#1 – Am I the Only Person Who Thinks the New Apple iOS 7 Graphics Stink?

Is this the best they could come up with?

Is this the best they could come up with?

Granted, the security may be better with the new iOS 7 but when you consider all of the

Is this the best they could do?

I guess this is the best the sixth-graders could come up with.

beautiful graphics that were jettisoned along the way, I’d prefer a little less security in order to enjoy my daily interaction with my iPhone and iPad again.

For those of us who blog on WordPress.com the iPhone and iPad are crucial parts of our day. If you are not doing research, you are checking your stats. And if you’re not editing, you’re reading blogs, e-mails or newsletters.  Both the iPhone and the iPad are constant companions and always at the ready. For me, the “new” iOS 7 graphics are a jarring annoyance and a step backwards, rather than forwards. A degeneration, rather than a new generation.

This is all they could design?

This is best they could design?

It may be because my background is in design and yes, that may be why I am so disappointed with the depleted “new” graphics. But, in my view, I can honestly, and unequivocally, say that the new Apple graphics are NOT an upgrade, but a downgrade.

Flat, detailess and boring.

Flat, devoid of detail and boring App. icons

Not only have the designs for the App icons been reduced from Pixar to pre-school levels, removing all of the jewel-tones and fine details, but the new color choices are flat, boring and downright ugly. They no longer have the depth and richness they once had, nor are they three-dimensional anymore. Worse yet, the near-neon, gaudy colors are obviously geared towards girls, not guys. I’d not like to be a guy tapping his way through this woosy wonderland of wimpy screens.

Now here's a clever idea. NOT!

Now here’s a clever logo. NOT!

Even the design of the “write”, “search” and “back” buttons at the base of the phone screen are now simple blue-line drawings. They were obviously created as a first grade project.  I hope Apple got these redesigns cheap because that’s exactly how they look – a cheap afterthought

The only “improvement” I’ve noticed is that when I delete my emails, they are deleted much faster than before. But, this is hardly worth the enormous trade-offs.

In this high-tech age of realistic computer generated worlds, where it’s nearly impossible to tell whether actors are actually standing in a real formal garden or are just playing to a blue screen, Apple has not only failed to take advantage of these incredible advances in graphics, but worse yet, they have deliberately chosen to take a giant step backwards, using outdated graphics that were all the rage 20 years ago!

So, my ultimate reaction to the “new and improved” Apple iOS 7? YUK! It’s ugly.

2 thoughts on “#1 – Am I the Only Person Who Thinks the New Apple iOS 7 Graphics Stink?

  1. [ Chuckles ] Well, I haven’t personally seen it. So, I am unable to give a point of view of its appearance.

    However, if it has a fluid feel to it, all should be well.


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