Short Essay – Dad, Are You The Spiritual Leader Of Your Family?

St. Joesph and Infant Jesus

St. Joseph and Infant Jesus

If the answer is, “No.” Why not? How do you plan to raise your children to become good men and women, without teaching them the basic constraints, and restraints, of Christianity that are necessary to protect them from the sea of temptations that are so prevalent today? Osmosis?

I hope not, because this will leave your precious, innocent children open to every vile alternative lifestyle imaginable. Unbalanced lives devoured by drugs, partying, sex, video games, gambling, thievery, adultery, divorce and/or alcohol.

And, you can be guaranteed, that without a strong inner core, which is grounded in Christianity, they will succumb.

If your answer is still, “No.” What do you plan to do? Just wing-it?

Are you simply going to hope your good example will offset the powerful secular influences actively pursuing your children?

Are you simply going to pretend that it’s not your job and hope they’ll figure it out, on their own, when they get older?

Are you simply going to play dead because you are too embarrassed to define yourself as a Christian because it’s not “cool”? And, God forbid, that you should look “uncool” to your kids.

Are you simply going to leave it up to your wife because you think she’s better suited for the role?

Are you simply going to ignore this essential part of your children’s upbringing because you don’t know where to start?

Or, are you simply going to avoid this committment to your children’s lives because you think it really doesn’t matter?

Well, it does matter! And, it matters a lot! Just look at the hundreds of news media stories about the horrific lives lived by so many American children. Children who were not protected from evil by their fathers. Children who were defenseless against secularism because their fathers denied them the training to live lives, grounded in the courage of their Christian convictions. Children who were left to their own devices by fathers who just didn’t care enough to truly protect them from harm. Children who were forever abandoned by their irresponsible, compromised fathers.

father reconcilication

Find a minister!

If any of these descriptions define you, you had better rethink your behavior! 

And the reason? Trying to be a “good example” is great but, unless your kids know what motivates you to be good, they will never internalize the tenets of Christianity upon which you base your “good example.”

Leaving the decision, to become a Christian or not, until they get older and can decide themselves, is a complete cop-out because you are abandoning their formative years to be hardened by secularism.

Dad, you need to get a grip!

If you are too ashamed to admit that you are a Christian in your heart, you need to get to church ASAP.

If you think the religious training of your kids is just up to your wife, while she takes the kids to church and you sit home, you are undermining everything she is trying to do for them.

If you want to guide your kids, with God as the highest authority, but you don’t know where to start, go see a pastor or priest! That’s what they’re there for.

And don’t wait until your kids start to cause trouble. Father with newborn

Start the DAY they are born by taking full responsibility for their spiritual lives and becoming their spiritual leader.

While becoming reborn yourself, you will also be giving your children the greatest gift you will ever bestow upon them. A gift that provides both the joy of living a productive, responsible, Christian life, AND protection from evil, temptations and sin. 

Your precious children deserve no less!


It’s the Women, Not the Men!

6 thoughts on “Short Essay – Dad, Are You The Spiritual Leader Of Your Family?

  1. Another great essay Kathy. Families need strong fathers, not just strong mothers. God meant for children to have a father and mother because they both bring distinctive things to the table that children need. The statistics on poverty and crime only reinforce God’s design for the family. Children who are raised by both biological parents (where their parents stay married and are both involved in their child’s lives) are better off in all areas of life.

    On the other side children of single mothers have a far greater chance of getting into crime and being less productive members of society who are more dependent on social programs.

    It is no coincidence that the black community in America has such a disproportionately high crime and poverty while at the same time they have a 70% out of wedlock birth rate and nonexistent fathers. While politicians look for all kinds of government programs to help the black community, they miss the only program that will truly bring this community back from the brink – God’s program, God’s plan for the family.

    When people wait for marriage before having sex, and then stay married they have a very high chance of raising great productive members of society and we would all be better for it, not only does God’s Word prescribe this, but history has proven this makes for the strongest societies.


    • You are very well informed on the reality of fatherless children. Only patriarchal Christianity can save these kids. I often wonder why the Christian churches don’t flood the urban areas, and evangelize for Christ, on a massive scale. It really is the ONLY chance for a normal, productive life for these kids.


  2. Whoa this is great! There are so many children fatherless in this country that it’s just as important for single moms to raise their children along side their Heavenly Father- the One who never leaves them nor forsakes them. This blog post is bold & truthful – thank you for you willingness & courage to speak on this -xoxo


    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, It is very important to have God with you at all times. He will protect you from evil.
      If the parents of single mothers had walked with God themselves, their daughters would have chosen a good Christian man to marry before she bore her children, thus providing her innocent children with the secure and faith-filled home that they, and she, need and rightly deserve.
      I pray for the return of school prayer. It would go a long way towards achieving that goal, as it teaches children that, in God’s eye, they are precious and valuable and that their good behavior honors both God and themselves.


  3. It always surprises me when my friends are shocked that their 18-21 yr old daughters have become pregnant. Not that it’s been ALWAYS the case, but the majority of the time, those daughters are openly going out and staying out all night, almost every weekend with their friends. What do my friends really think they’re doing out on the town? Studying or working on a college project together? Most likely they were doing what I was doing. Pretending to be at work, but actually drinking and partying, and trying to fit in with the crowd. All so frivolous now, when I look back on those days. Waste of time and money (on drinks and fashionable clothes). I have no idea if it would have been different had my Pops been a spiritual leader in my family. By God’s immense grace, He at least changed my Pops’ heart from a very anti-everything man, to a God-realized man. Thanks for sharing this important essay.


    • Thank you, for your comment. During the last 45 years, generations of Americans have strayed away from God, producing millions of disoriented, aimless and confused children, who grow up to be very unhappy adults. It is a vicious cycle that Christians, despite the enormous challenges, must actively work to reverse.


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