Current EVEntS – Janet Hasson – Newspaper Publisher of Legal Gun Owners Names and Addresses

I ask you this, “Do you remember Eve’s role in the loss of Paradise?” Well, thanks to radical, second-wave feminism, Eve is again in bed with the devil and through these brainwashed women, Christian America is about to become Paradise Lost once again…

Janet Hasson - publisher of NY Journal News

Janet Hasson – publisher of NY Journal News

This liberated, female newspaper publisher and her female editor, CynDee Royle (whose Facebook page is now down) of the Journal-News are two of four women responsible for publishing an interactive map with the names and addresses of all the legal gun owners in Westchester and Rockland counties in NY state. The article was called, “The gun owners next door: What you don’t know about the gun owners in your neighborhood.”

Well, obviously the brain-dead and brainwashed women, who wrote, edited and published the article, made no effort whatsoever to find out anything about the true identity of the gun owners they outed because if they had, they would have realized that the list was composed of the names and addresses of the good guys, not the insane, dangerous wackos they inferred they were!

Not only was 25% of the published information inaccurate as many on the list were dead and others had moved away but, the most reprehensible aspect of the list was that it included many law enforcement officers names and addresses. Through these narrow-minded, liberal-thinking, ridiculous, short-sighted and brainwashed feminists hundreds of honorable men and their families were placed at serious risk of reprisal from the criminals they handle everyday. Sadly, many of the prison guards from the list were immediately threatened by prisoners who taunted them with the officer’s personal information.

And the reaction of the women to the uproar the map caused? They hired armed guards to stand at the entrance to the newspaper offices and went into hiding.


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