europe, did exactly

Small Town America

Small Town America

the same thing. They formed their own little Christian countries within America, including shops, schools, religious churches and businesses. These devout Christians all led their lives according to the tenets of Christianity, all of which were based on Biblical teachings highlighted by the Ten Commandments.

Many European Christians built entire towns, including small coal towns located near the mines where they found work or fishing villages near the sea. But the outcome was always the same, Christianity, which at one time divided different denominations of the Christian faith in Europe, now united them, in the far off land of America. And so, as the grandchildren intermarried, they fused all  European Christian immigrants into truly Christian Americans. This assimilation was pursued, pronounced, permanent and profound. Christian America was absolutely, “One Nation Under (their Christian) God.”

Public School Class Photo

Public School Class Photo

So, despite their heritage, the diverse Christian European immigrants became Christian Americans, blending farther and farther into the landscape, and the lifestyle, with each new generation of children born. Western Civilization based on European Christian culture was taught in the public schools and it was absorbed, revered and respected by school children whose ancestors had left Europe to find a better world in America. Those tales, goals and dreams still inspired them.

And so, these Christian children, using their faith to guide their daily interactions, and their Protestant work ethic to direct their energies, built the “shining city on the hill” known as Christian America.

Today, this is no longer the case and the blame can literally be placed on the shoulders of the deceased

Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy

Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy

Catholic named Senator Ted Kennedy, who said in the 1960s that he was going to “change the color of America.” To this end, the immigration policies of the United States were drastically changed. Immigration from Europe was nearly extinguished, while at the same time, the flood gates were opened first, to immigrants from India, and finally to Japan, China, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean and beyond.

Not only did the color of Americans change but Kennedy’s short-sightedness caused tremors at all levels within America.  Kennedy and political his cronies never considered the main reason why America was a glorious success. They never analysed why the American melting pot worked so well. They never understood that  the principle reason that  Americans were doing so well was because all of America’s immigrants were European. Europeans who may have come from many differing backgrounds, traditions and countries, but shared ONE, single culture and ONE, single faith.

Despite the surface differences, Americans all shared a common belief in the tenets of Christianity and lived according to Western Civilization’s priorities and standards. This was NOT the case for the new Kennedy immigrants. These immigrants were from totally different cultures, based on different faiths, different traditions and different civilizations. But more importantly, they lacked the critical elements of Christian cohesiveness that enabled the Europeans to blend. And these dissimilarities would prove to be our undoing.

As millions of Kennedy immigrants started to flood into the country during the 1960s, not only did the color of America change but the tenor of the country changed as well. Rather than reinforce the existing strengths and successes of Democracy and Capitalism based on Christian European principles, the new immigrants could contribute nothing. Their faiths and cultures actually precluded them from “blending” into the American landscape. Their religious convictions made matters worse, rather than better. It actually put them at odds with Christianity, as they, predictably, continued to adhere to Hinduism, Islamism, Buddhism, primal indigenous traditions, atheism, agnosticism, Sikhism and Chinese traditionalism.

America was no longer “One Nation Under God”, it was becoming  a lot of people under a lot of gods. This drastic diversity began to divide Americans, rather than unite them. Only a fool could think that traditional American values could flourish, much less survive, under this type of internal pressure. And Ted Kennedy was the perfect ploy, as he continued to prove himself to be a profound fool during his life, beginning with his being expelled from Harvard and his personal responsibility for the drunken, drowning death of Mary Jo Kopechne.

Mary Jo Kopechne -  Ted Kennedy left her to drown in his car after he drove off the road while drunk.

Mary Jo Kopechne – Ted Kennedy left her to drown in his car after he drove off the road while drunk.

And so, as more and more people, whose lives were defined by cultures and religions alien to European Christianity and Western Civilization came to America, the melting pot itself, began to flame-out, and finally melted.

Today, the grandchildren of these Kennedy immigrants continue to live separate lives within American’s big cities, never crossing the streets that divide them, never intermarrying and never blending because they predictably, refused to jettison their faith, or adopt a culture that was totally alien to theirs.

rastiThis foolish, egalitarian, pompous and elitist decision by one of America’s most disgraced Catholic Senators has left America crippled and floundering. Where once European immigrants were focused on working towards a bright future for their children, driven by their Protestant work ethic, business savvy, cultural drive and intellectual talents, we are instead today, left with millions of disenfranchised “Americans” who are incapable of contributing to America’s success story. “Americans” who are a drain on our society, rather than a contributing asset. And, unlike the Christian Europeans, this new flood of immigrants are either unwilling, or unable, to make the transition to a better future, instead, preferring to live in isolation hampered by their ancient, cultural past.

For this we can, not only thank Senator Ted Kennedy, but the public school system as well. Our formerly, Christian public school system, which has been hijacked by the atheist, lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminists  (who abhors Christianity and Christian men) has deliberately failed to teach these new immigrants about the wonders of American Capitalism and Democracy based on Christian principles. A public school system that has instead pandered to their differences and their diversity, thereby diluting, undermining and demeaning Christian America’s inner strength and resolve.  And so, our once bright future has been tarnished and extinguished by fools, as America is now a pathetic reflection of the biblical admonition, “a house divided against itself, cannot stand” and, not surprisingly, everybody loses.

Riding off into the sunset.

Riding off into the sunset.

So, devoid of the cohesive goodness of hard-working, selfless Christian fathers, whose singular purpose in life was to make a better world for their children, our country continues slip backwards into the past, crippled by its diverse citizenry, rather than enhanced by them.

THE END It’s the Women, Not the Men!

4 thoughts on “Longform Essay – Why Has The American “Melting Pot”, Melted?

