Current EVEntS – Dr. Anthea Butler Claims That God is a White Racist.

I ask you this, “Do you remember Eve’s role in the loss of Paradise?” Well, thanks to radical, second-wave feminism, Eve is again in bed with the devil and through these brainwashed women, Christian America is about to become Paradise Lost once again…

Dr. Anthea Bulter - Associate Professor of Religious Studies at University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Anthea Butler, 57 – Associate Professor of Religious Studies at University of Pennsylvania

If you are not aware of the fact that our American universities are infested with left-wing, radical, second-wave feminists, you must be new to this blog. I have stated on many occasions, that if my kids were of college age today, that I would not send them away to 97% of our universities, with Yale, and its porn industry sponsored “Sex Week” at the top of my list, and the pedophilia football coach problem at Penn State, running a close second.

The University of Pennsylvania seems to have joined this group, with Dr. Anthea Butler, and her outrageous, racist, anti-Christian comments.

Ms. Butler wrote in her blog for, concerning George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the death of a black teenager in Florida, that, “God ain’t good all the time. In fact, sometimes, God is not for us. As a black woman in a nation that has taken too many pains to remind me that I am not a white man, and not capable of taking care of my reproductive rights, or my voting rights, I know that this American god ain’t my god. As a matter of fact I think he is a white, racist god with a problem.” This BS is 100% radical, second-wave femspeak!!   Not only is this obnoxious, radical, second-wave feminist an Associate Professor of Religious Studies at this Ivy League university but she is the Graduate Chair of Religious Studies too! And yet, her posting wreaks of anti-Christian views and racism! Butler’s comments are infused with blatant bigotry. So, where’s the outrage? Where’s the public outcry? Where are the protesters? Where is the news media? Oh, I forgot, black people can’t be racists, that purview is reserved just for white people.

The fact that she received two Masters in Theology, one from Fuller Theological Seminary and the other from Vanderbilt University, and her Ph.D in Religion from Vanderbilt University, while hating God, plus white people, AND that she uses “ain’t” in her published writings, just reinforces my view that our universities are cesspools of radical, second-wave feminism’s political correctness. These institutions only serve to provide a public platform for the most vile of left-wing opinions, and by association, “legitimize” these obscene viewpoints, so as to brainwash gullible college kids with their twisted ideology, based solely on their irrational hatred of white, Christian men and their insistence on compliance with the rules defining good Christian behavior. Predictably, Ms. Butler is a glowering reflection of this fact. It is always people whose lives are defined by evil ideology, and unfortunately this includes millions of young women, who foolishly object to those Christian constraints most vehemently. And, as a result, what-comes-around-goes-around and their lives become inevitably defined by misery and evil behavior.

How any university could bestow two masters in Theology and a doctorate in Religion on this irascible women astounds me! Ms. Butler is a disgrace to the very term, religion, because her views are in direct conflict with the Christian faith most Americans adhere to.  I’d like to know what “religion” this women received three advanced degrees in, and what form of “religion” she professes to her students on a daily basis, especially since she believes God is a “white racist.” Hate Faith? Voodoo? Black Power? Radical Islam? Whatever it is, this hate-based, radical, second-wave feminist, theology professor should be spectacularly, FIRED!

Despicably, many university Boards of Trustees are deliberately cultivating this type of radical woman within their once, “hallowed halls of learning”, rather than expelling and exposing them for the diabolical females they are. I would guess that most of these boards are run by women or wimps, as they are by their very natures unable to stem the tide of evil. Only Dartmouth has risen above this type of radical, second-wave feminist BS when, ten years ago,  male members of the alumni revolted and took over the Board of Trustees. They courageously instituted sweeping changes to the curriculum, revamped tenure and limited professorships. It is now one of the most highly respected universities in the United States, concentrating on truly educating, sans brainwashing, its young charges to become better people and to positively contribute to society. As a result of these men’s efforts, it is now one of the most conservative campus’ in America, having negated the distracting din of radical, second-wave feminism’s outrageous, dangerous, pointless and annoying political correctness.

Unlike Dartmouth, the University of Pennsylvania is obviously still run by radical women and wimps. The acceptance on this campus, of Dr. Butler’s radical views, is a direct result of the Ivy League university’s (which were founded as religious education institutions to train men for the ministry) abandonment of their Christian mission in education during the societal chaos of the late 1960s and 1970s. The administrations caved and now their once revered institutions are infested with the radical ideology and irrational opinions invented by the violent, anti-Christian, demonstrators of that disruptive era.

And so today, on university campus’ across the nation, God is no longer revered by university professors as He once was, but is now defined as a white racist! How sick is that? How much lower can these “universities” sink before they get some cohones? and reject the purveyors of political correctness and get back to the serious business of educating their students, rather than indoctrinating them with pointless, hateful, BS which will doom their students to a life of turmoil and stress.

Astoundingly, the women and wimps at the University of Pennsylvania have not made one comment about Dr. Butler’s reprehensible assertions. And, the irony of this situation is that if a white, male, theology professor had referred to Mohammad as a racist, he would have been publicly reviled, excoriated by the press, and terminated, with great fan-fair, post-haste.

Dr. Butler deserves no less and should be afforded the same, and equal, courtesy.

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