Brainwashed Vol. #1 Essay 5

As soon as droves of women began to attend college during the late 1960s and early 1970s, the radical, second-wave feminists and their academic socialist cohorts, who clearly understood young women’s naive vulnerabilities, began their efforts to use this flood of gullible collegians as pawns, in order to accomplish their political agenda, through “friendly” manipulation of those very same ignorant, education-seeking, girls.

Initially, the brainwashing was subtle and subliminal. Allay the girl’s fears of leaving home. Welcome them with open arms and companionship. Mother them if need be. Befriend them where necessary. Encourage their “independence” from their families through the embracing cloud of “sisterhood.”

Catherine MacKinnon  - Queen of Radical Second-Wave Feminist Academia

Catherine MacKinnon – Queen of Radical, Second-Wave Feminist Academia

Feminist’s Consciousness Raising session

Eventually, these enchantresses substituted “personal fulfillment” for family devotion. They created an environment of friendly academic competitiveness fostered by get-togethers for “consciousness raising”, i.e. brainwashing, sessions. Once established, these gatherings finally got down to business and openly began speculating on women’s oppression by men and the “superiority” of women to men.

As their numbers swelled, and their demented view of men and the world they had created spread, these radical feminists finally made blatant directives, to their now highly receptive female audience. They began to brazenly demean and denigrate men and define the Western civilization of these “male chauvinist pigs”, as cloaked in misogyny and the now derisive term, of  oppressive “patriarchy.”  None of which was true. Once the institutions that Christian men had invented, including organized religious, military, government, judiciary, business, politics and academia, had been thoroughly trashed as anti-women and sexist, the shift to a new world view began. 

These new “sisters” were very cooperative. And with the discovery of just how malleable these young college women were, the radical feminist leaders began their assault. They learned quickly. Appeal to their emotions rather than their intellect. Emphasis the “oppressed” rather than the success. Instill white guilt for “social issues.”  Denigrate patriarchal family values. Radicalize “women’s issues.”  Champion independent career goals over having families.sluts picture“Liberate” sexuality from marriage.  Demean organized religion as suffocating.  Destroy rational thinking. Alienate, and destroy verbally, anyone who disagrees. And promote abortion as a female entitlement, finally isolating womenlinked rings from their own humanity, with no escape hatch.

These innocent women now belonged, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, to their worst enemy. This wasn’t enough though and these sorceresses then began to espouse “alternative” lifestyles as preferable to traditional Christian living. Most of the  young women had no idea just how far off the cliff they had jumped.

From this point forward, the final indoctrination was easy, as radical, irrational thinking moved from an informal, to a formal position on college campus’.  “Women’s Philosophy” and Women’s Studies were embraced by college administrations and insinuated throughout the college curriculum, and it was eventually adopted by the nation as a whole. columbia women studies

winged womanAnd so, they marched forward from the college campus’ by the millions and into the streets with the willing news media encouraging their bizarre behavior.  They would eventually graduate from college, awash in feminist propaganda, to do battle with the unsuspecting good men waiting to greet them.



The monster is ALIVE! The brainwashing is institutionalized, and complete. Go forth and spread the misery.  Alleluia!

It’s the Women, Not the Men  to be continued…



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