  1. Dear K.Q. Duane,

    Thank you for a good read on what happened to the USA culture due to the FORCED immigration of other nationalities (ie: change of policies verified by Ted Kennedy’s quote). In the last few days, I just became aware by doing some history research that it appears the ultimate goal of the FORCED immigration is to #2. Destroy Christianity #2. Cause chaos to increase control; + #3. Erase the national identity of a nation’s citizens—which isn’t you being a eugenicist in pointing this out this problem of blending. It’s THEM wanting to play God by ultimately create a light brown race of slaves (where I’ll offer proof below) that can be easily “managed.”

    Interesting enough, this planned “Melted pot” is also the goal of the European union via the immigration “crisis” which has been MANUFACTURED to create a weaker/divided nations under the GUISE of “helping” minorities as early as 1922 via the Kalergi Plan. Although no textbook mentions Kalergi, his ideas are the guiding principles of the European Union. The belief that the peoples of Europe should be mixed with Africans and Asians, to destroy our identity and create a single mestizo race, is the basis of all community policies that aim to protect minorities. Not for humanitarian reasons, but because of the directives issued by the ruthless Regime that machinates the greatest genocide in history. The Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize is awarded every two years to Europeans who have excelled in promoting this criminal plan. Among those awarded with such a prize are Angela Merkel and Herman Van Rompuy. (Info taken from the “News Team, The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe).

    The goals of the elite are these: Destroy the foundations of a society: Family, Gender, National Identity & Race, Religion, Economy, as well a reduce global population. Sound a lot like Communism via Cultural Marxism doesn’t it?

    NOTE: I have no problem with immigration and people of other races/cultures. In fact, I believe that other cultures create the “spice of life” and appreciate each unique identity, from food to clothing and traditions—that’s why I think it’s wrong to willfully force integration + ultimately destroy it for unlikely means (control/wealth).

    I know that God works His will despite the evil and pray that this forced “mixing” will result in His Word being spread. No matter what happens on this temporary earth, God’s promises to us sinners are comforting in good times and in bad.

    P.S. YES, I remember living just fine with all Christian denominations in our town.


    • And that’s the point. America was soaring when we were ALL, denominations aside, Bible based Christians. We all played by the same God-given rules. And there was nothing wrong with Christian America’s immigration policy, as long as the immigrants assimilated, but our recent experience has finally proven that assimilation into the American culture is IMPOSSIBLE without the immigrants being Christian too. That was the key to our success, and without it, it will be our downfall.


  2. You sound like a eugenicist from the Know-Nothing era, who wanted to keep Catholic immigrants out. Do you realize that global Christianity is increasingly a non-European faith? My church is very evangelical, mostly black Caribbean and Hispanic in its makeup, but we also have Jews, Koreans, Gypsies, Indians, Britons, and every nationality you could imagine. That is because we actually evangelize non-Christians, instead of being afraid of them.

    And speaking of non-Christian religions, I have never seen a Buddhist, Hindu or Muslim teenage girl having a baby out of wedlock, walking around half-naked in the mall, or generally showing the disrespect to parents that many Western “Christian” youth do. They tend to outperform us academically as well. So don’t blame them for the problems in this society.


    • First of all, I am a Catholic whose great grandparents immigrated to America. Secondly, I am a supporter of evangelizing to non-Christians. It has been the backbone of the spread of Christianity since Jesus walked the earth. And, lastly, those half-naked teenagers are a symptom of the loss of the preeminence of Christian living, as defined by Christ, in the United States. They are no longer Christians. They are lost sheep.The immigrants from Asia, Africa, India and the Jews do not come from the same culture as ALL of their European predecessor and therein lies the problem. Up until the Immigration Act of 1965, (look it up on Wikipedia) promoted by Sen.Ted Kennedy, who at the time boasted that he was going to change the color of America, the vast majority of immigrants to America came from Christian Europe. And that is my point. That is why we were a successful melting pot. Everyone was from a Christian European country. We all lived and worked by the same standards of Christian behavior. We were all on the same team despite the varying ethnicities, In my childhood neighborhood alone, the names of the families that lived within 3 doors of us demonstrate this melding perfectly, Ziller (German), Bourdelaise (French), Christiansen (Norway), Tricano (Puerto Rico), Riley (Ireland), and Langer (Austrian). The elimination of the persecution of one denomination of European Christian by another denomination of European Christian, through America’s Founding Father’s precepts of religious liberty and freedom, allowed millions of diverse European immigrants, from various countries, who adhered to varying denominations of Christianity, to live, and work, side by side without persecution. This was the key to America’s success. As a result, the Protestant Work Ethic was developed and advanced our country expotentially as we all trusted each other to be truthful, honest, and responsible and not lie, cheat or steal. We are no longer able to “melt” the new immigrants (from Asia, Africa and India) into our culture because they do not share those same profoundly important standards of behavior and principles that our Christian culture expresses. But more unfortunately, in our vain attempts to “melt” them into our culture, we have chosen to jettison our own Christian cultural traditions in favor of these new immigrants”feelings” despite the fact that no one but the Jews, have ever complained about any endemic form of persecution. Ironically, these efforts have done nothing to bring them into the fold and instead has everything to do with our losing ground ourselves, which can be seen in the half naked teens at the mall. I agree these new immigrants produce better children than we do in America but this has less to do with the new immigrants and more to do with America’s abysmal neglect of its own illustrious faith. It is truly, very sad. I might suggest that rather then spend your time evangelizing to adults who already believe in God you should be out at the mall, gathering in the half naked lost sheep to you. They are in desperate need of your help, the others can wait. I hope this clarifies my position for you. I wish you great success with your ministry, You are truly doing God’s work. God bless and good luck.


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