Current EVEntS – Boston Bomber’s Mom Is A Terrorist Too?

Boston Bombers Shoplifter Mom Mugshot - Zubiedat K. Tsarnaeve

Boston Bombers Shoplifter Mom’s Mugshot – Zubiedat K. Tsarnaeve

The headlines have faded away. The horror has dissipated. The heinous deed has lost its shock value and yet the Boston Marathon Bombing will linger in the collective memory of most Americans, for as long as they live. The drama is over, but the scars will remain, and the three tragic deaths will be memorialized by their friends and families of those who were lost, forever.

The primary perpetrator has been killed, his kid brother has been captured and the case will run its inevitable, and seemingly never-ending, course. But who is truly to blame? Who supported these two terrorist’s obsession with the death and destruction of innocent Americans in their efforts to destroy the very people who had welcomed them with open arms! A Muslim cult? An Imam or Ulema someplace?  The two jihadist jerks themselves, or was it…..their “mother?” 

The more we dig for answers, the more evidence is gathered, the more we learn about the Tsarnaev “family”, the more  the finger of guilt points to Zubiedat K. Tsarnaev, the shoplifting matriarch of the “family.” When arrested in 2012, she was shoplifting for jihad. Yes, shoplifting merchandise from non-Muslim infidels, like Lord & Taylor, is encouraged under Islam. The merchandise is resold and then the “halal money” is used to fund jihad! Records show that Zubiedat was caught shoplifting twice, was prosecuted once and I often wonder how more of her thieving ventures went undetected?

The Tsarnaeve family lied to gain political asylum in America, from the war-torn region of Chechnya in Russia. The family of six arrived in America in 2002. Their frequent return visits to Chechnya exposed their lies but no one was watching. No one was watching, despite the fact that they were on the Massachusetts welfare rolls and were receiving food stamps. No one was watching despite the fact that  the federal government had ok’d their entry into this country from a terrorist-ridden region of Russia. No one was watching despite the fact that they were being fed, housed and educated on the American taxpayers nickel!

Their ruse finally became obvious as Tamerlan boldly returned to train with terrorists in Chechnya, but again no one was watching.

Dzohkar on left and Tamerlan on right

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on left and Tamerlan Tsarnaev on right, at Boston Marathon

With this betrayal, the “family” came full circle. They were now planning to inflict the same horrific form of terrorism, on innocent Americans, that they claimed to want to escape in Russia. Their’s had all been a terrible lie, but no one was watching.

Considering their “indigent” status, where was the money coming from to support the jet-setting Tamerlan Tsarnaev? Was Zubiedat using her “halal money to support” Hezbollah or  HAMAS? Highly, unlikely. My guess is she was funding her son Tamerlan. The same son, who three years earlier, had returned to the Islam “faith” with her, at the encouragement of a friend called “Misha”. The same son who was just becoming a grown man of 22.  A grown man, raised at his mother’s knee and now capable of anything, including an act of terrorism.

During his Chechnyan training, the Russian authorities warned us that Tamerlan was a terrorist-in-the-making. Our government did not pursue this information to its logical conclusion. Federal officials now tell us that the Russians recorded Zubiedat’s conversations with Tamerlan, and others, while she made references to jihad.

But, despite all of the mounting evidence against she and her sons, she publicly claimed that they were framed! She actually blamed

Zubiedat Tsarnaev

The Ranting Zubiedat Tsarnaev

 the FBI for the bombings, claiming that the FBI had been controlling her sons for four or five years, when in fact, the reprehensible reality was that no one was watching, including the FBI.

The truth was that their mother was their only co-conspirator, she had been the primary purveyor of the terrorist indoctrination of  her sons. It is she, and she alone, who ultimately is to blame for the deaths of one MIT security officer, three innocent bystanders at the marathon and the life-threatening injuries to  more than 260 other people. She alone is solely responsible for the death of her 26-year-old son and the execution, or lifetime incarceration, of her 19-year-old son as well.

Zubiedat Tsarneav’s public outbursts, her insane accusations, her hysterical denials and demands, 

Mother or Terrorist?

Mother or Terrorist? You decide.

her obnoxious behavior all ring hollow, but somehow, vaguely familiar. She was a gullible woman, who saw-no-evil and was easily brainwashed. She believed anything she was told, whether it was a lie, ridiculous, or worse yet, treacherously evil, even to the point of being convinced, through her tortured form of reasoning, that innocent people must die to avenge her insane beliefs. She was a dupe in the tradition of second-wave feminism. One among millions of nonsensical women who are blind to the truth, who fail to acknowledge evil, who are irrational in their beliefs, and arrogant in their behavior. Short-sighted women who are their own worst enemies. Women who never look back to see the destruction left in their wake.

Tragically for Boston, this woman’s legacy is strewn with body parts and blood-spattered children.

Her’s is truly, a legacy from Hell. 

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