Short Essay – What’s Wrong With Waiting for Your Prince To Come?

Snow white insideThroughout human history, women have longed for the day that they would meet the man of their dreams. A man who would make their hearts beat swiftly, a man who would fill their days with joy, a man who would kiss them softly and love and protect them for all of the days of their lives.

This is just how nature works. Girls have always wanted to fall in love with a wonderful guy. Each girl develops her own vision of her perfect man and sets her own criteria for an ideal mate.  One girl may see her ideal man as a “knight in shining armor.” Another may wish that he were “tall, dark and handsome.” A different young girl may only care that he’s “dreamy.” Or, as in my case, all I wanted as a naive 15-year-old, was for the guy to be 6′ tall, have a  nickname and be able to drive a four-speed.  In time, that’s exactly what I got. But as ridiculous as those desires sound today, I’ve never regretted them because my guy not only came with those parameters but with so much more as well. So, set your standards for your prince, preferably higher than mine (although even those proved ample) and stick to them, because remember, “You reap what you sow.”

Unfortunately, lesbian-based, radical, second-wave feminism academia has been trying desperately to side-track this natural desire in young women for 45 years, with disturbing results. The saddest of which is the loss of the ability to have a family of their own, as these brainwashed women waste their precious youth concentrating on their career!

Despite radical feminism’s rantings to the contrary, the innate desire in girls to find the perfect guy, to fall in love, marry and have children, has been a force to be reckoned with for thousands of years.  And. it can’t be ignored without calamitous results. Feminists have done their level-best to train young women to ignore, demean, or worse yet, to deny this universally accepted behavior in women. And they have been very successful in their efforts and as a result, we are living with the outcome of  those irrational priorities and suffering their chilling effects – there are a lot of miserable, unhappy women walking around today.

Even the “smart” college women at Princeton are now afraid to voice their desires to marry, as 1977 alum Susan Patton discovered last April during a Women’s Leadership Conference on  the Princeton campus. The letter she wrote to the editor of the campus The Daily Princetonian newspaper concerning her discovery and, advising  the young women to find a husband while at college, set off a nation-wide firestorm of controversy with radical feminists rushing into full, battle gear.

This situation is ridiculous! Young women and their parents have been intimidated by radical, second-wave feminism into believing that career is more important than marriage! When in fact, what gives women more happiness – college or kids?  We all know the answer. Why are we continuing with this charade?

The truth is most women do not want to sacrifice a family of their own, for a career. It’s as simple as that. Women can always get a job. But, they cannot always  find a great guy, get married and have kids because the truth is, that the older women become, the harder it is to find a mate. No one can afford to waste those few critical years (between the ages of 20 and 30) futzing around with some pointless career while their biological clock keeps ticking. 

So, how about trying it the proven, old-fashioned way instead – get married and have kids while you are young and then get a job when the kids are grown! It will save your sanity and you’ll have no regrets. Statistics show women with children never have a straight career path anyway. They always take time off for their kids. So, why torture yourself? because some radical feminist, who made all the wrong choices, now wants you to join her? Don’t be the same fool she was! Find a nice Christian guy and fall desperately in love and then stick with him! Unlike the radical feminists, he will never let you down.

Snow White had it right all along. Follow your heart because, if you do, someday your prince will come too.


14 thoughts on “Short Essay – What’s Wrong With Waiting for Your Prince To Come?

  1. I am not sure what to make of this post – please don’t be offended. I believe that it is logical to set standards for their ideal guy and it has worked well for me but I don’t see why a woman can just develop her career before settling down into a family. I have grown up in a large family and therefore at this point in my life I am not really gravitated toward a family and don’t know if I ever will be.


    • You have unwittingly become a victim of radical, second-wave feminism. DO NOT deny yourself a family of your own. Trust me, you will live to regret it. Career and “friends” will never fill the enormous void created by denying yourself the love and devotion that a good Christian husband can provide for you, but just as importantly, no one, not co-workers or “friends” will be there for you in your declining years, other than your blessed children. They will be your joy, old age pension, health care provider, happiness creator, and social security benefactor, just as God intended. “Search” in the box below my photo on my home page, for my posts and read, “Single, Sidelined and 60 Sucks” to see your future without husband and kids. Also read, “Two Children are NOT Enough” because its not. Also read “Feminism’s Female “Friendship” Fraud” to see what you are getting yourself into. Good luck and God bless.


