Current EVEntS – Elizabeth O’Bagy Fired for Lying on Her Resume

Elizabeth O'Bagy - former researcher for ISW

Elizabeth O’Bagy – former researcher for ISW

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) fired Ms. O’Bagy after it was discovered that, despite her assertions, she did not have a Ph.D. from Georgetown University.

Ms. O’Bagy was a researcher and had recently written many pieces about the Syrian war. She held that the United States should arm the rebels and attack the Syrian regime. O’Bagy’s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal regarding the Syrian crisis was quoted by many, including Senators John Kerry and John McCain, who felt it was an important read and suggested it to others in Washington.

After she was fired it was learned that Ms. O’Bagy, who is fluent in Arabic, had a direct connection to the Syrian Emergency Task Force, which is a Syrian rebel advocacy group, where she is referred to her as Dr. O’Bagy. She has also traveled widely with the rebels, who have recently been shown butchering their enemies and eating their heart and liver on video. These are the same people who have repeatedly pleaded allegiance to Al Qaeda. I would say that she was hardly a neutral observer or researcher with regards to Syria.  But more incredibly, one month after O’Bagy was fired for lying on her resume, Senator John McCain hired her as his legislative assistant! Duh!

Kimberley Kagan, who founded ISW in 2007, stated that Ms. O’Bagy led her to believe that she had successfully defended her thesis in the doctorate program at Georgetown, when in fact she had failed, and was actually no longer a student there.

Obviously, Ms. Kagan failed to request confirmation of Ms. O’Bagy’s assertions from Georgetown either, leaving many to question her veracity as well.

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