      • you quite misunderstood me when I said “work at it”. I was educated at a firmly dedicated Christian school. this school had great teachings. one of which is that money wont buy you happiness. by my phrase to work at it I meant to work at enriching your experiences of this world and to appreciate the life that God has given us. work at developing relationships, Knowledge and ambitions whatever they maybe. as for a family of my own what happens if I told you that I was medically barren and could not naturally have children which you recommend will enhance my life – does that mean i will be unhappy with a gaping whole that cant be filled? No! you don’t need children to be happy. my mother has seven children and is now suffering from depression! .


      • I’m very sorry you will never be able to have children, but thank God you probably have lots of nieces and nephews. I had 2 great aunts who never married. Their lives were very different from their married siblings, who had children.
        Depression is part of my families complex history too. I’m sure that having 7 children was not the cause of your mother’s current depression. There are inevitably underlying hereditary, and sometimes generic issues, as well. I didn’t mean to upset you. I just know from many years of experience, and research, that married Christian couples with children live happier, healthier and wealthier lives. As a result, I believe that we should always strive to tell young people that the sacrament of marriage is a gift from God and that it should NOT be deliberately avoided, just because the influential, career-focused, secular-inspired, lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminists say it should be. That is the mission behind my blog, more happy marriages and more happy children.


      • not upset just wanted you to consider another point of view – my mother does suffer from depression but i can have children. i said If I was Not That I was – my goal was to illustrate that children is not the be all and end all. sorry if i upset you. but my point is now put across.


      • Yes. I guess the importance of children is where we have differing views. Texting a conversation is always difficult. A lot gets lost in the translation. Thanks for the comments. Take care.


      • Thank you for the different perspective, the work you are doing is for a good reason and I hope that you are not hurt by anything that was said. I am Autistic and sometimes may say things in a way that may come across as rude but please understand that I did not mean you any harm. many thanks and God Bless you!


    • Thanks for following my blog. Please read some of my older posts, listed in the index- all the way down on right side of my home page. I’ve addressed much of what you are trying to understand. I can tell that you are trying to rationalize feminist’s totally irrational ideology. Trust me, it can’t be done. It must be fought with facts and emotions, not discussed as though it were another branch of philosophy. There were radical female academics who spent their entire careers trying to create and define a new branch of “female” philosophy. They failed. It doesn’t exist. Lesbian based feminism must be exposed for the insanity it espouses but first it must be understood for the deeply divisive (especially between men and women) entity that it is. Under their “tough guy” smokescreen, all normal women want to find their Prince Charming and have a family of their own. They just need to be given permission, mostly from their female contemporaries, to look for their prince of happiness and have his children. I am trying to help them break away from the fractious, feminist lifestyle and come looking for you instead.

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    • Keep looking! She’s out there, waiting for you too. Don’t lower your standards or just settle. Go to my sites “index” tab and search the list for topics and titles you can relate to. My entire blog is devoted to young men like you, who have so much to offer a young woman but are being unfairly undermined by radical, second-wave feminist academia, pop culture and the liberal press. By the time young women graduate from college, most of these brainwashed young females consider men a pariah to be reviled, which is a TOTAL, baseless lie! I love the qualities young men possess, they created the most amazingly secure and successful man-made creation EVER, Western Civilization. Through my writings I am trying to get through the self-destructive, radical feminist, Go-Girl, BS most girls now take for the truth. I religiously point out the enormity of the fraud to which they’ve been subjected. A fraud from which most will never recover without a thorough detoxing. A fraud from which they will certainly never find true happiness because true happiness is only possible to find through love of husband, children and family, all of which radical, second-wave feminists abhor. Please keep reading through my posts. I sincerely hope they will help you realize how vitally important you are to your family, neighborhood, community and the country. Don’t let the assholes get you down! Tell them off and move on!


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